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  1. Well I had a short break due to university..well more like 3 months ish I suppose.I've been coming back here for the last week for roleplays within conversations with a few friends of mine I made back when I was more active upon here.
    So I thought that in order to meet new people to roleplay with I shall have to start going into public roleplay's rather than closed off one's with friends.

    So hey guys,girls or abit of both.Names demonicfox, or just fox if you will and i like to roleplay fantasy creatures over other beings, like say human's or alien races.The main beings I roleplay are Kitsunes though.
    I'm up to most roleplay's, even though i mainly like to roleplay fantasy like creatures ,I can roleplay human's or aliens if it is wished upon me.

    Well that's me in a nutshell within the roleplay world.
  2. Welcome back! It's good to have you :3

    I like your avatar. I know it isn't one, but it reminds me of a Ninetails gijinka and makes me happy :P
  3. Why thank you :3

    gijinka..see I only know what those are from a roleplay I found on here before I left here for a while.I'm glad it makes you happy :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.