Time to narrow down my ideas for a Group RP

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Which RP?

  1. Legend of Zelda

  2. Take over the World

  3. Teen Titans/Hero&Villains (If this one I'll start a diff interest check in)

  4. Digimon

  5. None your ideas Suck

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  1. Alright so not long ago. Like about 2-4 weeks maybe before the Update I named tons of ideas and three came down to being the most popular and ended with a tie. I still wish to start at least one so here I am after yet another vote and interest check in.

    First was a Legend of Zelda RP idea the main thing that wouldn't really be different was well some of the main villains. However there would be a mix of the different games into one. MM, OOT, TP, SS would be well connected into one giant kind of land. For now this is all I really wanna share on the idea other than instead of just one elf boy to be the hero it will be a group.

    Idea number two was a idea with one of my pre-made original characters. The idea is a take over the world kind of RP. The character I'll share more on if this is picked above the others. But it will be a completely original idea where hero's are made, fellow villains come together.

    Then is an RP idea I may need a Co-GM for. It was a hero's and Villains RP or a fandom RP like Teen Titans. I also mentioned DIgimon that had a vote as well.

    Let me know who's interested if you don't feel like saying here well just vote please. I can make an RP after I know if any of these get more than like 2 interest.
  2. I'd be down for the Teen Titans/Hero & Villains one, or the world conquest one -- that one i'd find more interesting, just because i generally end up being the "tactician" character in group RPs, so it'd be interesting to play an evil character expressly using those skills to take over the world
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  3. The 'Take Over The World' RP seems the most interesting. Something I'd be down for.
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  4. I'm up for any of them really I've got characters for every one of them lol, primarily interested in digimon though
  5. I have multiple Teen Titans ideas so if that turns into the case over the World Conquest then I'll share them as probable a new interest check in before maybe a group planning or anything like that.

    Well so you guys know the Conquest one I have a dragon witch who would be well my Villain with the plot I have in mind. But I'd be willing to work out a few thrown in details with that once sign ups were posted for fellow Villains CS's and the heroes to try and well as usual bring down the fun and save the world. Being that seems to have more intrest this go than before I'll probable need to be PMed then to plan more than just parts of my plots if you have a major character idea as well. I'm willing to roll with the flow for some if that comes the case.
    For Digimon I know one maybe two others is why I mentioned that one but I'd need for sure some Co-GM to help me with a decent plot idea.
  6. Oh, well in that case I actually have something of a plot idea for digimon. It's not totally worked out but I have the basis of it. I'll pm you :3
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