Time To Invade

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    They were known as Demons. They were called that because they would rush into cities and steal from people. Though it wasn't their robberies that they were known for. No, they were known for kidnapping and killing. One of the members of Demons was called Hiro. He wasn't there by choice, no. He had to be with them, if he didn't, they would kill his family. Little did he know, they already have

    The Demons charged into a city, each one wearing armor and carrying a gun with them. "Hiro!" One of the leaders yelled, "Search the city and kill anyone that you come across!" Hiro responded with, "Yes sir!" He then rushed off into the city. He hated killing, but he had to
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    Faylen heard of the demons. How she stayed hidden it seemed for all this time was beyond her. She was curious about them but at the same time feared them because of all she had heard on them killing. She was considered a thief herself just like them except she didn't kill. Many called her and outcast many where she lived hatted her. Sadly this life was all she knew the life of a thief. When she was young her parents where killed she doesn't remember who they were but from what she believed it might had been one of those with the demon group. Years had past since then years she had been on her own running and stealing to get by for stealing was the only way for her to get food.

    This time she wasn't as lucky she had hidden in a alley to think where to run next she heard someone from the Demons give orders to find anyone and whoever they found they must kill them. Faylen was breathing deeply and she closed her eyes. "Clam down breath." She in a whisper told herself soon getting her heart rate normal and no longer panting. "Look for a way out you can do this you have many times before." She told herself quietly. She waited hopping for those who were near would leave and she could maybe make an escape for to her knowledge this alley seemed to be a dead end.
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    Diablo was an assassin. He didn't rob, he killed for the government. His mission was to kill the Demons. The problem was, it was hard to kill many when there was many of them. He knew of many people who were captured or killed, or even enslaved, but he was against them for the attacking of the closest person to him...himself. He saw a blonde Demon, and tried to attract his attention by firing a shot from the roof he was on, towards the Demons feet. If he was as dumb as some of the other members, this would be a breeze.
  4. Faylen heard gun fire seem to erupt near her. She breathed and looked once more trying to find a way out. 'This isn't good. I need to move before I get killed.' She thought to herself and moved out of where she was hiding to try and climb the wall for that seemed to become her best safe option. She couldn't seem to get a grip so soon she gave up on it and once more went to try and hid she deiced to wait in the darkest part of the dead ended alley. She breathed and sat waiting to hear the gun fire stop and the sound of foot steps so she might have the chance to run.
  5. Diablo looked around and noticed a dark alley. He decided that would be safer, since he could climb if need be and it hid him from Demons. He jumped off the roof, an expert at that stunt, and landed on his knees, which could have gone better, but Diablo was not one to complain. He dashed towards the alley, and heard breathing. He pulled his gun out, with his sword ready incase he was going against a ninja. "Are you Demon, or no?" he asked in his Italian accent.
  6. Hiro stopped walking instantly when he heard a gunshot. He jumped back to dodge the bullet and he looked around, curious to who had shot it. "Who's there?" He called out, but there was no reply. So he slowly took his gun out, and decided to look around for the person that had shot the bullet. He wasn't planning on killing them of course, no. He was just planning to scare them
  7. Diablo turned from the female figure of the alley, "If you no demon, I help you, yas?" He fired at the demon he had distracted earlier, "I don't normally miss." The bullet had fired past Hiro. He stepped out of the shadow. "I am here. I shall not tolerate destruction. You shall be put down." He observed Hiro quickly, "But I suppose you dislike justice, no?"
  8. His eyes widened when he saw the bullet but he was frozen in fear, so he couldn't move. Just like when he first met The Demons. Hiro gulped, and braced himself for what he would expect to be his death. But it never came. So he opened his left eye to look at the man before him. Once the man had finished talking, he replied with, "I don't do this because I want to." Hiro quickly scanned the area, and sighed in relief when he saw no other members of The Demons. If they heard him talking about this, they would surely kill him
  9. "No, of course you don't," Diablo scoffed. "But I do. Demons ruined my life and home. I shan't let it happen no more." He was hardened by the pain, but it still crept in. He glared at Hiro, but there was sadness, as if he was desperate to kill him but wouldn't because, deep down inside in a part nobody ever saw, Diablo believed him. "But you can prove it to me."
  10. Hiro recognized the sadness in the man's eyes. Did the Demons do something to him? Probably. They do a lot of horrible things to so many different people, so of course they did something to him. He managed to mask his fear as the man spoke. So they did do something to him. When the man said that he could prove it to him, Hiro responded with, "How can I prove it?"
  11. "Take me to them. I kill them," Diablo replied, flaring with anger by now. His lips could taste sweet revenge on the end of his tongue. "If you dare betray for trust." He dared Hiro almost, as if he didn't believe he could do it. "And if you ask how, I am surprised you are demon at all."
  12. Hiro gulped when he said this. Damn, he couldn't do that. If he did his family would be.....He took in a deep breath, then responded with, "I can't do that. I would happily betray them if it meant their certain death, but no. I can't do that." He was confused to why he was surprised to why he was a member of the Demons, but he decided not to ask
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    "Oh, how quaint." Said Tir tittering and clapping lightly. From the rooftop of the alley he had watched the event unfold. Tir was a captain of the Demons, the youngest ever, in fact. He could not condone this, but being as arrogant as he was, he didn't feel the need to shoot them down when he had the chance. He felt his time was better spent gloating.
  14. He felt a pair of eyes on him, and that was partly why he said no. If the captain heard him say this, then.....no, he didn't want to think about it. The caption probably wasn't happy with him saying that he would happily betray them if it meant their certain death. Hiro gulped, and took out his gun, "I'll.....I'll be going now."
  15. "You!" Diablo growled. Pointing his gun at the man from the roof. He knew who he was. "You are so, so dead!" He fired randomly, none accurate, but all swift and all lethal. One shot through a passing bird, that fell with a thump. "If I'd spotted you, I would've killed you both first."
  16. His eyes widened and he took a step back from the man who was now shooting at the caption. What a fool. Did he really think that he could kill the caption so easily. Hiro turned around and scanned around for the quickest escape route
  17. Tir tittered again as the man wildly shot towards him, he stepped backwards, off the ledge and onto the solid part of the roof. As he saw the bird fall towards the ground, he began singing to himself "Hush little birdie don't say a word." He found this outright hysterical and began cackling. Oh how I hope the gunman follows me. Tir thought gleefully
  18. "You stay there! I deal with you later!" Diablo's accent rolled around the area, his voice loud and deep. "Either way, you shall be killed, as will we all. I will do it fast, faster than your leaders can do."

    He pulled himself up the building, using his sword in the gaps to keep him linked.
  19. Hiro took this chance, and he bolted. He ran down the street, hoping to get as far away from the two as he possibly could, but if the other members of Demons saw him running....no, he didn't want to think about that
  20. As the man climbed, Tir cackled again. "Oh, but I don't really want to kill people.." He said in a mocking tone. "Please believe me." As he was born of some noble and a member of the Demons, he grew up in the harshest environment imaginable, the Demons. Being at such a young age it warped his mind, made him crazy, he didn't care as long as he had fun. That's exactly what this raid was turning out to be.