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  1. Hello, i'm Aqa and i'm searching for some roleplay partners. I don't have many expectations or things that bug me so as long as you're open about what bothers you and not we will get on well. Before i get into pairings, plot ideas and general things that i'd like to roleplay here are a few things that i feel i need to address and a bit about me.

    I feel more comfortable roleplaying with people around my age, i'm 16 at the moment and would prefer to roleplay with people around that age as i don't feel quite as intimidated. I'd like to be friends with my roleplay partners but it isn't necessary it's just a nice little thing.

    A bit about me: I'm a girl and i can roleplay any gender. I'm really into unhealthy relationships and opposites attract kind of pairings with some exceptions. I can write up to 6 paragraphs but will keep it around the same length as your posts are unless i have a sudden inspiration but will not write loads unless you do as well. I don't mind threads or pms so that up to you. I am fine with any sexuality of the characters so just say what you'd be more comfortable with or would like to try. I don't have many limits when it comes to writing but if you do then please make me aware.

    Okay now onto stuff i'd like to roleplay: <3 means that i really want to roleplay something- The bolded bit (in some pairings) is the role i'd prefer to have however i am totally open to doing the other role and it's just a preference.
    Please pm me if your interested or post here.

    Angel x Demon <3
    Vampire x Werewolf <3
    Vampire x Vampire
    Shape shifter x human
    Bad boy x Good girl <3
    Criminal x Normal person <3
    Runaway girl x Runaway boy <3
    Elf x Vampire
    Elf x Elf
    Bully x Victim <3
    Pokemon trainer x Rival (oc's only) <3
    Imaginary friend x Person
    Archer x Warrior
    Enemy x Enemy <3
    Shy person x Loud person <3
    Competitive gamer x Play for fun gamer <3
    Photographer x Artist
    Musician x Artist
    Game designer x Game designer
    Actor x Singer <3

    Pokemon mystery dungeon (ocs only) <3
    Madoka magica (ocs prefered) <3
    Noragami <3
    Harry potter (oc's only) <3

    Other things:
    Runaway teens <3
    Hight school <3
    Magical school

    Love/hate relationships <3
    Forced to work together on a project <3
    Stuck in a rpg
    Office workers
  2. I'm open for the bad boy x good girl! I'll happily be the bad boy so yeah, PM me if you want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.