Time to Break the Chains

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  1. Time to Break the Chains
    A Supernatural Jump In RP

    Basic Premise

    For centuries the Lycans have ruled the world. They asserted their dominance over the other supernatural races, and eventually peace treaties were formed. The races accepted Lycan rule and on the outside they all learnt to live and work together.

    There was an exception, however. Being viewed as the weak minority in a supernatural dominate world, humankind wasn't so lucky. Once the Lycans had rose to power they enslaved humankind, ruthlessly slaughtering any that resisted. Over the many centuries, enslavement became the norm for humans. They do have sympathizers amongst the supernatural races, but it is all in secret. For if any supernatural race is found helping the humans, the sentence is death.

    Recently though, talk has started moving through the human slaves. Rumours of a resistance. The Lycan leaders aren't too worried about the rumors. The slave market is plentiful and still going strong, but maybe - just maybe - they should be.

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  2. Dry, dead leaves crunched under her rushed steps. Bushes rustled as she ran by them; nocturnal life scurrying out of the way of the terrified human. A howl echoed through the night, disturbing flocks of birds resting in the trees. Her heart sped up; painful throbs filling her ears. The stitch in her side radiated to her stomach.

    Illara could not take anymore of this. Her chest burned. She couldn't breathe. With each step her legs threatened to fail her. Tears and sweat stung her eyes. Maybe she should let them find her. Death would be better than this terror, wouldn't it?

    A pain shot up from her ankle. The ground rushed up at her. Illara's gray eyes widened. Her hands moved in front of her to soften the fall. Her body slammed into the ground, face first.

    A cry escaped her dry lips. She breathed in. Loose dirt and crushed up leaves filled her lungs. The insides of her body contorted as it was wracked with coughs. The coughs turned into sobs as she turned herself around.

    Illara sat up. Her long, tangled mess of light brown hair fell over her eyes. She swiped it away. Her eyes fell upon her bare feet. One was stuck in between the ground and a jutting tree root. She closed her eyes tight, forcing the tears to spill out.

    Why did she ever run in the first place?
  3. A russet wolf, not unlike a fox in her coloring, creeped forward silently. Golden occulars were fixed intently on a doe grazing peacefully about 10 yards in front of her. Softly, carefully, she closed the distance on her prey... 8 yards... 7... 6... just 5 yards away and still undetected. 4 more.. 3...

    Suddenly the doe raised her elegant head and stopped chewing. A noise caught the wolf's attention as well, one black ear swivelled toward it- before Autumn could react, the deer bolted. An angry growl rose from her chest. What in the hell was making all that racket?!

    It grew louder. Sounded like someone running. Then a big CRASH! Irritated, the she wolf went to investigate. She found a girl who had gotten her foot stuck. Human, by her smell and clothing. The wolf's body began to contort and morph into a different shape.

    After a moment, a woman stood in front of the injured girl, emerald eyes narrowed in suspicion. Auburn locks of hair fell elegantly around petit shoulders, her fair complexion almost seemed to reflect the moon light. "What the hell is your problem, kid? Why are you crashing around like a pissed off bull at this hour?" She inquired, angry that she wasn't filling her stomach with tender venison at this very moment. The woman didn't seem to care who the girl's master was or why she wasn't there. Autumn figured her to be your standard run-away.
  4. Darren used to be a slave in the Shadow Hound Clan. A group of all black were wolves who operated as a independent mercenary force. Growing up he was typically more like a pack mule. But as he got older the clan took him on hunts. Human hunts. They threatened to kill his family if he didn't help them capture run away humans. It was his greatest shame. Then they took him into battles against other werewolves. He proved adept at fighting. His time with with Shadow Hounds taught him a great deal. He knew how to silently run in the woods. He knew how to cover his scent from werewolves. But most importantly, he learned how to kill. Darren watched from a distance the scene of the were wolf and the run away girl.

    The ex slave was wearing a dark cloak, over earth colored clothes. He was covered in brush from head to toe. If some one were to walk by they would not see him. His body was covered dirt and oils from various plants to mask his scent. Even the most keen of werewolves would not distinguish his smell, from that of the forest. He saw the girl on the ground, hurt. He watched the werewolf closely. For any signs of aggression. Word had spread through resistance that human was on the run. Darren was lucky to have even found her in the massive woods. But found her he had.

    Darren had no desire to kill the werewolf, not here and not now. But he would if he had to. Darren leveled his crossbow and aimed it at the werewolf. Even the silver bolt he had was covered in dirt so it would not shine in the moon light. He waited to see what the were wolf would do.
  5. Illara sniffed. She wiped away the tears on the sleeve of her simple, once white shirt. Dirt spread across her face from the process. Her eyes opened and she turned her head up to the sky. Dust particles danced before her eyes, glittering in the moonlight that shone down through the trees. 'Beautiful...' she thought. She froze. What was she thinking? She was about to die. She ran her hand over her tangled hair, feeling sticks and leaves caught in it. Water filled her eyes again.

    Where had this feeling of not wanting to die come from? She had never cared before. Then again, she had never had the real threat of death instilled into her. Illara had always been a good little slave. She always made sure to never give her masters a reason to beat or kill her. So, why was she now being hunted for something she didn't do? It was... unfair.

    The sound of footfalls reached her ears. Illara's head snapped to the direction of them. A wolf stood there. Her eyes widened. Her chest tightened. They had found her. This was it. Her eyes watched in terror as the Lycan transformed into a woman.

    On her slave instinct, Illara tried to stand up. Pain shot from her trapped ankle and she let out a cry. Her muscles tensed. She began to shake. Her eyes darted as thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn't get up. What was she going to do? She had no intention of being disrespectful.

    Then the Lycan spoke. Once the words had registered in Illara's mind, confusion filled her. Wasn't the Lycan a part of the hunt? She timidly glanced at the woman. Shrinking away, the slave made herself as small as she could.

    "I... I... I'm being hunted...," She replied, her voice small and wavering.
  6. Elizabeth leaned against a tree not far, she was clearly in sight. She sent a glare to Her only friend. She was older than the other vampire.

    Rachel looked at Elizabeth, she saw the glare and smirked. "Hey there werewolf, are we interrupting something?" The vampire called.
  7. As the terrified human tried to stand, Autumn quickly placed one hand firmly on her shoulder, and the other over the girl's mouth. "Hush, stay still," she scolded in a soft tone, "you're going to lead God-only-knows-what to find you here." Still irritated, she pondered how to handle the situation. Though the girl probably deserved it, she couldn't leave her here like a trapped animal to die. Well, she could. But the young lady was petrified, and admitedly, had serious moxy for even attempting escape. Courage is something to be admired in a human, so many were spineless work horses these days. Autumn knew the consequence for aiding a runaway was death for both of them, however. "If they can catch me.." she thought with amusement. All in all, she reasoned that the girl at least deserved a fair chance at escape. The lady placed the fingers of her right hand gingerly on the human's injured ankle. Warm to the touch, definitely swollen. The wolf wondered if it was broken, or just sprained. Cool, calculating emerald orbs scanned the tree root that trapped her. Carefully, she pulled back the root with her left hand, moving it about an inch, and guided her foot out of the way. Then she heard a voice call out to her. ((I assume?))

    "Identify yourselves." She ordered, catching their scents on the chilled evening breeze. They both had the disgusting stink of death about them. Vampires. Likely not here to aid the hunting party, but she couldn't be sure. With a hushed tone so only the human could hear, she coldly instructed her. "Stay there. Stay silent. You might have a shot if you listen."
  8. Elizabeth glared harder at Rachel, if looks could kill Rachel would have died many times before. Her light blonde hair fframed her very pale skin.

    The brunette ignored the older vampire waking forward a bit, she gave Elizabeth a side smile when she stood next to her. "Well,well braking some rules are we?" She asked no one in particular.
  9. In one swift motion, the werewolf put a hand on Illara's shoulder and the other over her mouth in a firm hold. Illara's eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. This was it! She was going to die. No matter how good she was. No matter if she did everything right by the Lycans. They were still going to kill her.

    One would think the human would have accepted it by now. Her gray eyes had witness so many die in their twenty five years. Why did it terrify her so much then? The fear bubbled from some where deep - somewhere instinctual. Her body sagged. 'Maybe I should just accept it... it is... life...' She thought. She slowly closed her eyes.

    And Illara waited.

    Something brushed over her ankle. 'Huh?' She thought. The pressure from the tree root faded. It was then Illara noticed that she couldn't feel the hand on her shoulder any more and her mouth was no longer covered. Opening her eyes, the slave looked to her legs. The Lycan was crouched down beside her, holding up the tree root just enough for Illara to be freed.

    Astonished bewilderment washed over Illara's sunken features. The woman started to guide the humans's ankle through the root. She tensed, ready for any pain that would come. But the woman's touch was careful and gentle. No pain came.

    Illara sat there, stupefied. Her eyes wide and blinking. She couldn't fathom what the Lycan was doing. It just wouldn't register in her mind.

    A voice called out to the werewolf. Illara looked to see where the voice had come from, but couldn't see anything in the dark. The woman asked the voice to identify itself, then, in a hushed and cold tone, instructed Illara to stay still and silent. 'I may have a shot?' She thought. 'A shot at what?' Her mind was fuzzy - All fog. Illara couldn't think straight.

    Against everything she had ever known, it actually seemed like the Lycan was trying help! It didn't make sense. Illara could barely comprehend it. So, she reverted to doing what she did best: doing what she was told. With her eyes blinking in a rapid movement, Illara moved her head in quick, timid nods. Her answer for the woman.
  10. Darren was relieved. If it wasn't for all his training, he would have breathed out a sigh of relief, which would have more than likely got him caught if the werewolf’s ears were sharp enough. However, upon realizing two others entering the clearing he tensed again. Two humanoids came out from under a tree. Darren aimed his crossbow at them instead. "Great, just what I needed. More complications.” Darren thought to himself. He wished it was day time so his telescope could be useful. Likely, these two were not in the hunting party because they were not in werewolf form. So who were they? Did the werewolf know them? Darren was too far away to make that distinction. He would have to get closer. Getting closer was risky, but Darren could do it. The Shadow Hounds had taught him well. Quietly he removed the brush that was covering him. Then slowly he crawled closer to the scene. He couldn’t get too close. He could move silently enough, but he wasn’t going to risk this girl’s life. Finally he was close enough to hear what they were saying. Darren was around 20 feet out from the group, lying prone mostly behind a tree that afforded him good cover. The concealed human leveled his crossbow again at the two humanoids. Were it day time Darren might have been spotted. But it wasn’t day time. It was the night, darkness and shadows would hide his location. Darren still waited. He needed to know more about the two new females before he made his move. So, Darren listened.
  11. A soft sound, barely audible, reached her sensitive ears. Not even loud enough for a human to notice. Briefly, she turned her attention to it, but she didn't see or smell anything. It had been close enough, she thought, she would've known if something was there. Writing it off as settling noises or maybe a toad or something, the fair skinned woman reverted her attention back to the undead.

    "I don't know what you're talking about," her voice almost a purr, sweet and innocent. "I'm taking this runaway back to my brother. It's a shame, really, she was one of his favorites. No telling what he'll do with her, now. He requested to handle her punishment himself, unfortunately for her. I would've killed her quick enough. But, alas, she isn't mine to make that decision." Autumn played this off well, a true look of disappointment danced upon her features.

    She grabbed the girl by her arm, yanking her up off the ground and starting off through the trees. "I'll be returning to the task at hand, if you'll excuse me. Thought I heard a noise, perhaps there's a fat rat over there you could suck the blood out of or something." She gestured in the general direction, smirking to herself as she walked off, half dragging the human behind her for show.
  12. Elizabeth chuckled this time Rachel glaring. She waited till the werewolf was gone, "Darren, you can't fool me," came her cold reply. She knew of the rebels and some times she helped.

    Rachel raised an eyebrow confused. Her and Elizabeth hadn't been traveling together for long so she didn't know some of Elizabeth's ssecrets.
  13. Darren didn't respond. He didn't have to. Now that he knew it was Elizabeth, he understood why he had been seen. The vampire girl had always been adept at finding him. She never told him how she could always find him despite his near perfect camouflage. But now he knew he could act. He had to save the girl. A series of howls pierced the air. They were close. Closer then he originally thought. The ex-slave came out from behind the tree and sped off in the direction of the werewolf. With out turning to the vampire he said quietly enough for her to hear. "Throw them off the trail. They will be here soon" Elizabeth was unpredictable. But she had never let Derren down yet.

    The werewolf hadn't gotten far. Darren was close again. The time for hiding was at it's end. When Derren was thirty feet away he hid behind a tree and let out his wolf call. The sound was identical to a werewolfs. Darren spent his whole life hearing that sound, day in and day out. Howling came as natural to him as talking did. His howl was not as loud as a werewolfs and it never would be. Derren didn't have the lungs for it. But it was convincing enough. The freedom fighter paused for a moment. Then he pulled out his black boomerang with his free hand and threw it from behind the tree. The boomerang flew to the threw the night sky and hit a tree not far from the werewolf making a loud knocking sound. Derren didn't wait. He dashed from tree to tree using the cover over darkness to obscure his movements. By now the werewolf was aware someone was coming. But by the time Derren came out into the open he was well within range to shoot the werewolf. Derren leveled his crossbow, and fired directly at the werewolf.
  14. Rachel swiftly grabbed the arrow before disappearing just as fast. She snapped the arrow, looking at Darren."this werewolf was lying, she's helping the girl, calm down," she said in a whisper.

    Elizabeth leaned against a tree waiting for the the wolves to get closer she had just hide all the other scents with her own. She had also killed a random deer, she had made it look human, by adding extra clothes she had.
  15. As soon as Autumn was positive they were out of range, she changed direction, angling away from the others, but toward the nearby river. "Try to step lightly, keep close." She instructed, hoping the human would stay quieter this time. She paused suddenly, hearing a noise somewhere behind them. Movement, she thought. "Quickly."

    She quickened her speed, while trying to go slow enough for the other woman to keep up. They reached the water and Autumn waited in towards the center. The water was pretty cold, and came up to her chest in places. "This will be the easiest way to hide your scent." She whispered. Not even the strongest of noses could smell a scent through the water and mud. They travelled down stream for around 3/4 of a mile before she crossed to the opposite bank. Autumn rubbed mud into her skin to disguise her scent. "I advise you do the same." She told the girl, still keeping a low tone.
  16. The dwarven race is not known for it's musical prowess.

    They're a hardy, practical bunch after all, keen on traditions dating back thousands of years. You don't really find any great dwarven composers, living or dead, and none of the great singers seem to come from their race. Spend the majority of your rather longer than average existence down below the earth, and apparently you don't find a lot to sing about.

    Of course, there is an exception to this rule. Two sorts of songs that dwarves are rather adept at.

    The first is war chants, for reasons obvious.

    The second is drinking songs, such as the one being belted out from the seat of a battered old carriage drawn by a mule so mean looking, it could stare down an ogre before kicking it to death.

    “Oh, I used to work in Hel T'ravo!” the dwarf steering the carriage half-sings, half-yells, “In an old merchant's store!” He's dressed in a heavy duster and the clothes of a merchant, but there's a rough edge to his look. Weather-beaten, travel-stained; like the carriage he sits upon, this is a fellow who's seen a fair few miles. It would probably explain what precisely he's doing trundling across a narrow forest path at this hour of the night.

    It does not, however, explain why he seems so unconcerned about giving the nearby area a rendition of dwarven humour committed to music.

    “I used to work in Hel T'ravo! But I don't work anymore!”

    In between lines, he's swigging liberally from the hip flask in his free hand. Pure steel, embossed with an ornate runic symbol, but similarly battered as it's owner is. This seems like a far better explanation for his current performance. “A fine lady came in for a needle!” he continues, “A needle from the stooooooooooore!

    “A needle she wanted, a prick she got! And I don't work anymore!”

    Chuckling and emptying the contents of the flask into his mouth, the dwarf urges his mule onwards. Unbeknownst to him, this draws him ever closer to the dimly-lit bank where a runaway slave and a werewolf are rubbing mud onto their skin.

    Life is, after all, full of such coincidences.
  17. Darren glared at the vampire who had gotten in his way. He did not like the vampire before him right now. If it wasn't for that fact that she was an associate of Elizabeth, he would have taken out his stakes, and stabbed her to death. Darren lowered his crossbow and spoke to the vampire. "If you are wrong and that women goes back into slavery because of you, I will hunt you down and kill you." Darren promised coldly. With out another word Darren ran off in pursuit of the the women. He stopped to pick up his boomerang. Tracking in the night was hard for Derren. He did not have a keen sense of smell like lycans did. If he wasn't familiar with the woods, he would not have found them. He figured they would make a run for the river if in fact the she wolf was trying to help the human girl. And there they were.

    Darren made no attempts to hide as he crossed the river. He called out to them, with his crossbow at the ready. "She wolf, I am Darren. I work with a group of human liberators. If you mean that girl no harm, then release her into my custody. I will bring her to a safe place. A place for humans to live safe. You may come if you wish. But I warn you, if you double cross me I will end you." Derren said calmly. He wasn't threatening her to scare her, but to show her that Derren was serious. Derren heard a wagon approaching, though he could not tell from which direction. The rush of the water masked the direction of the noise. Derren hoped the she wold would answer him soon.

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  18. Rachel hissed before glancing where Elizabeth was, she followed after Darren. She wanted to make sure Darren didn't harm the wolf.