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  1. Time to Break the Chains
    A Supernatural Jump In RP

    Basic Premise

    For centuries the Lycans have ruled the world. They asserted their dominance over the other supernatural races, and eventually peace treaties were formed. The races accepted Lycan rule and on the outside they all learnt to live and work together.

    There was an exception, however. Being viewed as the weak minority in a supernatural dominate world, humankind wasn't so lucky. Once the Lycans had rose to power they enslaved humankind, ruthlessly slaughtering any that resisted. Over the many centuries, enslavement became the norm for humans. They do have sympathizers amongst the supernatural races, but it is all in secret. For if any supernatural race is found helping the humans, the sentence is death.​

    Recently though, talk has started moving through the human slaves. Rumours of a resistance. The Lycan leaders aren't too worried about the rumors. The slave market is plentiful and still going strong, but maybe - just maybe - they should be.


    Not much really. This is a casual role play. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to post length. You don't need to write a novel. As long as the post contributes something to the role play, you could post a one-liner for all I care. Just as long as some effort has been put into it.

    No god modding without the other player's permission and no Mary/Gary sues.

    Also, please post any questions or ideas in the ooc thread. Don't want too much clutter in the role play. :)


    A list of characters currently in the role play and a link to their character bios if they have one. If you have a bio, please post in the ooc thread.

    Illara - Played By: TemraV
    Darren - Played By: Digi-Guy
    Autumn Rose McLowery - Played By: TwiztdxRaven
    Oliver - Played By: Stannis the Mannis
    Rachel - Played By: sierra
    Elizabeth - Played By: sierra

    Character Sheet







    All in all, just have fun and enjoy!
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  2. Name- Darren (slaves aren't given last names)

    Age- 24

    Race- Human

    Gender- Male

    Appearance- Tall. Blonde hair. Muscular frame. square jaw. Thick eye brows.

    Personality- Darren is determined. He has one goal, freedom for all humans. Despite once being a slave himself, he does not hold prejudice against all Lycans. He understands that hate is not the answer. How ever non-violence is not a viable option. He his cunning and lethal. Prefering to be a man of action as opposed to words, he let's his actions define him. Despite his desire to act, the man is quite eloquent when it comes to making a motivational speech. Darren is like a tidal wave, you either ride with him, or drown.

    Bio- Darren was born a slave. He spent his whole life saving up his money to buy his freedom. Which in the world he lives, doesn't get him a whole lot. He is still persecuted, and several Lycans have tried to enslave him again despite being legally free. Those Lycans are dead. Darren is a part of the resistance. A small group of humans and sympathetic Lycans that are fighting for human freedom. The insurgency is all Darren has. He will fight till he dies or his people are free.

    I'll post IC laterzzz
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  3. Awesome! It seems we had the same idea about no last names, lol. Currently writing up my character now, but if you wish to start posting in the ic, go ahead. :)


    Name: Illara
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female

    Personality: As a slave would be, she is - well - a slave. She always keeps her head down, never says anything out of turn and does exactly what is asked of her. Illara is and always was a good little human slave for her Lycan masters. There is not much to her personality in the beginning. Just timid, shy and always does exactly what she is told to do. As events happen, however, she will hopefully discover who she is not as a slave, but as a person.

    Bio: Illara was born into slavery. She never knew her parents, for they had been breeders for a Lycan slave business. As soon as she was old enough, around five years old, they "taught" her how to be a good little slave. Once she was, she was sold off to the highest bidder. That was her life up until now. Serving her Lycan masters in whatever way she possibly could. That is until her most recent master was murdered. The slave is always the first one to blame when a master is killed in unusual circumstances. For the first time in her life she discovered that she had a fear of death and is now on the run.
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  4. Name- Autumn Rose McLowery

    Age- True age is unknown, she appears to be around 35. (Wolves age different than humans.)

    Race- Lycan

    Gender- Female

    Personality- Loner, very cynical at times. Knowledgeable. She doesn't like to admit it, but she is a good person.

    Bio- Waaaay too long, it's a whole book in progress. She doesn't share much about her past with others, but basically she was born long, long ago on a small farm. She suffered a lot of tragedy in her life, and I do mean a LOT. Hence why she can be so snide, she hides behind a facade. Sorrow is weakness, and she will not let anyone overpower her.
  5. I'l be very creative in here, my character my seem overpowered, but he's not, really.

    Name- Oliver

    Age- 32

    Race- Human

    Gender- Male

    Personality- Oliver is more or less a genius. Even if he can barely fight he is a master with numbers and he can read people easily. He appears to be kind and good-willed, helping anyone in need but he's actually deceitful, ruthless, greedy and ambitious. Not really evil, but an opportunistic person. He dreams to rule over all the races, but he cares not for human independence.

    Bio- Oliver was born in a mine full of precious minerals and jewels. His father was a very rebellious man, he accepted that he was a slave, but he would not endure punishments or insults. He rallied up the slaves to escape, but he failed and died alongside Oliver's mother. Oliver hated his father as his actions caused death across the slave camp. During his time as a slave, he was overly kind to his Lycan masters. The leader of the mine slave camp made him his right hand when he heard of his kindness and his intelligence. The leader made Oliver his right hand, and after that decision the profits doubled in the mine camp. It was clear to everyone that Oliver knew what he was doing, especially to the leader.

    On his deathbed, the leader of the mines had to name the next ruler, as he had no sons or daughters. With a smile on his face he pointed his finger at Oliver before he passed. Most of the lycans were against that decision. Making a human a slavemaster was an offence to their superiority, but there were some who agreed that Oliver's kind heart and his mental capacity made him the perfect leader. The lycans fought eachother, but with the slaves on his side Oliver managed to keep the slave camp for himself. He changed the laws and rules, making the lycans work alongside the humans he managed to increase his currency. He is not only the first human slavemaster, but also one of the wealthiest.
  6. Name-Rachel




    Personality-She is very shy, once you get to know her she is very sweet.

    Bio-doesn't remember.
  7. Raven, are we going off the premise that your werewolf is NOT yet apart of the resistance?
  8. Name-Elizabeth




    Personality- She is very smart and usually spends time reading. She is cold and cares for nothing anyone does or says. She always uses sarcasm and can come off rude even though she is very polite.

    Bio- She won't tell anyone.
  9. Awesome, more people! :)

    I'll add your characters to the list. Feel free to start posting whenever you'd like.
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  17. I was saying Rachel got the arrow to try to help them get away, if they got shot the lycan couldn't help the girl. So Ya...
  18. Maybe she dodges it? Get's hit but not mortally wounded? I tried to leave it open for her to respond to it. Heck she can have it miss if she wants. Darren has no way of knowing she's lying. It would be a little godmodding in my opinion to have him just figure everything out. Can't read minds yah know. :)
  19. I know, but I felt the vampire nneded to help. She doesn't understand anything, but Elizabeth does she justs doing as she was told. The girls' relationship is like. The dominant one is in charge, sorta like a pair of cheetah siblings. The dominant brother is in charge, the others don't always listen.
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