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  1. Heavy foot steps echoed throughout the halls of the prison cells. It was more then just a pair. The new prisoner had finally arrived, and all the guards were going to make sure that she didn't escape. It was hard enough to catch her. As they unloaded her, screams could be heard throughout the prison. It was blood curdling, unlike any sound a human could make. As they dragged the person through the hallways, it never stopped trying to fight her way out, but she couldn't. Once they were able to get her still enough, they shoved her into a room.

    Carefully they removed the bondage that was wrapped around her body, wrists, and legs. They switched them out with chains that will hold her in place. Before they covered her mouth, an even louder scream came from the pale girls mouth. She knew what was about to happen. She wasn't completely drugged. but was enough to where she couldn't use any powers that she had. She felt like a human. Before the girl could act anymore, her mouth was covered and the pain began. They whipped her, and beat her. They held nothing back. After all, they wanted to just make a point with her.

    After a long half hour, they finally dragged the girl out. She was barely moving, and was bleeding badly. They put her in a cell, closed the door, and locked it. Once they were far enough out of reach, Sayomi rose slowly to her hands and knees, shaking. Her long black hair draped in front of her face like curtains. She Breathed heavily, before she began to cough violently. After a few minutes of coughing, she began to spit up blood. She eventually stopped, and then slowly crawled to the cold wall. She pressed her body against the stone, breathing hard. She hurt more then she ever had.
  2. Demetri sat lazily, his back against the wall as he watched over the pack. Half of them in and out of consciousness, half of them silently crying themselves to sleep, while the others were staying up to not have nightmares. Demetri didn't know what the hell to do, anger coursed in his veins as he kept watching each and every one of them waste their life by staying in the same spot, doing nothing to better themselves. Faintly, Demetri could hear screams come from other creatures around the building.

    Demetri heard the groan of the metals bars open, knowing they caught another one. Demetri sniffed the air, straining his ears as he tried to figure out who or what they were. Vampire, he knew that much. The medicine they placed in the food was affecting his abilities to really do anything. At one point he had starved himself, not wanting to be drugged...but he was punished for it. He didn't want to hurt any of his brothers to have them see him go through that. So, he would have to deal with it.

    "Demetri, do you have any bread left?" a young pup asked, they all called him Dockus. He believed and looked up to Demetri, loving how he still stood strong regardless as to what they went through. Demetri nodded, giving him the loaf in his pocket. Dockus thanked him and took it to his mother, who was in the fetal position in the opposite corner. Demetri sighed at the sight, closing his eyes from the horrifying picture.
  3. After a long time of sitting against the cold wall, she stood. Her whole body was finally numb. It felt odd to move, but she did it any ways. She wasn't going to give up yet. They were making 'statements' all through out the lands. They were trying to scare off any vampires and werewolves from coming near the villages, only they didn't realize that it pissed off the creatures more then it did anything else. Sayomi walked to the bars, grabbing a hold of them. "Hey! Guards! Bring me some water you stupid human! I am thirsty!" she yelled as loud as she could, even though she knew that the guard was only a couple cells down. Her smooth and sultry voice echoes, making her voice seem even louder.

    The guard came over, looking her over. It was hard for any male not to notice her beauty. Her skin was pale and flawless, her hair long and silky, eyes green like emeralds, and her lips, her lips were full and rosey.It took the guard a little while before he could talk. "Y-you have to wait t-till dinner for some w-water." He stuttered as her green eyes were on him. Her emotions were soft, and gentle like any lady's should be. "You people have not given me water in more then a few days. Do you want me to die right here in my cell! If I die on your watch, they will blame you. They will be able to tell that I am dehydrated." She stared at him intensely as she spoke. He thought over his options for a moment before nodding and walking away.

    Sayomi gave a triumphant smile to the open area around her. She paced the cell like an animal. She smelt every thing that she could. There was humans, and there was other creatures. Then she smelt a werewolf. More a lot of them. She couldn't smell any other vampires. Of course, they just happened to get lucky with her. That or she just picked the wrong guy to go after that night. She went over to the side where she thought that the werewolf was, and sure enough, there they were, in a cell about two feet away. She gave out a devious smile, "Hey. Werewolf! I see you there. How long have you been here... And where exactly is here?"

    Before she got her answer, she heard foot steps coming her way, so she went back to where she was standing before the guard left. He handed her in a large metal cup full of water. "Keep this, you only get one cup, loose it, and you don't get water." This time he didn't stutter. Something must have happened with some other guards As he handed her the cup, she grabbed his hand and pulled him up against the bars, kissing him. "I may be dead soon, but I don't want to die miserable. If you help me, I can help you." She said with a seductive smile. She was going to need this guard. And knew she wouldn't be able to use words. She thought if she played her cards right, she would be able to escape. But right now, that was out of the question. The guard was surprised, and once again only nodded, then walked off, wide eyed.

    She took a drink, and swished it around her mouth before spitting it out. It was dark pink from the blood. She knew she was still bleeding, but she was too numb, and too stubborn to give in. She took an a big gulp and sighed. The water felt good throughout her body. She took another drink, and noticed that there was still half left. She went back over to where she could see the werewolf then she held the cup through the bars, her arms alone couldn't reach, but if he was to reach, he could get it. "Finish this. You probably need it more then I do." Though she was not fond of werewolves, she would need information from him, so she played nice... For now.
  4. Demetri watched the whole scene unfold right in front of him. This girl was something else, was it because she was a vampire? Demetri didn't know for sure, but he wanted to know. She called out the name werewolf, and assumed it was him. Before he even got to acknowledge her, the guard came back. A chuckle jumped off his lips, swimming into the thick atmosphere around him as he watched the guard completely get off guard as she kissed him. What the hell was going through her little mind? As the guard walked out of view, the vampire called out to him. His ears twitched, looking at her with his chin high and eyes directly looking at her.

    He knew this act all too well, acting nice to get what you want. He invented that act. "Keep it," he muttered back quietly. "Keep up with the acting, I'll believe it sooner or later," he added with a smirk on his face as he looked at her. He noticed her features, and could definitely tell that she was pretty. He bet she was much prettier without all of the cuts, and blood-stained hair. Remy--one of Demetri's brothers--walked over to Demetri, a melancholy look on his face. "Drayke has a temperature, how the hell are we supposed to help him, Demetri?" he spoke, his voice faltering.

    Demetri sighed heavily, and placed his hand out as he snatched the cup from the vampire's hand, handing it over to Remy. "He's gonna' have to sweat it out, I don't have anything. And I doubt the humans do either," he told him with a hard-toned voice.
  5. "Body heat. Have everyone lay around him. If he is in the middle of all the people, he will surely sweat." Sayomi knew the werewolf wouldn't trust her, but she also knew that sometimes, when offered enough, even for personal gain, when someone offers you something in a situation like this you don't deny it. She wasn't here as long, so for now, she wouldn't need as much. Plus the fact that she was cold blooded and she didn't need real food as much as the others. "Do not treat me like I am the one that put you in here dog. You should learn to respect the elderly." Sayomi gave a laugh that echoed, and she could see the human across from her shiver. She went over pressing her face to the bars near the human. Her mind was too all over the place with it's thinking for her to completely be herself. Though she was different, she was usually not this weird.

    Her green eyes pierced through the darkness as she watched the human. "Pst... Human.." She whispered eerily through the bars. She was going to try to cause as much chaos in the other prisoners as she could. "Have you ever been this close to someone who will find a way to get to you." She pressed her whole body against the bards. Nearly all of her fit though, all except her butt. It was too big to slid between the bars. "I will get you!" She hissed. She gave a smile, then stepped back. She paced some more, then went back to the werewolf.

    "You shouldn't be so harsh. I may have offered it to help coax you to give me the information that I seek, but it will still help you. It's not like I am asking anything drastic of you." She looked at him, and looked at the others in the cell. They must have been there for awhile. They looked ill and fragile. Even though vampires and werewolves didn't get along, it still was sad to see such strong creatures become so weak."Plus, I won't be here so long."
  6. Demetri listened to the vampire give him advice. Demetri looked at Remy, nodding as if telling him to listen to what she had to say. "Elderly my ass, what have you done for me?" Demetri bitterly spoke, rolling his eyes. He let his head fall into the palms of his hands, raking his hair back as he took a deep breath only to have the stench of defeat in his lungs.

    Demetri watched as she insanely scared another human, Demetri could hear his heartbeat quicken. Demetri knew what his face looked like, just by hearing his pulse. His eyes were dilated with fear, sweat starting to form at the origin of his temple, so on and so forth... "You won't be here so long? Of course, you'll be in the ground if you keep that act up," Demetri taunted her as he laid back on his bottom, placing his legs criss-cross as he watched her from his seat.
  7. Sayomi lauched loudly. "I am like 90% certain that I am older then you. I know how to hadle people. They only caught me cause I went after the wrong person. What is your excuse? They obviously found you and them." Before the girl kept talking, she saw a child. Her face dropped slightly. She could feel the drugs slowing everything in her head, but she could still think clear enough about her emotions. She didn't want the child to die. It was only a child. She wasn't completely heartless. A little crazy at times, especially now. She didn't like to feel helpless, so would do anything to do it. She taped her nails on a bar, before she got up and once more yelled for the guard. It was the same guard.

    "Can you get me just a small loaf of bread. I am starving. Still haven't gotten any food in days, and judging by the sun in that window, dinner was about an hour ago. So, bring me a loaf to tide me over, or I will cause such a scene you will not know what to do. And you don't have the permission to kill me. THEY need me." She said with a sly smile. Guards were usually not very smart, and with the fear of getting into trouble, would usually give into a request. he squinted at her, and then left. She looked back over at the werewolf, and more calmly spoke, more like her usual self. "I am the only vampire that they have. From what I over heard on the way over to this place, they are using us, the creatures here, as a statement. To get us creatures to retreat, and to hide. To stop 'perstering' the humans. They will want to keep me alive. Unlike you, who has multiple people in the cell, there is only one vampire."

    After she told him what she knew, she slid down the bars, her forhead pressed to the iron has she looked at the ground. She thouht about that night, over and over again. She was just following orders from her clan leader. She wasn't suppose to kill the man who was able to catch her. Just bring him back. But she couldn't even do that..She heard the guard come back, and he held the bread through the bars. She took it from him, as she looked over his features, she could tell that he was hoping to be kissed again. She tried not to smile as she stood up, and kissed him a bit more intensly. He was the perfect one to fool.

    Sayomi began too peel the hard outer shell that held the drugs with her long nails. Once she peeled it, and held only the soft center in her right out, she reached out once more. "Little one... Take this." she said in a gental tone to the young werewolf. This time, she did it out of nothing other then kindness. He was young and didn't deserve this.
  8. "You have no idea as to why or how they took me. So I suggest you stop assuming," Demetri spat at her, letting his anger get the best of him. "It doesn't matter how old you are, it matters what you do with your time," Demetri added as well, looking down at the ground. He knew that his irises were changing to a warm red; auburn. The color of a conflagration only beginning. Demetri noticed how quiet she was, and looked up to see her eyes targeted at Dockus.

    He got defensive, ready to speak up about keeping her eyes to herself...but she was up to something. "They'll keep you alive long enough to get what they want, doesn't mean anything. You think that because you're the only one of your kind here that you're special? Don't you think that you're clan actually planned this? For these humans to catch your sorry ass?" Demetri shrugged, and watched as she passed over the bread. Dockus hesitated, looking at Demetri for his demand.

    "Take it, bud," Demetri murmured, his voice faltering for only but a moment. It only happened when he spoke to Dockus, knowing he didn't deserve any of this. He didn't deserve to see his mother go through any of this. He was only at the age of eight, and he had to take care of his mother who hadn't spoken in three days. Dockus took the bread quickly, being cautious. "T-thank you," he muttered, then jogged off to his mother.
  9. When the yung by took the bread she gave a soft smile. The body reminded her of her family that she once had. She fell back against the cold wall, eating the drug covered crust. She knew she would need to so that they would know that she didn't just hand it to the boy. "You, take care of your family. They need you more then you even know. And you need more then you will know..." she muttered softly. She needed her family more then she had thought. She knew that they were her everything, but she didn't realize how much her everything was. She began to stare blankly at the bars infront of her as she thought. It had been almost 50 years since her family was killed. She normally would have done her best to make the werewolf mad, but she knew didn't have it in her anymore. She didn't have much of a fight left at the moment. Her body was to the point of no longer feeling numb, and all the pain came forth.

    "I would not be surprised if my clan did do this to me. You sacrifice the weakest to save them all... Except that I am not as weak as they think.." She didn't go into details with the stranger, there was no point. As she ate another piece of the crust, she could tell that they were using different drugs on her then before. This one tasted more like grass and sap then just plain nasty. She took a deep breath, and just ate all the bread at once. After chewing for more then a few minutes, she began to gag. The taste was nearly unbearable. She could feel the small little buzzing sensation in the back of her head that signaled that the drugs were taking effect. She slowly moved her head, the world spinning slightly. She looked at the werewolf. He wasn't too bad looking. She couldn't see much though. "They boy's mother.. What is wrong with her?" She tried to just talk, to concentrate on something other then nothing, to keep her mind working.
  10. "All I do is to take care for them. Don't worry about that," Demetri told her, not meaning to come off as offensive; he failed. He watched as she ate the drug-infested crust, wondering why on Earth she'd willingly eat the food. He only did so he could be strong, but it was quite the opposite since it was drug-infested. He then shook off his thoughts as she called back out to him. "Well, looks aren't always what they seem," he agreed with her lightly, never wanting to argue with her in the first place. It was just an instinct. He was a werewolf, and she was a vampire. It was destined to be like that.

    "They tried to touch one of our young, female pups and she got in the way. She was brutally beaten for it. She won't let any of us help, and she's been having nightmares ever since we've arrived in the place," Demetri confessed to her easily.
  11. As her green eyes started to sink further into her skull, she laughed softly. She could see the confusion on his face. "What could would it do to just give the bread away, not eating anything. I would be beaten, and they might wonder why I took the shell off. It would lead to me being beaten more, and you and your family possible beaten for answers." She didn't understand why he wouldn't have thought about that. But he was probably also drugged. She rocked forward until she was on her hands and knees, her muscles were hard to move. It was the drugs. They were different then the others, and they would hit her harder cause she didn't have the bread to slow down and absorb some of the drugs. But she would also snap out of it fast. "Looks are just something for the eye to notice, the brain is something that will notice everything that is presented. If not everything is presented. If not everything is known, not everything will be thought through, and hence it will be non-existent." To her, her words sounded like they made sense, but she figured that when heard they wouldn't sound right.

    She crawled over to the part of her cell that put her closest to the female that was on the ground. "Miss.." She said gently, her voice almost cooing to the woman. "You are brave for standing up for the young girl. And even though you don't think it matters, you cannot lay on the ground. You cannot give up. The young ones look up to you. I know that you do not know me, but at least take heed of my words. Cause I do not want to see the little ones suffer for something they had nothing to do with." She looked at the woman through the bars, Sayomi's complexion looking worse as the minutes passed. "If you give up, then so will they. And once children give up, there is no hope at all. If everyone gives up, then you might as well just all kill each other. If there is no hope, then nothing will be done, nothing will get fixed. I can see that you are strong. And you need to show that you are for the kids, and for the others. If you do it, then I promise, things will look up. So muster the strength that you have held onto for this long, and let it show. And do not let your weakness show. Do not let the humans think that you are weak. If they think that you are more of a threat, then they will not do so much. Because they will be intimidated. You are a werewolf, you were bred with beauty, strength, and the ability to threaten and intimidate humans. Then them know that you have not lost your werewolf demeanor."

    As Sayomi talked, she had to pause to swallow spit. Her mouth was so try, she felt like she was about to throw up. But she would rather talk and deal with it, and help someone, then not feel sick, and pass out in the corner.
  12. Demetri watched from afar, looking at Sayomi with his eyes scrunched in confusion and wonder. She was surely something strange. Not because she was a vampire, but because of something else. Her entire being, really, was off. Demetri didn't know if that was a good or bad thing. "You could have given it to me," he told her in a matter-of-factly tone. He noticed her moving, closer to Dockus' mother. Demetri's muscles tensed up, wondering what the hell she was going to do.

    Ready to do anything to take care of his family; whether they were blood or not.

    He then heard her soft words because of his canine ears, and relaxed once she was done speaking. Dockus' mother--Vindemia [Latin for Vintage]--got up slowly from her position. The only noise heard from her was the faint popping from the air bubbles between her joints. "Thank you," she cracked softly with silent tears falling from her soft, fuchsia-colored eyes as she looked at Sayomi. Vin let her hand grab Sayomi's hand, squeezing it with the little strength she had left within her. Vindemia was a young mother only reaching the age of twenty-five.
  13. Sayomi could see out of the corner of her eyes the male werewolf tense up. She would have laughed if she had much strength, or could figure out how to laugh at that moment. She could muster a smile once she saw the young mother get up. She could tell that she was young, but didn't realize how young she was. When she felt the girls warm hand grab hers, it was an odd feeling. She hadn't felt warmth on her skin in a long time. She didn't mind it, and squeezed her hand back gently, not wanting to hurt her hand. "I know you have your family here, but if you ever feel a need to talk for any reason, I will be happy to listen, and help. And I bet if you watch, you can get a laugh from the guards face once they come and see you up. They will feel like they have taken steps backwards." her now rough sounding voice said as she gave a very small laugh. Her throat was dry, and she was feeling sick. She looked into her beautiful fuchsia eyes. She had never seen a color like that. It looked beautiful.

    "Keep your head up, and don't give up." She said as she fully stood up, swaying. She tried not to let it show how drugged her really was, even though she figured she was pretty close to what the drunk male humans look like when they come out of the taverns at night. 'By the way, I very much like your eyes." She said as she touched under her eyes, which were mostly pupil with a thin ring of Emerald green around them.
  14. "It means so much, thank you," Vin thanked her once more, and smiled ever so slightly when she complimented her eyes. On a regular basis, they were the color of fuchsia, but when her emotions changed drastically, so did her irises.

    It was a wolf thing.

    Demetri noticed Sayomi swaying as she stood, and he got up on his two feet with silent ease. "I suggest you sit down, unless you want to knock your head on a bar," he told her with edginess in his voice; as if he was commanding her. He walked over to Vin, and placed his arms around her, giving her a heart-warming hug. "I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to help you," he whispered in her ear as he hugged her close, his nose deep in her musty hair. Vin hugged him back with as much strength as she could muster. "Don't worry about it, Demetri. You've done more than anyone could imagine for us, and you have the scars to prove it," she muttered to him with a soft nod.
  15. Sayomi listened to what he had to say. She sat down, but it was only for a few minutes. She could feel herself drifting into unconsciousness. She stood once more, pacing. She was trying not to pass out. She was pretty sure that it was meant to knock her out. She wasn't sure what they were planning. If they just wanted her calm, or for something else. She looked down at herself. She was a mess. She was bruised, bleeding, and had gashes everywhere. The black leggings that she had on her had holes on the knees from her making her kneel on the hard ground. Her off the shoulder red blouse was ripped, tattered and covered in blood. She didn't even want to know what her face looked like. After all of that, she was surprised to smell that she still smelt like lilacs and vanilla.

    She went back to the bars that were closest to the male. "Hey.. Come here. I need to talk to you." She called out to him. She was going to need help if she was to escape, what better then man that wanted to help his family, and she wanted to help the children escape a terrible fate. She grabbed onto the bars as she slid down them, squinting at him. Or the wall. Her vision was going between the two of them.
  16. Demetri walked over to her, sitting back down to be close to her so she wouldn't speak loud enough for the humans to hear. They had horrible hearing, anyways...but one can never be too careful. "What can you possibly want to talk about at a time like this? You're going to pass out any minute," Demetri told her.

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  17. Sayomi let out a soft smile "I will be fine. Eventually." She said softly still, or at least what she thought as a whisper at that moment. "You want you family out of here, and I want to get out of here as soon as I can. I need your help. All of your family. I could get far, but I do not think that I will be able to get completely out of here alone. Especially if I am drugged like this." She looked into his eyes as she talked, her eyes deep into her skull. "I can get us out, all you got to do is help with the escape. I have it all worked out." It was a plan made while on drugs, and she even doubted if it was actually as good as it seemed in her head. She just waited for his response, hoping that it was what she hoped that it was.
  18. Demetri hesitated with his response, not wanting to seem eager. "How do you know it'll work? There are over ten of us, and who says they won't get us again? If you're sure they'll be safe at all times...maybe," he told her sternly. He looked back at all of them. His eight brothers and one sister: Adyn, Remy, Cloud, Lukas, Drayke, Luan, Elijah, Jayce, and Ariela. He saw all of their girlfriends/wives/boyfriend, comforting them with only a slither of hope. Dockus and his mother, and a bunch of others. Ranging from different ages, from different backgrounds...but now they were all in Demetri's pack. They all looked up to him."Tell me your plan, after you rest," he told her quietly.
  19. "I will tell you now. I might not remember when I wake." She looked at him sternly. He was going to have to listen now, or possibly never. "Plus there wouldn't be any point in resting for now. My plan is really very simple. You have plenty of people, and then there is me. I have one ally on the outside. I have picked up his scent multiple times. He is waiting for me to try something. He knows me too well." She didn't tell him that the other man was her brother. They were twins. Both turned by the same vampire. "Your people, since there is more of you then me, will be drug free. If everyone throws up now, it will get any remaining drugs out. When they bring more bread tonight, and tomorrow, you will peel off the crusts and give them to me. You guys will have to act hopeless. They will get too confident when they see me. You guys haven't tried anything, so they will pay you no hede. Tomorrow night I will get the key from the guard, unlock our cells. We will need to keep them closed until dusk. I will call him back a few minutes later, and replace the key. Then we go. Your people will mainly have to be the ones fighting I am afraid. But if we move fast enough, we will encounter very little guards." She explained it all fairly quickly. She was trying her best not to throw up.

    She stood up slowly and went to cell door, calling for the guard once more. He came almost instantly. She knew he was one of the few left, and he was lonely. "I need more water. I am not a big person! You guys put a lot of drugs on my food didn't you.." she said grasping the bars as she swayed even more. He just nodded with a smile, then left. She turned to the werewolf again "once noise is heard, my friend will be in here. He is not the nicest person. So if you are further ahead then me, you will have to give him a code word." When the guard came back, he handed the water to her and she took a large gulp, then grabbed him, and kissed him more fiercely the before, and longer. Her hand went to the keys on his side, showing how she would get the keys.

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    Demetri heard her plan and shook his head as she looked the other way. Her plan seemed too easy, he knew there would be plenty of complications. Trusting in a vampire only to be led to another vampire? Hm, something just wasn't right. Demetri sat quietly as she asked for more water. She was barely acting sane, swaying this way and that as she clung to the bars as if it was her life-support. He watched as she grabbed the keys so easily.

    Men--humans, anyway--fell so easily into their emotions. Demetri could not believe his eyes, wondering if the drugs were affecting his vision as he watched her skillfully take the keys.