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  1. I just want to go ahead and say this is what I'm straight-up bad at doing: time management. It's horrifying. It's very important for me to have good time management, though. I have college and high school classes all meshed together, and social media tears me away from everything outside in real life. I don't even exercise very often and that's not good, even if I'm skinny as a stick and my metabolism is high. So, how do you guys prioritize and handle time management?

    I'd love to try out different ways and see what works best for me! (:
  2. I am also very bad with time management but what I usually do is set a date that I say I will get it done by, and I try my hardest to get it done by then. Most of the time it works, but other times I'm working late the night before. I get it done before I say I will but it's always rushed. Maybe you can work at it better.
  3. The biggest thing is self discipline. Most time management issues come from lacking the will to get out of bed on time, work quickly, not waste time on leisure, etcetera. Having someone to hold you accountable for the things you've committed to do helps a lot!

    Some people find it helpful to schedule their day (do dishes at 7, laundry at 8, etc.) I personally don't like this because I feel I've failed if I'm not EXACTLY on time for each thing, even if they all get done regardless. I'm also not a fan of setting deadline dates, because for me it's too tempting to say "I still have lots of time!" And procrastinate. If it's something that can't be done in a day, I break it into parts. (Ie: Sunday, measure & cut fabric & elastic; Tuesday, sew hem and folds for waistband; Thursday, sew seam and waistband, insert elastic & sew closed; Saturday, wear new skirt around town!)

    Instead, I give myself a short list of things that I can reasonably accomplish in a day, and make sure they get done. I set reminders on my phone for when I'll be free, so that I don't forget and waste the time watching TV or something. The big thing for me is to not over-commit. If I take on too much, I'll never accomplish it all. So I limit my do-list by priority, and do other stuff if there's extra time. I also make sure at least one thing is relatively fun, like working on a craft project or replying to RPs

    Like I said though, it all comes back to self discipline and being realistic about what you can handle.
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  4. I lack discipline, so I trick and condition myself on a regular basis. I put my alarm somewhere I can't reach without actually getting out of bed, I go to the library to study so there's no distractions, I create routines that make me do a lot of things in succession so I don't have to push myself to pick something up multiple times a day. I try to keep my breaks short as well. I relieve stress by walking or biking from and to anywhere in between, and after all's said and done deciding a bunch of stuff, like what to eat or do at night on a whim.

    Honestly, it's easier for me to manage time when I got a lot to do than when I got very little. *stares at time spent on Iwaku while waiting for people*
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  5. I'm terrible with time management and not to mention procrastinate a lot and normally get things done a few hours before they have to be handed in which is funny cause i never do anything important int he mornings and yet leave all the work till night when i start having late night conversations with friends.
  6. Time management is a skill I do not have and I'm jealous of people who do. I enjoy playing games that involve extensive time management, however, like Five Nights at Freddy's, it helps me to improve.
  7. This is going to be cheesy.

    I tend to find that I need something more physical helps me stay focused on what I need to do that day. So I have a calendar hung up next to my bed, it's the first thing I look at in the morning.

    Then I tend to go about making a to-do list, I find that I am always more productive when I have something to scratch off. It makes me feel like I've made progress even if I haven't completed something.

    Also, dividing things up into segments works for me as I get distracted a lot anyways. So I'm always going between things, and if I'm good about remembering what the time is, I can easily go back to being productive.

    Take all of that away and I'm a mess, and nothing ever gets done.
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  8. Thinking of the potential consequences. Works for me; every time I wanna doss off and not do a piece of work I remind myself that it counts towards my degree mark, and get my ass in gear. Same with, say, being late to see a friend. Twenty minutes means less to me than potentially upsetting them, so reminding myself of the consequence works well.
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  9. This so much. my last year of college I was shit at getting stuff done and showing up on time, and it was because I was so apathetic about evertthing. Fail Econ? My English grades will cover the loss. Late for class? Someone will lend me notes. Etc etc. it was a horrible attitude that spiralled me into depression that took forever to work out of and that I'm still struggling with.

    Don't develop a lifestyle of apathy, kids, it's so destructive you have no idea.