Time Long Gone

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Time Long Gone

Welcome random reader! Today I'd like to invite you to a fantasy of mine. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable, because you might be reading for a while.

It might be because I have been watching one too many costume dramas like The Duchess, War and Peace, or even some Austen movies like Pride and Prejudice. But my craving for some good, 19th century costume drama styled roleplay has returned. So hear me out and decide for yourself if you'd like to take a part.

Time Long Gone will have loose connection to 19th century Britain; in other words, the Victorian Britain. No worries, there is no need to have an in depth knowledge about that period, just imagine the aristocracy in middle ages, close to industrial revolution and you get the rough idea. However, generally the situation goes along the lines that the society is no longer exclusively led by an elite of men. More men now have the right to vote and participate in politics and even women (if married to the powerful and willing, which is still somewhat rare) can possibly get their voice heard in the bigger arena.

About 20% of the population consists of aristocracy with middle class being distinguished by having at least one servant and then a considerable portion of the poor. But what is of interest for this roleplay is that the line between aristocracy and middle class is slowly starting to blur. There are still ongoing attempts on keeping those two separated but those are slowly failing to be effective.

Well then, what do I expect from this? Why don't you keep reading if you've come this far already.

I want this to be romance. Not the anime-like, click of fingers hearts around the head, but somewhat developing infatuation, blossoming to adoration and even further. Of course, if the characters hit it off great from the very start I am not going to go against that. It can be all inclusive (with adult content) or it doesn't have to be. That part doesn't matter much to me and it's strictly up to the comfort of whoever decides to take part. Also, I have been playing too many males recently so I am taking the female part.

What do I expect from you?

I expect quality writing. I don't need novel length posts as often times quality comes with shorter posts. But I do not want to see one line posts, unless you can make your one line exceptionally interesting. When it comes to the frequency of posting I can't demand of you much more than I could of myself. So once a week is absolutely sufficient. Life also gets in the way and I understand if you suddenly disappear as long as you come back to me eventually with a reason or a warning that you'll be gone, because at the end of the day, I will do the same for you.

So what is this going to actually be? What is the plot?

Well there are many, usual plots - arranged wedding; romance sparked at a high class evening party; romance overcoming the caste divide; outspoken woman seeking beneficial marriage (roles can be reversed). In other words, the sky is the limit to grab onto any of these and work on them together, or propose a new one that we can develop. I am open to anything.

And so you have come to the very end and I thank you for reading. Feel free to either drop me a message or reply in this thread if you are interested.
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[You've certainly piqued my interest! Please, PM me.]


This idea sounds very romantic and almost poetic. I'm interested in perhaps hatching out a plot with you, if you are still seeking a partner. Though such elegance isn't what im used to writing but I'd love the practice and to give it a shot. However if you are lookin for someone more skilled it is understandable.
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