Time Is Something Precious

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  1. Here's a little short story I just wrote up from a picture! ( Beware! Typos ahead! Sorry )


    My name was Sherman Jones. I was a junior in collegel, I did good in school, had friends and I thought. All I did was think. I mean, what is there not to gain in thinking?
    I would think about the moon and stars, the mundane activities that inhabit our life, the boring and the old, the new and the exciting, the profound and simple and all the way to the inconceivable.
    It seemed I thought too much about all the wrong things at the wrong times. I was thinking of neutron stars when I should have been calculating this parabola.
    Math homework wasn’t the best thing in the world, and besides I have many other things to do. Like call my Mom. It was her birthday today.
    I took the phone out of my pocket and began to dial her number. It’s funny how you can remember a nine digit code for almost all of your life.
    The oven alarm went off. I looked at my watch. I had been fifteen minutes late to getting the soup out.
    I ran over into the kitchen dropping the math work and my phone. I opened the oven. The soup was ruined!
    I took it out and turned off the oven with a sigh. I just need a breath right now. A breath and a drink of water.
    I looked over my kitchen. I needed to clean, I needed more hand soap, I forgot to buy food for my cat and now someones calling my phone!
    I just needed time to relax! I needed time! I have to do my taxes, go get my car, beat this video game, send a card to my friend and I had no time to do any of it.
    Then I began to think. Existence is like the Earth. There are events which are like balloons, they are made on the Earth and filled with gas. They then float up and it’s not that long before you can’t see them or grab them any more. You can only grab so many.
    I sighed and laid down. I blew up a balloon and wrote on it with a sharpie. I let the others go but I kept this one. I don’t know why, it’s not as if it’s useful or profitable in any material way.

    I kept the time to think.