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  1. The trucks wheels ran through the sand, making small bumps within as the driver kept going through the desert, the only sensible place for human kind to live away from the yellow eyed monsters called Lub-Lubs.
    It seems like a cute name yes, but long ago a little girl was bit by the monsters she named and transformed into one of them...they were black, with bubbly skin and razor sharp teeth along with claws...the little girl was the clans leader and decided to keep the name in honor of her.
    These things cannot survive in horrid conditions, no matter how much they tried...leaving the humans to run while Lub-lubs ruled most of the planet.

    The woman stopped the car in front of a bunch of tents and stands, it was a village in the sand...her home for 18 years.

    "Jodi, youve returned!"
    The woman turned to the man who said that, it was her caretaker Keith...
    The young and beautiful Jodi Carney smiled and turned away, walking to the back of her truck.

    "Have you got them?" Keith asked hesitantly, three people heard this and gathered around.
    Jodi answered by tossing each person gathered around a rolled up piece of cloth, inside were weapons modified to use salt, lub-lubs hated salt.
    The people thanked her and she just nodded.
    Suddenly a red jeep that was speeding up to them, suddenly swerved to the side, lifting a huge cloud of sand up. It was Ritchy's gang, a bunch of trigger happy teenagers that go out and hunt lub-lubs for the fun of it.
    "What the hell Ritchy?" Jodi snapped, "where were you when I needed you on this mission?"
    The young and spunky red-head crawled out and smirked at Jodi, "relax babe, we got some weapons...and three more lubs," the man then tried putting his hand on Jodis shoulder but she grabbed it in mid air and pushes it away, "im not your baby" she said.
    Ritchy threw the weapons at her gently and dragged out three lub lubs bodies and placed them on the ground,
    "One day you will change your mind,"
    Jodi rolled her eyes at the boys statement, "I seriously doubt it..."
  2. Max, a short tempered man, sat at the edge of the dune sea, where it met the ruins of an old city. Buildings and old structures withered slowly as sand overtook the city streets. He was situated atop a crooked eight story building. A bolt action rifle in his hands. The barrel rested on an old pipe, overlooking a vast cityscape of shorter buildings. He was there to hunt lub-lubs. Not for survival, but for sport.
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  3. Day became evening quickly as the young Jodi stood there on a high desert building, there was no way many people could survive...not unless they knew how to. This lub-lub thing needed to stop, nobody even knew how they got here, were they a disease? A infection?

    The young woman hated killing, especially these...things. No matter what, they were still people on the inside and that meant there could possibly be a cure for this...thing.
    Wind started blowing, causing the woman to shield her eyes slightly, it was getting late and the village needed more supplies...with that set on the woman's shoulders she climbed down, getting prepared to head into the monsters territory.
  4. Max swept the lower streets. Hollowed shells of cars sat half buried in sand. Metal mailboxes slowly rusted away. It reminded of better times. A single lub-lub wandered out into the open. It appeared to be investigating the remnants of a dead bird. Max zeroed in on his target. He didn't have salt bullets so he had to make it count. He pulled the trigger. The loud crack of the rifle was heard for a mile around. The bullet passed through the creatures neck. It fell over and twitched a little before dying. He smiled and, with a piece of chalk, he scratched a single bar onto the concrete next to him. "One down. 4 billion to go."
  5. As Jodi was getting prepared to go out on a hunt, a tall man approached her. His name was Clayton, and he had previously been a scavenger. The top half of his face was obscured by a layer of gauze that covered one of his eyes...well, eye socket. The rough white edge of a gruesome scar was visible just at the edges of the bandages, and when paired with his seemingly perpetual scowl it just made him look fierce.
    A lub-lub had taken that eye from him not too long ago, a wound which had nearly killed him. He had thought himself a dead man, but Jodi refused to let him be left behind. She dragged him out of the maw of hell and away from death, and he owed her everything for that.
    Even if some days he had wished he was dead.
    Today he was dressed unlike he had been for the past three months, in his combat gear, fatigues and vest.
    "I heard about the new weapons you got," he said as he matched his pace to walk beside her, "Rock salt shells, put a lub-lub down pretty easy."
    Clayton let the silence hang between them for a moment, anticipating what she was going to say he cut her off. He stood in front of her to stop her in her stride.
    "Look Jodi, I know you don't think so but I'm ready to get back out there. I'm healed, I can do this. You've got kids running around out there acting like mavericks, you need every scav you can get."
  6. Jodi pursed her lips, he was right of course...these teenagers had no idea what they were up against, and to rub sand in the wounded situation they were parading around as if this was a fun epidemic, egotistical idiots she thought.
    The young woman reached up to her hair that was held up by a scrunchie, she grabbed two chunks of hair in her hand, pulling them to tighten the ponytail, this was done sometimes whenever she thought about a tough situation at hand.

    Jodi never really pondered over the idea of weather or not she was beautiful, but she was. Long straight brown hair, with gorgeous blue eyes, her face was light and soft...her body athletic but not too much, leaving it attractive on every curve...she wasn't skinny but she wasn't fat either--she had the body of a soft woman and the face of fierce beauty as well as a soul of a protector.
    Many men were always attracted to her in every way, but even though she denied men, she really did want to find love...the only problem was the heartbreak that they would most likely endure due to her constant missions, thus she was dammed to a fate of loneliness, or at least she thought.

    With a deep breath she gave him a well-known serious look, as if she trusted that he was doing the right thing for himself more than her, "alright..." she said, knowing damn well of the situation and how right he was...


    A blonde haired 16 year old, attractive girl stood there in a white Victorian dress, she turned to a lub lub who spoke to her.
    "What is it master Buck..." the soft woman asked, looking slightly concerned.
    "Four of our men died today..."
    The blonde looked down, with no expression, with a wave of her hand, four more appeared in front of her..."find this human that roams in our streets and kill him...this is our territory now and such acts of violence will not be tolerated..."
    The lub lubs bowed before running away, the mere child sat down on her throne of skulls.
  7. Max picked off a second lub-lub before slinging his rifle over his shoulder, switching it out with his shotgun and packed his things. The only trace of him being there was 2 muzzle burns on the concrete. His blood ran cold. He had to make to make it out fast before they found his location. A makeshift clipboard hung from the barrel of his shotgun. It held a map. His plan was to go across town to one of his three hideouts. As he exited out onto the city streets he could hear the roars of lub-lubs beginning their hunt for him. He feared them, but he used this fear as fuel. He uncovered his motorcycle. It was a piece of shit but it ran. He climbed on and drove off. Taking turns carefully he raced across town.
  8. Cecilia was filling out paperwork at her makeshift desk in the medical tent. Her red hair tied back out of her eyes. Her patients slept quickly for once, but she knew that wouldn’t last. When you’re a doctor though you learn to appreciate the few moments of piece you can get, especially with the state the world is currently in. When the lub-lubs first appeared she had been called in by the government to try to investigate the cause and potential cure for the disease that was transforming everyday people into monsters. The problem was though getting clean tissue and blood samples. The lubs were very resistant to sedatives and even if you managed to get one sedated it would wear off too quickly. Many of her co-workers died or were infected themselves trying to get the samples they so desperately needed. Eventually the efforts were abandoned and the focus became the survival of the remains of the human race. Hence she found herself here trying to patch up people with the meager supplies she could get her hands on.

    An assistant came up to her and told her that Clayton was speaking with Jodi. All she did was nod. She felt slightly guilty patching people up and having them insist on going back into the fight even if their injuries would hinder them. Cecilia knew she couldn’t stop them though. All she could do was tell them the increased risk they faced and let them decide for themselves. For instance, Clayton’s missing eye would cause him to have less depth perception. This wasn’t too bad though, considering some of the other injuries people had. It was only under other’s protection had she been able to survive so far. Who was she to tell someone they shouldn't go and protect their own kind?
  9. Clayton allowed himself a crooked smile, something he hadn't done in too long.
    "Thanks Jodi," he said softly. He knew how much she was putting on the line by letting him go back out. With his injury, many people believed he would be a liability to future scav missions, but they were forgetting that back when he had two eyes he had been one of the best. Clayton was determined to prove them all wrong and reassert himself.
    He had never held any romantic feelings for Jodi, only respect and admiration. Anyone who knew how to take care of not only themselves but also the people around them was deserving of no less. He trusted her completely, as she had once done in return. Ever since that one accident though.
    Two scavs died trying to get Clayton out; damn good men. Their loss sat heavily upon Clayton's shoulders. If he didn't start making himself useful again then that guilt would never leave him again and he would never regain Jodi's trust. Cecilia, the good doctor, had tried too many times to convince Clayton that it wasn't his fault, that it was dangerous out there and that death on a mission was always a matter of when, but the stubborn prick wasn't having it. She had other patients who needed more care than he did, no point placing more burden on her or her staff.

    Clayton took off towards the trucks, immediately back into the swing of things. He went through the motions like it was second nature.
    "Hey," he said to one of the teenagers, part of Ritchy's crew, "You want that pack to fall off? Hitch it properly." He had little patience for Ritchy and his whelps. If it were up to Clayton he'd have them stay behind and help out with repairs and maintenance. Clayton himself had done a lot of it when he was able to walk around without a medic escorting him. It kept him in shape and did a little to repair his standing with the family's of those who had died. Cecilia would always remind him that they bore him no ill at all, that they understood, but Clayton couldn't shake the feeling.
    He grew tired of watching the kid trying to fix his lousy job of preparing the truck for the outing and waved him away from it.
    "Here, watch," he said gruffly as he took over, "You're using the wrong knots for a start and your bag isn't even secured."
  10. "Agent Jodi?"
    "Thats right sir,"
    The government official was given a photo and his eyes just widened, he then leaned over the counter that he was sitting in front of and said, "computer! Look up Subject Ellie299" the center of the round table turned a light blue color before a hologram of a naked woman appeared...it was Jodi...
    "I cant believe it! Shes alive! All that work and sacrifice..." The man looked so relieved and happy, just staring at the hologram as if any minute now it would come alive.
    What everyone didnt know, well except the scientists that created her was that she was made to be a killing machine! Born in a science lab and continually experimented on, she had escaped 13 years ago, when she was only 7 years old.
    In a place like this, it was impossible to escape at such a young age...especially by herself, but she did and that secret was all hers, she never told a soul and the result? Constant nightmares of her experimentations...

    Jody was gearing the jeep up, carrying things twice the size of her own body and twice as heavy...this wasn't a one person job but she was the only one who preformed such actions on a daily basis.
  11. Pheobe laughed as she watched her friend attempt to fix his pack and had to have Clayton help him.
    "Dude, you are such a whimp. Can't even fix your own pack." She said, pulling up her leg so she could tie her combat boots. She ran a brush quickly through her short hair, which was partially shaved (like this). She rarely had time to look good, so she debated on shaving it all, but her mom had a fit when she found her daughter shaving her head. She had only just started too. So her mom Fixed it. That had been a few years ago, and since then, both her parents was taken by the lublubs. She kept her style like that since then. She had a younger brother who was too young to do much anything to help around cam other than delivering from one tent to another.
    Pheobe made sure her pack was secure so she wouldn't be needing assistance too. When Clayton finished with the kid, she gave him a fist bump. "Welcome back bud." She said with a slight smirk. She liked to keep her relationships with everyone mutual or friend. Enemies weren't something she needed to worry about. She kept up with the latest news in camp, keeping an eye out for things to be happy about in dark times. Clayton' s return was something like that.
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  12. Government officials spent most of their lives in the dessert as well, completely underground.
    Recently they have been trying to make more human-like experiments but they have been failing...the only way to make more of the person just like Jodi is to make clones of her and run them through some life threatening tests...so far all of them have failed, they needed to find this experiment and fast...before her DNA is tainted.

    The jeep was almost ready, but just as she was gathering some tools to check the car, there was a loud ear-shattering scream.
    "Get off me! Get the hell off me!" A girl shouted, Jodi turned to see Jenna, a 14 year old hunter in training, the only thing she had on her was a knife on her, and that did nothing.
    The young girl kicked the lub lub back but just as she was grabbing at her gun the lub lub was shot in the head.
    Jenna scooted back, still on the ground as the creature fell. The young woman screamed again when Jodi grabbed her arm, the one which was swinging the knife around.
    "Did you get bit?" Jodi asked, Jenna shook her head.
    The woman walked away and Jenna sat there, staring at the black bubbly creature as she made sure her long sleeves were rolled down.
  13. Pheobe was startled by the sudden appearance of the lub lub. "Geez those things are everywhere." She said, hopping through the window of the vehicle. She jogged up to Jenna. "Hey, you okay?" She said, offering her hand out to help her out. She smiled at her, one that was friendly and reassuring.
  14. Hearing the commotion and gun fire Cecilia grabbed her bag full of essential supplies and ran out of the tent. The assistants disliked her choosing to go out when there was danger given that she was training most of the young medics, one of which would hopefully be able to take over her position if she was no longer capable. It seemed that the lub-lub had been subdued quickly, but still even in a short time frame a person could be bitten. She went up to Jenna looking at the dead creature. Salt ruined any chance of getting a clean sample from the beast. The salt caused degeneration of the DNA and would spread quickly in the body due to the rapid heartbeat of the lub-lubs. Since salt was the most effective way to kill them it was near impossible to find one that had been killed through other means.

    “Let’s have a look at you just to be sure everything is okay,” she smiled gently at the young girl and Pheobe. The adrenaline pumping through her body Jenna may not realize the presence of a wound or bite. That is why Cecilia always insisted that anyone coming back from any sort of fighting get looked over by herself or a medic. Finding only a few scraps probably caused by Jenna falling, Cecilia simply cleaned the cuts, with Pheobe's help they got Jenna standing again. She went walked over to the jeep, “You all have the first aid supplies right? It is helpful if someone who is wounded doesn’t bleed out on their way back. It makes my job a little easier.”

    Even though Cecilia had been part of the government’s experiments she did not know all. She had a high security clearance, but not the top clearance that would have allowed her to know everything. The division she had been part of was disbanded when more doctors were needed on the surface, and they had not been able to produce promising results. She had argued with officials that they were making a mistake. The only reason they had not made more progress was due to salt tainted samples. It still angered her knowing that so many people could be saved if she had been allowed to continue her work. Cecilia had heard whispers of experiments done on humans. She remembers a strange file being sent to her, but as soon as she had opened it she was grabbed away from her computer by a security officer. She had only caught the glimpse of a name ‘Ellie’. After that her lab division was disbanded.
  15. "Thanks..." Jenna whispered as the nurse was cleaning her wound, almost having a mimi heart attack when she grabbed her arm, not because she was forceful in any way but because of different reasons.
    The girl blushed, completely embarassed when the two came and helped her up, when you take a step back and look at it they were being nice but not when your a 14 year old pre-teen.
    Jodi finished hauling the rest of the things up, she didnt want anyone elses life in danger...and so many people want to come along, espescially Jenna, who wanted to learn how to fight like her.
    Without looking at Cecilia she ran to her room, an old apartment room...number 203, next to hers was Jodi's number 204.
    Closing the door behind her she slid against the door and started panicking, tears ran down her cheeks as she pulled her right arm up, pulling the dirty sleeve up, a black bubbling mark surrounded teeth marks running along her arm...she had been bit, and within two hours, she would become a lub lub.

    Deciding that the hunt for more goods would be easier early in the morning, the trip was posponed, leaving people to help set up the borders and take breaks for the evening.

    Flashes of light, screams of a woman, blood then...Jenna, smiling in the distance...as a sandstorm blew in front of her, making it hard to see her...some girl with a victorian dress.
    Jodi woke up at 4 in the morning screaming as she removed the blanket, she was in her room...everything seemed silent.
    Getting up quickly, she changed into a pair of shirt and jeans before walking out and knocking on Jennas door.

    The wind started picking up, a storm was coming...blowing small pieces of wood away, Jodi turned the knob to see Jenna sleeping in her bed, farther away.
    Walking over towards her, she pulled out a salt gun, hoping there were no intruders.
    First was the livingroom, then bedroom, then kitchen...but there was nothing.
    Deciding her dream must of given her a false warning she was about to step out but as she passed Jenna, she heard a faint whisper and turned to her.
    "Jenna," she whispered, secretly wondering what her dreams were trying to tell her...after all this was the first time in years where she has dreamed of something other than babies in tubes.
    "Shit," she thought and fearing the worst she started checking Jennas exposed parts of her body, tiliting her head and looking at her feet until she grabbed the girls right arm...the one with the sleeve pulled out.
    There it was...the bite...Jodis arm started to shake as she was still holding on.
    The girl slowly looked up and gasped shen she saw Jodi holding her arm, sitting up she said "Jodi! Its not what you think!"

    Jodi pulled the gun to her forehead and cocked it but Jenna showed her the bitten arm again, "ive been bitten for 5 hours! Five! Not two! Please! You have to believe me!" Jenna begged.
    The gun was still against Jennas head, a single trickle of sweat ran down her forhead as she bit her lower lip...she pondered a moment, wondering what to do...Jenna never lied, but people will do anything to not get killed on the spot.
  16. Clayton amiably returned Phoebe's fist bump, "It's good to be back."
    Clayton and Phoebe had always gotten along well, and he been on numerous supply runs together in the past. She was one of the more capable younger people and although she let it go to her head sometimes, she was dependable.
    The happy reunion was halted suddenly by a scream and the sound of a gun.
    Clayton's hand instinctively went for his hip holster, wherein his .44 lay. He kept a pouch of salt rounds and regular full metal rounds for it. Let's just say lub-lubs weren't the only threat around.

    He observed as things seemed to quiet down, the young girl involved in all of this - Jenna - took off like a bat out of hell. She was obviously rattled by the experience. How on earth was she meant to foresee what was supposed to know that one of the three lub-lubs Ritchy and his merry band of morons brought in would suddenly and miraculously spring to life?
    Clayton drew his weapon and put a round into each of the remaining two lubs heads. One near miss was enough for one day.
    He made a mental note to have a little chat with Ritchy next time they crossed paths. Dumb little shit had nearly gotten someone killed.

    Suffice it to say, the trip had been postponed. The day of loading trucks and jeeps however had caused a hell of a sweat, and Clayton remembered just he overdue he was to have his bandages changed.
    It was early evening, just reaching dusk when he went to the doctor's quarters.
    He didn't like people seeing his scars, but in Cecilia's case it was kind of necessary.
    He saw Cecilia was dutifully typing away at her computer (one of the few pieces of real technology left). Clayton cleared his throat gently and spoke up, "Hey doctor...I hope I haven't come at a bad time. Just wanted to see if I could get my bandages changed before I hit the hay."
  17. Jodi walked Jenna towards the shed as people followed her, arguing.
    "Shes bitten! What the hell! Why arent we killing her!" One said as other shouted in agreement.
    "I had to kill my child because she got bitten! She turned on us! She will too! Here I will do it myself!"
    The man cocked his shotgun but Jodi walked in front of Jenna, "this child claims that she has been bitten 5 hours ago! If she isnt lying then we have the blood of the innocent on our hands! Is this what you want!"
    Everyone murmured to each other, the guy shook his head, "you idiot! Shes obviously lying! Let me have at her!"
    The man aimed the gun but the young woman pushed it and a shot went up in the air, making a loud sound.
    "Nobody is going to die unless we absolutely have to understand! I will not kill anybody unless they turn first!"
    It wasnt easy to loose your humanity, but you needed to do what you had to in order to protect the people around you...more than anything Jodi understood that but everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
    "We lock her up for a full day in the shed, if she dosent turn then shes not infected..."
    As the young warrior opened the shed the terrified girl walked in. People were shaking their head in disapproval as each one walked away.
    Jodi grabbed a red gasoline tank and hose as she walked to the jeep...as everyone started talking to friends she realized she didnt have any friends, she was always mostly quiet and protective of everyone...like a shepard watching her sheep, no...like a mother watching kids--she cared about each individual.
  18. Cecilia was typing up the last updates to patient records when Clayton came for his bandage change. She replied, “It’s not bad timing at all. I just finished this, and it has been surprisingly quiet in here today. Everyone seems to be behaving themselves medically. Of course, that changes very quickly, so I have to enjoy it while I can.” Getting up she lead him back into an exam room and took out fresh cotton gauze and bandage wraps. Using a pair of scissors she cut the old bandage off and gently removed it. She asked him, “Is it causing you any pain? Don’t lie to me, I won’t tell anyone if it is. I just want to make sure there aren’t any signs of infection.” Warriors always wanted to act tough and pretend that they didn’t feel any pain, but sometimes that meant later they ended back with her in a bed on intense antibiotics. To Cecilia the surgery had gone well to save what tissue she could save, even though he had lost an eye. The scar was a nice pink color, not the angry red or hot to the touch that would indicate an infection. She laid a piece of gauze over the scar and secured it in place with a fresh bandage.

    “Soon you won’t need to wear the bandage. The only reason I want you to leave it on for a short while longer is to prevent sun damage or debris from getting on it. The new skin will be more sensitive, but that should go away with time,” she told him. Yelling outside penetrated the building due to its thin walls. Cecilia couldn’t make out the words at first it, but she heard Jodi say that a child was bitten five hours ago and was still human. Roughly five hours ago she had looked over Jenna, but had not found a bite. It couldn’t possibly be her. It didn’t matter who it was. If someone was alive after five hours Cecilia needed to see them and run tests. Five hours was enough time for the body start putting up resistance to the disease that she might be able to detect. Even if they turned later, which she hoped wouldn’t happen for the sake of the child, she could still get valuable information. “I’m sorry to run out on you Clayton, but this may be time sensitive.”

    Cecilia grabbed a small kit that was for blood samples. She pushed through the confused and angry crowd. It might not be the disease that gets the child if this crowd gets out of control, she thought to herself. “Jodi please let me exam the child. I can do it in the shed if you will allow. Perhaps I can help put some people at ease.” This could be the break that they needed to find a way to either cure or vaccinate people against this disease.
  19. Pheobe was watching the confused scene up from the top of a small house. She was sure the incident had happened five... or more hours ago. She wanted to jump in to defend Jenna, but her voice wasn't really well responded in the community. She was a very independent spirit and she was pretty young. She was glad on their shed decision though. Pheobe would visit her, probably bring some sort of treat like a marshmallow or chocolate. Something sweet and rare. That's what she would want someone to bring to her In that situation. And the girl needed to know that there was people who cared.

    She jumped down when Cecilia ran through the crowd, and Pheobe started running to her house. Room 436. She had wanted a top floor room, but she never really get what she had wanted. Besides, most rooms up there were trashed. She reached her room and started stuffing supplies, a blanket, a pillow, a brush, food (2 Apples, a few pieces of bread, cheese, a few pieces of meat, and some candies), and she left room for a book and a deck of cards, which she would get in Jennas room so she wouldn't be bored. She ran down to the 200's and sprinted to Jenna' s room, grabbing a book that looked half read and a deck of cards which looked pretty old. She stuffed them into her bag, then went out of the building, to wait near the shed until it was really dark.
  20. Jodi nodded and held Ceilias shoulders, "your one of the most brilliant doctors we have...please take this and be very careful..." The woman handed the doctor a pistol, she then turned to the crowd, "do not enter this shed at all times! We must wait this out and see if shes infected!"
    It wasnt Jennas blood that was part of the cure, the disease spreads to your brain, causing you to become mentally ill before you turn...however right where the poison should have infected Jenna's brain stopped due to a small, harmless tumor in her brain, blocking the pathway for the poison to turn her.