time in the cemetery



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As i sit here and write I feel a shadow. I do not know who the shadow belongs to, but never the less a shadow. But I still write, and will continue to write until I'm finished writing what I have to write. I write about what I'm feeling, about what has happened in the last few centuries, about what happened that day. I write whatever come to mind at the time it comes to mind. I love to write, and more than that, I love to write in the cemetery. It's quiet there and I feel like I'm with all the people who I have known in the centuries I have been alive, and that makes me feel good. And because my best friend is buried there, her name was Gaby. She died about 10 years ago and she was the only one to ever read my journals, she has read them all, even the one I'm writing in now. And i feel like when i sit here and write she can read what i am writing so she will always have read every journal entry. She was my only friend here. And she knew what i am, and she wanted me to change her, but I wouldn't because i wanted her to go onto heaven. Be with god and her family. She kept on asking but I would just keep saying no. And i don't regret it one bit.
As I keep writing I keep feeling the shadow its watching my every move my every pen stroke.So, finally i say "Show yourself. If you're not coward enough to watch me then you must not be coward enough to show yourself."
Kierra was walking by the cemetery when she heard that voice. It made her jump at least a foot in the air.She'd taken this same route home from work dozens of times and had never seen or heard of anyone being in the cemetery. She had only intended to get home after a long, tiring day, and now this person was trying to say she was spying on them? Jeez some people were just too paranoid for their own good. "I'm only trying to get home...I use this short cut every night, and I've never seen you before." She replied, before continuing on her way, hoping to not attract any trouble.