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  1. I guess this is where I am putting what I'm willing to do and what I'm not willing to do, right?

    Well, first, a little about me.

    1. My name is Jezzyboo. Call me it, or Jezzy.
    2. I am an 18 year old female.
    3. I love romance, suspense, and drama.
    4. AND; I also like doing rps based off of movies I know fairly well.
    Now that is done, let's move on to my do's and don'ts.

    • I play females and males. I prefer females but will play males if I really have to.
    • I like to post a lot but sometimes I just... Can't.
    • Okay, I don't do yuri or yoai. Only straight <3
    • No nekos.
    My rules, if you want me to play a guy we either have to double up or we have to do two separate rps where one rp I am a guy and the other I am a female. :)
    Hit me up if you're interested. :)

    Oh I forgot my interests.

    1. Bad boy x Good girl.
    2. Bad girl x Good boy.
    3. Step-brother x Step-sister.
    4. Best friends.
    5. Worst enemies.
    6. Student x teacher.
    7. Nerdy girl x popular guy (I got a plot for this one)
  2. *poke* Remember me?
  3. How could I forget you? :P Only person Kagome was in love with who rejected her flat on. xD
  4. Haaha, that wasn't his fault.....ok maybe it was.
  5. It was all his fault, :P
  6. Well, on another front, I did do a major overhaul to him.
  7. Well... Kagome's mad at him xDDD
  8. Hell, I can understand that. Soo, my idea for a reunion/truth spilling rp between the two wouldn't work?
  9. Lol he might get bitch slapped xD But yeah I could do that :P
  10. Ok. And besides, he deserves it.
  11. Yup, so who starts? :)
  12. Laides first. :p
  13. Age before beauty? XD Alright I'll go first, hold on.
  14. Allright. The page took a crap on me for a while there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.