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  1. Alrighty. Time to write a new one.

    Slap down the introduction here and all that.

    So, to the main course, as we all want. Two things first. I RP over messenger. Such as Skype, AIM and YIM. If I had to pick, Skype all the way. And for note, I'm not going to download anything else or go on a chat site. Why? I can be a forgetful person. And I will be a forgetful person. At the absolute very least, I always have Skype open.

    Anyways, second point. I play anthros/furries. Like my picture. Now, this does not mean you have to. You can play anything you want, more or less. It simply means any character I play will be an anthro.

    That aside, RPing bits. We'll start with post length. Paragraph or so, as quick-fire messenger makes it a whole lot easier. Obviously there'll be times posts are longer, ain't no problem with that.
    Content. I play males, I much prefer male x female pairings. Want male x male? Gonna have to ask in PM, as I may not always be willing. That being said, I play top in MxM, and favour smaller males when it comes to it.
    Also note, I am more than happy to stop the RP if your character is cookie cutter. Not that they need to fart coffee and walk on their hands, but the blushing, bashful, shy thing gets real old, real fast.

    Last thing, I think. Ideas. I enjoy smut. You should too. Smut's fun, and I've no problem doing an RP on it. In fact, it's fun. Want to play a twink who spends 90% or his waking time getting stuffed? Great. Let's do it. It all goes.
    As for ideas themselves, I won't be listing anything. Cravings and thoughts can change daily or even hourly. Go ahead and ask if I have anything in mind. If so, I'll happily tell. I'll ask you, too. There's two of us, after all. Best to brainstorm something we both want.

    Now I do believe that's all. So, recap. IM, anthros, smut. All covered. Hope for some PM's.
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  2. Still looking.
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  6. Annnnnnnnnnd lookin'.
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  8. Doin' some looking.
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  11. .....yo if you want we could rp again?
  12. Looking again
  13. I really needed to share that this made me laugh so, so hard.

    Thank you, I needed that. :D

    Good luck in your search!
  14. Humor is always good.

    And thank ya~
  15. Annnnd looking time
  16. And looking today
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