Time for a New Calendar!

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  1. Once upon a time, every year Diana would get a KITTENS CALENDAR! And then when Gibs and Diana moved in together, he said NO MORE KITTENS CALENDARS. T_____T

    SO NOW Every year it is a Diana tradition to pick out a super cool super awesome calendar. I take a lot of time and put a lot of thought in to picking out the perfect calendar! Anything neat that doesn't have kittens on it. >>; Since it's something I have to look at every other day, I make sure it's some I really love.

    Some calendars of the past:

    Stars and Galaxies: It was the first non-kitten calendar I bought! Who doesn't love space?
    Pride and Prejudice Zombies: I enjoy Pride and Prejudice and Gibs loves Zombie, perfect mix!
    Apocalypse 2012: Because I thought it was hilarious to have an end of the world calendar. 8D
    Inspirational Muse Art: This year I needed something inspiring and uplifting!

    This year I think I am going with the Astrology Calendar!

    But I really LOVED the All My Friends are Dead, I could Pee on This, and the Hot Guys with Baby Animals calendars!

    Do you buy a calendar every year? What kind of calendars do YOU get!
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  2. Every year my mom gets a Moon calendar from me, with all the phases of the moon on the days, which is glow in the dark. It goes in her kitchen. It all started many years ago when I bought one for myself and she promply stold it.
  3. I have a planner that I use (kinda) for my daily/weekly routines.

    But I suddenly have a desire to purchase the hot guys and baby animals calendar. Indeed, a STRONG AND SUDDEN desire.
  4. It's been a long time since I bought a calendar. Last one I got was a The Far Side calendar. 354 days of The Far Side -- a comic for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

    Now, I just use my phone.
  5. My Mom usually buys me a Happy Bunny calendar every year for Xmas. (Yep, they still exist. Happy Bunny isn't all the way dead yet.) Sadly, she hasn't mailed me my gifts... So I'll probably end up buying my own and I'll hang hers up in a different part of the house. >>;

    Mostly, I get cupcake themed ones for myself. Or something nerdy. I don't use my calendars as much as I use my planners, though. I need planners with a plain cover that I can decorate with stickers, and have pages with tons of organizational tools. Calendars don't have enough space for me to write in everything.
  6. Past Calanders

    Marvel Super Heroes - 2012
    Japanese Smui-E Ink - 2013
    DmC Promotional Calander - 2013
    Sharknado! - 2014
  7. I have a kittens calendar for 2013; for 2014 I might get ducklings or polar bear cubs or something else cute