Time For a Fresh Start

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  1. Greg never had a bad life. He come from a loving family that was rather well off, got along with nearly everyone throughout school, and even managed to find a decent job right out of highschool. Although what many pictured to be a perfect life, Greg couldn't shake the feeling of a severe depression. Even when surrounded by friends and family, he felt alone as if nobody truly understood him.

    Greg simply could not take it anymore. The feeling was driving him nuts, and he knew that if he didn't leave for a fresh start, he would soon give into the urge of suicide. So after packing together all he would need, he abandons his old life and heads straight across the country.

    After a full 36 hours of driving with minimal stops, he happens upon a town he decides looks decent enough to check out for a few days to get a feel of a whole new community.

    Once finding a cheap motel to crash for the time being, he sets off in order to find a simple job just to cover any expenses that come his way. After stumbling upon a coffee shop, he makes inside in search of an application.
  2. "Coming! Just give me a few seconds!" Liliana yelled from the back of the shop, as soon as she heard the doorbell ring, announcing an incoming customer. Dusting the flour off her hands with her apron, she quickly took it off and went to greet whoever came inside. "Good Morning, welcome to Lilibeth's Coffee Shop. My name is Liliana. What can I get for you, sir?" Her voice was cheerful but at the same time, it held a tone of curiosity in it and it could also be seen in her deep, green eyes. Liliana knew mostly everyone in town, but the young man standing across the counter didn't seem familiar. 'Hm? Is he new in town?' She wondered, however not wanting to be rude and stare at him, she decided to wipe the counter while he replied to her question.
  3. A soft, bright smile spreads across his face as he sees the woman come from out back. "Morning, I was actually wondering if you're hiring." Admiring her green eyes before they look down at the counter she begins to wipe. "Also, can I get...hmm..." Eyes glancing up to the menu that hangs above the counter. "Know what, why don't you make me what you would usually have for yourself." Placing my hands up on the counter as I look around, taking notice that there's nobody else in the shop at the time. "Is it always this slow? Or did I just beat the rush?" Offering up yet another smile as I watch her work, still wondering in my own mind if this is a town I'll find myself staying put in.
  4. She quickly got to work on his order, though a smile appeared on her face at his last questions. "To be completely honest, the shop isn't supposed to be open 'till 11am. At least that was the time my grandmother use to open it, so people usually start coming around that time. In other words, you are the first person in town to come to my shop this early, but I don't mind. Besides is the first day that I open so early and it also the first time I have to run the shop on my own." Placing a small plate with an apple turnover and cup of steamed milk with honey in front of him, Liliana gives the young man a smile as she drags a lock of her black hair behind her ear. "Which brings me to that first question of yours... I was going to place a Help Wanted sign today, but since you are here now, maybe I don't need to. Have you worked in a coffee shop before?"
  5. "Well gee, seems like I picked the right day to stop in..." Glancing down at the turnover and milk you place before me, reaching into my back pocket for my wallet. Although I'm not a fan of milk, I would hate to seem rude, taking a sip and smiles as I focus on the taste of honey. "Nope, never have, but I always was an extremely fast learner." Giving a confident smirk as my eyes gaze into her own once more, finding myself a little drawn to them. I then take my plate and cup and set them down on a nearby table. "Well seeing as its only you and I, how about you join me? You can tell me everything I would need to know."
  6. Glancing around as if to make sure there were no customers in sight, she nodded at his offer. "Sure, I guess it won't hurt to eat something before it gets busy." She made another cup of steamed milk, grabbed a turnover for herself and made her toward the table his was sitting. "Well, I think your job's going to be fairly easy since I do most of the baking. However, you would need to learn how do most of the drinks and also, how to handle the register. You'll be handling the customer while I prepare the food in the back, though, in the weekends we could take some time to have you learn some of the recipes, when it's not busy of course. What do you think?" Looking at him, she gave him a smile while she took some sips of her milk enjoying the taste of honey in it. However, a small gasp of realization escaped her lips. "I'm sorry but I don't think I caught your name earlier..." Though, she didn't think he said it anyways.
  7. Slaps his own forehead and shakes his head, "Sometimes you forget the most basic things...I'm Greg, and you are?" Extending my hand out to shake yours with an excited smile as it seems I found myself a job. "I should say something though..I don't really know how long I will be in town, so I don't want you to be under the impression I will be staying. I can't say for certain about any time frame I'm looking at...I could end up staying, but I think you deserve a heads up at least."
  8. Smiling, she takes his hand and shakes it. "Nice to meet you Greg. My name is Liliana and don't worry about time frame. I'm used to people coming and going. There was this time when my grandmother hired this two students that were here for just two weeks, so it's not an issue. Though,if you leave, it would be difficult since I would have to run the shop alone 'till I find a replacement, since my grandmother is not here anymore; but I guess I could handle it." Still smiling, though her smile had a hint of sadness to it, she finished her pastry and took a few more sips of her warm milk. "Anyways, when would you be ready to start?"
  9. "Well...it's not like I have anywhere to be necessarily. I could at least stay until you find someone else to take my place." Her skin soft to the touch as he shakes her hand. Taking note of that hint of sadness in her rather cheerful expression. "After all, I was never one to turn down someone in a time of need. I would absolutely hate if you lost your grandmother's shop Liliana." Smiling as her name rolls off his tongue, finding it a rather cute and exotic name, making him all the more curious about his new employer. He manages to finish the milk without showing too much disdain for it, and happily eats the turnover. "Mmm, maybe I won't want to wait to learn the recipe for this." A coy little smile spreads across his face, suggesting his comment is more than mere brown-nosery.
  10. "Well, if you wan't you can start today. I would be lying if I said I wouldn't need some help later." Smiling, she started picking up their plates and cups and started heading to the back of the shop. Quickly putting the dishes in the sink, she quickly went back to the counter. "What do you say?" The smell of pastries filled the air inside the shop and she gasped, remembering the apple pies in the oven. "Excuse me a minute..." Leaving Greg at the counter, she quickly went to the back, though he could very much follow her, and grabbed her oven mittens and took the pies out of the oven. 'Thank God they are not burned.'
  11. He makes his way behind the counter and follows her through the back door. "I'd be more than happy to lend a hand. Just tell me what you need me to do." The scent of hot apple pie hitting his nostrils, reminding him of home, but he is able to quickly shrug it off. "Need a hand with those?" He asks, eager to get his mind focused on something else.
  12. Smiling, she nodded her head at him. "That would be great. There is another pair of oven mittens on the hanger behind you. When you finished putting them on, take the other tray of pies and follow me." Once he was finished putting the mittens on, she waited for him to pick up the tray and she started walking towards the counter behind her. "We have to let them cool for a few minutes and then we have to cut them up and place them in their boxes and then we take them to the front for customer to see." Once, she finished showing him were to put them, she looked at him and gasped, thinking how bossy she must sound to him. "I'm sorry, I guess I feel like you are part of the business now." Chuckling nervously, she gave him an apologetic smile.
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