Time Burton's 9

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  1. Good movie, bad ending.

    Title character is basically Frodo with a dead Sam early on. Ho-yay ahoy!

  2. Hmmm...Conceptually the movie was amazing. The idea of the future, the tiny homunculi/soul puppet idea was excellent.

    But the plot holes made my head hurt.

    Why did they only need five of the nine to remake life? Would that then make the other four a back up plan?

    I was under the assumption that the machine needed to absorb all the little things in order to gain what it was missing...a soul.

    Is there any correlation with the pieces of soul and different aspects of personality?

    Nine was rather gung ho for a dude waking up in a mysterious world of super danger


    I loved 8's addiction to magnetism.

    1 never explained what it was he knew.

    That is all.
  3. hmm...... it is not yet released where I am but I'm dying to see it. Maybe the DVD release will fill in on the plot holes...?