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  1. Timber Falls a quiet town nestled in Washington State however the High School has experienced some other worldly problems. Voices,Noises,and random acts of violence between students have plagued the school for over a month now. Nobody knows what is happening but rumors have been flying about ghosts and demons are to blame for the violence. Normal students would dismiss this as just plain stupid but how so right were the so called dumb theory's...
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    Ledger entered the Timber High entrance and was greeted to the Cafeteria where most of the students were gathered to wait for the bell to ring. Ledger was the "new" student from Ohio who recently moved to Timber Falls but really was much more than that. He was a hunter of the paranormal crossed to our realm to wreck havoc on mortal beings. Ledger was chosen for the mission because of his young look and experience in these kind of environments. His mission was to kill the things that inhabit the school and get out of there by Friday. He had few weapons on him only carrying two BlessedDaggers and a knife in his backpack. "Well,lets find these Demons." He said to himself and walked into the crowd of students.
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  2. Ethan watched as the new kid entered the cafeteria. He was alone at a table pushing around his peas. He hated peas. They reminded him of home; something else he hated. As he watched the new kid, Ethan could sense something on him. The new kid was different, strange like him. A smile appeared on Ethan's face as he put his head down to watch the peas as they were impaled by his fork.

    Ethan was known as the 'weirdo' in school. He talked to himself a lot and had strange habits like rocking back and forth in his seat. What many people didn't know was that he could see and sense the paranormal, things that came from the other side. Ethan knew that he wasn't the only one who could see the things he could, but he never knew anyone other than himself. Supposedly his father was a hunter, but he died when Ethan was still young. Now Ethan was a foster child, classified as a 4...a problem child. Although he had found a relatively stable home, it'd probably be another month or so before the family gave up on him all together.
  3. Jessica sat at a table in the corner of the lunchroom. She was your typical "goth girl". She use to be one of the social blonde haired girls that flirted every time she spoke up until this year. Something happened to her over the summer and she changed out of the blue. She dyed her natural blonde hair black with purple highlights, she burned all her colorful clothes and bought a whole new wardrob of black and band tees, and always wore all sorts of thick bracelets and black boots. People tried to ask why she changed, but she never replied.

    You see, she use to be a identical twin. Everyone knew about the other twin, Allie, since they were identical. They did anything and everything together but over the summer the other twin "left" as her parents told people. Growing up in one of the richer families, Jessica and Allie had to make sure they kept up apperances. They had to make sure whey time they left the house they weren't going to do anything that would compromise there families image. And the girls were fairly good at that, mostly to keep under their parents radar and go to any late night party without them knowing.

    But since her sister left, Jessica hasn't been the same. She acted out, throughing fits and getting detention almost every week.

    Jessica proped her feet up on the table and turned up the volume of whatever screaming music she was listening to at the time. She glanced over to the new kid who walked into the cafeteria, watching him a moment. He seemed odd. Her gaze flicked away and focused on an area beside her as if she saw something. Jessica gave a small smile and quickly looked away out the window.
  4. Tyler, referred to as Ty, was pretty much known as a gamer. However, he still had friends. About as many as an average guy. However not "cool" enough to havea girlfriend or anything. Recently he had been paying less attention to games and more to the occurences. Today was the first day back, and he had his handheld(fully charged), charger, and cartridges. He also sold old games in his free time, but his free time was now pure investigation. He wore a white jacket, and a purple tee with a power symbol on it. He wore normal jeans and some old Converse. Ty was a quite persisttant man. And reckless too. But that'll be more obvious later.

    Walking into the building he looked around and saw old and new faces. But what caught his eye was Jessica. She was completely different. He walked over, and to confirm it was her he asked "Hey...Jessica? Is that you?" He bent down and looked at her face.
  5. Jessica snapped her attention away from the nothing she was smiling at and over to Ty. She didnt catch what he said, but she assumed it was a question from the look on his face. Pulling her phone out her pocket, she paused her music and pulled out her esrbud. "Uh, hey Ty. Did you say something?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

    As she awaited a answer, her gaze moved past him over his shoulder. She was watching something again. But before she allowed him time to notice, her gaze snapped back to Ty. She recognized him from last year. He was nice. She spoke to him a few times since they wer
  6. "I just asked if you were Jessica, thats all. And I guess you are." He stood back up straight and put his hand in his pocket. "You really changed over the summer. Did something cool happen?" He was smiling, genuinely interested. He pulled over a chair and sat.
  7. She blinked in slight surprised at him. She didn't quite understand. They hadn't been close, but he was quite interested it appeared. She quickly tried to think up a clever lie to tell him, but it also hurt her slightly to lie to someone nice. "Uh. Yeah. Went to a nightclub and met some pretty chill people." She lied, but quickly changed the subject. "What about you? Anything cool happen to you over the summer?"
  8. Ledger walked in wearing a red hoodie with blue jeans and some white converse. He noticed something near the back of the cafeteria and proceeded to investigate. As he walked over Ledger noticed all the different types of people in the school Nerds,Jocks,Emos,Preps,and the regular joes. "Its been awhile since I have been to a school." He said to himself and crossed paths with two figures talking about summer.
  9. His smile disappated into a frown. He saw right through the lie. "You aren't very good at lying." He tilted his head to the right. "Changing the subject. I guess I'll go along with it. No, not really. Same ol same
    ol. Although I did get a huge score on Warriors of the Wind! 20 bucks!" He was beginning to ramble. He went on for a minute before stopping and said, "Whatcha listenin to?"
  10. Jessica flinched when he saw through her lie. As he spoke she glances to the new student, then her gaze flicked to something else and she made a small gesture with her hand as if to wave something away and looked back at Ty when he asked her a question. "Oh. I dunno, I've just left my music on shuffle." She looks down at her phone, reading the band name. "Ah. It's Falling In Reverse." She looked back at Ty. "Ever heard of them?"
  11. "Never. Is it like...metal or something?" Ty was a very observative guy. He made sure to keep tabs on all things around him. "You eyeing the new kid? Tickles your fancy huh?" He looked over his should at him and
    back to her."I haven't gotten my schedule yet. Be right back." He stood up and walked to the office.
  12. Ledger heard something about the Warriors and another about music from the two students talking but he was more worried about the quiet shuffling noise coming from a classroom whose lights were off. He quickly put his backpack on the Cafeteria table and slipped out one of his Daggers he hoped the two students didn't notice as carelessly pulled it out. He left his backpack on the table thinking this would only take a minute.
  13. She blinked in surprise at Ty. Then she frowned. Of course the new kid didn't "tickle her fancy". She was curious. But she turned and looked at the backpack left on the table. She frowned, having been put in a slightly sour mo
  14. Walking back to her he saw her looking at the backpack. He walked over to the bag and opened it. He pulled out a dagger of some kind. "Whoa....Is this from a video game?" His eyes sparkled as he had never seen a game with a dagger like this.
  15. Jessica jumped up and slapped Tys hand, forcing him to drop the knife. "Don't take it out! Where in school, idiot! Do you wanna get expelled or whatever?!" She frowns at Ty, though really she was panicking. The new kid brought a freaking knife to school?! She quickly zipped up the backpack so no one could see.
  16. "Whoa...You got over here quick..." He looked at the bag and to her. "Should we report it?" Now he was concerned. This was dangerous.
  17. (._. There was actually suppose to be a lot more to the message before you find the knife but I guess my phone wants to be difficult today. Fine then. Oh well!)

    She cringes a little, looking at Ty. "I dunno. Should we? What if he's, like, crazy or something and comes after us for getting him in trouble?" She takes a few steps away from the bag, eyeing it carefully.
  18. "Huh...Dunno. Wing it?" He grinned and grabbed the bag and started walking towards the office. "I'll only be a second."
  19. She flinched and watched Ty walked off. She blinks, then scurried after him. "Hey! Dont leave me there! What if he comes back?!" She frowns, trailing behind Tyler and glances back over her shoulder, checking for the new kid. She wasn't too keen on the idea of being there when he got back, what if he tried go attack her or something? She shivered slightly at the idea, but waited outside the office once they got there.
  20. Ledger hadn't noticed the person grab his Dagger as he was far to busy thinking about what was beyond that classroom door. He read the sign telling of what the classroom was used for and lucky for him it was only a storage room so Ledger had all the time he needed to handle what was beyond the door. The door opened with ease and in entered Ledger he closed the door behind him and saw the horror which lay beyond him. A Lesser Demon it was which Ledger could tell by how small and how easy it was to find. " To easy!" He said with his dagger in hand " A regular human could of found you!" The Demon looked up and spoke with a rasp in its voice,"I wanted that to happen...I need a new host...and a hunter would be a fine specimen to infect." Ledger smiled "I would love for you to try that on me Flthen!" He said a hunter knows the name of all Demons he faces by the voices that they hear when near one. " DIE!!!!!!!!!" Flthen said shooting spikes out of its body towards Ledger.

    Picture of Demon:http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/253/c/9/random_creature_concept_by_dreamphaser-d5e8hup.jpg
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