Tim and Aled, A Continued Story

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  1. Erranruin said:
    Aled stroked up and down his neck at the slightly bruised part and grinned gleefully, coming back to sit on the bedside and ruffle Tim's hair. "Come on then, I'm thirsty too." He coaxed Tim out from the covers and into his arms as he gently kissed along the mark he made on Tim's pale skin, gently grazing his teeth along his skin.

    Tim murred as he got moved, feeling rather lazy after their rampant play time. He soon melted back down into Aled's arms and moaned slightly as his lovers teeth grazed his skin, Tim copying him, licking along Aled's neck to make the skin softer. He slowly sunk his teeth down into Aled's neck, unable to stop his whole body relaxing as the blood stirred in his mouth and rushed down his throat, leaving it to be Aled's turn.
  2. Aled hummed in comfortable pleasure as Tim's fangs pierced is jugular. He did the same, sinking his growing fangs into Tim's neck and drawing deeply, tasting his lover's happy and sleepy emotions on his tongue and rolling the warm blood about his mouth before swallowing eagerly. He pulled back in good time, not draining Tim much at all and licking up any drops he had missed, soothing over the bite lovingly. He pulled back completely to give Tim a brief chaste kiss on the lips and grinned with a lovey dovey puppy face.

    He finally dragged himself up and got fully dressed. "Come on then sweetheart, we have a few things to do today."
  3. As Tim finished and was shuffled off while Aled dressed, he looked up and smiled, "hmmm? What?" He asked, not being bothered to get off the bed to get dressed, just leaning over and gathering up his scattering clothes to get dressed that way. It was good to hear they had things to do, even though Tim did love their days all cuddled up in bed, it was better to go out. The war was calming and it made it nice to just.. do things like normal people.
  4. Aled gestured to their abode. "Well for one thing, we need more food. Richard also wanted us to take a brief scout around the city since he's worried about the refugees getting preyed on by street Vampires." He grumbled angrily about that for a minute before suddenly smiling. "Also we need some formal wear for the wedding." He grinned in a warm fuzzy manner. "I do want to see you in a black tie outfit.
  5. Tim smiled and nodded, pulling himself out of bed. "I wanna stop by the bank.. I think I remember the old code I used to close it off in the first place, would be a good time to get their wedding present as well" Tim chuckled, blushing slightly as Aled mentioned the suits "You'll be so lucky. I'll be in a biring brown one at the back somewhere"
  6. He chuckled darkly and suddenly caught Tim's hand and pulled him against his chest. "Haha! You say that like you'll have a choice~ If nothing else I dont think you'll be able to get out of the plans My sister has for your clothes." He grinned and gave Tim's lips a brief peck before reaching over to throw on his trench coat. "But yeah we can go to the bank, would be nice to have real funds to properly get some things. Come on get some trousers on that pretty behind, we need to get going while everything's still open."
  7. Tim hauled on some trousers and just smiled. He was happy Aled was happy. He pulled on his coat and opened the door, but still letting Aled go out first, as he didn't know where he was going... As usual.

    Pretty behind? That kept going around in his head, that he actually had to try and look at one point, but more looking like a pup chasing his little tail. Or something.
  8. They made it outside into the semi darkness of the evening. It was nice to be outside this early, around other people and feeling less isolated than usual. Aled turned to find Tim seemingly trying to chase his tail in the most amusing manner and he was bemused for a very long time. "Timmy what are you doing!" He said it with a brief laugh when he suddenly realised, hopping up to him and surruptitiously slapping his ass cheek gently. "Come on, I'll show you what I mean when we get to the tailors~"
  9. Tim yelped as his ass was spanked, turning the brightest of reds, and hoping no one saw. "Y-you're an ass sometimes.." He murmured, completely embarrassed... And kinda turned on. Which should've been impossible for the night they had before. He followed closely though, keeping out of the dimming sunlight, just in case.
  10. Aled nodded gently. "What are you talking about, I'm an ass all the time!" He took Tim's hand surreptitiously, ensuring that no one would see two grown men walking down the street holding hands. Not that he really cared, but Tim cared, so therefore he did care. They made their way around some shops and stands but Aled was heading for the bank first to deal with Tim's request. They entered the bedraggled building and Aled gestured for Tim to take the lead, Aled rarely deposited money, he was all about loose cash.
  11. Tim had made his way to the counter and waited to be seen to, everyone busy as, obviously, everyone had been pulling every penny out of their savings to try and Gert their lives back together. Tim didn't need much. It was just the the wedding present and the suits for today, the diy equipment could wait til they had time, maybe before their own little wedding.

    As the woman came over, and she asked for the regular details, name, account number and his date of birth.he could remember his birthday or the account number, just lying that he just used the password to get in the last time which was a month ago and didn't feel comfortable sharing any other information. That was normal in this war. Everyone was just keeping to themselves.

    Tim couldn't read, but he could right some, remembering the pattern in which is hand moved. Passing it over, she just told them to wait there while she found the right safe. Most bank accounts had a bit of paper, telling the bank how much people had put in and could take out at any point... But Tim owned a whole safe. It had clothes and some old trinkets in there, as well as the money. She smiled, waving for Tim to come ,and since he'd called Aled to follow him,she didnt question them both going around the back together. "Alright.. I'll leave you to it at this point, if you take anything. Just tick it off on this so we don't think its been stolen and then bring it back to me before you leave" the woman said softly, going away to serve other people.

    Tim could do numbers, turning the dial til the door clicked open, and there it all was. A pile of old clothes pushed right to the back, and a very old jewerelly box hidden underneath. A book tucked underneath the money bags with the amount scrolled on them, and Tim pulled out two, leaving the door open without thinking, knowing Aled would look anyway. Counting and sorting everything out, he pulled out £150 in total.
    That was a lot of money, but then again, he'd been saving fore a very long time, so it was no surprise.
  12. Aled held as far back as he could from Tim as the Lad went about his business. For some reason he felt awkward in this situation, he had never involved himself in such a sensible or respectable establishment such as a Bank, he wondered how he must look to them. Already he noticed that people gave him vaguely disapproving looks as he stood to the side and waited for Tim to finish up.

    However he noticed Tim wave him over as they descended into the vaults of the Bank and he hopped to Tim's side quickly. The woman left, making Aled feel a little less self conscious and allowing him to show interest in the various things contained within the vault. He was pretty sure he had never seen so much money or beautiful jewelry in his life and his eyes went wide at the sight of it. He remained silent though as Tim counted out what they needed before closing the vault again.

    Once they got outside Aled let out a gasp of relief. "Urgh glad to be out of there. I dont think I'm welcome." He gave a brief chuckle, ruffling his hair in a fidgety manner before smiling down at his little lover. "Well, are we set to go shoppin'?"
  13. "Well, even if you aren't, they don't have a choice but to be nice to you when I'm around" He smiled, folding the mopney into his pockets to make sure it was safe. With a little nod, Tim smiled again "Mhm. I took out a lot. Should be plenty to get the suits and the present. Maybe pick up some food on the way home too" He said softly.

    The one thing did right in this life was put everything in that vault for safe keeping the minute he arrived here. After that, everything he did with Aled was the right thing. He nudged Aled to lead the way, still unsure about where these suit makers were.
  14. Aled gave a happy grin and reached out to take Tim's hand, before suddenly realising they were in public, sighing, and returning his hand to his pocket. He gestured with his chin the way they were going and lead on down the high street towards a small side alley before ducking into it and jogging along until they finally reached a small cosy looking shop. It looked old and wizened and noble and Aled gave Tim another grin. He liked this place.

    Stepping inside there was fabric and buttons and suits on display everywhere. Half finished suits hung all around the shop and over the small front desk. However it seemed empty until Aled called out.

    "Roger are you there?" There was a brief moment of quiet before shuffling could be heard from somewhere in the back and eventually a very wizened, warm and gentle looking old fellow shuffled out from the back rooms. He adjusted his large glasses resting on the end of his nose before suddenly smiling and rocking up towards Aled, grasping his hands in his own cracked and knuckly ones. "Mr MacNeill! It is good to see you again! Oh! And who do we have here?! What a handsome young man!" Aled nodded in total agreement.

    "Isn't he just, and he's my young man too, Tim meet Roger Wentworth." Aled gave a little glow at being able to say that. "And he also needs a suit, well both of us do as a matter of fact." Roger gave a giant grin that turned his entire face into just a mass of wrinkles. "Well well now I must say you make an elegant couple! But What happened to the last suit! I would think never aging would mean a suit would last a lifetime!" He cocked his eyebrow at Aled in a judgemental manner, to which Aled gave a slightly guilty half-smile. "Yes ahh, that one met with a bit of a bloody incident. Apologies Roger." Roger tutted but went about finding his measuring equipment and lead the pair into his fitting room. "Well I have MacNeill's measurements, but not yours my lad, step up onto the stool and we'll get you fitted."
  15. Before Aled let go, he gave a soft squeeze of his hand. Almost as an "it's alright" kind of gesture as they shuffled along the cobblestones.

    Getting to the suit place was strange, and the man inside was even stranger. We all know Tim is timid.. Especially around new people. Part of him desperately wanted to hide behind Aled and stay hidden and just hope the man could magic the suits they needed out of no where so they could go.. But.. The man was just being nice. He tried not to be so nervous, gathering himself together just to do what the man asked. Quicker they did things, quicker they could go..

    Tim silently shuffled himself onto the stool, taking off his leather jacket to make measuring easier, and placed it by his feet. Tim wasn't as short as he used to be, happened to grow a few inches now. At least enough for Roger not to point out his shortness. He couldn't help but shuffle a bit. He hated being touched by people he didn't know. Old habit from the days in the basement.. But he tried his best. Just hoping and praying the man wouldn't ask him to take his shirt off or anything, all of a sudden closing up and being very protective of himself..
  16. Aled was all smiles and simple pleasures until he turned to see the look on Tim's face and the way his body curled in on himself. But wow could the lad trigger his protective instincts, his whole stomach seemed to lurch at the idea of Tim being even mildly uncomfortable and quickly he tried to deal with the situation.

    "Ah, Roger I'll do it, I still remember how and I'm sure you've got better things to do." Roger, now holding the measuring tape, looked from Tim's timid stance and Aled's puffed out mother hen chest and chuckled again. He handed Aled the equipment and scurried off to the back to fiddle through fabics and colours. Aled gave Time a gentle smile, coming to stand in front of him and gently winding the tape around his waist, thighs and shoulders, trailing his hands gently and slowly down and up Tim's body with soft comforting motions and when he was finally done taking the measurements he only had to lean up a little to give him a brief chaste kiss. By the time they were done Roger had come back in with various materials and fabrics over his arm.
  17. Tim did relax down a bit when Aled was doing the measurements, finding it easier to deal with Aled then the strange man that seemed very.. Hyper. He stood still and did as he was told til all the measures were taken, smiling slightly at the loving kiss on his head. Aled always knew how to make him feel better.He didn't always mean to be so timid, and it was starting to annoy him. It was just something else that was out of his control, but it was his actions, so why couldn't he just change them? Hiding behind Aled for the rest of his life wasn't going to make him a good Vampire hunter.

    He got himself down from the stool to stop himself being the center of attention, and tucked on his leather jacket again. It was a bit like a comfort blanket for him. After Aled has first given it to him, to keep him safe from the sun, it was his first 'go-to' for everything. And the amount of tools and things that he has stashed in it from the sewer base.. well, it was a good thing he was starting to grow and get a bit stronger, or he'd hit the floor with the weight hidden in it.

    He made sure none of his money had fallen out, even though the pockets were pretty good at not letting stuff escape, he always checked, and then looked up as Roger came back in, standing rather close to Aled, as he always did.
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  20. Aled gave Roger a full account of the measurements and then Roger himself showed off a few fabrics that he thought would look well on Tim's frame. Aled seemed surprisingly happy and animated about the whole thing. Apparently, secretly, he was rather intrigued by clothes, fashion and the like. The idea of dressing Tim up was a very tempting one. Waistcoats definately suited Tim, to Aled's mind, so although he listened to what Tim wanted as well, he was rather insistant on that point. He also made sure to take charge whenever Tim became flustered or anxious about expressing what he wanted, always trying to quickly get down to the root of what Tim would like.

    In the end the suit they picked out was going to be light-weight, easily maneuverable piece which would accentuate Tim's lithe frame. Aled was pretty darn excited to see how it would turn out, grinning foolishly the whole time until they finally got out of the small store.

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