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It was turning out to be a slow afternoon, considering that the place was empty. Leone was in charge of the music playing softly in the background, which was currently a mellow piano piece. He was quietly cleaning the bar counter, deciding that a tedious task would ease his boredom a bit. He glanced at the clock. Aria and Chio would be here soon enough, as Aria usually worked afternoons into the night and Tilly handled waitressing in the morning.

As the clock struck four, the daemon's gaze flicked to the mass of dark clothing and black hair snoring softly at the end of the bar counter. Black ears twitched softly to the quiet of the afternoon. A small, devilish grin soon drifted across the male's face. He went over to the speaker with which Tilly's iPod was hooked up to and swiftly skimmed through her music, looking for something to liven up the place a bit. There it is, this song is perfect. Pausing the current song, he turned up the volume considerably. He didn't max it out since he knew that Tilly's hearing was above average. With one last glance at the sleeping neko, he pressed play on the only song by Drowning Pool on the iPod.
He watched as Tilly jerked awake, her black mass of hair slipping off the counter as her blood red eyes fixed widely upon Leone. As her breathing continued after a short scare, numerous curses swarmed her mind. Leone let out a loud laugh. "W-What's the matter Tilly? Cat got your tongue?" He asked between laughs, a broad grin plastered on his face.

"You fuck!" Tilly hissed softly, a bit of an embarrassed blush taking over her porcelain complexion. "I am so getting you back for that. Brace for the Fourth of July, I'm feeling rather explosive." She growled softly as she got into another comfortable napping position. Cat naps were a necessary part of a neko's life, at least that was what Leone was led to believe.

"You probably should attempt to stay awake for now. Wouldn't want the newer hires to think that all you do is sleep all day." Leone commented a bit gruffly as he saw Tilly preparing for another four hour nap. He rolled his eyes as he saw a lovely single fingered gesture in response. With his prank over and done with, he switched the music back to quiet piano.
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Chio The Kitsune

Chio hummed a lullaby as she locked her apartment and walked towards Tilly's. Upon arrival, she exhaled loudly and smiled brightly as she opened the door. "Good Afternoon!" she cried in greeting while bowing. "Isn't it such a beautiful day today? I think we could some sort of bright music!" She told them as she barrelled in after she bowed and went towards the back rooms to change into her uniform. "I think Aria would think so too!" she called out, adding to her comment. Removing her woollen cap, she shook her head and allowed her ears to pop up. Rubbing them softly, she listened to the music with a soft smile. At least she didn't have to hide her ears here, she thought with that same smile.

"Leon-san! Good afternoon!" she greeted again as she grabbed the broom and started her new routine of cleaning the room. Turning she paused and frowned as she saw Tilly's figure sleeping, she crept closer. "Is she okay?" she whispered to Leon. "She's not sick right?" She reached out to feel her temperature and stopped when she realized something. "Neko wa Neko. A cat is a cat." she muttered to herself and smiled.

She started humming her little lullaby again and swept the corner again. She looked at Leon cleaning the counter and grinned. "Tilly-sama is having another cat nap?" she asked, her ears twitching to hear. "Cat's sleep at least 16 hours a day! Such lazy creatures~" She giggled. Chio couldn't help but be happy today. It was such a beautiful afternoon.
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Aria found herself hurrying to put on her make up, having woken up from her nap. She smoothed out the feathers and stray hair in her hair, eyeing the mirror as she turned her head this way and that. Almost done, she just needed to line her eyes and... With that, she quickly snapped her make up kit closed, once more eyeing herself in the mirror. Good, good, and good. She made her way down the steps of the room she was staying in, intent on doing her duty. She technically paid for her room every day with parts of her paycheck in Tilly's Tavern, but she didn't mind that one bit.

"Hi!" she greeted to passersby as she made her way towards the stage, giving a friendly nod and smile to the people around her. Same old same old, she was getting used to the sameness that happened day in and day out. She was never really bored, though, especially when she listened to the drunken ramblings of some of the guests. She looked around the room, her eyes falling on the tavern owner and Leone fighting or something, she couldn't really tell from where she was. With a shrug, she began warming up her voice, already drawing the attention of some of the tavern goers.

There was a tree. With bark almost black and leaves unnaturally dark as well, it stood, surprisingly inconveniently outside the inn. Its leaves rustled, seemingly on their own. But how could that be? How would a plant possibly be capable of independent movement? Does the tree’s roots, clearly not submerged, have any relation to this?

It would appear so. Like the wriggling of tentacles, the roots of the tree writhed around for a short moment, as if to get attention, before collectively pulling the rest of the tree towards the inn entrance. Right in the middle of the door it stopped, merely unaware of others trying to get in at the same time. It simply stood there for a short while, its topmost branches bending under the door, sensing a change in air. Or rather, wind. Without wind, what would it do? Mime?

He started moving forwards again, finally reaching the inside of the inn. As if he wasn’t slow enough, he paused for yet another moment, subtly caressing the wooden floor. The building’s use of wood symbolized it being a settlement of humanoid origin. If he’d have eyes and the other required organs, he’d cry. Unfortunately he couldn’t. Instead he just stood there for a more prolonged time now, mourning momentarily his slain kin.

Arundinaera had no way of telling where people were here, and so he had to trust his somewhat limited sense of hearing to indicate them, if any at all. Like earlier, his roots pulled him deeper into the tavern, augmented hearing on edge for any mention of owner.
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|| Charlie the Sleepwalker ||

Charlie starts the day making lunch for three 14-year old science experiments who are attempting to re-climate themselves into modern society by pretending they're normal teenage boys who are slightly above average. Charlie huffs at his train of thoughts and sees the clock and grins. He begins the count down in 3, 2, 1 and ... RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!

He grins darkly to himself as he hears 2 different thumps and a large groan as the three boys wake up to the loudest alarm clock he managed to find. Without stopping from his kitchen work, he calls out to them in the happiest annoying voice that he could. "Boys, time for school!" He receives 3 types of cursing followed by an argument who gets to use the bathe first, followed by yelling at the one who managed to steal the bath first. He chuckles to himself and smiles. The day is starting out good.


Charlie makes himself tea at three in the afternoon followed by making dinner early and instructions left at the fridge on how to heat it with a reminder that he will be calling by 8 to inquire if all their limbs are attached, no fires in the apartment and that their homework was finished. Yes, those words exactly. Making sure that he locked their door, he left and walked his way towards Tilly's. He enjoy walking towards the tavern. He likes to notice that everything wasn't a dream and that he had truly left the labs.

Upon nearing Tilly's, he heard music and smiled. Well, it seemed like Aria was up and about already. Glancing at his watch, he frowned and glanced at the sky, seeing it close to sunset. Oops, almost late then. He nodded his head in greeting to Leon and quickly side stepped Chio's friendlier attempts of greeting and patted her in the head. He sent a hello towards Aria and disappeared into the kitchens. He yelled that food was in the fridge if they want it and began to get everything set for the night.

As the Chef's Speciality for the night (Seafood Lover Spaghetti Special) was boiling he grabbed a clean plate and loaded a plate of the Tuna Spaghetti and sprinkled cheese on it. He deftly grabbed the menu for the night and went back out to the main floor. He handed the menu for Chio to fix somewhere, ignoring her pout and walked towards Ms. Tilly cat napping at the corner.

"Ms. Tilly" he spoke with a small shake of her shoulder. "Eat this and please head upstairs in your room. It'll be quite noisy soon."

The bell by the door rang and he turned to see a Tree enter. A Tree was at the door. He blinked and shook his head. Nope, still there. He began rubbing his eyes to see if it was an illusion of some sort. Blinking the black spots his rubbing caused, he looked back. The tree was still there.

"A tree..." he muttered out. He glanced at Aria to see her reaction. Then he glanced at Leon, but the man was just as impassive as he is. "Is there a customer already?!" Chio's voice loudly chimed in as she came back from the kitchen. She appeared, still holding the large menu with tonight's options and paused. "Oh!" she exclaimed and turned to everyone. She then grinned that 100-kilowatt smile of hers and zoomed towards the Tree. The Tree.

"Welcome to Tilly's Tavern, Tree-san!" she greeted, handing the large menu to Leon and walked forward bowing at the Tree. "My name is Chio and I'll be your waitress for tonight! Would you like a window seat or maybe one by the counter?" That was it. He was in the twilight zone. Chio was taking this way too easily. "Am I dreaming?" he called out to no one. Chio gave him a very disappointed look. "Tree's are living creatures too, Charlie-pon! Don't be insensitive!" she scolded. Charlie gave up and walked over to Leon and stole back the menu that Chio (he gave her a stink eye) was supposed to put up. He put it up at the edge of the counter. There.

He walked around and handed Leon the second plate of Tuna Pasta. "So, a Tree huh?" he said, the capital needs to be there. Because, look. A Walking Tree. If it could talk, he wouldn't be surprised.

"Aria, darling. Want anything from the kitchen?" he called out as he stole himself a beer from the fridge under the counter. This was the reason he was in the kitchen. It wasn't as surreal as the main floor was. Come on, why was he only one panicking over the fact that there's a Tree in tavern. No, really. A Tree.

He took a sip of the beer. It was early still, but damn he needed this drink. Maybe he can make tea to soothe his nerves too. Perhaps, Darjeeling or Chamomile. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. He paused as he heard Aria reply. He nodded in her direction and went back to the kitchens. Attempting to ignore the Tree that walked in. He wanted to check on his boiling pasta too. Cooking was calming balm, along with tea. He shook his head in distraction.

Honestly, a TREE. What next? Aliens? Charlie shivered. At least, he wasn't bored. A Tree, fancy that.
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Potential heroes often go to taverns looking for quests and other people who would join their cause. If they looked closely in Tilly's Tavern, there's a handful of qualified individuals for that. Mimoza herself was probably more than qualified, but she'd much rather be an old storytelling lady. She was a skilled shifter, but it took quite a lot of energy to be someone else during the day so she'd unwind at the tavern for that were luckily, no one recognized her.

At sundown, her audience went home. They were little kids who could not go to school yet but were for some reason fascinated about her tales of battling dragons, defeating a magical monster, taking down a kingdom and other such real-life stories. Most of them thought those were fairy tales and she found it quite relaxing to have a very different point of view on her experiences, so she let them think however they like.

That day, a young father gave her some money and thanked her for her troubles, making her bewildered. She could buy the man's entire shop if she wanted, so she tried to refuse. He insisted and left. Mimoza shrugged, knowing that her first drink of the night was pretty much paid for.

No one actually knows where she changes from a friendly little old granny to a sleepy looking woman but she has been at it for a month or two. She was one of Tilly's highest paying regulars and they already knew that if she asked for "the usual", it's a pint of the strongest sweet mead they have. They already knew she'd have about two rounds before things get fuzzy. "The usual" also meant she'd have someone talk to her about anything, and she'd listen with so much interest. Everyday, it was a different customer.

She was at the door when she noticed that something had changed about Tilly's all of a sudden. Did they always have a tree indoors? She wondered. Wait, is it me or is it moving?

It was once her job to be on the lookout for anything and everything that was probably dangerous. The duty became an unbreakable habit but the lack of action made her a little slow on the uptake. Rooted to the spot, slack jawed and squinting dumbly, she tilted her head, debating with herself.

Is it magic?

The real question is, 'Is it real?'

Of course it's real, the staff seem aware.

What if we're all bewitched?


Wait...maybe... It's a trap!

Oh of course it's dangerous. It will rustle at us to death.

There really ARE trees that fight, you know!

Serious question: What kind of tree is it?

She wondered if she can get a stronger drink.
Like clockwork, everyone was there. "Hey Chio, she's fine. Maybe a bit grouchy at the moment, but as long as we leave her be she'll be up to her typical shenanigans soon enough." He spoke with a smile. The kitsune's happy demeanor was infectious. He saw a flash of bright feathers as Aria came down from her room upstairs and made her way over to her little stage, and waved at her in greeting since calling across the room would be a bit awkward for the quiet bartender.

Tilly let out a sigh as she was woken up again. She assumed that once again it was Leone's doing, and had a set of profanities at the ready as her sharp red glare landed on the poor soul that awakened the sleeping beast. She bit back those words as she saw that it was the cook with an offering of food. "Thank you." She murmured softly, though she had no plans of going back to her room. Her gaze drifted lazily to the door as it opened, one eyebrow quirking upwards in minor surprise as a tree walked into the bar. Don't start a corny bar joke. Don't start a corny bar joke.... The neko slipped into more of a meditative state as she tried her hardest not to offer the tree a glass of root beer.

Leone saw Tilly clam up upon the opening of the door. He spared a glance and immediately saw why. Treebeard decided to grace the bar with his presence. Just pretend it's Lord of the Rings. He silently listened as Charlie went through a small reality check. The task of putting up the menu was brought about, and somehow he ended up with the menu before it was swapped out for food. "Thanks, Charlie." He offered the cook a small grin. He'd get used to the typical weird shit eventually, or bail out for mental health reasons.

"Are you alright, Miss Mim?" He asked as the woman entered and froze, going though a reality check of her own.
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Truthfully, Aria wanted to try that Seafood Special that was on the menu tonight. Seemed interesting enough. "Charlie!! Can I try the special?" she hollered after completing her warm ups. Might as well get one song in before she ate, she was a messy eater and would most likely have to wash her face and reapply the make up. Oh the problems of being a performer. Closing her eyes, she felt her voice bubbling from within before taking flight, her mouth forming the words while her voice box did the real work. She knew she would sort of get an audience, that some would pay attention while doing their whatever it was. It was fine, though. She didn't mind it at all.
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The tree, which most certainly was there, stood confused for a second. Where to go? Who to speak to? The inside of the building was at an annoying lack of wind, leaving him mute for now. But who was there to speak to at all?

"Welcome to Tilly's Tavern, Tree-san!" a voice greeted. "My name is Chio and I'll be your waitress for tonight! Would you like a window seat or maybe one by the counter?"

Oh, so he was being noticed. Surely, it might have been obvious to anyone else, but his train of thought never got to that conclusion. His leaves rustled. His branches bent. All was positioned to be just right. But at a lack of wind to pass through the intricate setup of leaves, all the sound his effort gave, besides the leaves rustling, was a faint “Out”. Twisting a branch at his usually slow speed, he pointed towards the door, before moving there himself.

Once outside, the conditions were something else entirely. Outside the weather was windy. Which meant he could communicate. Again repositioning his leaves, this time the wind made a much clearer sound, though nonetheless ghastly and hollow. “I sell cheese.” He repositioned his leaves again. “Can inn buy.” While this was a question, he never got the hang of the high note at the end of one.

Two of the branches making up his topmost foilage bent inwards, before moments later picking out a wheel of cheese and holding it up where he thought Chio was. The cheese, covered in white, had a strong smell, particular for well-stored cheeses. A cut throughout would reveal the cheese to be of rather good quality.

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Rebecca made her way into Tilly's. She'd heard that this place catered to supernaturals, something she obviously needed. The lich looked around, taking not of the clientele. A neko, a handful of unidentified humanoids... and a tree. Not even a tree spirit with a face. Just a tree, roots and all. Well, that one's certainly new to me.

She walked up to the bar and took a seat. "Two questions. One, what sort of beers do you have here, and two, are you hiring?"
Tilly's attention returned to the walking, and now talking tree at it's odd... Behavior. It's quiet voice piqued her interest as it went outside. A small frown appeared on her face as she stood up from her spot at the bar and sauntered her way over to the door. Her black feline tail flicked slowly behind her as she leaned against the frame of the door with her arms neatly folded across her chest. "Depends on the quality, and most of all the price. Now, what's your name? Can't imagine you working for some big company." She asked, her tone strictly business as a bit of her inner city accent shined through.

It was hard to ditch her blunt and to the point way of talking. Sure, sometimes she could manage without her distinctive voice, but it was only when she was abnormally tired that the accent left her. Her sharp red gaze flicked to the undead girl that entered before swiftly flicking back to the tree. As an afterthought, she considered that Charlie should be out here since he actually knew what he was doing behind the stove. "Oi, Charlie! Get your ass out here!" She hollered over her shoulder quickly.
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|| Chio the Kitsune ||

Chio blinked as the Tree-san began to move and with her fox ears twitching, he clearly said, "Out." Blinking, she followed as he began a slow pace towards the veranda for smoking customers. Once there, she blinked as he repositioned himself towards the wind. Chio smiled brighter. What a very intelligent tree! Why, the Ancient Trees in Japan communicated through images in your head and strange circumstances in the immediate area. Chio likes this method of communicating better. The images that are sent to your head hurts and takes forever to recover, if you don't die, and the strange circumstances always often involved with the forest over growing and people being eaten by the leaves. Her smile faded slightly at the stray thought and moved her ears to clearly hear his "voice".

She blinked in slight bewilderment. She's never heard of Tree's making cheese before! The Ancient Tree's back home all made two things, prophesies of the end of the world and making trouble. Chio grinned back, before she could respond something positive though. Tree-san's leaves and branches rustled and presented a nice smelling cheese wheel. "Oooh~" she shivered in wonder. "This looks almost to be as good as the one's Charlie keeps buying! But smells even more divine!"

She jumped at hearing Tilly-sama's voice behind her, startled. Before she could greet her, Tilly-sama roared for Charlie to get his ass out. Chio frowned, not understanding this concept. What does the butt have to do with cheese? Turning to Tilly-sama in confusion, she was just about to ask that when Charlie's menacing aura approached.

+CHARLIE the Sleepwalker+

Charlie groaned as he added the finer details to the plate he was going to take to Aria. Ms. Tilly at times was the strangest employer ever, and with the dirties mouth. This was the reason why he declined getting a room upstairs. His life was hard with 3 impressionable teenage boys, he didn't need Ms. Tilly teaching them how to curse like a sailor and back too. He opened the wine fridge and smiled as he located the perfect sweet, red wine. Pouring a glass, he corked the wine bottle and gracefully carried both the plate and glass out and frowned. They weren't... oh! They were at the veranda and groaned. The Tree was still there. Great.

He nodded at Leon and reached The Tree, Ms. Tilly and ...Chio? What was she doing out here? Ignoring it for the moment, he pushed the plate and the glass towards Chio and nodded to the inside room. "Bring that to Aria." he stated and turned to the Tree and Ms. Tilly. "You roared, Ms. Tilly?" he asked. "How may I serve?" he added, sarcastically and noticed the wheel of cheese.

He drifted closer unconsciously. "That. That." he paused as he inhaled the smell of the cheese. "Ms. Tilly! This! THIS! This is the quality I'm talking about! THIS is fantastic! Brilliant!" he exclaimed, oddly really excited and stopped. "I mean, was this what you wanted me to check?" Attempting to play it cool, his face turning red. Well, wasn't this embarrassing.

|| Chio the Kitsune ||

Chio huffed as she turned away from their discussion and made her way towards the stage, noticing the new customer that was chatting up at Leon and smiled. Leon was really attractive, customer's never stayed away she thought with a giggle. Reaching the stage, she brought forth her happy-happy smile. "Aria-san, here's your order! Specially made by Charlie~" she singsonged happily. "By the way, can we start the night with a happy-happy song?" she pleaded. Her dog eyes turned to the beautiful siren. "Please~"
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@Boss Megu

Aria smiled as Chio brought in her food. "Yeah, just set it, um...behind me somewhere? Oh, but far enough that I won't step on it!" Her smile widened at Chio's request. "I'll be sure to do that, hang on...what's a happy song...? Maybe something from that pop culture I keep hearing about? Hm..." It took her a bit to finally decide to wing it and sing something from the heart, something happy at least. Maybe she could weave a story into it too? Taking a deep breath, Aria began to warble out something she literally just made up on the spot. She wasn't sure how it sounded, but the song was about traveling and the wonders of it.
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"I might have roared, but at least I didn't fan-girl over cheese." Tilly stated flatly as she observed the not quite human. Well, the ever brilliant cheese whiz is sold. Only question left is how much this is going to hurt my budget. The neko thought a bit grimly. "Ya. I figured I ought to run it by you as a quick check before I break the bank." She answered his question simply enough.

A scent other than cheese caught her attention. Zornym...? She glanced back inside, gaze searching for the unmistakable top hat and staff. Instead she saw a female lich sitting at the bar. He wouldn't show up here. Who am I kidding? He probably doesn't know where here even is. She realized that she had drifted off into thought and snapped her attention back onto the incredible talking tree.
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Rebecca couldn't help shedding a few tears at Aria's voice. She was spectacular, but then again, she was a siren. Beautiful singing probably came as naturally to her as breathing.

"You've got a helluva talent, my dear. With a voice like that, you could be a star around the world! Why keep singing for such a small audience?"
If there was a veranda, Arundinaera would have no way of noticing. He had the wind and the sun, so for now he had all he needed. Not that he was at a worry for not having enough, As for Tilly’s questions, he was lucky to have gained the ability to hear as well as to speak.

His name. Easy enough. Froossh… “Arundin… Aera.” He disliked having to change posture in the middle of a word or sentence, as it to him reduced his formality.

Alright, second question. How much he’d take as payment for the cheese? He didn’t really need much money, as he worked alone, and didn’t rely on money for food. The only cost he needed to cover, was materials for the cheese, and maintenance for his cellar. Though, one question remained. Did Tilly use the same currency as him? “Five copper pieces… Per wheel.”

Arundinaera couldn’t smile. He couldn’t even give Chio and Charlie an expressionless glare. Not bothering with replying to their enthusiasm about his cheese, he only stood still, holding his cheese to Tilly without motion.

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|| Chio the Kitsune ||

Chio grinned as she did as the Siren commanded. Her fox ears twitched uncertainly but then stood straighter as the siren began to weave a beautiful song. She closed her eyes as she felt herself rock to the gentle melody and her mind began to paint the picture Aria-san was singing. "Adventure~" Chio crooned to herself, she loved a good adventure story.

When a voice behind her spoke, Chio jumped high and attempted to twirl behind her to see who spoke while mid air. To say the least, it wasn't the best idea. She tripped and fell and made a spectacular crash on the floor while screaming all the way. "WHEN DID YOU GET BEHIND ME?!" she cried on the strangest position on the floor and looked up and promptly screamed again.

"ZOMBIE!" she screamed, remembering the pop culture introduction movies Leon shoved at her when they first met. To say the least, Chio was frightened by these so called Zombies. The kyonshī back home in Japan jumped to move and did not eat people's brains, though they DO eat your soul. But in consolation, it wasn't as gruesome and scary and bloody and painful. Though being eaten alive and getting your soul eaten was a pretty close in comparison but all those people eaten by mobs of these zombies looked so much in pain! Eaten alive sounded worse. Though she did wonder how the people recording it didn't get eaten too. They were looking fairly close. She shivered as she scrambled up and hid behind Leon.

"Leon-san!" she whisper-yelled from behind him. "Should I burn it with rice wine and holy flames?!" she asked, turning her bright red orbs filled with fear at him, looking for instruction. "We should do it before the zombie eats Aria-san!" she continued her well-meaning whisper-shout. "I don't have my rice wine with me though. Will Charlie mind if I use his?" she asked, tearing her eyes from Leon to the door towards the kitchen. If she transformed into her fox form, she could probably make it and back in 2 minutes. That was enough time, wasn't it? Was two minutes enough time? Zombies in those pop culture documentaries moved slow and sluggish unless a LIVE person was there. But if those documentaries were true, then 2 minutes was enough time for the zombie to attack Aria! Rice wine was out! Blunt force was going to be her only option!

Chio was never this scared in her life. Okay, maybe not, scratch that. This is the SECOND time she's been so afraid in her life.

The people here in Tilly's were her family now. Hackles raised, Chio always protected her own. She began to crouch forward, her five tails twirling behind her, intending to get rid of the zombie monstrosity. She growled, her fangs protruding. Zombie's were NOT allowed in Tilly's! Not if they were going to eat all their brains!

+CHARLIE the Sleepwalker+
Charlie scratched his head in embarrassment. Really, Ms. Tilly didn't need to say like that. What was wrong with appreciating good ingredients? It created good food! He pouted and sighed. This was why he didn't get nice things. He huffed even louder. "Well, see if I make your favourite paella tomorrow. See if I care." he muttered, but appreciated the fact Ms. Tilly was still considering taking the cheese. He did make a fool of himself. Shoot him.

He blinked as he heard The Tree's leaves rustle. It wasn't the regular rustling of leaves too. No, it was the type of rustling that made Charlie pound his ears in shock. Of course, the Tree talked. Through it's leaves. It talked through it's leaves! How was this his life now?! Walking, talking Trees who said "Arundin… Aera". He gaped and begun to splutter, but in a dignified way. He was British, after all. They (he) had an image to protect. "You, it, what?! I...bubbling snapping burger sticks." He blubbered, turning to the uncaring Ms. Tilly and The Tree apparently named Arundinarea and back again before muttering those last few words without care.

He paused and frowned. Was it Arundinarea? Or was it Arundin Aera? Were those two names? Or was it one name but with proper pausing for intonation? Was it Tree grammar? Do Trees even have grammar? Or was it just him over thinking things again? But no seriously, was it one or two names? Which one should he address him as? How do you address an apparent cheese making tree without insulting it because he makes the most fabulous cheese ever? Charlie didn't think it was right to keep calling him The Tree, even in his head. It just wasn't right!

And wait, did he say five copper pieces? Like literal five copper coins? Charlie paused and had to clarify. "Five...copper? Like the metal copper? Pieces?" He asked, turning to Ms. Tilly. "Is there a conversion rate for A copper piece, Ms. Tilly?" That was seriously out dated, but Charlie wasn't letting this Cheese making Tree named Arundinarea or Arundin Area, which ever, go. The Tree could be called Her Majesty the Queen and he wouldn't bat an eyelash because his cheese was the best he's ever seen. EVER. The Tree was staying.

Then he heard a frighteningly REALLY loud scream. The loudest he's ever heard so far. (The three teenagers did not count) He whirled around at the sound of Chio's hysterical screaming and something about Zombies? That Kitsune was getting senile in her old age, what in the world is happening inside this time? He moved towards the main room and froze. Why the bloody hell is Chio looking like she's ready to commit a murder? Following her gaze, he paused and saw a figure by Aria. He squinted, really now, this was the reason why he hate not having 20-20 vision. He still can't see afar. Rat's innards, he needed new glasses.
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While she was certain she heard her name, Mimoza didn't quite catch who spoke what. She shook her head and bowed to the tree, muttering a soft apology for staring. "And if you don't mind, I'd love some of that cheese." She untied the money pouch on her waist and pulled out a silver coin. "Is this enough? I'll need some wine with it..." As soon as she said it, she turned and walked off. "Wine, wine, wine..." She hummed.

"'Wine' sounds like 'whine'. I wonder which word came first."

"Probably 'wine' and someone invented 'whine' to describe its drinkers."

"Who gets whiny with wine?!"

"Uh, you, obviously."

With her small strides, she came to the bar and put some copper coins on the counter, carefully stacking them. "This is for a glass of your finest wine. I'd like something fruity." She put a gold coin on top of the stack. "And this is for the usual."

She sat there, counting and recounting her money as if unsure of the amount. "Wait, I don't even drink wine. Just the usual it is."
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"First, I am not a zombie, I'm a lich. There's a difference. Secondly, I don't need to eat people, or anything else, for that matter. Just like the taste of a good beer. And third, freaking out over your clientele is not the best way to get good customer service reviews."

Rebecca let out a deep sigh. Even here, she got nothing but grief. Why, oh why, did people refuse to see past her rotting exterior? She was a good girl at heart.
@Boss Megu @daird

Aria stuttered to a halt when she heard Chio screamed. What? What was it? Was someone attacking someone near her? She was honestly a bit used to bar fights, but Chio didn't need to be so loud about it. Then she saw the zombie in front of her. She could only gape in awe at the sight before her. A real zombie! One that smelled a little rotten, yes, but a real zombie! She'd only heard stories about them and, wow, they seemed vicious. Probably shouldn't get too close, though, in case she bites.

She blinked in surprise when the lady referred to herself as a lich. A lich? She didn't know anything about that. It sounded interesting. "Pardon me for asking," she said, noting that the customers were getting antsy because she stopped singing in the middle of her improvised song, "But what exactly is a lich? I've never heard of such a creature before in my travels."
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