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  1. Tilly's Tavern & Inn was open for business on this lovely Wednesday afternoon. It was raining outside, and due to the fact that it was November, a chill hung in the air. Leone happened to hate that chill, as it made the otherwise forgettable ache in his bad wing incredibly difficult to work around. He lived off of Excedrin Extra Strength during the winter.

    The grouchy daemon was currently wiping down the bar counter with a soft scowl on his face. He blew out a soft sigh and glanced at a nearby clock, praying for time to go faster so that he could pop two more pills. He knew that it was bad, but it was either pills or liquor, and he was already a recovering alcoholic. So that was a big no-no.

    Tilly observed her scowling brewmaster with a soft frown on her face as she sat at the bar counter. Her tail slowly flicked as she considered the merits of sleeping. After all, it was going to be a slow day.
  2. Vio and Aaron both sat at one of the many empty tables that decorated the tavern. It seemed that today was desired to be quite the slow one as time continued to tick onward. The sound of the ticking clock echoed throughout the room, annoying Vio to no end and, surprisingly, soothing Aaron. The Incubus was nodding on and off as he rested his head on top of his folded arms, eyes fluttering shut before opening again. He had just began to fall into a deep sleep when Vio decided against it, not directly, of course, but...yeah.

    Slamming her hands on the table that she sat at, the Succubus jumped to her feet, pushing her seat a few feet away from her with the intensity of her jump. The loud noises that came with Vio's actions caused Aaron to bolt upward, eyes wide as he stared in front of him, practically looking through Vio and at the wall behind her. Blinking a couple of times, the young looking male came back to reality, finally focusing his gaze on Vio, who seemed to be annoyed beyond belief. "I am not just going to sit here and wait for customers! Isn't there something we can do to pass the time? Because I have had it with this boredom and that stupid ticking clock!" The female pretty much screeched, breathing heavily afterwards. Her tail was flicking swiftly, showing her irritation, and her wings seemed to be just as restless, fluttering softly. Aaron only blinked up at her. His mind was as blank as an erased white board. Therefore, he was of absolutely no help. None whatsoever. Maybe Tilly or Leone has some suggestions, he thought.
  3. Leone jumped a bit, startled by the sudden noise and loud screech. He regretted the quick motion instantly as pain shot up his wing. He let out a long sigh of annoyance. "Perhaps you could play a card game or something?" He spoke evenly, not letting his temper and lack of patience get the better of him.

    Tilly folded her arms across one another and rested her elbows on the counter, and used her arms as a nice comfy pillow. Her ear flicked slightly as she shrugged her answer. She easily dozed off, knowing no one would be foolish enough to awaken her. At least, anyone who enjoyed living wouldn't bother the sleeping beast.
  4. Emma descended the stairs that lead from the inn portion of the building down into he tavern her black hair swaying heavily as she carried a huge bundle of sheets and comforters to be washed. After dropping them into a pile behind a small cupboard door she grabbed a seat at the bar and folded her apron neatly into her lap.

    "Break time.." she sighed as she wiped the sweat from her brow and ordered a bloody mary, how ironic. Noticing the restless nature of the others she turned and said, "a card game sounds interesting. Let's play something good. There are no customers and we have nothing better to do..."
  5. Leone busied himself making Emma's Bloody Mary. Seeing how Aluro was taking a nap, he put an extra cherry in her drink and gave it to her with a small smirk. He also pulled out a deck of cards from beneath the counter and set them down before her. "Keep the kids busy for me, would ya?" His smirk still remained on his face as he spoke. While he was terribly good in a game of poker, he had gone and decided to quit gambling and drinking in the same month, so he was awfully bored with his life.

    He wiped down his work area once again, before having a profound thought. "Has anyone checked the mailbox yet?" He asked with a small frown on his face.
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  6. Exhausted from walking through the town for the past three days, Drake was dying for somewhere to rest, so finding this tavern and inn was a blessing for him. "I just hope I don't have to fight anybody today." He said to himself, his necklace banging against his chest with every step and the chains on his pants clinking together as he walked up to the doors of the tavern and pushed them open. He kept his head hung low, his black hair covering his crimson red eyes and most of his face as he looked around the room. Although the place was fairly empty, he was pleased to find that was not the only supernatural being here. A small smirk appeared on his face as he thought "I don't smell any humans, so real food is out of the question. But I see tails and wings almost all the way around, so they might have some sort of blood substitute, I can deal with that." Drake closes the doors behind himself and walks towards the bar, maintaining his silence all the way up until he sits down a few seats away from what he gathers to be an unconscious incubus and a fairly irritated succubus. "Bartender, do you have any blood or blood substitutes?" he asked in a quiet voice, trying not to draw any attention to what he just asked.
  7. Emma's hand twitched a little when Leone's hand brushed hers as he handed her the cards. She wasn't one for affection but he was so cute when he smirked like that.

    "Yeah I'll try to keep them quiet.. I'm not very good at poker but maybe we can play something simple." She shuffled the cards and took a seat at the table, sipping her drink and Licking her lips, it was just the way she licked it made. Calling over her shoulder she added, "no we left the mailbox to you. You're welcome." The slight sarcasm in her voice caused a playful tension between them and she smied, her white fangs flashing in the light. Just then the doors swung open and a vampire walked into the bar queitly, she sensed him immediately. Curiously she pricked hr ears to hear what he asked but kept her eyes on the table.
  8. As Drake waited on the bartender to tend to his business, he suddenly caught a small whiff of blood in the air coming from one of the tables behind him. Curious as to what type of blood it was, being hungry as he is, Drake took a deep sniff in and immediately recognized the scent of another vampire in the room. "By this time, they've already caught my scent, so I might as well introduce myself." he thought to himself. "I figure by now you know that I'm the same huh? Now that that's out of the way, would you be so kind as to tell me where that smell is coming from? I'm just as thirsty as the next guy." Drake announced to the other vampire in the room. Although he did so without moving from his chair, not even lifting his head to look around the room. He knew his message would be received. He knows vampires can be very territorial, so he figured he might as well acknowledge the others' presence. "Just do me a favor please. If you wish to fight, can it wait until morning? I've been walking around this town for the past three days. I'd like to get some rest before fighting." He said, fully knowing that any vampire would take this as almost insulting. But Drake sincerely was much too tired to fight, so he jumped the gun and hoped that his request would be taken into account. "I just hope that I don't have to fight everybody in here.." he thought to himself "...I do not have the energy for that right now."
  9. Leone rolled his eyes and shook his head with her teasing. "Gee, thanks." He replied sarcastically and was just about to go and get the mail when a guy came walking in. He looked shady and smelled like a vampire, so his quiet request wasn't completely unexpected. Before he really got a chance to respond, the male vampire called out Emma just in case there were any issues. He was about to speak when Aluro suddenly awoke.

    "Oi, if there's going to be any fighting in my inn, I'll kick you to the curb like yesterday's trash." She growled sleepily as she fixed a potent glare on the newcomer, her ears pinned back and tail lashing.

    Leone, being quite fed up with people interrupting him, cleared his throat to get a bit of attention. "As Aluro said, no physical fights allowed in here. Now, would you like me to heat up your blood substitute?" His words were calm as he assessed the situation.
  10. Hissing slightly under her breath at his deep earthy scent she watched the newcomer vampire at the bar and smiled.

    "He'll fix you up nice with something to drink and hey, don't worry about me alright? I'm not a vicious animal like the other vampires. Behind the fangs, I'm actually kind of pleasant." Giggling slightly she folded her cards neatly on the table and grabbed her drink, making her way carefully over to the bar and sat next to Drake. Extending a clawed hand she said, "I'm Emma by the way, Emma Thatcher."

    As she sat down her keys clanked together loudly and she remebered her duties, she still had two rooms to clean and the bathroom needed to be straightened up. Shaking her head a little she decideded she'd get to it later, right now she was much more interested in this oddly attractive new creature who had made his way to the inn. Rarely did she meet another vampire and even more rare was it to find a male, surprisingly most vampires were females.
  11. On her way to the creek nearby, Autumn passed by an old looking tavern with the words 'Tilly's Tavern' on a sign outside. "Hmm, interesting. The potion can wait." She put her tools back in her bag and turned excitedly towards the tavern. On the slow walk there, she could sense nothing but non-mortals inside. With this new knowledge, her pace quickened and she began bouncing as she walked along. "Ooh, fun!" She slammed the door all the way that the hinges would allow and then some. Pushing with all her force, she accidentally broke the door off of its hinges making it fall into her hands. She looked around with a slightly nervous face. "I can fix this, no worries."
  12. "Don't worry ma'am, I'm much too exhausted to start a fight. And besides, why would I want to get kicked out of the only tavern I've seen in days?" Drake said to the apparently grumpy woman who had just scolded him. He then turned to the bartender "Yes please. Can you mix it with your strongest vodka as well? I'm dying over here." He said with a playful smirk. Drake didn't think anyone would catch on to his small little joke, but it was no matter. He was beyond thirsty, so the fact that he was finally getting something to drink made him excited. As Drake was slowly losing himself in the thoughts of finally getting something to drink, another voice began speaking to him. But this time, the voice was coming from where the scent of blood was coming from. As Drake went to turn in his seat, the scent of the other vampire was suddenly right next to him. So he lifted his head, exposing his face and eyes along with an open mouthed smile complimented by his fangs fully extended "Hi there Emma..." he said as he extended his hand and shook hers "... my name is Drake. Drake Vampiron. Please forgive my challenge to your presence, I'm not in the mood to fight, so I figured, if I had to, I might as well just get it right out of the way. It's nice to..." Drake's sentence was quickly interrupted by the sound of the tavern's doors crashing down and the voice of a young girl immediately following this destruction
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  13. "Keyword being kinda..." Leone mused with Emma, his mood back up to decent seeing as there would be no hostilities to break up. He chuckled with the other vampire's joke. It was a pretty good attempt at one, at least. Then he swiftly prepared the man's drink, in a foam cup due to the fact that Tilly didn't like the idea of washing dishes and cups with any kind of blood on them, substitute or not, for fear of cross contamination or whatever. The daemon had no clue as to why she was so adamant on this rule, nor did he really care, but he'd probably get his wings clawed off if he defied her wishes while she was awake, so... Ya.

    He placed the man's cup down in front of him with an apologetic smile and went to go get the mail. He was a mere foot from the door when it suddenly came crashing in on him. He leaped about six feet back, his wings aiding him in the feat, and a minor curse slipping from his lips. He grimaced slightly at the pain that shot through his wing, and folded them up against his back once more.

    Aluro rose from her stool with a sharp growl upon seeing her property so easily destroyed. "You damn well better fix it." She hissed. She knew today would be a bad day. Cold, damp air was drifting into her tavern, no doubt jacking up the heating bill. It was already like someone was stepping on her tail every time she opened up that bill.
  14. Vio and Aaron had been silent while all of the commotion around them went on. The once irritated Succubus was now calm and mildly intrigued by the conversations that were occurring, listening in on them. Aaron, on the other hand, was in his own little world. His mind was full of a lot of random thoughts that, if he were to actually speak his thinking process right now, didn't make sense or connect at all. It was a normal occurrence for him, though, for he had a one-track mind. Both supernatural creatures were shaken from their stupors when the front door was ripped from its hinges by another newcomer. Aaron stared in awe while Vio tried to hold back her giggles. The look of nervousness on the female's face amused her to no end, but now wasn't the time for laughter. The only sign of her laughing was the slight shaking of her shoulders.
  15. "Don't worry, I got it. Just get some new screws and I'll fix it for you guys." Drake said as he gets up and walks over to the fallen doors. "Hi there, I'm Drake..." he said as he grabbed one door with each hand and lifted them up off of the young girl's arms and slowly pushes them back into place, holding them there while he waits for someone to return with screws and a tool "...so who might you be little miss destruction?" Drake asked playfully in efforts to tease the small girl. "I wish I had a third arm so I could drink my drink." He said slightly sad because he is indeed quite thirsty.
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  16. xxxxNiko shoved his hands deeper into his pockets. God, it was freezing. He'd been walking past the same inn ever since he'd arrived at this backwater hideaway of a town, weighing the pros and cons of getting a room there. On the one hand, the place was crawling with the supernatural. He'd glimpsed some of the "people" there, and almost all of them had wings or tails or fangs. Any place openly catering to the supernatural was exceedingly dangerous for humans, even a human like himself.
    xxxxOn the other hand, he was pretty sure that rash on his ankle had come from sleeping in the woods. It was cold. It was rainy. Niko was desperate for a roof over his head. He just needed a comfortable place to stay in order to get his priorities in order, and then he was out of this godforsaken place. Tilly's Tavern & Inn was the only place offering lodging in town. He hovered in front of the alley next to the building and glanced at the door from time to time. Some girl tramping down the street had stopped by and broken the door down just minutes earlier, and Niko was waiting for the place to settle down before he risked going in. He also wanted to see how the calamitous girl was treated.

    xxxxThe raindrops slid down Xanthe's neck and bare shoulders, making her shiver. She was thoroughly soaked at this point. However, the rain was the reason she had decided to go to town today. It meant that she wouldn't have to lug water to her tree to water it. The other nymphs always curled up in their trees to keep warm whenever the weather was bad, but Xanthe wasn't other nymphs. Living a life revolved around taking care of your tree was tedious. Yes, she understood that her life was tied to that tree. Yes, she felt the connection that bound them together like a pulsing heartstring. But it wasn't like leaving her sugar maple for a day or two was going to kill it. A leaf drifted off her gown with every stride. Winter was coming. Soon, her gown of leaves would be black, frost would line her body like lace, and her brilliant fall-colored hair would lighten until it was winter silver.
    xxxxXanthe startled when a loud crack split the air. She glanced to the side. It appeared that the door to Tilly's had just been snapped off its hinges. She glanced up and down the mostly deserted street. She had nothing better to do. When she finally made her mind about going in and looked at the front of the building again, she was surprised to see that the door was back in its place. She drifted up to it and tried to push it open, but it felt like there was something holding it against her gentle force. "Um..." she murmured in confusion. Unable of think of a better solution, Xanthe raised one pale hand and knocked.
  17. As Drake was waiting for someone to bring him tools to fix the doors, he heard a small knock come from the other side. After a moment of thinking about it, he decides to see who it is. While still holding up one of the doors, he uses a small bit of his strength and lifts up above his head the door that was knocked on to find a small tree nymph standing outside the doorway. "Yes?" Drake asked, his crimson red eyes staring straight into the soul of the small nymph. He wasn't expecting anyone to knock at this particular time, so he figured he'd take the opportunity to intimidate whoever was on the other side of the door.
  18. xxxxxXanthe backed up a bit, her amber eyes gazing right back into piercing red ones. She hadn't expected a vampire to answer the door. His intense stare had alarmed her at first, and she reminded herself that she wasn't in any danger unless he was interested in drinking tree sap. She realized that he was holding the door up, most likely to fix it. "I'd like to enter the building. Could you let me through?" She put a hand on the door and pushed again. "Please?" she added as an afterthought.
  19. "Just put the doors down, Drake. The hinges are bent. Won't do us any good when the door doesn't shut right." Leone spoke simply. Tilly let out a hiss of sheer annoyance at this point and stormed up the stairs to her room. It was probably better for her to fume up there than fume down here. "Hey Vio, do you know if we have any extra door hinges in the supply room?" He asked as he turned to face the succubus. Seeing as she was dying from laughter on the inside, he casted a sideways glance at Emma in hopes for an answer.
  20. "Sure..." Drake said as he stepped aside in order to make room for the small girl to pass through, but as he moved, he leaned in his heads to the young nymph's ear and whispered with a cynical smile, his fangs fully extended "...but only because you said please. Otherwise I would have eaten you alive little girl. I've been hungry for a long time." He said, simply trying to torment the tree nymph. Now that he has had his moment to hopefully scare the girl, he stands back up straight and faces the bartender to respond "Are you sure? It's really no effort for me to hold them." Drake asked.
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