Till The End of The World

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    Cordelia looked up from her space in the back of the car as it headed down towards the steel colour building that held the three ships that reminded Cordelia an awful lot of Noah's Ark. She felt someone pull at her jacket and she looked down at the small child next to her. "What is it, Lillabeth?" She asked, refeering to the child by her nickname. "I'm scared" Elizabeth revealed as she cuddled up against Cordelia's chest. "It'll be okay, I promise" They hadn't told Elizabeth very much, only that they had to go on a trip for a little while and that they had to take everything they needed with them. Elizabeth held on tightly to her doll, a plush version of her favourite Disney Princess, Belle. "We'll be at the ship soon and you can take out all of your dolls and play for a while" She hoped that at least some other children would be on the ship so that Elizabeth would have someone to play with during their time on board.

    As the car pulled up at the door, she spotted her mother waiting on them near by. Opening the door, she took ahold of Elizabeth's hand and held onto it as she got out of the car. "We best get on board, they aren't sure how much time we have until the ships have to leave" Her mother said. Cordelia nodded her head and moved to pick up her large duffle bag, placing the strap on her shoulder, she handed her mother Elizabeth's bag before picking up the last one herself. "Come on, sweetie" She said as she gave Elizabeth's hand a squeeze before heading into the building. Pulling out their tickets, they were quickly allowed into the main section of the buildings and the staircases that led down to the ships.

    Her father met them at the bottom of the staircase. "Papa" Cordelia said as she kissed her father's cheek, hugging him for a moment before he took her bags from her. "Thank you" She said. Suddenly she heard people shouting from the doors behind them, banging loudly against the bullet proof doors. It seemed like it was now public knowledge about the ships and that there was now uproar about it from the public. Quickly the guards headed out of the building to move the crowds away from the lucky passengers who had managed to secure their tickets. "Come on, baby" Bending down, she picked Elizabeth up and held her close to her chest, not wanting to let her see the crowds and start to worry. Her parents started to lead the way towards the second staircase that led down to the waiting room for each of the ships.

    As they entered the waiting rooms, she sat down with a heavy sigh. Her eyes looked up at the screen that sat in the corner of the room showing the news flashes. It seemed that another Earthquake had hit Africa and that another had just hit Japan. Looking up at her mother, she took a deep breath. She couldn't believe how lucky they had all been to get their tickets, and she was beyond thankful for it. One of the guards came and took their bags to bring them to their rooms. Her eyes looked up as she heard the word 'London', a sudden fear grew in her. London was her home town and almost everyone that she knew lived there. Nothing had been harder for her than getting on that plane and leaving everyone behind, knowing that she'd never see them again, not ever. It seemed that London was currently under water and that the flooding wasn't going to stop any time soon. "Home?" Elizabeth asked, looking up at the familiar land marks of her home town. "It's not home anymore, Lillabeth" Cordelia said sadly as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

    "Can all the passengers for Ship 2 please begin to board" The overhead announced. Standing up, she placed Elizabeth on her hip, worried that someone might knock her down otherwise. Holding onto the girl, she headed towards the door that led from the waiting room to the entrance of the second ship. Her parents led the way into the ship, once inside she allowed herself to look around. It reminded her of a hotel she had once went too, clearly it was to meet the high standards of the guests. "The rooms are not yet ready so we ask for all of our guests to head towards the lounges" The overhead said. Heading down the hallway, she walked through the doors of the lounge and headed towards one of the large sofas. Sitting down next to the arm rest, she placed Elizabeth next to her, wrapping her arms around her small companion.

    Her parents lef in search of friends that had been lucky enough to get tickets as well, so for now the pair of them were alone. She stroked her daughter's hair for a few moments as her daughter played with her Belle teddy.
  2. [​IMG]Alexander was busy placing the bags in his car as well as his parents and two younger brothers. They new about what was going on so it was no scare, as many movies came about and media talk about the end of the world he figured as much would happen, only that he wouldn't be alive to witness it. His two younger brothers who were 12 and 13 were abit shooken but they managed and gather the little items they wanted like video games and what not even though he had no clue if there was going to be a plug in. For himself he brought any books kids appropiate and his age so they wouldn't get bored and coloring books if it came to it.

    In the car all he could think of was how this happened, and why this happened. It was like a nightmare he couldn't wait to wake up from When he looked over Johnathan (12) was sleep and Michael(13) was listening to music on his headphones. His parents were chatting about what they were going to do on the ship and all he could think about was when they'd see land again. Alexander fixed his jacked on his body and then closed his eyes. When they arived the people took their bags and put them in the room. They had just made their ship and boarded when they said Ship 2. His looked around and made sure everyone stayed close and his mom took his brothers hand. Once inside his brothers quickly found some kids to play with while he wandered and his parents kept a close eye on the kids. Walking around he made his way to the lounge, opening the doors it was quite empty except for a young woman and a child and a few old couples. He sat down and pulled out a book and began to read.
  3. Cordelia looked at Elizabeth as the small girl crawled into her lap. Looking at the small backpack next to them, she looked through it for some of Elizabeth's favourite things. Eventually, she pulled out a small storybook of Beauty & The Beast, handing it to Elizabeth, she watched as the child looked through the pages as she leaned back against Cordelia's chest, her thumb in her mouth as she took in the pictures. As Elizabeth was busy with her book, Cordelia pulled out her iPhone and slowly turned it on. Deciding that she needed to check on her friend, she went to her contact and hit the call button. Bringing her phone to her ear, she listened to the message once more. 'I'm sorry but we are experiencing extreme demands for our network at the moment. Please try again later' Cordelia sighed and turned off her phone once more, it was useless. Placing her iPhone in her bag, she pulled Elizabeth close to her once more and decided to read some of the book to the toddler, who cuddled up against her to listen to her once more.

    Suddenly, she spotted someone sitting on the seat next to her. "Hello" She said with a smile, deciding that it would be better to make polite conversation with her fellows passengers as no one knew just how long they would be on board the ship. Elizabeth looked up at the man and smiled at him, waving her hand at him. "'ello" The child said with a smile before looking up at her mother once more. "I'm Cordelia, this is Elizabeth" She revealed as she stroked the girl's hair. "Lillabeth" The child correct her adopted mother. "Okay, Lillabeth" Cordelia said with a smile.
  4. Alexander was amazed by the book he was reading, he had just grabbed a bunch on books off the bookshelf before he left and this one was quite intresting. Turning the page he looked up from his book when he heard someone speak tword him. As he looked at the woman whoo smiled kindly at him and spoke as well as her daughter or younger sister he didn't know which one yet. He returned the smile with one of his own and smiled at the little girl. " Well hello there miss im Alexander but some people call me Alex for short".

    Looking at the woman he was amazed by her beauty, her feautres her stunning and the accent...well it was deffinitally smile worthy. He had the tendency to speak how he felt at the very moment but he figured it be best to keep his mouth shut especially when she might have a husband or boyfriend not far from her. Looking down at his book he marked the page and closed it slowly before looking back at Cordellia and Lillabeth.
  5. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Alex" Cordelia said as she smiled at the man before returning her attention to Elizabeth who was busy playing with the rings on her mother's fingers. "Mama" The small child repeated as she moved the ring up and down the ring finger of her mother's right hand. She noticed that the man they had been speaking to had closed his book and was looking at them both. "What were you reading?" She asked softly as she pushed her hair out of her face as she watched him, her eyes moving down to his book for a moment or two before she returned her attention to his face.

    He was rather handsome to say the least, his eyes... She forced herself out of her daydream, someone that handsome had to have a girlfriend near by, if not a fiancee or even a wife, but she didn't spot a ring on his left hand, maybe he didn't wear one, she knew lots of men who didn't. "Do you have any idea when we'll be allowed into our rooms?" She asked, wanting to let Elizabeth nap for a while so that she could unpack all their things and set up Elizabeth's DVD player for her, and perhaps get a quiet word in with her mother.
  6. Ethan looked at the book and then at Cordelia " Its called The Wait, a book about a man who fell inlove with a women though she was of a diffrent background from himself but he promised they'd be together no matter what, kinda like a tragic romance so to speak". When Lillabeth called her mama he knew that she was the girl's mother and that there was a good chance she was married or had a boyfriend " Um i actually dont know when exactly they will be letting us head to the rooms but i think in a few minutes or so". Alex couldn't help but smile when he looked at her, he felt like a little kid in a candy store.

    Looking over he saw the old couple reading a book toghether, and then from his view through the window doors of the lounge there were people hugging one another and crying, mabey for happiness or for sadness he couldn't tell. Childeren cried and babies, some people argued and other kissed passionatially. Turning his attention back tword the book and Cordelia he just couldn't help but think of the other people that didn't make it and it made him wonder.
  7. "I think I might have read that, it sounds familiar" Cordelia followed his eyes and looked out the window with a heavy sigh. "It's horrible, to think of everyone out there. Even more so the people who can't fend for themselves" She said sadly before looking down at Elizabeth, she rested her hand on the child's cheek. "I'm just lucky I managed to get her on with me too, she's the most important person" Cordelia said, as though knowing that she was being talked about, Elizabeth raised her head and looked at her mother. "Grandpa, Grandma" The child reminded her. "And grandma and grandpa too. The four of us will be fine" She said as she tickled the little girl's nose for a moment before returning her attention to Alex.

    Elizabeth yawned loudly and cuddled up to her mother. "Are you travelling alone?" She asked Alex. She could really use a friend on board the ship and Alex didn't seem too bad, and plus, he was easy on the eyes, which was always a plus. "Or are your family with you?" She knew that people had struggled to get enough tickets for their whole family so hard decisions had to be made. No doubt he had a girlfriend somewhere, but she did hope that at least one person from his family had managed to get on board with him.
  8. " I think you might its a really great book". Ethan looked at the ground and tried to get his thoughs cleared up. The whole world was in chaos and not only that people had to leave loved ones behind. The whole matter made no sense and he wondered why God would punish the world this way, but the n again he was probubally sick of all the war, things always happen for a reason..atleast thats what he keeps telling himself. " Yeah it is sad and i wish there was more i could do but i cant..things just happen.". He sighed and then ran his hands through his hair. " Well yes i came with my parents and my two younger brothers and im guess you have more family on board as well".

    Alex watched as the little girl fell asleep and then he looked around, it was nice but it was nothing compared to his house.. im a homey type of way. He was always comfortable in his own home eating his own food, doing his own things and now everything would be diffrent. The good part was that his parents bought themselves and his brothers a room to share and he had a room to himself but another bed incase there was no room for another person somewhere else, alothough he didn't mind since it was a tough time.
  9. "Just my parents, Elizabeth and I" Cordelia revealed as she stroked the girl's hair. She was rather shocked that he didn't have a girlfriend or fiancee with him, though no doubt some lucky woman on board the ship would probably change that. The voice of the overhead announced that the passengers could now go to their rooms and that the ship would be leaving the 'docks' in ten minutes. Standing up, she picked up Elizabeth's backpack and placed it on her back. "It was nice talking to you Alex. Maybe I'll see you at dinner" She said, she knew dinner was planned for forty minutes time, which was just long enough for Elizabeth to take a nap while she unpacked all of their things. With one last smile at Alex, she slowly headed out of the room and followed the signposts to their room.

    Walking down the long hallway, she tried to find her room. Eventually she found room 182 and placed her key inside the lock, turning it and pushing down the handle as best as she could with a sleeping child in her arms. She placed Elizabeth down in the small bed before she shut the door. Their bags were already waiting on them and she started to unpack everything once more, knowing that they were going to be there for at least a few weeks if not longer. She started to feel a small movement in the ship, it seemed that the engines were starting. The shouts from outside could even be heard from her room. Cordelia was just thankful that Elizabeth was fast asleep.
  10. Deep down Alex was glad that she didn't have a husband or a boyfriend for that matter but he knew that their were other men on the ship that would try to persue her" Yes deffinitally dinner". She seemed to be from London with the accent she had he he heard plenty of Guys with the same accent as her on board..Mabey she likes london guys..He though as he watched her leave. His Brooklyn accent was hevy and sometimes he'd cover it up. Getting up he clentched onto his book and made his way to his room 183. His parents and brother were in room 181 so it was close to his.

    Unpacking his bags and placing the clothes in drawers. He put some pictures on the dresser. Ones of his friends and family, he gave a weak smile as he looked at the pictures but then continued packing. Putting his phone on the dresser as whell as his computer and books he kept some of his other thing in his suitcase and placed it against the wall. Alex layed on the bed and listened to the sounds of people and the guys indicating the boat was leaving, and slowly he closed his eyes.
  11. After eventually unpacking, Cordelia decided that she would be best off to change into something a little lighter, it had been roasting in the lounge earlier. She changed her heavy jumper for a cream coloured blouse and a simple cashmere cardigan. Of course, Elizabeth remained in her normal clothes. Picking up Elizabeth's back, Cordelia watched as the child moved to pick up her favourite toys and anything else the child thought she needed and place them into the backpack. Eventually, Cordelia zipped the bag up and placed it on Elizabeth's back. The overvoice announced that dinner was now being served for passengers in the Great Hall.

    Moving to pull her hair up into a bun, she picked Elizabeth up and headed out of the room and towards the door. She had to admit, the rooms weren't very big, at least the one she had managed to get, the only saving grace was that it had a small living room like area that Elizabeth would no doubt use as a playroom. Heading out of the room, she shut the door behind her and went to lock the door when she dropped the keys. Sighing, she looked down at Elizabeth once more.
  12. When the announcment came on that they'd be serving food in the Great Hall his stomach growled and he sat up quickly and got dressed putting on a long sleeve navy polo shirt and Densil loose fitting demin jeans. Walking over he put on his watch that he had placed on his dresser and then he put on his shoes. He knew his parents were already thier with his brother or they were already leaving, mabey even still getting ready.

    Walking into the bathroom he looked in the mirror hoping he looked okay. His hair was fine and his face was nicely shaved. He check himself one more time before grabbing his room key and opening the door and closing it behind him. When he turned he was shocked to see Cordelia and Lillabeth standing infront of him..well Cordelia was picking up her keys. He tapped her shoulder hoping not to scare her " What a pleasure seeing you again". He smiled and then waved at the little girl.
  13. Cordelia bent down to pick up the keys, eventually she moved to placed it into the lock and turn it, finally locking the room. Suddenly she felt someone tap her shoulder and she turned to look at him. Her face then broke out in a soft smile. "Hello Alex" She said as she moved Elizabeth on her hip, she watched as the girl waved her hand at Alex with a bright smile as she clutched her Belle doll close to her chest once more. Placing her keys in her bag, she looked at Alex before she began to lead the way down the hallway.

    "You must be staying fairly close, what room are you in?" She asked softly, not knowing that they were neighbours. It was rather funny how things work out. She followed the sign posts from the hallway to the Grand Hall. She sighed as they joined the line to get a table. "It's funny how things work out" She admitted. When they got to the top of the line she smiled at the waitress. "Can I have a table for two please?" The waitress looked around and shook her head sadly. "All tables for two are full, and we're under orders to make sure no table has empty seats, but we do have a table for three if you all wish to dine together" The waitress said, looking from Elizabeth to Alex.
  14. Alex laughed and then locked the door to his room. " My room's 181". He pointed tword his room across from hers. He couldn't take his eyes off her and her outfit was amazing, he knew she deffinitally had a wealthy family.Following Cordelia and her daughter to the Great Hall he saw many people eacting and chatting with their friends and family. The tables were full but he managed to spot out his parents and brothers who were eating and talking. Micheal looked over and waved and he waved back.

    When the lady said there were no more tables for two and he'd could eat with just the tree of them he nodded and then walked over and sat at the table. He was amazed how the room got filled so quickly when the announcment had just came on but then again he figured they had alreadt been waiting outside to eat. Wondering what food they had he couldn't help but keep looking around at all the people.
  15. Cordelia allowed the woman to led them over to one of the tables in the corner of the room. One of the chairs was quickly changed to a high chair for Elizabeth. "This place did fill up fast" She said, her English accent quickly filled the air. The waitress nodded as she handed out the menus to them both. "It seemed that most people were waiting to get in, it's been a long day for most, many have had to fly in and come straight here without having anything to eat in between. It's been hours since some people have even drank last" The girl said before pulling out her little notebook. "Can I get you both drinks?" She asked.

    "Can I have a coke and a glass of orange juice?" She asked, the girl nodded and looked at Alex, after getting his drink order she nodded and began to leave "I'll be back to get your food order when your drinks are ready" She revealed, leaving the couple alone. Cordelia looked around the room for a moment. "Are the rest of your family in here?" She asked, hoping that he could point them out to her. It seemed that her parents weren't in that.
  16. Once they were seated the lady took their order on drinks. " Ill have a pepsi miss". He nodded and then looked at Cordelia when she asked the question. " Yes i saw them there acroos from the big man and his three children with the hat". He pointed them out chatting and drinking their drinks they ordered. He smiled knowing they were able to find a table to eat.

    He looked at Cordelia once more " so where is your other family members?". He asked curiously. Shifting his eyes he looked over at a female that was looking at him he nodded and then looked away. Not that she was ungly but he wasn't intrested in her at all. Im the past his relationships endded bad because of him so to speak, he had a hard time admitting his feelings and emotions tword someone and as many people that he dated he had never been inlove and it scared him to fall inlove with someone so he shut people out so he wouldn't get hurt or hurt someone.
  17. "Oh, I see them" Cordelia said, following his instructions to see his family. "Two brothers, they both look younger than you, how big is the age gap?" She asked, she would have loved to of had just one more sibling, though the only sibling she had was her sister who had passed away before hand. She looked around for her parents, soon she spotted them being seated in the opposite corner. "That's them there, the blonde haired woman and the dark haired man" She said, turning to look at him in time to see him looking away from another woman.

    "It's just us and them. I did have a sister, she's Elizabeth's mother but it's a long story" She said with a heavy sigh as she moved to touch Elizabeth's hair before looking at Alex once more. "I'll have to apologise to her parents and your brothers for stealing you away from them for dinner" She said as the waitress returned with their drinks. "Thank you" Cordelia said as she moved to orange juice into Elizabeth's sippy cup, handing it to the girl before placing her order. "Can I have the cesar salad, but with no dressing or cheese?" She asked, the girl nodded. "And can I have the stew for Elizabeth" The waitress wrote it down before turning her attention to Alex "And yourself?" She asked him.
  18. Ethan nodded when she spotted his parents and brother and then looked over to see her parents. She deffenitally resembled both her parents. Looking back at Cordelia he sighed " Well there is a big age diffrence since im twenty four and the oldest is thirteen so about and eleven year diffrence. He looked back over at his parents " Oh no need they know i dont plan to spend all my time with them". When the waitress came back he looked at her " Ill have the salmon please".

    " So your sister gave birth to her but died and you raised her". He hoped he understood well. He knew it would be intresting having someone to chat with while they were on board. He looked over and watched the people head to the back and prepare the food, from his ear sight he heard a couple arguing about someone cheating on the other. Shaking his head he was glad his parents had a good marriage.
  19. Cordelia nodded her head. "Basically, yes" She said with a nod and a soft smile. Much like Alex, she heard the people arguing. "I don't see why anyone would cheat in the first place" She had that happen to her once and she was never letting that happen again. "You should be happy with the person you're with otherwise you shouldn't be with them at all" She picked up her coke and took a small sip as she thought for a few minutes.

    "Are your parents and brothers staying in the same room as you?" She expected all the rooms on their floor to be exactly the same, so she doubted he had anymore than two beds in his room, so his answer was probably no. "It's rather fun how it all worked out" It was rather unexpect to run into someone then find out that your rooms are right next to each other, talk about fate. Her eyes looked up at the TV as the news came back on. She sighed once more, she felt horrible for being on the ship, safe and secure while everyone else was out there.
  20. ( My bad for putting Ethan)

    Alex was glad he got to meet someone like Cordelia , she was attractive yet classy and smart a deffinite turn on. H e looked over at the couple and then sighed once more " Your completly right, people who cheat get caught eventually no matter what situation on crises in this matter, cheating is low and if you loved that person you should be with them, if things dont work out end ir but dont cheat.

    " My parents and brothers are in another room and i have one to myself but its a two bedroom incase someone needs a bed, and its cool that my parents are down the hall..it took alot of money so we could all be together, i am glad how things worked out though". He smiled and waited for their food to arive which was shortly after. She placed the stew infron of Lillabeth and the salad infront of Cordelia, and lastly the salmon infront of him. Alex thanked the lady and looked at his food.