Till death tore them apart (1x1 closed)

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Allex Clarity

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The rain was pouring hard and loud outside, and the weather was pretty chilly , for the beginning of autumn.
despite that, ignoring everything, the sounds of the thunders and the rain hitting against the window, the young couple was snnugled together under the covers of their bed planning things for their new life.
" and.. and i want a big sofa. like a huge one" the soft voice of the red haired female was heard. it was barely a whisper but it sounded energetyc.she knew he was tired, from driving all day long but she was way too excited about this new start in life in order to let him rest so she kept blabbering about how she would like to decorate the house until the male fell asleep in her arms, snoring a little
Rose paused from her monnolog and stared at him through the dim light in the room , provided by a small lamp. she slowly leaned in and kissed his head softly and long fixing a strand of his hair and slipping off from his arms slowly to not wake him up. walking tip toe, she reached the bathroom and started to brush her teeth calmly and remove her make up. the house was a big new house, with few furniture objects, and big unpacked boxes with all their stuff. most of the furniture was wrapped in plastic wrappers and everything was surrounded by a scent of new.
after finishing washing up and changing into her sleeping dress she got back in the room and crawled beside the male calmly nuzzling with her back against his chest and wrapping an arm of his around her slowly nuzzling tightly to his body falling asleep in his arms while starring at their wedding rings.Rose wasnt older than 24 years. yet sometimes she acted like she was 4, but only around him. after she lost her only shelter, her mother, this male turned out to be more than she ever thought, from her best friend, turning to her soul mate. she couldnt have had been happier than that. after wedding, they had a wonderful honeymoon in Maldive, a dream honeymoon. she felt like a princess with him, and he was treating her like one. and now they started a new life together, in a new house, a new tone, and her wearing a few name. she couldnt love her life more.
the next day, the rain stopped , but the sky was still grey and covered with heavy rain clouds. Rose woke up first like always and turned to her husband poking his nose softly with her finger a few times to wake him up. seeing him open his eyes she smiled and stole a soft kiss before she got up " good morning " she said cheerfully stretching her arms and back happily before she jumped out of bed calmly . the room was now fully lighted since there were no curtains at the windows. " eggs and bacon like always ?" she asked happily starring at him
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