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    • [BCOLOR=#333333]V E S C E R O S[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]The country of Vesceros has long been a divided one; despite being under the rule of a single emperor the land has always been divided into twelve kingdoms, each with their own royalty, cultures and purposes in regards to the economy of the land. Alliances and enemies have been formed between these kingdoms, and wars constantly plague the Empire.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Emperor Nathaniel de Verossa, the sixteenth of his generation to rule the entire country, is growing old. Without an heir, he has decided that the eldest heir or heiress of each of the kingdoms in his Empire will be married to that of another kingdom. This will not only eradicate the wars of the country, but will also help the Vescerosian Council determine the new Emperor and Empress; the couple who best rules their kingdom for a year after they are married will rule the entire empire.[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=#333333]M O O R V A I N S[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: plains[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Moorvains is the most economically powerful kingdom in the country, besides the Capital. The people are merchants and farmers who occupy the plains with huge trading towns or fields for livestock. People travel all the way across the country to sell their products in Moorvains. Due to the country's close proximity to the Capital, they are very involved in politics.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]R A S T S T H W H A[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: tropical/jungle[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]A kingdom known for its hardworking people, great surplus of food, its sugar and its rum. They're seen as drunkards due to the association with the strong drink, but they actually have a legendary tolerance for the stuff and don't even get fazed by normal amounts. They're not technologically advanced and are scene as a "primitive" nation.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]R A H ' V I R A[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: desert[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]A nation inhabited solely for the sake of its bountiful supply of gold and silver, there isn't much water that's drinkable and most towns gain it from underground. They are next to the ocean and make steady profits mining salts as well. They're known as shrewd traders and have a pessimistic outlook on life.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]V E L A N C H A[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: mountains[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]This kingdom is hidden in a valley, bordered on all sides by huge, treacherous mountains only the citizens know how to properly navigate. Inside the valley is the largest military base in Vesceros; the warmongering Velanchians consider it an honour to die in battle. They are a powerful kingdom due to their impressive military prowess but can occasionally be persuaded to fight for another kingdom, usually for money. They have a rivarly with Cavanaugh.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]C A V A N A U G H[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: mountains[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Easily the most opulent kingdom, Cavanaugh is renowned for their precious gems and dazzling jewellery. The kingdom is made of several large mining families who make tonnes of gold and silver from the precious stones they find in their mountains, which are slightly smaller than that of Velancha. Cavanaugh has a rivalry with Velancha due to their close proximity. The Cavanaugh royals are the richest.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]G R E N D E L H E I M[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: northlands[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]A country made of hard, frozen men and powerful animals. It always snows and it always teems with life in defiance to that. They're known for their superior breeds of hunting dogs, ice that they export in massive, tonne weighing blocks to keep it from melting quickly, and their legendary prey that's hunt for both necessity and sport. They're seen as incredibly fierce and territorial and absolutely hate hot weather.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]D E T R O V A S I A[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: ocean[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]An island nation off the coast of Rah'vira, it mainly exports fish and pearls. Seen as rather primitive and a jolly folk, they supply the desert country with most of its food through dried fish in exchange for financial backing in matters of political intrigue.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]S A N C T U A R Y[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: semi-desert[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Simply named 'Sanctuary', this nation is the crime capital of Vesceros and is referred to as 'Paradise for Escapees'. Every year, hundreds of exiled citizens from other kingdoms flee to Sanctuary to start a new life. Crime is abundant there but the harsh guards manage to keep things relatively under control. This nation is very independent, with small farms here and there, but they still need to import from other nations. They offer mercenaries in return.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]W R A L T H O N[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: forest [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]The vasts forest of Wralthon are home to the best archers and hunters in the land. The kingdom is also home to loggers who export large amounts of timber to other kingdoms. Despite wood being their main export they still manage to keep the forests of Wralthon vast and lush. Wralthon has an alliance with Grendelheim as they trade wood for hunting dogs.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]D U V A R I A N[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: wasteland[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]A dry wasteland with little rain and no prospects, Duvarian is occupied by industries and factories that import raw materials from other kingdoms and turn them into completed products. Most people who work in Duvarian are middle-class or poor; only the royal family are well off. Many Duvarians travel to Moorvains to sell the products they are unable to sell to other kingdoms.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]M O O N S A G E[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: forest[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Moonsage is the religious capital of Vesceros. They take the religion of Saatham, the most commonly practiced religion in Vesceros, very seriously and are incredibly faithful. They also experiment with natural herbal remedies and reject the concept of modern medicine. Moonsage is the weakest kingdom economically but the people and royals are content with their way of life.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]T A L O R[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]BIOME: tundra[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]The most intellectual scholars and wisest teachers in the land come from Talor. Scientists, inventors, scholars, academics and writers make up the population of Talor. The kingdom is filled with the largest and best known schools, universities and libraries in all of Vesceros. Those from Talor look down upon those from Moonsage as they refuse to accept the advances of science.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]___: reserved by @Shayla[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]Adrianna @Pasi[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Mistokhida Grabev: played by @Lurcolm[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]___: reserved by ___[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Dratae Kynch: played by @Ulysses[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Yeshra AdharaEIR OF[BCOLOR=#333333] CAVANAUGH[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]: reserved by @DANAsaur [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]___: reserved by @Vio[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Calder Balsam-Anise Vann: reserved by @MaryGoldRound[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Odessa Delyth Lupus II: played by @Mysty [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Akinyi Masika: reserved by @Darru[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]___: reserved by @Justinaholic[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Andelina de la Vaceska: played by @lxngdon[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]Sebastian de la Vaceska: played by @Akashi[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Nikolay Chernev: played by @Aleksandar[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]Current male to female count: 6 : 7[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=#333333]1. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]2. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]3. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]4. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]5. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]7. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]8. ___ x ___[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333](The pairings will be determined by lxngdon and Lurcolm, and will be announced when all places have been taken.[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=#333333]NAME[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]AGE (between 16 and 26)[/BCOLOR]




      [BCOLOR=#333333]PERSONAL HISTORY (optional)[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=#333333]1. Unless this is changed by myself or the co-GM, only one character is allowed per player, and only one character per kingdom.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]2. The pairings will ultimately be decided by lxngdon and Lurcolm. If you have a major issue with the character yours has been paired with, please let us know, but otherwise, our decision is final.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]3. Only heterosexual pairings will be made. I have no issues with the LGBT community (being bisexual myself) but for the sake of the medieval setting, these pairings will be straight. However, you can make a gay character if you think that would be good.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]4. Please respect one another OOC.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]5. Put "long live the king" at the end of your CS in a bright colour to prove you have read the rules.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]6. Please stick to the CS I have provided. If you want to add additional information, that is fine, but please stick to the template.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]7. Only realistic face claims are allowed.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]8. THIS ROLEPLAY IS BEST COME, BEST DRESSED! You need to get in first in order to secure the kingdom you want. [/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]9. Please, have fun! This is the most important part![/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#333333]10. NO SEXUAL SCENES: fade to black only. I don't mind if you go into explicit detail in PMs.[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=#333333]- The roleplay will start with a Grand Ball in the Capital, which is where the Emperor lives, where all the characters will meet and interact with one another for the first time.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]- The roleplay will stretch a little into the ruling of each individual kingdom. The pairings will go to the kingdom of the man; the female's kingdom will be ruled by their parents and inherited by their younger siblings. So, if you're playing a female, make sure they have a younger sibling.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=#333333]- The main religion of the country is Saatham, which is predominately practiced in Moonsage. It follows the same idea as Christianity; they follow one deity, Vellha, and practices in the ideals of peace, prosperity and selflessness. There are no dietary restrictions but it does forbid sexual interactions before marriage. They have priests and churches.[/BCOLOR]

    GMs: @lxngdon and @Lurcolm

    Tagging people who showed interest: @Shayla @Pasi @DelilahSparks @-Vesper- @Vio @MaryGoldRound @Ulysses @Alexstrasza @Mysty @derelict_lilyflower @Darru @DANAsaur @LostInWonderLand @Nightwing95

    We may actually need to open up more spaces.
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  1. [BCOLOR=#000080]a n d e l i n a[/BCOLOR]
    "So what if I'm a filthy heathen? At least I have common sense."

    [BCOLOR=#000080]N A M E[/BCOLOR]
    Andelina Rosanna Catherine de la Vaceska

    [BCOLOR=#000080]P R O N U N C I A T I O N[/BCOLOR]
    AN-del-een-a ROZE-anna KATH-a-rin day lah Va-CHESS-ka

    [BCOLOR=#000080]N I C K N A M E / S[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]A G E[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]B I R T H D A Y[/BCOLOR]
    3 June

    [BCOLOR=#000080]K I N G D O M[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000080]H A I R[/BCOLOR]
    Light blonde, curly, shoulder-length

    [BCOLOR=#000080]E Y E S[/BCOLOR]
    Light blue

    [BCOLOR=#000080]H E I G H T[/BCOLOR]
    5'6" (168cm)

    [BCOLOR=#000080]W E I G H T[/BCOLOR]
    126lbs (57kg)

    [BCOLOR=#000080]S K I N[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]D R E S S[/BCOLOR]
    Andelina dresses in long, flowing, modest gowns that cover her chest and legs, due to her kingdom's culture and views on modesty. She wears minimal jewellery but has a few pieces she is never seen without; her diamond earrings and matching necklace. She wears flat shoes and always has her hair out. She has an affinity for the colour blue.

    [BCOLOR=#000080]P I E R C I N G S[/BCOLOR]
    Both earlobes

    [BCOLOR=#000080]M A R K S[/BCOLOR]
    A birthmark on her right wrist, shaped like a heart

    [BCOLOR=#000080]P E R S O N A L I T Y[/BCOLOR]
    Andelina is a [BCOLOR=#000080]kind[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#000080]caring[/BCOLOR] person; she is the kind of person to put other people before herself. She is very [BCOLOR=#000080]charitable[/BCOLOR]; she tries to make sure the people of Moonsage have everything they need. However, she is quite [BCOLOR=#000080]rebellious[/BCOLOR] in one aspect; she absolutely does not follow the religion her kingdom is renowned for. She does not consider it practical when the advances of modern science are readily available for them to adopt. She is quite [BCOLOR=#000080]independent[/BCOLOR] and does not like to keep many servants with her. Andelina is a very [BCOLOR=#000080]intellectual[/BCOLOR] person; she longs for an escape from Moonsage and into a nation with more connections to modern science.

    [BCOLOR=#000080]L I K E S[/BCOLOR]
    Books | Reading | Dreaming | Sleeping | Sewing | Her hair | Travelling | Seafood | Horse-riding | Birds | Animals | Mint | Sage | Rosemary | Cooking | Dancing | Celebrations | Festivals | Weddings | Diamonds | The colour blue | The ocean | Libraries | Old buildings | Science

    [BCOLOR=#000080]D I S L I K E S[/BCOLOR]
    Religion | Her parents | Being restricted | Heights | Tyrants | Bullies | Obnoxious rulers | Impractical people | Church | Getting up in the morning | Seeing people suffer | The fashions of her kingdom | Bigots | Racists | Tough meat | Spoiled children

    [BCOLOR=#000080]H O B B I E S[/BCOLOR]
    Painting | Sewing | Reading

    [BCOLOR=#000080]H A B I T S[/BCOLOR]
    Teeth-grinding when nervous

    [BCOLOR=#000080]S E C R E T S[/BCOLOR]
    Andelina hates her kingdom and desperately wants to leave

    [BCOLOR=#000080]F A M I L Y[/BCOLOR]
    Jorson de la Vaceska | Father | Alive | 60 | King of Moonsage
    Laurel de la Vaceska Mother | Alive | 47 | Queen of Moonsage
    Eviel de la Vaceska | Younger Sister | Alive | 14 | Princess of Moonsage

    [BCOLOR=#000080]F R I E N D S[/BCOLOR]
    Marielle | Handmaiden

    "Heresy. My favourite fragrance."

    face claim; [BCOLOR=#000080]MARGOT ROBBIE[/BCOLOR]

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  2. [​IMG]
    Akinyi Masika (open)
    Akinyi Masika
    A-ki-ni Mas-icha
    - N/A
    15 September

    Chestnut color, curly
    - An energizing amber color
    - 1,55 meters
    - 49 kg
    -A skin softly tanned
    Most of the times,Akinyi wears simple pieces of clothes. Leather combined with different accessories took from animals, feathers, claws. In her kingdom, Akinyi was always barefoot, so she feels uncomfortable when she wears shoes.
    - N/A
    - Her upper left of the back alongside with the left arm present scars
    - She has on her right leg, the birthmark of the Masika family: a spear

    Being the first born of the Masika clan, she had to pass the courage test. For generation, every first born of the royal family must spend 10 days in the wild.Throw in the wild, at 10, Akinyi bonded with nature and the animals. In those 10 days, she discovered a lot about herself. How much she hated the Rainbow Frogs, or why the Khah Mushrooms are named Khah. Discovered that courage comes from the fear of not knowing and it is ok to be scared of the dark, but imprudence and foolishness is paid; maybe sometimes is paid with tears and blood. As she fell asleep under the roots of an old pine, a fox attacked her, her upper left of the back alongside with the left arm were wounded. She escaped from the surprise attack using a small knife she had tied to her ankle. The test of courage is completed in the moment when she returns on the 10th day with a guardian. In their beliefs, every first born of the royalty must have a guardian. The way to choose a guardian is easy, you call your ancestors and together with your spirit, your guardian will appear. She returned home with a wolf cub, as she came back, the image of her father reminded her why Akinyi loved him the most.Akinyi's father, was and it is a dominant figure in her life, she always aspired to be like him: fearless, courageous, kind and wise.
    Her interest was always picked when it came to nature, wild animals and their cohabitation with the humans. The interaction between humans and nature always intrigued her. Her attention got diverted toward the nature of the human mind, the way of thinking and the path toward self-growth. As years passed her interest was maintained by her mothers pushes behind the back. Akinyi became a great strategist among the soldiers, she knew how to take advantage of the surroundings in any conditions, to trick the enemy and win a battle.
    Passioned by the growth of her own kingdom, she participated alongside with her father in numerous conflicts, intern of extern , she always had a word to say, her opinion was equals to her fathers. On her 18 birthday she received a wolf cub, unlike the wolves Akinyi was used to, the winter wolves were bigger and larger, stronger and loyal to the bones, the gift she got from Grendelheim made her heart to be filled with joy. She gets impressed easily, but is not a fool to fall for traps, diplomacy is not her strong point, as she is more of a straight-to-the-point person

    - A good hunt
    - Nature, animals
    - Rainbow frogs: poisonous frogs that lure their prey with their colorful skin
    -Khah Mushrooms: they smell and taste like (you know, that thing you do daily), but are the remedy for the Rainbow Frogs
    - Sour candies
    - Hates to not know things
    - She refers to men as "brothers"
    - Likes to feel one with nature(if you know what I mean) when she sleeps, with snow.
    -Bites her lower lip when something is not as she planned
    -When she is scared, Akinyi starts to hum a lullaby
    -She fell in love with a Grendelheim soldier
    -Murdered 2 kids brutally
    - She stabbed herself to let a prisoner escape

    - Father
    -Annoying little brother
    - N/A

    PERSONAL HISTORY (optional)
    - She hates being the center of attention
    - Unlike the soldiers from her kingdom, she possess great skills, her speed and agility being above the average.
    -Her wolf, Snow is always with her, rarely are separated
    - Akinyi accuracy with the bow is quite frightening

    Face Claim : Ashley Moore​
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  3. NAME
    Yeshra Adhara

    Yesh-ra Ad-ha-ra


    4th February


    Dark brown


    5'3 ft

    123 lbs


    Yeshra only dress herself with gowns made out of the finest silks and satins that modestly covers her body yet accentuates her curves. She is quite the trendsetter wearing gowns or dresses with embellishments or embroidery. She usually wears heavy and dazzling jewelries that shows off their precious jewels.



    Just like how a diamond is made, Yeshra knows how to handle stress and pressure very well. She has strong and independent instincts due to her difficult past and is good at thinking outside the box. She can be socially adept when needed but she's usually hard and cold.

    Though Yeshra can be rather blunt, misanthropic, sarcastic, bitingly cynical and cold, she has a very vulnerable side which she only shows around her family and friends, and she has a natural maternal instincts. She is usually very logical except for times when her emotions get in the way.

    Yeshra is very strong, stubborn and determined. Often, she will react first and ask questions later. She will do anything for her kingdom and her family. She had to discipline herself to undergo military training in order to prove that she could be independent but her unwillingness to take orders was perceived as her greatest weakness.

    Even though she can sometimes be a bit self-centered and self-reliant, she does have noble traits, protecting those she loves. Nevertheless, she was a fiercely determined and resourceful girl. She is almost always in disagreement with authority figures and likes to use her own resources.

    Yeshra is loyal to no one but her family and had issues when it comes to trusting others. She also suffers from a borderline personality disorder, exhibiting the following traits: Mood swings, an intense fear of abandonment and emotional episodes that can make her violent and dangerous.

    Fashion | jewels | nature | gold | knowledge | freedom | flowers | peace

    Liars | traitors | rejection | rain | authority

    Baking | metal work | making jewelries | cross stitch | sewing

    plays with her necklace or bracelet when anxious or nervous

    Has a secret crush on the heir of Velancha
    Often sneaks out of the castle to find her own jewels

    King of Cavanaugh
    Queen of Cavanaugh

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  4. Reserve for male cavanagh heir.
  5. Also face claim for Jason momoa.
  6. I thought you were Velancha? You can only have one character right now.
  7. Reserved Prince of Raststhwah
  8. What do you mean?
  9. naw, nevermind
  10. Reserving heir of Sanctuary. (Female)
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  11. [BCOLOR=#333333] 308eee067694805c4252c900dca77acf.jpg [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]NAME: Mistokhida Grabev[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]PRONUNCIATION: Mist-ok-hee-dah Grah-bev[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]NICKNAME/S: Mist[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]AGE 18[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]BIRTHDAY 2 March[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]KINGDOM: Raststhwah[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]HAIR: Black[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]EYES: Dark brown[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]HEIGHT: 1.93 m (Six foot three inches)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]WEIGHT 93.6 kg (206 lbs)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]SKIN: Brown[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]DRESS:Simple Cotton shirt and pants with sturdy leather shoes[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]MARKS: Various scars along his arms and legs because of his "adventures"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]PERSONALITY: He's a kind, stubborn gentleman who doesn't care what people thinks of him, although he gets mad if people insult his people and his friends. He's very impulsive and does things without thinking it through.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]LIKES: Rum; Sugarloaf; Good Food; Trekking through his homeland; climbing; comfortable clothing; women[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]DISLIKES:Arrogance; bad food; cold weather; monkeys[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]HOBBIES: Distilling rum, sugar farming[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]HABITS Rubs the back of his neck when nervous; his face is completely emotional when emotionally distressed; cracks his knuckles when bored[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333] He secretly hates himself, but refuses to let anyone see it.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]FAMILY: A Father and two sisters[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]FRIENDS: A mercenary named Dradeek[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]OTHER RELATIONS: A personal workcrew he uses for his own little sugar farm and rum distillery[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]He has an irrational fear of lightning[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]He loves walking barefoot and will do so wherever he can[/BCOLOR]
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  12. He is wonderful, 100% accepted, but did I really need to tell you this?
  13. No, but it's proper protocol
  14. You make a fine point, good sir
  15. Could I reserve the heir of Moorvains? Princess and FC undecided.
  16. Of course.
  17. Wow! We only need one more female!
  18. Yeah sorry was looking at the reply above and got mixed up, yeah the male velancha and I guess face claim Jason momoa
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