Tigers from the Ashes; Eastern Medieval Fantasy RP

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  1. The Majestic Tiger, now but a shadow of its former glory; caged, sickly, and starving. The yoke of Imperial Administration has brought the kingdom of Horangguk to its knees; the demands of the empire extorted from the realm raise taxes and force lives under heel under threat of conquest.

    Whether the Majestic Tiger should have fought the Almighty Dragon sits in the minds of the best and brightest down to the peasants tilling the land. Now, Horangguk is in decline. Taxes raise every year, coin and rice taken from the poor and hungry for tribute to the Meongang Empire; extortion under threat of conquest. Despite this, the dangers that plague the kingdom only grow as well.

    One such town of Horangguk, Bieodeog, is home to you. The palisade that sits between the edge of town and the bandit rife wilderness used to suffice to keep the town safe, but with times so dark many have turned to dishonourable living to make their way. Desperate times have made times more desperate. The trade that used to keep the town alive has crawled to a halt as the wilderness grows more dangerous, and blood spilled last the tax collector came.

    He did not leave with his taxed coin, rice, or his life.

    That day, the tax collector, eleven guardsmen, and four members of the town had died with another dozen dying since due to complications from their wounds. One of the tax collector’s retinue managed to escape beyond the palisade, away from the town. While the townspeople felt that they were righteous in their refusal to give up so much for taxes, and are firm to claim that it was the tax collector’s guards who had drew first blood; the lone survivor would tell another tale.

    It would be the first time that the people were thankful for the bandits that infested the roads; perhaps they could handle the collector’s man and take the blame for it. But without any confirmation on the fate of the last man, a looming dread has filled the town. People stayed at first, but began to pack up and move, not wanting to be there when retribution came.

    And that’s where you are. The high taxes will seem a pittance compared to what will be wrought from the town’s bare coffers for their killing royal officials as they have. Whether you were among them or not, if justice came it would not be with mercy, and it would be met out indiscriminately.

    Or, so the fear goes.

    And that’s where we’ll be beginning. The RP will start in Bieodeog, a town within Horangguk, which is a kingdom existing as a tributary state to the empire known colloquially as Meongang. Bieodeog is a hilly (and wet) region in the northern part of Horangguk, surrounded for the most part by forests and woods. You don’t know too much about the area beyond the woods, mostly as that never being too important to your lives to actually learn it.

    Now, in character your characters won’t know that their lives are about to change to become part of some journey, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make it clear in the OOC that, yeah, there’s going to be a journey. Like, there’s a definitive plot. I don’t want to spoil too much other than the basics of it are ‘Heroes get the MacGuffin, and then do a thing with it’. Y’know, a pretty simple story, the interesting parts will be everything on that skeleton.

    Most of the world building in this RP will be done through exploring the environment, talking with NPCs, and actually doing shit. Because of this, the way your character interacts with the environment will be pretty important, and so this RP is going to be a bit different than normal RPs. It will require a bit more investment per post, which is why I’m having a slower speed for this. This will also be enforced collab heavy. Instead of a normal posting style where everyone does their character in rounds, there will instead be a central Google Doc that everyone will have access to edit, and then when a round is done it’ll be finalized and posted and may have a solitary GM post to go next before you guys go again, or it may not.

    Normal post style posts will be reserved for solitary or introspective moments. Smaller collabs are also fine if the group splits up or something. Basically, if a scene includes multiple PCs we’re going to do it in a collab. Why do it so strange? Because I’ve done similar with good results elsewhere so I’m going to try it here as well.

    So if this RP sounds good to you, let me know, and I’ll make an OOC and get her started up. I’m planning on having a player cap at around five players.

    Also, there will be a simple trait system for mechanics. There will be 6 skill paths you can work your way through to start; later on you will unlock more skill paths that form as combinations of any two of the original skill paths for a total of 15 hybrid paths. You will also through your actions gain a custom path called a Legendary Path that you don’t choose your development but rather advance based on your actions and behaviours in the story.

    As noted, there will be a player cap, a 'necessary evil' for the management of the RP; I'll try to avoid nepotism and stick to first come first served / merits instead of relations.
  2. You already know I'm interested. No need for conflict between order and nepotism for me. :bsmile:
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  4. Interested in this as well.
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  6. I'm curious about the plot but I do have a question: where is this plot actually set and what is it drawing inspiration from? From the names, I'd have to guess that it's somewhere in East Asia, perhaps Korea or Vietnam? I'm not great with just names alone as you can tell. But yeah, I'd like to have a place to ground my thoughts before beginning to construct a character as Asia was and still is, quite the varied continent.
  7. I'm confident it's South Korea because the names of towns and kingdoms are styled like such.
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  8. Nailed it
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