Tiger Out.~

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    I decided to open this thread, as maybe some of you don't read my profile page and perhaps, you are waiting for me to reply to a story.

    I apologise in advance to my partners, as I have some troubles/issues in my life right now. As even if I am lurking on the forum, is just to check my inbox messages.
    I do not know when I will be able to RP again, with my life being a mess and on stand by right now.
    With a new place, some financial problems and personal issues.. Had left my brain to dry out and not be able to reply to none of my stories.

    Iwaku is an awesome Place, I will always love it!>:3

    I am just taking a break for a while to sort everything out, and hopefully will be back soon to my stories.

    My apologies to everyone once again.

    P.s. The Admin's and Mod's are all great and along with other members, had made me feel like a "second home here".
    I appreciate that.
    A lot.

    Therefore, I shall depart now and try to solve the stuff which is stressing me out and maybe come back soon to writing.
    Of course, I wouldn't quit writing just because life is a Bitch about it ha ha xD

    To Everyone..
    Kind Regards,


    ~Tiger Out.~

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  2. Come back sooooooon!
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  3. Hope to see you back soon, and also wishing you a good break.

    Stay Epic Tiger

    <3 Fijo
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