Tiger & Bunny?

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  1. Yeah I kind of......okay I really want to do a Tiger & Bunny roleplay.

    Based off the show, so basically we can be Tiger and Bunny or we can play OC's or whatever.
    Bold ones are the parts I would play. I am open to more pairings too.

    Tiger x Bunny
    Tiger x OC
    x OC
    OC x OC

    Obviously this would pretty much MxM Of course I'm open to MxF.

    I like a good mixture of plot and smut.
    I'm open to pretty much everything. I always say don't knock it until you try it, the only exception is water works. If you don't know what I mean don't worry about it.

    If it hasn't become too obvious I love Tiger.
  2. This is quite the unique RP. I would like to be your partner!
  3. Yay! Is there a particualar pairing you cared for?
  4. Did you want to play OC's, Tiger & Bunny, or a mix of the two?
  5. Tiger and Bunny sounds good.
  6. Okay then we can do that.
  7. Awesome. Anything else we need to go over?
  8. Where do we want to start?
  9. I don't know. Perhaps a new base/the arrival of a new villain.. It all depends on what you'd like to happen in the plot.
  10. eeeeee hehehehehehehe Tiger and Bunny/ XDD I didn't know you got into it. XDDDD HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!
  11. Actually I read the wiki :/
  12. I'm talking about Hope, but reading wiki is totes okay. XD
  13. well ausria we could certainly roleplay this together too. I absolutely love tiger. XD Even if he's an old man.
  14. We could always bring in another hero and make this a kinda group RP
  15. afghjkl, omg maybe! I need someone who could rp with me and not irritate the fuck out of me. You should see the Prussia rper I am rping with. Not only are they doing one liners which you know I absolutely hate, but they are making them out to be one pansy ass little bitch.... Scuse my language.... >.>
  16. Nope so done.... so so done.... It just got worse...
  17. hahahahahhaha. Well I'll go read your resume and think of a RP idea ^^
  18. I think it would be fun.

    Now Ausria you know I'm the best Prussia out there. I dominate all. XD
  19. asdfghjkl, I absolutely hate people like this rper.... Victim victim victim... asdfghjkl pansy ass..... asdfghjkl totally not in character.... asdfghjkl not fucking...asdfghjkl.... just ugh... Sorry I need to rant somewhere. it just had to be here because this request thread made me happy and then the rper happened to piss me off while I was here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.