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Tiger And Bunny Spinoff?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kira, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone~~.

    Ok so, I've been looking at Tiger & Bunny photos and I noticed the fem Barnaby x Kotetsu. Alright, so, no I haven't seen all the anime, just the first couple of episodes. (Has a deep fear of sad endings which led to my cowardly action of not watching it because I loved the characters too much.) ANYWAY, I'm feeling like doing a rp with the fem Barnaby x Kotetsu idea. I'd like their relationship to be like it was in the beginning of the anime: tense, more love-hate than anything, that'll evolve into love. I'd like to play the fem Barnaby and I need a partner for Kotetsu :D

    -I have no life, therefore I'm on almost ALL the time.
    -I write whatever I can when I can. Depending on my character I can do more or less. I try to match quality and quantity.
    -Mmmm, I've been rping for years, granted mostly chat client, but then I had a fall out with my rp buddy and I turned to my long hated nemesis: Forum roleplay. And now, I'm addicted.
    -I've always loved writing so I do my best.
    -I do chatbox, thread, PMs, and chatbox+thread/PM

    Only rules:
    -Be VERY active. (But if you can't, the minimum my brain can accept is more then 3-5 posts a day. At least.) I understand if you DO have a life and sometimes you need to be away for a day or two.
    -Notify me when you're leaving for more then 2 hours (preferably, but it's not a strict rule here.)
    -Please, no one liners every post. If you have writers block or not much to write once in a while, it's fine. As long as it's not "den da zombehs chazed her and eats her yummeh". :l
    -Please, leave text talk on the phone. :)
    -Be friendly , sometimes I do like to speak with my partners.

    Please post here or message me, I can't wait to hear from anyone. <3
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