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  1. It had started raining mid morning, making the tile floor near the doors dangerously slick. Megan forgot. Skillfully dodging people and open lockers she then slipped through an indoor puddle. Books and papers scattered across the floor as she collided with a guy and fell to the ground.
    As expected her "OW!" was drowned out amongst concerned gasps and laughter that accompanied all such embarrassing high school moments.
  2. Will was making his way to the band room roberting and weaving through the crowd when suddenly a young woman had slipped and crashed into him and he was knocked backward onto his rump and even though it meant nothing to the classmates around him he exclaimed "Aaaahhhh that smarts."
    While holding his head he gets up collecting the young woman's books and papers yelling at the crowd "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ALL!!! LAUGHING AT A FELLOW CLASSMATE!!!!!" When he collected all her stuff he walked over and offered her a hand to help her up. "Are you alright miss?"
  3. She had started to get up, but that hurt. The yelling could be drawing more attention to the scene, so she stayed down. Her face flushed, thankfully hidden beneath a curtain of brown hair until she had to lift her head. “Yeah, I …ow.” She whimpered. Megan winced as she took his hand to stand up. “Are you alright?” she parroted back automatically before she clenched her teeth against the pain of bruises in the making.
  4. "Eh I have been through worse. Do you need any help getting to your class? You took quite the fall." He dusts his zip-up hoodie with the crest of hyrule off and grabs his "hero's bag" with the brass pins aligned to form the song of storms making sure his limbs are all okay by moving them one by one stopping as he had minorly sprained his ankle, luckily marching band season was over until next year.
  5. The water had left her jeans with damp spots and splatters across her favorite library tee-shirt, most of it would be hidden under a desk and dry during a lecture anyway, so at the moment she did not even care. She simply wanted to rush to class and sit as still as possible until everything stopped aching so fiercely. “You really do not have to do that.” Megan shook her head. “But thank you for picking up all of my things.” She pointed at the supplies in his hand, gingerly reaching out both arms to receive them back.
  6. "It's not really any trouble at all i have a while before band starts, at least let me walk you there to make sure you dont fall again" He gently hands her the books and stuff checking to see if any water was on him to his surprise it was only his shoes that were wet. "Oh where are my manners, Im Will sorry for forgetting my manners."
  7. Her eyes widened in surprise. “I’m Megan, and you seem to be the only person who remembered their manners. I’m sorry I forgot the wet tile is worse than a banana peel and took you down in the process. What do you play in band?” She tried to begin a conversation as they started their walk towards the English hall, her steps gaining confidence as the floor was dry here.
  8. "Well thank you and...uuuhhh...I sorta play the flute...yeah I know it isnt a very "masculine" instrument but I enjoy playing it." He chuckles a bit after realizing a fact "Its okay if you want to laugh I understand that its funny"
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  9. Instead of laughing Megan was baffled “You really play flute? I can’t even imagine what that looks like to see a guy holding a flute…I had a friend in middle school who played flute, when she practiced it just looked like she was scowling at the music. It never seemed like an enjoyable instrument at all. You really chose flute?”
  10. "Actually yes I do enjoy playing the flute and you are the first person I have met that hasn't laughed at me for playing it," He smiles to himself. "What do you do for a hobby? If you don't mind me asking."
  11. "Just reading." She told him absentmindedly as one of her flats slipped sideways a little, but she caught herself. Holding her breath as they crossed another damp entryway, haltingly taking each step. She tried not to walk too close to Will, hoping to at least avoid knocking him down again if she happed to fall.
  12. He smiles kindly, "You know, I think it would be faster if I carried you till it was dry." He crouches to give her a piggyback ride.
  13. "That's ok Will, I ...Um...you don't have to, I don't really know you that well...I can..."she stammered. Taking a single step back, she fell. Finding herself sitting, surprised tears she quickly wiped away, and reached out for his help
  14. "It's okay I've slipped a couple times myself," He helps her up and sets her on her feet. "Would you like that piggy back ride now?" He crouches once more. "It's really no trouble."
  15. “Today is not my day.” She confided, wrapping one arm over his shoulder, the other holding tightly to her school things. “You know, it’s not really encouraging to hear that you fall too, as I climb onto your back.”
  16. "It will be fine and if I fall I will make sure to fall forward so I will cushion your fall," He stands up with her on his back and starts walking. "So which room is it?"
  17. "That's hardly comforting" she murmured but was glad for something else to talk about. "I have Peterson for lit. down at the end, it is my favorite class. Actually, art is, I'm in bookmaking this semester and it's the coolest class ever. What's your favorite?...besides band" She pratled away trying to ignore the glances cast their way by other students. Although they had the advantage as people stepped out of their way, not wanting to be kicked most likely.
  18. "Well thats easy, Its math" he smiles ignoring the jeers from the other students
  19. "Math!? Can you help me with geometry? I can't keep triangles straight with what equations I should be using? Please? I'll buy you cookies, or whatever snack you want." She pleaded, leaning forward to try and get a glimpse of his face in order to evaluate the likelyhood of his helping.
  20. "No problem!" He exclaims with a smile. "Plus I don't need cookies or anything so I will do it for free." he stops for a second to readjust the piggy back.
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