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  1. Down the Rabbit Hole, #ff0000

    Nothing is ever as it seems.

    Wonderland is not what one might consider "wondrous." In fact, it is a sinister and bloody place - salvation is something unspeakable and death lingers around every corner. The residents are cold, brutal and they fight amongst each other every waking day, creating an ever-rising body count. Time and weather spiral out of control, changing at random and making Wonderland volatile and deadly.


    Life in Wonderland is fragile.

    Every citizen of Wonderland has a "lifespan clock," a pocket watch with no numbers and invisible hands that only an "Alice" can see; these clocks tick away minutes of life given to each person. Time is, however, subjective. Should someone be murdered, the murderer gets the time left on his victim's clock added to his own, thus increasing his lifespan; should someone else murder the murderer, he would gain the added time of both victims -- thus creating a dangerous mean of extending one's life.


    You cannot simply take another's place…

    Within this realm of pandemonium, there are beings known as "Role-Holders;" these individuals hold a significant position, often playing a role in the development or power within the world. Each wields a unique set of skills and powers, but lacks the ability to change their own role. (Such beings are those like the Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Queen of Hearts, etc.) Role-Holders generally aim to have a force at their command and, while they are unable to take the role of the King or Queen, they often (violently) vie for power outside of the kingdom. Despite the amount of power Role-Holders may be able to gain, they will never be anything truly more or less than their own role.
    Apart from the Role-Holders there are the "faceless," everyday citizens who lack eyes, though they still possess noses and mouths. The faceless are common folk -- living out their days as servants, farmers, or other minor positions. The faceless are viewed as being wholly expendable and little thought is given to their lives; rather, they make a fair source of time for those looking to extend their own lifespan.


    Amidst all the chaos, there are "Alices."

    These individuals come from an outside world, and the denizens of Wonderland are often drawn to them. Only an Alice has the ability to take on the role of a ruler; thus, only an Alice can replace a quadrant's King or Queen to seize control of that quadrant. This makes Alices rather unpopular with the royalty and, more often than not, are executed when (if) they are found. Should Wonderland be under the reign of a wicked King or Queen, an Alice who aims to overthrow them would be hailed a saviour; in such an event, Role-Holders are likely to assist the Alice.

    Due to the rarity and (often altruistic) actions of Alices, they are generally regarded as heroes and heroines. Though, this is not always the case.

    Alices are also able to access another dimension called "The Looking Glass," where there lies a shining cave of seafoam marble. Countless streams wind through the cave, all eventually pouring into the "Half-Moon," a pool made of what appears to be liquid mirror -- but only an Alice may see such wonders. The Half Moon can grant Alices vision of anywhere in the country while still communicating to those down in Wonderland. This has been used to provide enormous advantage in combat - among other things.


    Something unusual has occurred - even by Wonderland standards:

    Three Alices have appeared.

    What does this mean for the current state of Wonderland?

    Only time will tell...


    The Setting
    Wonderland is divided into five (yes, five) different quadrants: The Land of Hearts, The Land of Clovers, The Land of Diamonds, The Land of Spades and The Land of Joker. The first RP arc will only take place in the land of Hearts to allow for development. Every year in Wonderland, a new 'game' begins, and everyone is moved over a different quadrant; the people of Wonderland refer to this phenomenon as "The Move." When it occurs, the residents of Wonderland wake in a new quadrant, as though waking from sleep.

    Current Quadrant: The Land of Hearts

    This cold, dark world, is composed of Ravendagger Forest, the Castle of Hearts, Ashroot Mountains, the Burgundy Lodges, the Whit Lighthouse, the Town of Moonhol, and the Doomwyrm Caverns.

    Castle of Hearts: A brilliant palace decorated in crimson and gold, it has heart-themed décor and is home to the Queen of Hearts, the King, the Knight, and the White Rabbit. All within the castle serve under the Queen, including the King himself.

    Ravendagger Forest: A deadly area where obsidian can be found in large quantities. Fierce wild creatures make this forest their home, as its mild climate is of their liking. The Jabberwocky, Bandersnatch and Jubjub bird make their homes here.

    Burgundy Lodges: Located in the trees of Ravendagger Forest, the Lodges are a system of tree houses and bridges, leading to a more solid foundation in the Ashroot Mountains; the arboreal portion of the Burgundy Lodges is home to the Cheshire Cat and the Dormouse.

    Doomwyrm Caverns: Located on the Northwestern edge of Ravendagger forest, Doomwyrm Caverns are a dark, deep-set system of caves filled with rare gems and crystals. The Caterpillar lives here in a rather advanced home of his own.

    Whit Lighthouse: Named for its iconic lighthouse overlooking the Western Sea, Whit Lighthouse is a vast mansion and the home of the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the twins, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Shady business often takes place within these walls.

    Town of Moonhol: A quiet and cozy town, that boasts popular shopping district. The Clock Master and Lizard live here.


    Down the Rabbit Hole, #ff0000

    Filled Roles

    Alice #1: The Owl

    Alice #2: Masked

    Alice #3: N/A

    The Cheshire Cat: Adachi Tohru

    The Panther: Adachi Tohru

    The Mad Hatter: N/A

    The Caterpillar: PetticoatLane

    The Jabberwocky: Masked

    The Lizard: mahigan

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: Avabel Brioche

    Available Roles

    The White Rabbit:
    The March Hare:
    The King of Hearts:
    The Knight of Hearts:
    The Bandersnatch:
    The Dodo:
    The Jubjub Bird:
    The Mock Turtle:
    The Clock Master:
    The Dormouse:
    The Lion:
    The Unicorn:
    The Queen of Hearts:

    Character Sheet Template

    Title: (Role)
    Gender Identity:
    Appearance: ("Anime" pictures preferred, but written descriptions are fine, too.)
    Relationships: (Enemies, allies, etc.)


    The Cheshire Cat, #ff00ff
    Fancy Emmeline Backhaus

    The Queen Killer

    April 7th


    Gender Identity:


    Cat/Human "Neko"

    Works odd jobs/freelance killer/gambler

    Fran is flowing and lean in build. He isn't as physically powerful as some other role holders, and he can't lift heavy weights that well. But he's very fast, with quick reflexes. He can't handle large weapons such as heavy axes, either. His legs are long and enable him to move quickly, while his hands are refined and elegant, as well as being agile. His skin is rather pale, and he has a rather healthy complexion. However, he has severe scarring along his back, shoulders and on parts of his arms, from the mistreatment he received from the old Queen of Hearts. He mostly has a proper, upright posture.

    His hair is shades of vibrant purple, with the ends dipping into a bright pink. His hair is very curly and even a bit wild, going down below his jaw. His eyes are a psychedelic, neon pink, with even the whites of his eyes tinged a light, glowing hue of pink. Two bright pink cat ears are atop his head, and he has a tail to match, striped with purple. His face is sharp, angular and elegant. His expressions are usually sharp, with narrowed eyes and a thin smile. He can look distraught if his past is brought up, however. But it's very rare that he'll wear an angered or enraged expression. He knows how to hide what he's truly feeling behind a smile, and as a result, he has a magnificent poker face.

    His outfits have intricate designs, like most other residents within Wonderland. Most of his wardrobe is colored shades of pink and purple. His tops are usually too big for him, leaving them draping around his shoulders, with his shoulders and part of his chest exposed. Unique ruffles of different hues of purple go down his sleeves; his sleeves usually hang off of his hands. He adorns elegant, thin gloves most of the time, which remain mostly unseen. His boots go up to his knees, and they're fitted with laces. His pants are usually Palazzos cut short with pockets. Fran usually wears silver jewelry, having multiple rings with amethyst and pink opal on them.

    Fran is one of the more well-known figures in Wonderland. He's infamous for his killing of the previous queen, as well as his talents in gambling. He has a lifespan of about two-hundred years due to how many people he's killed. He's very mentally sharp and intuitive, and is sometimes able to predict his opponents' next moves. This makes him a deadly threat in battle, thus, many avoid fighting him if they can. Fran only gets disappointed when actual fighting is avoided if he's going to face soldiers from the Hearts Castle, otherwise, he doesn't really care about killing. His demeanor when actually speaking to people who aren't his enemies is a bit loopy. He changes emotions and tones multiple times during a conversation, but he always seems to be wearing a grin. He has a tendency to ramble on sometimes, but can be a good conversationalist when he wants to be.

    Fran is a good team player only sometimes. He doesn't really like the thought of leading others into battle, or being lead into battle by a client. He isn't that confident in his leadership skills, which could lead to multiple subordinates being killed, which might anger his client. Fran has very little self-worth at times, while other times he's very prideful. His pride tends to fluctuate at random, but his drive to survive remains constant. He can be quite cunning when heading into battle, and although he may appear psychotic when killing, he's very aware of his foes. He's very observant as well, and prefers to spy on and watch his enemies before he actually goes in to fight them. His strategic sense only really applies to him, and in no way is he suited to lead troops into battle.

    Fran has sleeping issues, due to being haunted and terrorized by nightmares. Some weeks are worse than others, but he gets a bit snappy and easily annoyed when he hasn't slept well in a while. Fran is very flirty with both men and women, and he constantly craves "love", as in the kind the old queen gave him. This "love" is sick and entails abusing him, which he both hates and loves. Men and women seem to be objects in his eyes, with some being more interesting than others. He's very confused as to what love actually is, and what it means. Fran, who is intuitive with all other emotions, cannot seem to grasp genuine love. Fran has very few morals, but he often strays away from harming children and animals. Fran despises cowards. People who flee from battle with their tail between their legs are as good as dead to him.

    Fran isn't a very stubborn person, and his viewpoints and opinions can change often depending on what information he has. His thoughts are ever-changing and move aimlessly when bored. He gets bored easily, but is always willing to try something new. He's not picky with hobbies, and isn't fast to dismiss something as foolish or pointless without at least trying it first. He's not picky with anything, really, whether it be food or romantic partners or absolutely anything in between. Fran has a mature, abet peculiar sense of humor. When he jokes, they're often dark jokes. He's good at recognizing when he's making people feel uncomfortable, and will stop if they're an ally. If they're someone he doesn't like, he'll only strive to make them feel even more uncomfortable.

    Fran has incredible reflexes and is very good at moving quickly. He also can turn parts of himself invisible, or he can turn his entire body invisible as well.

    Fran isn't as physically powerful as some of the other role holders. He has a lesser amount of stamina, and relies more on his speed than anything else. If he gets caught and beaten on by a stronger opponent, he can get hurt very easily or even die.

    Fran is sleepless most of the time, and can get grumpy or snappy during the weeks where his sleep issues worsen.

    Fran isn't a very good leader figure. He's a poor strategist when missions require leading other people into battle, which can cause more casualties than necessary.

    Like most Role-Holders, he doesn't genuinely value his life, since there are so many replacements for each role.

    Clawblades made of silver

    Fran was ‘lucky’ enough to be picked for his role at a young age. It was enough to make others spare him. He woke up with a face when he turned about six, and was taken away from his family by the Red Queen to serve her, as she ‘liked’ cats. She was never very nice to him, viewing him as more of a throw pillow, and she mentally and physically abused him in multiple ways, having an impact on his psyche. He was mostly forced to take everything with a smile. He was also denied training to defend himself. Instead, he occupied his time with manipulating servants. He eventually took the queen to be his lover in a twisted way, only to find out that she truly loved the king. He had simply been a toy. Misery wracked his systems and he fell ill. The Queen showed little to no concern over her ‘pet’, so in one final act of jealous rage, he sneaked up to her room and killed her and made an attempt on the King’s life as well.

    He failed to kill the king and escaped the palace, before fleeing Burgundy Lodges to hide. Any sights of him by the new Queen’s Heart soldiers are to capture or kill on sight protocol. The previous King still mourns her loss. Since then, Fran has still somewhat recovered from the abuse, managing to get a sense of what is wrong and right, unacceptable and acceptable, within their world. He was trained by the one who had taken the role of The Panther, who he came to adore. He was trained to wield weapons and use his powers to his advantage on the battlefield.

    Enemies with most Hearts Castle officials.

    More will be added on as the RP develops.

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  2. Reserved for the mad hatter? C:
    {Reaver Lewis Carroll }
    "We're You're nothing but a pack of cards."

    Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.
    N I C K N A M E
    Hatta/Hatter, Him, etc.
    *Sir, lord, etc. Any honorific will also do/go along with the nicknames/his name.

    T I T L E
    The mad hatter

    B I R T H D A Y
    October 6th

    A G E
    You would have to be half mad to dream me up.
    G E N D E RXI D E N T I T Y: Male
    S E X: Male
    S P E C I E S: Appears to be Human
    OC C U P A T I O N: Mafia leader
    A P P E A R A N C E: Reaver stands at 6'0 and often stands out as a fancy and swanky man of style and class. His hair is dark brown almost black and has a small heart shaped scar around his left cheek bone which has a dash over it indicating some form of past relationship with the kingdom of Hearts. He is fair skinned and has alluring gold eyes as well as a strong jawline and two dimples if smiling even the slightest bit -giving away even the slightest affection-.
    C L O T H I N G:
    Normally, Reaver's attire includes any top hat, a large bow, a suit, and fur coats. Colors and designs all varying, however he now only wears one main outfit. And that would be any colored suit, with his infamous or famous, white coat that is lined with fur at the collars and around the chest area. Everything is usually kept white with the exception of his 'inside suit' changing, which would be his vest, button up shirt, neckwear -ties/bows-, and rarely his hat. The six buttons on his vest have symbols embedded onto the corner buttons -top left and right ; bottom left and right ; skipping the two middle-, the clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts. Usually this is Reaver's casual attire and he will only change the entire outfit style for special occasions still keeping his luxurious style on tact.
    Well, I never heard it before but it sounds uncommon nonsense.
    P E R S O N A L I T Y:
    Reaver is known amongst wonderland as Him. Be it the man with the hat, or the man whose vain he is fairly feared and most commonly known as 'The mad hatter' for his drops of insanity, anger, and--well madness itself. The man is narcissistic and egoistical--seemingly selfish against others however surprisingly has a kind side that isn't shown, but is surely there as the tweedles put it. The hatter is one of those guys, who is strong, shows tough love indirectly, and can actually care for others. Although some who don't understand him will say,"Theres no difference in him caring or him not caring--He's still rude." this is not true at all as his gang will immediately back him up in general -rather than out of fear- that there is indeed a difference, and that the person commenting clearly doesn't know him enough to know.

    Lewis also has both a limited amount of patience and a vain disposition about his appearance: He shot both twins for supposedly getting his statue and painting wrong -mostly intimidating them as they were his friends and he didn't want to kill them-, and finally shooting at the queen of hearts because the picture she took, while a perfect likeness, took over three months to develop. He even at one point went ballistic and yelled at the White queen -however apologized 'rudely'.. But of course she understood him and accepted it cause she knows the difference between his love and hate-. With little patience, this can lead to a short temper and even when Reaver has his sudden bursts of small anger it seems as though he is truly going ballistic. However it is not the same then when he is actually enraged--To which he will mercilessly become a sadist and go rampant. Through his narcissism and ego-maniacal nature, and his utter lack of respect for others, Lewis never shows any true signs of antagonism to even those who would consider themselves his enemies, viewing their attempts to fail him as almost amusing.

    Moving on from his dark traits, his bright traits happen to be seemingly nonchalant and charming. Reaver is smooth, suave, and chivalrous. The man appears to be a quick thinker, always sarcastic and witty as he can come up with the most crude remarks of all and win. It often ticks others off--But not Reaver as he didn't start any arguments without trying. He has interior motives and is very keen. As long as he can play his game right, he's fine. So in a way he is deceitful and classy. But reminder: Until you press the switch... His switch.

    S K I L L S / P O W E R S
    - Marksmanship + Swordsmanship
    - Observation
    - About any criminal activity
    - Playing the 'hero'
    - Deceiving

    W E A K N E S S E S / F L A W S
    - Sugar + Coffee (Coffee is like alcohol for hatter)
    - Impatience gets the best of him
    - Easily annoyed
    - Slight short temper.

    W E A P O N S
    Reaver's weapons are often disguised. Some include a shotgun or machine gun disguised as an umbrella or his cane which when the top part is taken out, a sword is revealed. The umbrella if opened, acts as both a shield and gun however the shield can only take enough before becoming useless. He can also use these objects to just whack people as well if irritated.
    Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.
    P A S T

    E X T R A S
    • He says that the day in which he misses a target is the day the world ends (implying that he is very accurate)... But it was that very same day that Alice distracted him and made him miss his target.
    • Lewis can sense the cheshire cat by sound or just by sheer luck alone if the cat is invincible.
    • The hatter has a small scar on his cheekbone in the shape of a heart with a dash across it--Indicating he was possibly and alliance with the hearts or under their possession before breaking it off.
    • Reaver's name derived from the word 'reave'. Thus, to reave means, "to take away by or as by force; plunder; rob," which seems to fit his neutral behavior of being both a criminal and a civilian. Hence, his name, Reaver. Reave also means to rend, break, or tear; a reflection of Reaver's violent nature.
    • Reaver does not seem terribly worried about keeping his lifespan hidden and often flaunts it.
    R E L A T I O N S
    Alices in general:
    It is known that Alice's most prominent relationship is with the Mad Hatter, who is tasked to almost protect Alice from enemies in a way. In general the relationship between Alices and Hatters often varies--But will always be on good terms no matter what the cause. To care for Alices and be tasked with a job, it isn't out of the ordinary for any Alice to become attached to Reaver. He is basically like a guard dog.

    Alix's twin sister | His Alice | Deceased
    It has been noted that Alix's twin sister had been in Wonderland before and growing up often visited. Wonderland is also a dangerous place, but Reaver had a special bond with the girl that was unbreakable to a point where he actually fell in love with her, But never bothered to kiss her. Lewis was part criminal, the twin of Alix enjoyed his many stories. But despite seeming innocent and very warm, She was very dark--Not that Lewis mind. His loyalty was fairly blind, and whenever the girl was called 'Alice' or if that position/name alone was spoken of, she would immediately become angered with intense emotion. The twin despised Alixander in truth as well, And even went to the point of abandoning him in order to stay in Wonderland and have all the attention she could get. But with motives like that, Alix eventually found wonderland and it just made their strained relationship worse Lewis mentally noted. But Alix does not remember not even once a moment he has visited Wonderland in the past and thus his twin had suddenly died as well in Wonderland rather than the real world.

    Allison Christine Liddell | Mystery Alice
    Alixander Darlington | Probably - Alice
    Alice 3 | - - -

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  3. I'll reserve him for you! ^^
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  4. [Name]
    Nina Vaughan


    The Lizard

    April 4


    [Gender Identity]


    Human/Lizard Hybrid

    Owner of Nina's Jack of all Trades

    The Lizard (open)

    Nina has a small and lithe figure, standing at a mere 4'9" and barely tipping the hundred pounds scale when dripping wet.
    She has a long, green, whip-like tail which often wraps itself around her feet.
    Her vibrant green hair reaches down to her bottom which she keeps neatly wrapped up in a large braid. Adorning this braid are a series of bright red and yellow beads which seem to almost glow in the dark.
    Her skin is pale save for the area around her eyes - this is a bright red though if it is natural or a tattoo no one knows.
    Her eyes are heavily dilated like that of a gecko's and they are white with slight tinges of yellow.
    She owns a forked tongue which is longer than most.

    On top of the clothes depicted in the image, Nina wears over sized hoodies such as these on top. Goggles are also something she likes wearing, even though they don't have much use. Her green gloves and stockings have pads on them, allowing her to scale walls and ceilings like a gecko. Nina never wears any shoes - her padded stockings give her enough protection from the ground.

    Being one of the weaker role-holders in Wonderland, Nina strives to lay down low and unnoticed. She values her life much more than other role-holders due to being fairly new and having a desire to reach the top. Even when she kills Faceless she prefers to do so by "accidents" (a "dropped" wrench while fixing the roof, poison in one's drink) despite other role-holders slaying without a care. However this may also be because she's a coward through and through, opting to run over fight until she's cornered. Nina takes out her anger on the Faceless because she knows that they cannot harm her but she is easily cowed when met with a stronger opponent.

    Her greed far out-scales her power level however and this makes her very envious of the other more powerful role-holders. She strives to keep what she has over other role-holders as a way to feel relevant in their game of high stakes. For example, she is constantly renovating and upgrading her store to beat her competition in Moonhol and she's not afraid to use dirty methods either. Many a competitor has been found mysteriously dead in their beds. She loves money and desires to hold Moonhol in her scaly grip, much like how the Queen of Hearts rules her kingdom. She collects the pocket watches of the Faceless she murders to protect herself - that way if someone attempts to destroy her own, they must pick it out of the pile Nina has stored in her cache.

    Autotomy: This is Nina's main source of power. Her autotomy allows her to escape nearly any situation as she's able to self amputate her limbs and tail. The only parts of her body she can't regenerate are her head, heart and torso but other than that it's all fair game. This makes her a slippery opponent to face and allows for surprise attacks. This isn't a skill that can be spammed however, as it takes a fair bit of time for her body parts to regenerate.

    Night Vision: Like a gecko, Nina can see very well at night.

    Padded gloves/stockings: These pads allow her to scale walls and ceilings.

    Scent tracker: Her forked tongue allows her to faintly follow a target's scent.

    Nina isn't particularly fast nor is she particularly powerful. One of the weaker role-holders, Nina relies on stealth and surprise in order to win fights. In a fair duel, Nina ranks among the lowest. Despite her autotomy, Nina isn't the most durable person either.

    She is short-sighted and very greedy which can lead to her falling into traps but at the same time she is very cowardly, leading to her running from fights she could easily win.

    She functions better at night than in the morning but due to her work she barely has any time to sleep.

    Nina doesn't have any allies due to her slippery and two faced nature. She isn't loyal to anyone but herself, though she may appear otherwise.


    Pistol (open)

    Nina carries it on her at all times. She prefers the gun as she can use it while backtracking and it doesn't depend on physical strength as much as a sword. She shoots erratically, preferring to spray and pray rather than take close aim with every shot.

    She has many different types of poisons in her shop which she uses to mix into edibles for the Faceless she wants to kill.

    As a last resort, her tail serves nicely for a whip and her teeth are nice and sharp.

    Nina Vaughan was born into Wonderland as one of the Faceless like so many others before her. She led an above average life at first, being born in the Town of Moonhol rather than in a barn like some of her unluckier peers. The first role-holder she met was the Lizard, who owned a general all-purpose store in the district. It was then she unlocked emotions she'd never felt before - things such as greed, envy, and fear. Though as the years went by Nina would catch glimpses of other role-holders, her first meeting with the Lizard would stick with her most strongly.

    Eventually as the years went on Nina managed to snag a spot as an assistant in the Lizard's shop where she would work to gain the trust of both customers and owner alike. It wasn't too long after that when she mixed a fatal poison into his meal. With the role of the Lizard being freed up, Nina eagerly took his place, ready to enjoy life in Wonderland as one of its key players. She would soon come to regret her hasty decision.

    Soon enough, Nina discovered the role of the Lizard something she hadn't expected. It was neither as strong as the Jabberwocky nor as important as the Queen of Hearts - in fact, she suspected it to be one of the weakest roles in Wonderland. There was nothing she could do to undo her choices. She re-opened the store, having renamed it to "Nina's Jack of all Trades", and has been there ever since.

    [Relationships[enemies, allies, etc.]
    Though Nina has quite a shady reputation, her store attracts the desperate and the impatient. She uses her store to scout out potential victims to slip poisoned products to.

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  5. Hello! Thank you for signing up, I'll reserve the Lizard for you. But your picture doesn't show for me... ;o;
  6. Can I reserved the spot for 'Alice'?
  7. Yes you may!
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  8. I would most likely to get my character up tomorrow (26th) at about 4pm (gmt+2) or later
  9. Character sheet has been withdrawn.
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  10. I have a few questions for you that are specific to the Caterpillar (and may or may not be long-spanning) do you want me to ask here or shoot you a message?

    Also, when you ask for "Gender Identity" are you wanting to know how they identify or their sexual preference or both?
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  11. Gender Identity=what they identify with. :)

    Go ahead and message me, if you'd like. ^^
  12. I'm here. I'm just waiting to see a bit more of others' characters before I make my own.
  13. ○Allison Christine Liddel○


    28 February


    Gender Identity



    (I really don't know what to put here)

    Allison has raven black waist long hair and strange green eyes, it's a aid to have the mysterious power of possession. She's about 4'9, fairly slim with ivory coloured skin.

    Allison is more on the dark side, she likes to wear the color black or red,however, she is sometimes seen wearing the original Alice's dress. She never goes anywhere without her lucky necklace(as seen on the gifs.)

    Allison is a variety of stoic. She tends to never show any reaction to pain, emotional events, or being hurt in any way. But she's not an emotionless person, either. Ali approaches everything she does with a small smile on her face, and a sense of logic on her mind. She's not emotionless, but she's not exactly an optimist either. Ali is a nice person to spend a bit of time with, and a good person to turn to when you need comfort, but she's not going to show tears or sympathy or anything like that. She has plenty of emotions, but she'll never show them. She'll just plow through and accept things as they come while smiling.

    Allison is a skilled marksman, fairly agile.
    Pathokinesis: being able to feel others emotions , and also change others emotions.
    Magnetism: the ability to attract anyone and anything

    She's kinda clumsy...
    her Magnetism power attracts unwanted guests...
    She does not do darkness or rain.

    Anything she can get her hands on.


    Allison grew up in the noble Liddell family with two older brothers, ever since she was little, she was told to never get close to the rather large hole in their back yard due. Allison was... Well... Let's say curiosity killed the cat, in her case, curiosity pulled Allison into the seemingly never ending hole just like it did with her ancestor — Alice Laddell.

    To be developed​
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  14. Everyone's characters look so fancy and well-developed! I can't wait to see them all completed. ^^
  15. Can I reserve the spot for the jabberwocky? (I only have a few minutes before I have to take off ^^")
  16. Definitely! I'll put you down right now for it.
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  17. I've decided I'll reserve the Queen of Hearts, if that's fine.
  18. Yes, it's absolutely fine!
  19. Judging from the text, can there be more than one Alice? If we are allowed to make a second character I'd like to reserve that spot as well.
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