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    Kitt: IDELLE LOAGEN (open)
    Idelle Loagen.
    Kitt: IDELLE LOAGEN (open)




    Short physical description:
    A petite girl with no figure, Idelle gives off an aura of innocence, with round doe eyes that are a light violet hue, and long hair to match. Her silky hair is usually in two pigtails, and wears peplum shirts and white pants or skirts to go with them, which creates a layered dress look that she adores.

    Catches small details that other might not; observant.
    Quick and rational thinker.
    Allows her to get into small places.

    -Speaks her mind:
    Doesn't have a filter; curses like a pissed off sailor.
    Is the last to admit defeat.
    -Easy to anger, rash:
    Hates being underestimated, has a thing for proving herself to others.

    Idelle lacks the ability to see the consequences of her actions, and acts on her first thought. She dislikes being alone, and has great people skills. She's rather devious and will do whatever means neccessary to get her way. Some find her to be devoid of emotion, which causes her to be rather blunt and/or cruel at times. Is full of pride, will not admit that's she has made a mistake until she has to.

    Brief History:
    Born in the small town of Monroe, Idelle, her parents, and sister, lived a rather plush lifestyle. Her father was a successful business man, though some could argue that he did some rather shady dealings to get his wealth. This turned out to be true, as his master plan of theivery was exposed by a former business partner who he had rubbed the wrong way. The Loagen family lost their fortune between the lawsuits and bail for her father, causing them to relocate to their current location.


    Basic gun knowledge.
    Quick reflexes.

    Nothing of Importance.

    HelloBeautifulChild: EVAH SMITH (open)

    Evah Smith.
    HelloBeautifulChild: EVAH SMITH (open)




    Short physical description:
    Evah has short brown/blonde hair with bangs that she just brushes out. She is a generally petite girl, only about 4' 11". No, her socks never match.

    -The first to stand up against a bully.
    -Well read and smart.

    -Overly eager to fight.
    -Is considered arrogant by many.
    -Logical to the point of insult.

    Evah is a fight happy girl with a clean conscience. She is always ready to fight for the underdog and has a weakness for cats. She likes to read, and though she gives an air of not caring, her actions spoil that.

    Brief History:
    She just finished school and it starting at college. She has left her parents home and has an apartment in the city right by school. She has always been friends with a girl from her home town, and her and Alice still email occasionally. Her father had to raise her alone because her mother left. On top of that she got cancer as a child. At 18 with fake, cancer free, breasts she has been in remission for years and looks forward to a long life.

    She teaches krav maga at a local gym.

    She knows krav maga and is generally fit.

    She has a pet cat, Fuzzy, that is only 3 years old. He is white and adorable.


    Lawrence Kirk





    Short physical description:
    Lawrence is a reasonably tall man, standing at 6'0" when he isn't slouching or sprawled across a surface he deems comfy. He weighs a healthy 80 kg for his age and does work out occasionally to insure that he does not gain too much weight. His long platinum blonde locks reach to the middle of his back, and yet Lawrence has never thought of trimming them. This often causes him to tie his hair up in a ponytail, though sometimes, he will let it flow naturally when he's home. His emerald green eyes will sometimes be seen behind a pair of glasses when he isn't wearing contacts. Lawrence has a average build, no bulging muscles or abs, just enough to be considered fit.

    Will be caring / kind to the people he trusts
    Protective of loved ones
    Easygoing and calm under pressure


    Immensely good at lying / deceiving others
    Uses things to his own advantages if given the opportunity
    Never forgets nor forgives the wrong-doing of someone


    Lawrence is the type of guy that would help someone with their troubles, but then make them repay in some way or ruin the situation more. He does not do favours unless there is something in it for him, and even then, it would have to be a spectacular prize of some sort. Though, to some other people, he will constantly be on his best behaviour, as those human beings will be the ones he truly cherishes. These few are mostly friends he's had for over a dozen years, which is quite a long time despite what some say.

    Brief History

    Lawrence's father never stuck around for his son's childhood, always over-seas in some foreign country, working for the large company he belonged to. This meant that Lawrence had been raised by his mother, before she died when he had been at the age of nine. From then on, he lived with his grandparents, who took care of him till he reached the age of nineteen, where he moved to a dorm at his university. His brother, who had been away for many years in Lawrence's life, returned from deployment during that time and bought an apartment for he and his little brother to share. Once Lawrence had became twenty, he moved into this place and has stayed there ever since.


    University Student / Indie Developer


    Able hack so-called "secure" websites
    Semi-skilled in Hand-to-Hand combat


    Lawrence stays in an apartment with his older brother, who is often away due to his profession as a Military Soldier.
    He owns a female hedgehog, who goes by the name of "Pixis".

    PROFESSOR OBJECTION: Alan Howard (open)
    Name: Alan Howard
    PROFESSOR OBJECTION: Alan Howard (open)




    Short physical description:
    He's 5'8", and he usually combs his hair out of his eyes. Most of the time, he wears the same style of outfit, no matter the weather or season. The most he'll add to the look is a backpack.

    Extremely smart, calm, and not quick to judge

    Somewhat curt, bit of a coward, secretive

    Alan is the poster child for what most people think of as "normal", at least on the outside. He has a few friends, though he's certainly the third wheel in the relationship, that he talks to from time to time. His outward kindness and somewhat shy nature sometimes conceal the boy's impressive intellect, but the minute a test comes out, he's all business.

    Brief History:
    Alan has lived alone with his two parents for his whole life. Even as a young child, he hungered for knowledge, and his parents were all too happy to encourage it. As he got older, he found out how little other people shared his interests, so he kept it hidden and tried to invest some attention in the things that people his age liked. Though he never entirely succeeded, he managed to fool those who know him, and he continues to do so even now.

    He has yet to finish high school, but he works part-time at a tutoring service for young children during the school year, and he works full-time during breaks.

    He's slightly more flexible than most his age, and he has been improving his endurance recently.

    He plays the clarinet and the viola, though he's infinitely better at playing the clarinet. Currently, he has no pets, but he would have a turtle if given the choice.

    the_j: jack porter (open)
    Name: Jack porter
    the_j: jack porter (open)

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Link broken.

    Short physical description:
    Jack's in pretty decent physical condition. He stands at about five feet and nine inches. His hair's brown, and his eyes are a rare colour, almost yellow rather than green.

    Positives: Energetic, creative, determined

    Negatives: Disobedient, holds grudges, stubborn

    One might describe Jack as a “free spirit”, if one’s feeling generous. He’s the sort of person to mooch off his parents, bunk off from school, go smoking behind the bicycle shed, et cetera - the type of old folks emulate when trying to get “down the the kids”. Every now and then he might try stealing something if he doesn’t have the money, something like a pack of cigarettes, or a stick of gum.
    He loves his parents, and he’s a good friend, staying with them thick and thin, unless they do something to make him distrust them, in which can reconciling them can be difficult. To others, he’s normally a fairly friendly character.
    He doesn’t know it, but he’s actually got ADHD, hence why he has so much energy, and can often be found easily bored and fidgeting when he has nothing to do.
    Jack's pretty reckless, diving head-on into things without thinking - you might say he acts faster than he thinks.

    Brief History:
    Jack was born to a family living in a middle-class area, and they themselves were a family of lower middle class status. Jack attended primary and high-school, but in both acquired low grades because he’d never study and would often miss lessons, often ending up in detention. One could often find him smoking, drinking, et cetera, mainly because he knew he wasn’t meant to.
    He was once taken in by police after they finally caught him, though there wasn’t much they could pin against him, and he got out soon enough.
    He enjoys stencil painting, using aerosols to paint them on walls, and he's got some decent talent with it.


    Jack‘s a fast runner, and can do some simple parkour - running a short way up a wall, vaulting fences, that sort of thing.

    Extra: Noop.

    Name: Nicolas Dryden

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance ( anime photo preferred): [​IMG]

    Short physical description: Nicolas stands at a slightly above average 5'11" always keeping a rather proud and upright posture. A rather slim teen his body is best described as lithe, on the lighter side for his age. But this slim body is rather well toned with tight muscle, springy and steadfast. Being an albino he has very little pigment in his skin giving it an almost snow white look, while his hair is just at the end of being able to be called platinum blond, though most mistake it for white. Nico keeps his hair at a medium length, preferring a more natural look.

    -Noble, believes in what is right and just. Nico keeps a rather regal air about him, every movement measured and precise, yet he is rather approachable and trustworthy.
    -Brave, true to his nature Nico will never relent in what he believes or waver in the face of trouble. He keeps a calm and even positive attitude in the face of adversity.
    -Leader, a natural born leader if ever there were a true thing. This young lad is the embodiment of decisive action and responsibility, fully willing to lead where no one else will and shoulder a burden no matter how great.

    -Overconfidence. Nico believes greatly in his own abilities and will often try to handle things on his own, forgoing help from others or trying to keep them on the sidelines.
    -Fiercely Dedicated. When Nico sets his mind to something he'll pursue or believe it without hesitation. It is hard to get through his thick skull, keeping true to his heart what he believes or perceives.
    -Honor. Honor is a big thing to Nico, as such he will very often abscond from using under handed methods or performing nefarious deeds even if they would be in his favor.

    Personality: Nico is a rather fearless and brave young man, though he is headstrong and straight forward when it comes to many things. A very nice and approachable person Nico has proven himself to be a kind hearted and mature soul. Though he is prone to goofiness and unreasonable tendencies Nico tries to maintain himself as someone who is a paragon, a pillar of righteous-ness to be looked up to! That is where his noble side comes in, Nico believes himself to be one meant to lead and protect.

    Brief History: Nicolas was originally a European born child but his parents decided to move to America shortly after his birth. As such he had a different upbringing then his parents imagined in this rather similar yet vastly different country. They maintained good work and were able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. As for Nicolas, he was always a kind and caring child. Preferring the company of many people instead of a singular friend or group, sociable and all around worldly in a sense. Though average in grades Nico preferred to use his intuition and a quick wit instead of keeping his head buried in a book. Now in high school Nico has put forth all his energy into becoming a star athlete, simultaneously participating as the track team captain and a mixed martial arts light weight. Nico has proven himself time and again a determined individual.

    Occupation: High school Student, Athlete

    Abilities: Advanced physical condition (commendable endurance, strength of someone who works out regularly, fleet footed) Leadership

    Extra: Nico is his nickname.
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  2. A dark figure approached six different homes, with six different bundles. They were each wrapped in silken fabric to color of winter moonlight, a cold shade of silver. Each contained a pocket watch.

    Now, these were not ordinary clocks. No. They, instead of counting up and repeating on a cycle, showing the time, counted down to the recipient's untimely demise.

    To each home went a different clock.

    The first, a metallic steampunky clock, went to a boy named Lawrence Kirk. When he touched it, the clock would've shown the time, "4 years, 9 months, 3 days, and 58 minutes" and begun to count down. This may seem like a short time to live, but it was indeed a long one for the contestants.

    The second clock was given to Alan Howard. The smooth clock, when received by Alan, would read "2 years, 4 months, 28 days, and 22 minutes." A much shorter time than the previous man.

    The third, a magnificent compass like clock, was gifted to Evah Smith. The time would be listed as "3 years, 5 months, 23 days, 18 minutes." This clock, however would prove to be off a tad.

    The fourth, broken yet shining and glistening, was given to Idelle Loagen. When touched, it would read "2 years, 11 months, 3 days, 57 minutes."

    The fifth, with shimmering gears peeking out of the regal shell, was given to Nicholas Dryden. The time would read "4 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 127 minutes."

    The final clock was given to Jack Porter. When received, the clock would say, "1 year, 2 months, 29 days, and 269 minutes."

    As each clock was delivered, Fate sat in her realm, watching it all unfold. And she smiled.

    Posting is now permitted!
  3. Evah stretched when she woke up, rubbing Fuzzy's head mid-yawn. The cat started purring instantly, but didn't wake up. Evah was an early riser, Fuzzy was not. It was alright though because Evah wasn't staying home anyway. She got changed into workout clothes and got ready to go on her morning run. It was a daily thing, and she found it made her feel better than if she didn't.

    As she ran she listened to her music, spacing out as she ran her regular track across the city. It was still dark outside when she started but when she got home again the sunrise had passed and the light of the day was bright. She picked up a silvery black cloth wrapped package from in front of her door and set it on her counter before getting a shower, not noticing that when her fingers had slipped through the silky cloth, touching the pocket watch's smooth surface that it had begun it's countdown.

    When got out of the shower and finished getting into her daily clothes she headed to the kitchen, putting water on the stove to boil for her oatmeal. As she waited for that she opened the cloth, finding the compass-like clock within it.

    "Huh," Evah said, not noting much about it in her quick glance before she had to pour in her oatmeal into the now boiling water.

    "Fuzzy, what do you think?" Evah asked, looking over just as her beloved cat knocked the compass watch right off the counter and onto the carpeted floor of the living room. Her usually docile cat jumped off of the counter to attack the pocket-watch and Evah had to separate her.

    "Fuzzy, calm down!" She said, deciding to put the cat on her porch while she inspected the watch and waited on her breakfast. It seemed to be a normal pocket-watch, and a nice one at that, except it was counting down. "Wonder what it's counting down to...." Evah murmured to herself as she ate.

    "You have mail!" Her phone buzzed and she grabbed it, smiling at her report card so far. She was doing good, and minus this ominous clock, life was going good.
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  4. Normal Morning

    Alan woke to the sound of his alarm clock, a steady but loud and monotonous BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BE- He pressed "Snooze" and the alarm stopped. 6:00 AM, on the dot, just like always. He got out of bed and put on the clothes he had placed on his nightstand yesterday. A quick combing of his dark brown hair was all he needed to finish it off.

    As Alan was brushing his teeth, he heard the sound of his doorbell ringing. It wasn't often that his doorbell rang; people didn't usually come over to visit, and receiving a package in the mail was very rare. Quickly, he rinsed his mouth and toothbrush and ran to the door.

    What Could This Be?

    When he opened it, there was nobody there, oddly enough. But stranger than that, there was a package on his doorstep. Alan looked around, wondering why the mailman hadn't stayed or asked anyone to sign for the package. The package itself had no tags indicating the recipient or the giver. Shrugging, he picked up the package and carried it into his kitchen.

    He wanted to ask his parents about the package, but they were already at work at this point, and it wouldn't do to bother them by calling. Could it possibly be for him? The usual gift-giving occasions were all months away, and he hadn't done anything better than usual. Still, it felt like this package was somehow meant for him. He looked at the clock on the wall. Yeah, he had time. Slowly and carefully, Alan opened the package up.

    Flower Hiding a Serpent

    A beautiful silver pocket watch met his eyes as he took it out. The watch appeared to be in mint condition, as if his hands were the first to touch it. He almost thought about having a protective plastic cover put on it, but the thought vanished when he saw the time that appeared on the watch's face. 2 years, 4 months, 28 days, and 22 minutes? What did that mean, and why was it counting down? Was that when the clock would need to be wound again? If so, this was a very interesting design.

    Looking up at the clock again, Alan decided he might as well start walking to school. He placed the clock back in the package, wrote a quick note of apology to his parents in case they got home before he did and the package was for them, and picked up his backpack. There was just enough money in his wallet for him to purchase breakfast at the school store. They served some pretty good bagels. Alan left, closing and locking the door before beginning his walk. Inside its package, the clock continued to tick.

    (Giving the songs true titles was Moxie's idea first, and I edited my post to do the same with permission.)
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  5. ~ Working Away ~

    Fingers tapping steadily at the flat buttons, the sound of furious typing would be the only noise that rung through the air. After-all, it was rather early and most people would be expected to be still resting. But not Lawrence, he still had to finish the coding for his incoming game, something he had been working on for the last couple of months. He just had to fix up the physics and finish the ending before he could submit it onto the internet. Letting out a soft sigh, the man suddenly removed his hands from the laptop, leaning back against the headboard of his king-sized bed in faint exhaustion.

    After a couple more minutes of simply laying there, three knocks on his front door reached his ears. Taking a moment to sit up from his previous position, Lawrence shifted his computer off of his lap before rising to his feet. He reached up, stretching his arms and legs and groaning ever so slightly as mild aches faded away. Who could it be at this time of the day... The blonde began to saunter towards the main entrance to the apartment, a hand reaching up to neaten out his long strands of hair.

    ~ Discovery ~

    Once Lawrence had finally finished taking his sweet time to reach the door, he opened it in one motion. What he saw was not what the male had expected. His mind had settled on the fact that there would be a person at his doorstep, most likely one of his close friends who wanted to test run his little game. Instead, there was nothing but a small, dark package lying alone on the concrete floor. He took a quick glance left and right, wanting to see if he could spot the person who left this item at his door though had no success. Maybe something sent something for him but forgot he was out on deployment... Lawrence pondered, standing still for a couple of seconds to allow him to rack his mind for the names of people who would most likely send a present for his brother.

    Eventually, the man had decided to grab the object and return to the privacy of his room. Placing it down on his bedside table, he then took hold of his phone, unlocking it and swiftly sending a text to his brother, asking him if he was expecting a delivery from anyone. After he finished with his mini task, Lawrence plopped back onto his bed, hoisting his laptop back onto his legs and continuing to work, attempting to ignore the mysterious item.

    ~ Curiosity ~

    Grumbles tumbling out from in-between his lips, Lawrence found himself glancing at the package once again for the fifteenth time since he had brought it in. He wasn't sure was making him this nosy but he certainly did not enjoy it. If it had been anyone else's stuff, he would have opened it by now and raided the contents but this was his sibling's. He couldn't do something like that to his own kin. Or could he?

    Before the blonde could speak some common sense into his mind, his body pushed the electronic off of him, lunging forward to grasp onto the silky fabric. I can just take a quick look and wrap it back up. Sebastian won't notice. Lawrence lay on his stomach, his fingers carefully unwrapping the soft cloth. When his emerald hues finally fell upon the circular item, several questions, that all needed answers, raced across his mind.

    The clock in his hands was very intricately designed, bronze cogs decorating the perimeter. "One...?" Lawrence breathed out, the word barely meeting his own ears due to it's limited volume. He brushed the tip of his index finger over the golden writing, before flipping it over to allow him to take a look at the back. The underside of the watch was equally as stunning as the front, beautiful designs of gears upon it. Though, the mere look of the pocket watch plunged the boy's mind into confusion. Sebastian hates steampunk-themed things. Whoever bought this for him must be a bloody idiot.

    Just before he could think any deeper into the subject, his finger accidentally pressed against a miniature switch, causing the cover to flip open and reveal the digits inside. Lawrence stilled at the sight of the numbers, staring intently at them as if the answers to his confusion would suddenly appear. After a small while past, he noticed that the minute section of the pocket-watch decreased. What the hell... He released the small object, rolling onto his back and sitting up before taking it into his hand once more. Lawrence flipped it back closed, holding it tightly in his fist as he stared out of the window. What is going on...?
  6. The moon was still high in the early morning sky when the elegant package arrived, the recipient always woke up early. It was a cool morning, darkened sky filled with twinkling stars and a pale moon, dew glazed upon short grass, like perfect beads of glass. No later did the package arrive then a young body awoke from dreamful slumber. Nicolas always woke up early, to enjoy the silent world while everyone else was still asleep. Up and out of bed the young man quickly dressed, his usual attire was odd to say the least. A rather formal, button up top of royal blue graced with red accents and a thick leather belt held his snowy upper half. While long, equally blue dress pants encased his long legs. Dress your best, look your best, be your best.

    Nicolas followed a rather upbeat life, and this morning was different from that comfortable, perfect world he knew. Darkness shrouded his house, but he was awake, and his icy blue eyes stared out as if it were light. Platinum hair still in a mess he ran a hand quickly through it to restore some form of composure to the messy length. Every morning he woke up around this time, four a.m. It was a time the waking world was mostly deep in slumber, a time he could be alone and reflect. With a wide grin Nicolas looked at himself favorably in a mirror, dim light pouring out from behind him, allowing him to gaze upon his own snow white skin. Albinism. Though it only added to their air of power and nobility he projected.

    The young man opened the door of his silent home with eager thoughts of what today would bring, but he was greeted by a package. Wrapped in gorgeous silk almost the same color as his skin. Nicolas wasted no time in picking up the package, and with deft fingers he delicately did away with the silk, deciding to stuff it in his pocket for later. The package itself was just a gorgeous box as the silk. Again, delicate, professional fingers opened this box.

    A pocket watch. An iron pocket watch with the number five engraved upon its shell. Fiery bronze gears could be seen through the hard, weighty iron. With the pocket watch flipped open Nicolas gazed upon numbers printed in script, expertly flourished and hand made. No delivery company would have dropped something like this off so early, it had to be hand delivered. And it was counting down. Nicolas examined the watch for a long while, simply standing at his front door, running his fingers over the cold iron with awe. Those gears were such a stark contrast to the gray of the iron, and the numbers so wonderfully made upon the face. Not to mention the five, was it part of a set? What could it symbolize? Nicolas took the silk from his pocket, the silk from the package, and wrapped the watch in it before taking the box inside.

    Nicolas would sleep for a little while longer this morning, breaking his usual routine, too intrigued by this watch.
  7. The sunlight filtered through the thin curtains, falling on Jack's face as he slept in. Delaying the inevitable, he rolled over, but was soon woken by the light. Groaning slightly, and throwing the bedcovers off, he gradually got his feet to the floor, sitting on the edge of his bed for a moment.
    Standing up slowly, and brushing the hair out of his face, he trudged over to the bathroom across the hall. Once there, he splashed some water on his face, waking himself up a bit - at least, as much as he could.
    Jack made his way downstairs, into the kitchen, where he made himself a bowl of cereal.His parents weren't here today - they'd had a function on at work, and were staying overnight. As he ate, he checked his phone. Zero messages.
    He stood up, putting the used breakfast things on the counter, and went to the front door to check the mail. No letters, but upon opening the door to look for packages, he would find something unexpected.
    Reaching down, he picked up a silken bundle, its colour like moonlight. The texture was luxuriously smooth, and it was cold to the touch, cooled by the morning air. Unravelling it, there he found a pocket watch, with a chain, but its dials and gears were like none he had ever seen.
    There spinning were polished brass representations of the earth's continents. Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, each of them interlocking with one another in ways that didn't seem to make sense, making the clock continue to tick.
    There were four hands, each pointing to a different ring. Years, months, days, minutes, it read. Taking a moment to do so, he read it as 1 year, 2 months, 29 days, and 269 minutes, and counting down. Counting down to what, though? Some event? Something happening to him?
    Taking it in, he re-wrapped it in its silken package, and went back in to get dressed. Setting it on his chest of drawers, he gave it the occasional curious glance, before his curiosity took over and he opened it once more, looking at it again. Nothing had happened to him that could involve it, not that he could think of. Looking at the silk, he couldn't see any markings or tags on it, or anything of the sort.
    Who had sent it, and what did it mean?
  8. After double checking her grades Evah looked at the clock, it was 10A and time for her class. She got changed into her yoga pants and work tee. "General Pso's Krav Maga" was written in bold print on the red shirt. She put up her dishes and let Fuzzy in before grabbing her bag to pack for work. She put in all of her usual items and then her eye caught a glimpse of the clock, deciding that she may need to pack it. Something was ominous about it, and she had never liked having a count down. She stuffed it in the bottom and got on her bike to head to the local high school where she was teaching.

    She turned the motorcycle off when she got ot the school, parking in student parking just in case. She walked to the front office, "Hi, my name's Evah Smith, I am here for the PE class?" She asked, suddenly nervous. Something about being in a high school made her the nervous wreak she was when she had been a student- only months ago.

    The woman made her wait a second before giving her any thought, she was an old woman with a tiny stature and grey hair in a bun. Her thin bangs almost hit the frames of her thick glasses that she seemed to glare out of frequently. The woman looked Evah up and down, "Get to class." She said, beginning to mumble, "Damnmed hooligans just running around in sleep clothes."

    "Um, I'm not a student," Evah said. "I'm here to teach the Krav Maga class in PE today." She was supposed to be teaching all classes today, but this lady didn't seem like she was going to help her out.

    "Go to class young lady!" The old woman said, glaring harshly now, "Or I'll write you up for AWOL!"

    Scared of the threat that had no effect on her, Evah decided to just look for the gym. Her pack on her back she did look like a student, maybe someone would tell her where the gym was?
  9. |Good Morning, Monroe!|
    |Idelle Loagen|
    |Now Playing: Good Morning!!|​

    Idelle rose slowly from her warm sheets, sunlight filtering in through the sheer white curtains in her bedroom. Her silken violet locks were held in two pigtails and she wore a traitional ivory nightgown. She practically fell out of bed, but managed to stumble drowsily into the kitchen, where she proceeded to make herself some breakfast. Pouring some milk over her stale cereal, a soft knocking sounded from the front door. She raised her head, suddenly alert.


    It was still early, so it seemed unlikely that it was the mailman. Probably an independant gifter. Someone from her mother's work, perhaps? Idelle decided to investigate. She silently tiptoed over to the door and swung the door open, yet no one was there. Instead, a silk-wrapped parcel lay on her doorstep. Picking it up, she began to unwrap it. Inside was a broken clock, showered with dents on its bronze surface. The cover was close to shattered, but glittered elegantly in the early morning sunshine. It seemed to be an ordinary clock, but instead of showing the time, it was counting down. The timer had begun when she first touched it, the numbers spinning to show 2 years, 11 months, 3 days, 57 minutes.

    Idelle tilted her head slightly to the left, and then back again, to the right, examining the strange clock. It seemed old, yet expertly crafted. Strong. Something very...large, must have cracked it. Or maybe it was made that way. After all, the cracks seemed too beautifully spiderwebbed across the glass to have been created by some freak accident. It truly didn't matter to Idelle in this moment. Hoping that the glass wouldn't fall out, she carefully closed the door, stopping the flow of cold air from coming inside. She then tiptoed back to the kitchen counter and gently laid it down.


    The numbers spun down, but that was a mystery for another day. She had to get ready for school.

    Idelle returned to her flowery room and selected a cute little dress for that day. She always enjoyed dressing up, casual but elegantly at the same time. She liked to pretend she didn't go to a public highschool in the middle of nowhere, but that instead she went to a high-end private school in New York, Milan, Paris...The list went on. Luxary was her dream, the ideal. Yet, the lifestyle she craved was out of her reach. All she could do was pretend.

    Along with the dress, she slipped on a sweater, curled her hair, and put on a navy blue hat to complete the outfit.

    It was her last year of school, and she wanted to start it off right. After all, today was the first day.

    Intro coming tomorrow. Tomorrow will continue to be Morning.
  10. Good Start to the Day

    Alan stood outside the school, eating his bagel with cream cheese. Most people would have considered it nothing more than an average bagel, but not just any bagel could have the perfect texture: not too hard to eat, but hard enough that it wouldn't flop in half if you held it in one hand. The cream cheese was also nicely spread, not too thick or thin. It was the small details that counted more often than not, and whoever made these bagels had made these details work in their favor, even if it was on accident. Finishing the bagel off and wiping the remaining cream cheese off his upper lip with a complimentary napkin (it had come with the bagel), Alan walked into the school, throwing his napkin away in a trashcan close to the door.

    It didn't take long for Alan to reach his locker; it was in the same hallway as the school's entrance. He entered his combination and opened his locker, putting his backpack–minus his pencils and notebook for English–inside and closing it. For whatever reason, Alan felt unusually cheerful today. Not enough to sing as he walked or anything, but enough for him to notice it. There didn't seem to be any particular reason for it, but one didn't need a reason to be happy. As his first class wouldn't start for another 15 minutes, he considered the idea of looking for Tony and Jason, his friends from middle school. He didn't have much else to do.

    First Encounter

    Suddenly, Alan heard something coming from the other end of the hallway. Some odd girl who appeared only slightly older than himself was being shooed out of the office by one of the ladies who usually sat at the front desk. Come to think of it, he never had learned that woman's name. But of course, that wasn't important right now. The girl looked out of sorts in the area, as if she was lost in some way. He felt compelled to help her, but he wasn't sure if he could give her what she wanted. Nevertheless, Alan walked up to her and said, "Excuse me; is something wrong?"
  11. Evah was lost, and what was worse was that in the midst of first day madness- she couldn't get any help. She was too old for any of the teachers to pay her any mind when they had freshmen to worry about. She groaned, knowing that she shouldn't have taken this stupid job. 'Go teach the high schoolers,' They'd said, 'You'll have a 9-5 schedule, it's perfect!' She should have known the kindly old Asian man was really a demon in disguise, sent by evil forces to force her back into High School.

    A brown haired student came, much like a savior, to her rescue.

    He said, looking helpful, and Evah smiled brilliantly.

    "Yes, actually," She said. "I've gotto get to the gym, any idea where that is? I tried explaining to that lady in there but she wouldn't believe I wasn't a student."

    It occurred to her that he might lie, and she shrugged it off, he looked too nice for that. Right.............?
  12. Guidance
    "Yeah, I know where it is. It's actually on the way to my first class, so I could walk with you if you like. If not, then just take a right, a left, and another right. The walkway to the gym will be in that hallway. Will that be helpful?" Alan could see how the office lady had made the mistake, but he figured it would be best not to say that right now.

    Slight Suspicion

    In fact, now that he thought about it, how did he know she was really a teacher? For all he knew, she was some 12th grader having fun at his expense. He doubted that was truly the case, for this would be a pointless prank, but he didn't know for certain. Just a quick test of sorts would probably help him decide. "If you don't mind my asking, what subject do you teach? And for how long were you in college?"
  13. Evah let out a sign of relief, what had been disastrous was calming down. She could feel her tense muscles relaxing, and no longer felt the need to puke. God, High School was evil.

    Evah raised her eyebrows, impressed at the boy's straightforwardness. It was slightly rude though. Her eyes narrowed.

    "Krav Maga, hence going to the gym," She said. "I'm not sure that it's any of your business, but I'm a college student at the local school."

    She wondered how he missed her shirt, bright red with bold black formatting.

    "Look, I don't have time for your pre-pubescent interrogation so if you're going to help me, awesome, lead the way, if not feel free to fuck off." Oh wait, I'm a teacher, I probably shouldn't curse..... Evah sighed, doing a bang up job, I am.
  14. Slight Embarrassment
    From the way he had reacted, Alan figured she actually did mind. Now that he thought about it, he had forgotten what he might be implying with his question. After all, it was one of the most well-known sayings he had ever heard: never ask a woman her age. In fact, looking at her shirt, he realized he should have figured out the truth himself. "I see. Um, what is Kr-"

    Don't Make It Worse
    Alan flinched at her sudden remark, his sentence cutting itself off. "Right, sorry. Um...follow me, please." He walked down the hallway a bit, then looked back to make sure she was following. He didn't need to make himself look even worse in front of this girl, no matter who she was. Besides, time was passing more quickly than he had expected; he would have to walk quickly to English when he was finished showing this teacher where to go.
  15. "Thank you," Evah said, frustrated that she'd had to lecture a kid to get directions. She was less worried about the cursing as he walked, well jogged, to show her to the gym. Good, she had made her impression as a hardass before her first class. That couldn't be a bad thing.

    She ignored the students passing by as she walked, and they her. When they got to the gym she slipped off her bag, ready to throw it in a corner.

    "Thanks for the walk," She said, searching for a piece of paper when she heard the warning bell sound. When she found her notepad she wrote. "Oh wait, what's your name? So I can write a late pass?"
  16. To say the least, Nicolas was a little disappointed the Krav Maga teacher was late. His morning had gone off without a hitch until now. With a faint sigh the teen had been sitting against the padded wall of the gym, examining his new pocket watch. The silk from the box was still stuffed in his pocket, he was using the luxurious material to keep it safe. A coy smile pred across his snow white face as he flipped the pocket watch opened and muttered to himself. "Teacher, you have four years, two months, fourteen days, and one hundred and twenty seven minutes before you're late to class." The handsome teen couldn't help but chuckle after saying that. It was an odd pocket watch for sure, but very unique.

    Oddly enough Nico was still dressed in his usual attire, that royal blue long sleeve button up with its red accents and his pressed royal blue pants. Definitely not gym attire. Though they didn't have a gym teacher yet soooo it balanced out. Nicolas watched the clock tick, those script letters adding another lay of appeal to the watch's design. Those burning bronze gears clicked and clacked in such mechanical ways beneath the cold iron shell. Nicolas was nearly hypnotized, but today his mind was focused on learning Kraf Maga. If the teacher ever got here.
  17. It's Just One of Those Days

    A new day, a new day, thought Bias, happily walking along with a small pep in her step. She was most certainly, definitely, lost. Even with the map in her hand, she was certain she'd turned herself around where she shouldn't have. Krav Maga is pretty militant, Bias thought as she check the classrooms. That tells me... I'm pretty sure the teachers' not gonna be lenient about me being late. No matter the circumstance.

    Perhaps it wasn't the most logial conclusion to draw up, but it was the conclusion that Bias drew towards, and she indeed was going to stick to it. The second to last 'classroom', aka room set in the gym for such classes was full. Bias figured that had to be the class.

    Waltzin' In

    Small, dark gym shorts, a long sleeved cream green shit, she tried to shift into the back of the class without being noticed by the teacher. A girl, eh? Bias was pleased at the gender of the teacher. Not many women teaching martial arts these days, that was a thing. Hopefully this woman wouldn't notice that she was late. I made it, she thought smugly, that counts.
  18. On the Wrong Foot (open)

    "Alan Howard." Alan said. He doubted saying anything else would do anything more than start a new argument. It was incomprehensible to him that his inquiry had led to her scathing reply, but he was only a junior. Maybe age would be a more sensitive subject to him as well later on. Nevertheless, he still found the teacher's reaction to be slightly overdone, though he would never say that aloud. He didn't usually say his true opinions aloud, come to think of it.

    Alan stood patiently while he waited for the teacher to finish writing a pass for him. He wondered if a pass on notebook paper would be accepted; there was a chance he could be accused of forgery. Hopefully, the teacher would write her phone number or something to confirm the note's authenticity. He thought about mentioning this to her, but he didn't want to take the chance of upsetting her again. As he peered into the gym, seeing a boy with something gray in his hand and a girl looking at the teacher, he heard the school bell ring. It had been confirmed: he was late.
  19. Evah nodded, writing him a note on her fancy teacher's notepad they'd given her. "Now go, I wrote the time on there so you can't just skip class." She headed into the gym then, setting her things in the corner of the large gym, she was late and everyone seemed to notice. She decided to ignore that fact and grab her clip board with names of students on it, time for roll call.

    She noticed some students in non-gym clothes and groaned mentally, c'mon kids.

    "Good morning everyone," She yelled so the whole crowd could hear. "Anyone who isn't wearing gym clothes needs to change or be ready to sit in the corner all class and get a zero for their participation grade today." She looked at her clip board, "When I call your name, come sit or stand in a grid, with arm length's apart." She started calling them names out, telling those who weren't dressed out to 'sit on the bleaches today or get changed'.
  20. Thankful Nonetheless
    "Yes, ma'am. Thank you." Alan looked at the paper she handed him, and thankfully, he had been wrong about the notepad. He had thought it was her own, but the paper clearly belonged to the school, so there was no need to worry about authenticity. Giving the teacher a final wave, he walked as quickly as he could to English. Yes, he was late, but at least this tardiness would be excused. In that way, Alan thought he was lucky to meet the teacher, though their introduction had not been entirely auspicious. He hoped she was also happy to have met him.

    Punctual is Functional (Hilton's "Theme")

    Alan reached his class only five minutes after departing from the gym, but the teacher's gaze as he walked through the door seemed to imply that there were only five minutes until class ended. "Ah, Mr. Howard. So glad you could finally join us." She walked away from the blackboard, where she had apparently been writing a list of rules for their first essay. Alan was surprised that such an assignment was being given on the first day; most teachers assigned small tasks, like asking a guardian to sign a paper or writing a paragraph, and that was if they assigned anything at all. But he kept this feeling to himself.

    "I was helping another teacher. Here, I have a note." He handed the note to her, and she pored over it, as if looking for a grammatical error. "I see. Well, I am Miss Hilton, and shall be addressed as such. Please take your seat next to Mr. Bandini in the far left corner." Miss Hilton pointed to Tony Bandini, who smiled as if to say "I'm supposed to be the troublemaker of the group, Alan!" Alan smiled too and quietly sat down, hoping Miss Hilton would come to like him.
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