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    This is it, it's the last night of the school year; the night you have been waiting for, one that seems at if it has been an eternity away. No, not because school will be out of session after this and everyone will have to return back to their homes, but because it is the night, the night of the talent show. You and your partner(s) have been prepping for this show since you all got back from winter break. After All, this is Woodbury Academy of the Arts. The most prestigious and sophisticated boarding school that Orlando, Florida has ever seen.

    With the previous talent show from December behind you everyone is buzzing with anticipated excitement for this one. Since the school is located only twenty minutes outside of Disney World it is tradition that the end of the year's talent show is always Disney themed and it always happens between 9pm and midnight, right on the platform in front of Cinderella's Castle.

    This years theme is Disney Duets, mainly love songs since last years theme was general duets (of course, some are just solos with others dancing and acting but still, a group effort). However, what happens when just as the last pair finishes, the clock strikes midnight? No one can really explain it but you see a flash of light and when you come to your senses again you are no longer you. You're ... your voice? Yeah, you and your partner(s) have turned into the characters from your song... but, now you have two tiny, itty-bitty problems. First of all, any of the school staff and non-performing students that were watching have oddly enough turned into your stories villains, and possibly a few other characters. The worse problem though, you need to wait for another flash of light at exactly the strike of midnight in order to turn back... and you don't know when that will happen.


    For anyone wondering: the rp will start at Disney World with everyone rehearsing and fooling around in the park and stuff around three in the afternoon.

    Skipping to after the second flash (which I'm planning on having a minimum of one week rp time pass before happening) everyone will be themselves again but still have part of their character in them. That piece of the character will never leave them.


    This is a note for any person looking to sign-up. Click on the picture of the clock at the top to go to the sign-up and plot thread.
  2. 7 spots are still open... 2 females, 5 males ||| 5 Villains, 1 side character, 1 hero
  3. There are still at least 4 spots left for anyone who wants to join. 1 female (mrs. Potts), and at least 3 (not sure if it's 3 or 4) males (hercules, dr. Facilier, stabbington brother two... And one other guy if i'm forgetting someone... It's really late right now)
  4. Open 'Heroes' ​
    Mrs. Potts
    Charlotte {Lottie}

    Open 'Villains'
    Dr. Facilier
    Stabbington Brother 1
    Stabbington Brother 2
  5. Do you still need Dr. Facilier? I'm defiantly interested.
  6. yup :3 ... we still need all of the spots I posted above
  7. Okay cool. So is there a link or something I could follow to start/caught up?
  8. click the clock picture, it will take you to the sign up ^^
  9. Okay thanks.
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