Tiberian Ascension

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    A Command and Conquer alternate universe roleplay.

    In 2020, Italy took a devastating blow shortly after the first of a plethora of small meteorites impacted the Tiber River, beginning an unprecedented environmental disaster; the shower delivered a foreign substance which quickly dismantled and assimilated nearby materials, reproducing itself with alarming efficiency. It has since become clear that, aside from the destructive nature of the barrage of impacts, the corrosive tiberium could very well lead to the collapse of civilization at large.

    [ The Global Defence Initiative ]

    Shortly after the Second World War, the United Nations expanded upon its Chapter VII mandate and founded a covert military branch in accordance with a classified Security Council resolution later published as the Global Defence Act, for the purposes of maintaining global safety and well-being according to the principles of the United Nations Charter. The Global Defence Initiative has since matured in light of the tiberium crisis, becoming a transparent international military force with the support of most G7 nations, with the notable exception of Italy.

    While many United Nations constituents are in favor of the GDI, the majority of its resources are provided by the Security Council, inviting suspicion and unease from less influential member nations, most significantly those that happen to feel the most pressure from the environmental hazards coming about as a result of the growing tiberium threat. As the GDI is more concerned with protecting unaffected regions from infestation than it is with crisis intervention in less fortunate areas, many constituents consider their suspicions confirmed.

    [ The Brotherhood of Nod ]

    Initially a prominent underground power around the Mediterranean, the organization stands as a guardian of the ill-fated populations caught between the hazardous nature of tiberium and the apparent apathy of the GDI. While it has demonstrated a potent military capacity, its primary asset is its media campaigning, most notably those featuring its mysterious, charismatic leader, Kane. The hierarchy of the Brotherhood is volatile and undocumented, restructured as often as its popular leaders come and go. It has become evident that there are several branches of the organization, each with their own unique doctrines.

    Kane has emphasized tiberium's positive potential, redescribing it in the context of theology as if God himself had provided the substance for the benefit of mankind. While it is widely regarded as an ad hoc perspective, many under his influence find themselves enchanted by the less fatalistic worldview and, combined with the technological opportunities it has and continues to provide, have begun to sincerely believe in Kane's vision. Unfortunately, the details of his ideology remain obscure, as he favors secrecy as a result of his more outlandish claims, which might alienate less faithful initiates.

    The roleplay will emphasize the latter faction's rise to power, most specifically the maturation of several player-characters from survivors of a brewing apocalypse to significant members of the Brotherhood of Nod. Whether scenes will focus more on sci-fi action or the internal politics of the Brotherhood depends on how the players wish to direct the roleplay, but for now I plan to include both themes, potentially fitting for both elite cadre and inner-circle advisors to Kane himself.

    Character creation will be simple, because I prefer to allow people to flesh out their profiles throughout the roleplay as it suits them than to force the regurgitation of various psychological traits for the purpose of quality auditing. Nothing more than a name and an archetype are absolutely required, though any additional sections you'd like to add will be met with gratitude and favor as we start to integrate your character into the plot. Verbose applications are perfectly acceptable if you wish to write them.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here or in a private message! :D

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  2. What do you mean by character 'archetype'?
  3. Initially, characters will typically be survivors of a brewing apocalypse, so they will have had the opportunity to demonstrate their specialty in the face of adversity — perhaps they are a fighter, a diplomat, or a MacGuyver. The archetype can be just about anything that describes the character's primary skillset.
  4. So, basically a character's class?
  5. I suppose, yeah! :D
  6. Since this is military science fiction, I'm not exactly sure what science fiction elements are present in this game. What kind are there?
  7. I intend for the roleplay to span some time to acknowledge the variety of atmospheres the canon is characterized by — mostly so we can get a li'l taste of everything before settling into the lategame. :3

    Initially, the characters will be picked up by the Brotherhood at around 2035 (AU TWII if that helps establish tech level), deep into the conflict with the GDI. By this point, some commonly-employed technologies include high-agility hovercraft, optical camouflage, and high-intensity lasers. There will also be some more classic solutions, like burning things with fire, lots of missiles, and much bullet spam. There's not a whole lot of Star Wars just yet, so it's probably better to think in the vein of moderate cyberpunk at first, and we'll go from there. :D
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  8. Cyberpunk? I do love me some cyberpunk. Would it be possible to have armor that isn't a military uniform? I mean, is that how it works with Tiberium? Their attire and such?
  9. There's definitely kevlar and some near-future equivalents. Nothing that will stop a rocket to the chest, but certainly some short-term protection that could save your butt in a standoff. It wouldn't be unusual for characters to be armored at chargen as a result of dealing with a partial breakdown of society. You know, you make do with what you've got, and all that. :3
  10. I mean, like tech armor. Stuff like this and this. Is that allowed or is their attire completely kevlar?
  11. That'd probably be some bleeding edge stuff by the look of it. :3
  12. I take it those are allowed then? Sorry, I'm not too good with subtle.
  13. Allowed, yes, but probably not for civilians like most of us ought to be at start.
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  14. Name: Alexandra Wilson

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Archetype: Fighter

    Appearance: Here

    Other: N/A
  15. Very nice. Ironically, this particular image shows a character wearing GDI's typical colors (bronze/gold), but the style of attire is very Brotherhood-y. :3
    In any case, you've got the right idea. :D

    Now for a few other people to get involved, and then I can start thinking about what kind of intro would be best. Maybe the characters were working together before they got swept up in the fray, or perhaps this is a mottley crew. :o
  16. Oh, really? That is ironic considering I didn't even worry about color. Hopefully, we get more people. I think there were a couple others who expressed interest? Besides that though, I want to say that I like the idea of a motley crew.
  17. Yes, @Windsong and @Fendisteel, I think. ;3

    I'm not sure if they chose not to get involved or if thread alerts upset their attention. :o
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  18. So, We will be playing a the Nod type... I love you so much.. I hate the GDI. Purifyers all the way. I remember I played CnC Renegade when I was really young.
  19. Ah, yes. c:

    GDI is my favorite faction to play around with, but Nod has always been more fun for me: guerilla tactics. ;3
  20. Any other character sheets coming? I'm not sure how many players are onboard, yet. :o
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