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So, I have a plot... Well, I have lot more than a plot to be honest but I figured I would see if the idea gets any interest on here. Since I tried to run this on other places already, the idea is fairly fleshed out.

If I decide to run it on Iwaku, I will share the entire OOC as I have it. Some changes can be made of course once the planning itself starts.

Obviously I have tackled a few obvious questions in this thread already. If you have any others, feel free to ask them. That's usually the way to get rid of ignorance.

Some of the Greek gods decided it was time to see if humanity was ready for the next step. They granted people around the globe with special abilities to see how this would go.
As humanity started to pick up on the clues world leaders were quick to interfere. They created Thyrsus, a secretive section, agency if you will, that reports to the United Nations only. To a degree, they regulate themselves but the UN keeps a close eye on them. If they misbehave too much there will be consequences.
Beside this, the Pantheon is eager to see and keep an eye on the people from Thyrsus for their own reasons

What to expect
Is this a battle RP?
This RP isn't really a battle RP (though it does sound like that). Thyrsus is supposed to keep as quiet as possible, so that also means "try not to (mass) murder people or mass destroy things please. Cities are kinda hard to replace."
Fights and battles will occur, but if you want constant action and lots of shooting and other kinds of fights (all the time), this won't be the RP for you. If there is a - logical - peaceful way to finish the mission/assignment, that's the course the story will take at that moment.
I'm going to try and balance these two out.

Will the Greek gods play a prominent role?
In all fairness, that depends a bit on what the players want as well as what feels right at the moment in the story. I try to balance a lot of aspects out and as they are responsible for the course human kind is now taking, they will (probably) have to get involved from time to time.

If it's wanted (by either me or other players) we can write them into the story for a bit just for fun. Just to change things up for a little bit.
I can imagine Zeus shows up at some point to see if he can score some female attention. Apollo may decide to help on the medical ward if really needed.
Hades might notify them if a certain soul has crossed over to his realm.
Reasons can be made up to write them in it. However, I do not intent to have them be a constant thing.

The coming and going of members/players
This RP is also supposed to be fairly open in coming and going for the players. It's divided into missions/assignments.
In the OOC a mission report will go up and players can decide if they want to join said mission (they would have to let me, the GM, know within a to be determined time limit after throwing it up the OOC).
So this means that if RL comes up, you can temporarily leave the story as well. If there is a need, your character can be on an off screen (secret) mission.

However, in case of joining the mission the character should have a skill that is helpful.

Where does the story start?
Somewhere in 2015. Probably some date close to the IC opening post date thingy.

What liberties do players have?
Players in the RP are supposed to work with me - within certain boundaries.
Giving ideas is strongly encouraged, as my mind has limits. As do my skills.
For example: I'm not good at playing light and funny characters but neither do we want a bunch of quiet, brooding, grumpy characters walking around.

I will let others take the lead from time to time as long as people communicate with me (especially in the beginning).

You want to take on a character that is wreaking havoc in central America and some characters have to stop this person? Message me and we'll discuss it, as long as it fits logically in the setting you probably can.

On characters in the story
Characters (be they good or bad people) can be from all layers of society from around the globe. They are ordinary people given powers. Basically: if you can imagine it, it's most likely allowed. However, with some powers I will ask for a specific reason as to why they have been recruited or why they would start to misbehave.
Somebody who can shapeshift into a bunny probably wouldn't be that interesting for Thyrsus people to recruit.

The same goes for the human targets: If they go berserk, it also needs to have a reason.
The most beloved 9th grade teacher with the nicest/kindest personality that is always there for the students doesn't wake up on one day and starts trashing the town for no good reason.​
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