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Why hello thar! :D It's Diana bringing you some quick updates across the site from the past week or so. This week's updates are brought to you by disgustingly cute kitties.

What's New & Updated

  • The Cbox has been updated this week with a fresh version. If you're having loading troubles, make sure you refresh the page or try clearing out your browser cache.
  • At the bottom of the forum index, you'll see a "Top 5 Stats" box. It's not new, but it's new on the index, to give you a quick browse of the latest posts, new & top members.
  • We're planning some Chat Roleplay nights. So vote in the topic with your available times.
  • Piro needs volunteers for the Iwaku News Crew. Support Iwaku and get involved.
  • There's been several new roleplays this week! Check them out!
  • Occasionally there is fun Stalking Toys. Are you an active member of Iwaku?
  • Added some new smilies too. c__c :king:


And that be all. :D Don't forget to check out the monthly Iwaku News, filled with Topic Highlights, Member Spotlights, and Roleplay Goodies!
Not open for further replies.