Thursday Community Update!

  • Welcome back, Iwaku! While we are still working on the site to get it back into shape, we've come back online so you can get back to doing what you love. Check out this announcement for more details.

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Why hello thar! :D It's Diana bringing you some quick updates across the site from the past week or so. This week's updates are brought to you by disgustingly cute kitties.

What's New & Updated

  • The Cbox has been updated this week with a fresh version. If you're having loading troubles, make sure you refresh the page or try clearing out your browser cache.
  • At the bottom of the forum index, you'll see a "Top 5 Stats" box. It's not new, but it's new on the index, to give you a quick browse of the latest posts, new & top members.
  • We're planning some Chat Roleplay nights. So vote in the topic with your available times.
  • Piro needs volunteers for the Iwaku News Crew. Support Iwaku and get involved.
  • There's been several new roleplays this week! Check them out!
  • Occasionally there is fun Stalking Toys. Are you an active member of Iwaku?
  • Added some new smilies too. c__c :king:


And that be all. :D Don't forget to check out the monthly Iwaku News, filled with Topic Highlights, Member Spotlights, and Roleplay Goodies!
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