Thunercats 2011

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So I don't usually like remakes.

Omen? Gregory Peck or bust.

Batman? Kevin Conroy or bust; none of that Rino Romano "The Batman" nonsense!

He-Man? The still-backgrounds, stock-footage-laden, ultra-campy 80s PSA-ridden cartoon still made sure I felt like I had the Power.

Transformers? Ninja Turtles? Don't get me started.

I did like the new GI Joe mini series. That was okay.

And so was this:


So the remake took the whole Space Cat People thing and...well, they're still Space Cat People, but they all believe they're Epic Medieval Fantasy Cat People instead. I swear, episodes 1 and 2 were basically the second episode of Escaflowne. Right down to running away from a town that's on fire. By Mechas. And the death of the obviously game-breakingly-powerful father figure (in Thundercats, its Claudus; in Escaflowne its Chuck Norris...I mean, Balgus).

Anyway, this is one of those few remakes I enjoyed. Its overall BETTER than the original. Music is meh, but the animation is gorgeous. The casting is spot-on (terry mcginnis is now lion-o; interesting choice). There's shout outs to the original series everywhere. Much of the in-universe canon is a nice, refreshing twist on the 80s canon, keeping it new yet still recognizable. AND SNARF DOESN'T TALK.

I've had issues with early characterization. Tygra, for instance, is either levelheaded if cocky, but in one ep is a warmongering idiot. I can forgive the Level 1 Hero Lion-O doing dumbass things like that, but not Tygra. At least Cheetara and Panthro are consistent.

Speaking of Cheetara--the speed demon catlady who put new meaning to the term "Fast Pussy"--...just look at the clip above.

I mean, seriously, when did Cheetara become such a cocktease?
Still waiting on Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali.
Only for Cheetara, would I consider furry.

I haven't seen much of this reboot, excepting the video you showed, but it does look overall well done.
i'm so glad snarf can't talk in the re-make!! @_@
SNYARF. I hate that little bastard.

@Kooriyu: Lynx-O had a cameo as one of King Claudus' generals in the first two episodes. Given that Thundera has gone the way of Fanelia, Asturia, Alderaan, and Hiroshima, I'm guessing Lynx-O is now dead. But everyone thought Panthro was dead in episode 1, but he's so badass he not only came back, he came back in a TANK. So who knows? Mebbe Lynx-O will show up again.