Thrown Into Vantera (Kalista x BakaPono)

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  1. OOC Section, aquamarine This section will be updated as necessary :)
    Starring... (open)! =p Here is our character sheets for convenience:

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    Name: Thiele Misu Vantera
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Race: Elf
    Title: Princess of Vantera

    Personality: Obedient, well-mannered, and kind. However, do not mistaken it as weakness or submission. While she is caring of the kingdom and wishes to make her parents and the citizens proud, Thiele does not want to sacrifice love, something she holds dearer than anything in the world. She has a sense of humor and it is tiring for her to act "proper" and with "royal bearing".

    Princess Mode

    Traveler Mode

    In order to hide her identity, Thiele consulted a mage that gave her a special dagger. The dagger allows her to change into a human-like appearance, meaning her sharp Elven ears are now round. Her eyes are also changed from pale red to bright aqua. Her hairstyle is shorter, but that was a physical change she made herself. Unfortunately, to keep up the spell, Thiele must be close to the dagger. If she was away from the dagger, the change will be gradual, but within a full day, Thiele would have resumed her true appearance completely.

    False Name: Kayetta Misu

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    Name: Saito, Akio
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20

    Race: Human
    Title: College Student

    Personality: A bit stubborn, but generally a caring guy. He's extremely protective of those who are close to him, but it usually takes a lot for him to become close to anyone. A bit cocky with his abilities in fighting, but generally a laid-back, fun-loving guy. He's only loved a few times, but all relationships ended because of his tendency to pick fights when a guy would look at his girl wrong.

    Although he may be quick on his feet, Akio has a hard time learning and figuring out when he should not approach things. Late one night while walking home from hanging around with his friends, he stumbled upon a spinning distortion in the road. He hadn't been drinking, so he knew it wasn't his imagination. Being curious, he stepped too close, leaving his previous world behind him.

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
    World Info (open)
    As we move on in the role play, this section will grow :)

    The single massive tower that rises high into the sky consists of the city of Windspark. It is a city for trade and commerce. Most visitors stay for business and there are several educational institutions up near the top of the city. Public transportation is by flying ship and the city council lives at the very top. The lower part of the tower houses residents of middle to lower class. There is also a portion where blacksmiths and other craftsmen live and earn their living.

    Somewhere in this city, is where your character will land after stepping through that portal. My character will also be there at that point xD
    Late night, Vantera Royal Castle

    Princess Thiele Misu Vantera sighed as she brushed her hair. The stars dotting her window at random places had her partially mesmerized. She had always found the thought of each tiny light being a large entity far away fascinating. The world was such a massive place, yet her life was lived in such a small radius. Staring outside into the night sky, she recollected the evening's recent events.

    "Thiele dear, why don't you go say hello to him? He will be your husband in the near future."

    "Aw Thiele, congratulations! You two will make such a splendid royal couple!"​

    "Princess Thiele of Vantera, pleasure to meet you."​

    "Dear? What's wrong? You look pale... do make sure you eat enough!"​

    "Oh no! You! And you! Quick, carry the princess to her bed! She seems to be feeling ill..."

    "Thiele? Are you okay?... Drink this medicine... here... slowly now..."​

    To be perfectly honest, Thiele had never been one to swoon or feel faint at a moment's notice. Despite her secretly finding her sudden loss of consciousness convenient, she couldn't help but feel slightly guilty. The prince that she was to marry in the near future didn't seem like a bad person. While he was certainly much older than her, the age difference wasn't atrocious like some of the arranged marriages she had heard of. Still... Thiele hadn't thought of marriage seriously until just tonight when her father announced the news to the entire dining hall. It hit her hard, so much that she literally lost herself temporarily. Having been excused and carried upstairs to her bedroom, Thiele quickly recovered and now took to brushing her hair.

    After she was finished brushing her hair, Thiele rushed over to the window and sat down, elbow leaning on the windowsill. Tilting her head up, she could see the bright star Niole dominating the night. Shutting her eyes tightly, Thiele asked the star Niole to grant her a wish. She wished that someday she would marry someone she would truly love, if not in this world, then from another.

    "...What am I doing...? I have to marry that prince whether I want to or not..." Suddenly realizing how silly she was acting, Thiele promptly got up and jumped into bed. After settling in, she closed her eyes gently and drifted off to sleep.
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