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Hello! I just joined today after a while of considering it, so here I am! I am looking to get back into roleplaying and to scratch a few writing itches. I would make this post all pretty and coded like the others I have seen, but I have no idea how to do those things yet. Formatting aside, let's jump in!

About Me
  • I am a senior in high school, on my way to finishing my last semester before diving into college. I am 18 as of now
  • I have been writing stories ever since I have been able to and am pursuing a career in novel writing
  • I am a girl and a rather gay one at that
  • I am looking forwards to improving my writing, meeting new people, and exploring plots/pairings
  • I switch between a passive and an aggressive writing approach and am rather adaptable
  • Check out my writer resume for much, much more
What I am Looking For
  • A writer of my skill or higher who can offer thoughtful, multiple paragraph responses(exception to fast paced action scenes)
  • Someone willing to play FxF pairings, other pairings are okay for secondary/minor characters
  • 18+ since my writing tends to be gritty, explicit, violent, and sometimes sexual(75% plot, 25% sex)
  • Someone willing to take an active role in world building and guiding the story
  • Someone who doesn't shy away from darker themes and who loves supernatural themes as much as I do
Potential Pairings(Bold=my preferred role, *=craving!)
  • Werewolf X Vampire
  • Hero X Villain**
  • Demon X Human
  • Monster X Monster Hunter
  • Monster X Witch *
  • Alien X Human Traveler
Misc. Plots for some of the Pairings
  • Hero X Villain: Takes place in a sprawling urban setting(modern) filled with crime and decay. One of heroes and villains of supernatural proportions. A one night stand takes place between off duty/disguised hero and villain in a seedy bar. What happens when they find out each others true identities? This plot features four characters, two main characters(hero X villain) with supernatural powers, and their respective sidekicks. In this case we would play each others sidekicks so that even in scenes where our hero and villain are not interacting, the others are. Features an angsty romance with plenty of hate fucking and eventually something more.
  • Alien X Human Traveler: Set in a cyberpunk/scifi world. My character would be a punk space pirate girl on the run from the law, hopping from planet to planet and smuggling. They hijack an alien(you character)'s ship and in a scuffle, crash on an unfamiliar island. To say the least, your character is pissed. But the two have to cooperate to survive the danger that lies before them. Through the hardships, they begin to find more in common than anticipated and perhaps a budding romance?
Feel free to come up with more pairings/ideas!! Comment or PM if interested ^-^

(Woof, first post, hope everything looks okay!)

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what sort of monster are you looking for in witch x monster?
what sort of monster are you looking for in witch x monster?
Not completely sure, which is why I left it rather open, Werewolf, shapeshifter, beastly humanoid, who knows!
Hey there! Would you happen to have any writing samples (sex scene and a general scene) I could take a looksie at? I'd love to see if we're compatible! If you do, feel free to send me a PM. ^_^
I'd be interested in RPing with you, if you're still looking :3
May or may not have something for 'ya.
Lots of spaces cleared up, so all but monster x monster hunter are open! Feel free to contact me!

Still craving villain X hero and even have a character already thrown together