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  1. I feel like throwing a few ideas out there to get back into the roleplaying.

    What I want in you;
    ~ I want at least 2-3 paragraphs, no one-liner stuff.
    ~ post a couple of times a week. Things happen in life I know.
    ~ hey if you aren't interested anymore let me know I won't bite.

    A Rebellion of Their Own (open)
    - There is a Company or Government power in play, they have so much control over the city or country. They control the propaganda, the officials, the merchandise, the food rations. They have secrets from the public that only a small rebellion group has been figuring out. This Company could be doing government experimentations, livestock(public) experimentations, creating bio weapons ad using it on people, etc. YC would be a detective or a part law enforcment, he has been investigating this group, or rebellion and trying to find their ringleader(MC). When they finally meet YC doesn't know that MC is the leader of the group. They end up falling for each other and MC is slowly showing YC how corrupt the people are he is working for.

    Now here are some things you should know for this idea:
    - this can be put into any setting;
    Post Apocalyptic (where one company takes over saying they "saved" th world.
    Demons and angels

    Surviving The Outbreak (open)
    A Dangerous pathogen known as the "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) began infecting humans throughout eastern Pennsylvania approximately 6 weeks ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. It kills its hosts quickly and within moments reanimates the corpse as a "Walker" or "Walking Dead" creature that is compelled to bite humans and spread the virus. These abominations are now known as "Zombies."

    Since the appearance of the VRV, world wide chaos has ensued. The power grid is down, supplies are finite, and zombies are roaming the landscape. Government officials are determined to find a cure for the VRV, but until they do you must try to survive on your own under desperate and unpredictable circumstances.


    A new development in the infection. The government has wronged the world again by lieing to us and instead of finding a cure they have been releasing an even stronger virus which, depending on who gets infected, will cause not only physical changes but a change in the senses as well. We have listed all the mutations that we know of and what we have begun to call them. There are those who somehow have an immunity to any and all of the virus. These people are however carriers of the virus and can still infect others, we have begun to call these people "Carriers."

    Now here are some things you should know for this idea:
    ~ We can have multiple characters
    ~ Modern/post apocalyptic

    A Demon's infatuation (open)
    A demon lord has ruled the underworld for several hundred years and even rules the human underground world. Strip clubs, Bars, Black Market Weapon Depots, etc. He's had all that he could ask or ever want. Concubines to fulfill his need for bodily contact. He's harsh and loving in all the right ways. Though he had all of this he did not feel as if he had exactly what he wanted. So he goes to the human realm to find it. Whether it was there or not. He finds himself drawn to one human.

    {Idea A} ~TAKEN~ A human he cannot seem to hypnotize like he can the others. This human is self destructive, thriving on the pain and pleasure of the BDSM clubs the Demon owns. Can the demon make this human love him for more than the heights of pain and pleasure he can give the human or will he just fall to the human's every whim.

    {Idea B} A human who goes out with their friends one night, partying drinking and having just a really good time. One of his friend's suggest going to a BDSM club, to which the human has never been to before. When there the demon lord happens to be there looking for a bit of fun and cannot seem to tear his eyes away from the human and personally tends to the human. Which is odd for the demon and ends up getting strange looks from his employees. After the session he doesn't see the human again for a while and his craving to have the human grows.

    Now here is some things you should know for this idea:
    ~ This can be altered in any way.
    ~ I would like to be the human in Idea B, but would not mind playing either role for Idea.
    ~ you must be very little limitations on BDSM.

    Other pairings.
    Incubus x Human
    Master x Slave/Pet
    Prince x Knight/Assassin/Pirate
    Gifted x Gifted
    Gifted x Human
    Ex-military x civilian
    Vampire x Human
    Experiment x Scientist/Experiment/Normal/Guard
    Summoned x Summoner
    Dragon x Prince
    Famous x childhood friend/ nobody
    Neko/Inu x human

    Plot candies:

    Modern fantasy
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Post Apocalypse

    Movie/Game base plots anyone? (Will only do OC's, except games)

    Warm bodies
    The Purge
    The Last of Us
    Resident Evil (Any)
    Tales of series
    Final fantasy
    Legend of Dragoon

    Any and all ideas are welcome.
    All ideas above can be mixed and matched to create something even better.
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  2. I'll do
    Experiment x Scientist
    Pet x master
    Neko x Human
    Summoner x Summoned
    If you want to try those ones I'm in
  3. Perhaps we could combine the experiment/pet x human or scientist.
  4. Alright I like that idea would it be alright if I'm the pet/experiment?
  5. Can u pm me?
  6. I am willing to do demon's infatuation idea B with you ^^! Sounds cool! PM if you're interested ^^!
  7. Experiment x Scientist or Experiment x Guard? :3
  8. oh I would be very interested.