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  1. Davin Crux sat upon a stump just a few miles outside of the village, going over his Book of Journeys and adding to the plethora of spells and enchantments which lay within its worn and weathered pages. Davin was a traveller, but he had not always been as such. In his earlier days he had followed in his father's footsteps becoming a Rune Priest, a man of wisdom and guidance within his villiage, much like a local wiseman of sorts. When he came of age, he had set off into the wide old world to prove himself worthy to carry on his father's work.

    Davin stood at around near six feet in height and had lavender hair that he wore in a long ponytail. He was rather firmly built and wore a set of traveling robes that seemed just a little too big and adorned himself with runic charms and wards he made by himself on his travels. Around his belt he wore a short sword and a bag of runes that his father had given him before he ventured away from home. He closed his Book of Journeys and strapped it by the binding rope to his belt and lay down on the grass by the stump as he finished the entry. "Four months and still no real adventuring to be had..." sighed Davin as he rested his head on his hands. "It's so boring around here. How am I to prove myself to father if nothing happens? Not even a simple bandit raid!" he complained to himself as the sun caressed him in its warming, afternoon glow.
  2. Phoenix's eyes flickered open and a huge yawn escaped from her. She looked around and nodded happily once she was certain she was in the place she had decided to rest. Oak trees reminded her of her home village. The way they used to tower over the people like Kings, watching over the people below. Oak tress were said to be gifts from the Godess Viridi to look after the village, which had never difiled the nature that bloomed around it. They were parts of the Godess herself, protecting the people. Phoenix had many fond memories of her father helping her scale the giant tree outside her house when she was a wee'un.

    She let herself be taken in by the happiness, before it was shattered by reality. Her father had been a travelling wiseman, helping people whenever he could, be it they physically wounded or emotionally. Phoenix Aello had had been born into a family of wisemen and wisewoman. They were all said to have passed down a secret. A great secret known only the Gods and Godesses at one point, but due to the Aello family's good deeds to humanity and nature, they were trusted with it, never to reveal it and only to use it for good. And they had kept that promise for many, many generations. Phoenix was next in line to inherit the Secret when she became of age, but alas, that was not to be. Her father had gone missing on his travels. After a year, her village gave up the search and mourned for his death. But Phoenix didn't believe. Not for a minute. So she had ran. Ran away from her peaceful life. She was going to find her father. No matter what.

    She took a few deep breaths and tapped her knuckles on the bark. Other than the fact it reminded her of her home, she had slept up her because of nasty business that transpired when she rested on the ground. Twice now she had been kidnapped. She turned round fully and sorted her things. Her bag full of suppiles and medical essentials and of course her quiver full to the brim with arrows. She slung the bag across her body and the quiver on her back. She then picked up her bow. A soft smile placed itself on her lips as she stroked it lovingly. This bow was a work of beauty. It was said to have been made from a tree, blessed by the Goddess Viridi. That meant it was supposed to have magical properties. Powers of the Heavens. Or so the legend said. Along with the Secret, this bow had been passed down the family and it had belonged to her father. She gripped it tightly. No matter what. Her mind echoed with her promise. She looked down at the ground and her eyes darted back and forth. All seemed clear. She closed her eyes and listened. The rustling of wind in the leaves and the morning call of the chirping birds. She nodded and jumped down. She landed perfectly and stood still. She listened again and carefully placed an arrow in her bow. She held it down, but if something came out at her, she'd be ready. Once her mind was sure, she walked on, treading quietly as possible.
  3. Davin's snooze was broken by the crunching of light feet upon gravel and grass along the road near which he lay. He sat up, his robes following him almost billowing in thier size-too-big-ness. He rubbed his eye and looked down the road to see who was coming. It was a girl. With a bow. And the bow had a long pointy thing in it. Davin was allergic to long, pointy things wielded by strangers, at least that is the excuse he gave. He was terrified of arrows ever since that one time he went hunting with his drunkard uncle... His left cheek would never be the same...

    He stood, brushing the dust from his robes. He looked on down the road and decided that he was far away enough to dodge the pointy thing should it begin to fly at him at an immense speed. He waved an arm in the air to greet the girl. "Hey!" he half-yelled to the girl.
  4. Phoenix heard a yell and reacted immediatly. She spun round and put her arrow up, ready to shoot. She raised an eyebrow when she saw who had shouted at her. It was a boy. Well not as in a young boy, but not a man. Phoenix had been taught to judge character properly and she had a knack for it. She could tell this guy wasn't going to do any harm, but she was still wary of the stranger, "What is your name?" she asked him, eyeing him up and down. He was a traveller obviously... She didn't feel the need to pry into his character. He would have to tell her. It was rude to know everything about a person before they had even started a conversation with you. She tucked a strand of flame red hair behind her ear, not taking her eyes off him, "I'm Phoenix." she introduced herself, giving a polite bow. She waited for him to cross the name bridge before they went any further question wise.

    Introducing herself made her think about her name. The simple reason she was named Phoenix was because of her flame red hair. It flowed down to her waist and it was a mystery to all how she got it. No one in her family had hair quite like hers. She remembered her mother smiling down at her and giving her a hug, "Oh the Gods have made you different because you are very special Phoenix, my dear. You'll have a wonderful destiny ahead of you." Phoenix let that same happiness swallow her again along with the sweet scent of her mother. She snapped out of it quickly though, hoping she didn't miss his answer.
  5. Blood sprayed in her face as she decapitated the last of them, panting for breath and sweat dripping from her face. Sheathing her twin blades, she searched the bodies of the bandits that had jumped her on the road into the town. It was odd, in the last few months nothing had been happening around here, and then suddenly she gets attacked. Maybe they were mercenaries. It wouldn't be too uncalled for, not with what she'd done in Applegate. Taking all the money they had on them, she cleaned herself of the blood, using a handkerchief decorated with calligraphy, and continued on her way, hoisting her bag over her shoulder.

    Blaze smiled, her feathery sleek black hair dancing behind her like a flag in the wind. She was average height, only about 5'8", but was thin as a rail. She wore loose-fitting clothes, a leather belt making them seem bigger as they plumed from her waist. Her two blades were strapped to her back, glimmering in the sunlight. All she owned was in a bag that hung over her shoulder, simple things she had gathered over the past years that she had accumulated.

    As she got closer to the town, her sharp dark eyes were able to catch sight of two figures. She might have missed the both of them had the one not had the fire red hair. It was like a target, she thought with a smile, as she crouched down in the grass to the side of the road. Slowly, she made her way nearer, wanting to see if they were friendly or not.

    She heard the one with red hair ask the name of the other and then speak her own name, Phoenix. Creeping closer, she was certain that if one of them looked close enough, they would be able to see her. Her own clothes certainly weren't proper camouflage.
  6. "Nice to meet you, Pheonix." Davin said politely extending a hand. "My name is Davin Crux. I am a Rune Priest, like my father and his before him." he smiled anxiously. "I am on a journey to prove myself to father so that I may be like him and carry on his work when he passes from this world." he said with a kind of family pride.

    Now, Davin didn't consider himself special or talented in any particular form, but his dear old dad had always said he had good eyes and better ears and that he should use them whenever the need arose. And this time, it seemed he heard a rustling and saw a woman that matched the rustling sound. His eyes darted from Pheonix to the woman. "You can come out if you like." he said to the rustling noise. "Nobody is going to harm you. Providing you behave of course." he said with a small laugh.
  7. Slowly, Blaze stood up, her posture rigid and unmoving. She had a hard time trusting people, and this was no exception, with two people who she didn't know. "Forgive me for my secrecy, I simply haven't had the best of luck recently, and this is merely a precaution," she told the two without looking either of them in the eyes or introducing herself.

    Clasping her hands behind her back, she tipped her chin up pridefully, not letting either of the two strangers see the minor cuts she had sustained on her arms from the fight earlier.
  8. "Well, it's nice to see that you came out willingly instead of stabbing me with something sharp." he said half jokingly, a bead of sweat rolling of his brow. "I'm sure you know my story already and why I am traveling, hearing it from the bushes as you must have. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?" he said extending a hand for her to shake. You could tell a lot about someone from the way they shook hands...
  9. Blaze didn't smile at the man's attempt at a joke, keeping her serious demeanor. When he asked her name and offered his hand, she knew he wasn't going to take it if she brushed the question off. After a moment's hesitation, she said, "Blaze." It was obviously a false name, but she wasn't going to tell them her real name, not right after meeting the two. Letting her hands fall back to her sides, she returned his gesture of an offered hand, taking his, and shook it, wondering what he wanted. It wasn't her fault to be suspicious, but others might think ill of her because of it.
  10. Her handshake was firm. Like someone who had shed blood before and would do so again without a second thought if attacked. Davin had a certain kind of respect for people like that. People who could take care of themselves. "Blaze... Hmm... Strong name. My name is Davin Crux. Pleasure to meet you." he said. "I've got something for those slashes if you are interested." he said, spying the small cuts and scrapes on her arms. The looked fresh too. Davin knew that he would be better off offering his services as a healer and get on the good side of these ladies than be on the wrong end of sword and arrow.
  11. She shook her head at his question, saying, "I don't want to owe you anything. I don't need another obligation." Withdrawing her hand, Blaze nodded at the other girl, wanting to seem somewhat polite. Folding her arms across her chest, no longer attempting to hide her cuts anymore, she told Davin, "I'll be fine. I just need a couple days' rest."
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    "Oh, welll it would be no trouble at all! It's what I do. And if you don't do something soon, you'll get rockjoint from the infection." he said searching his robes for some medicinal herbs. He produced a small bag. "Look, if you are worried about owing me later, dont. It is my way of saying thanks for not killing me on sight." he laughed nervously. "Anyway, I am a Rune Priest and it is what I do." he smiled as he cautiously tossed the bag toward Blaze. "Red leaves on the wound to clean it and green ones under your tongue for the pain."

    His spine shivered. Something was familiar about this Blaze woman... He put it from his mind for the time being.
  13. Grudgingly, she accepted his help, not protesting as he began looking for herbs. Catching the bag as it flew to her, she took out the leaves he indicated. Rolling up the right sleeve of her shirt, she applied the red herb to her various cuts, wincing a little, before turning her attention to her other arm. Taking a green leaf, she placed it in her mouth, shifting it around so that it was underneath her tongue. Seeing him shiver slightly, her eyes narrowed a little, but for the most part she ignored it. In an attempt to fill the silence that follows, she said, "So, where are you heading?"
  14. "Well, I've kinda just been wandering around for a while. My father merely asked me to prove myself but not how. I think he meant for me to find my own path and I seemed to have crossed my path with you." he said, almost loosing himself in thought. He snapped out of it. "Urm, where are you headed? Anywhere in particular? You might have need of a Rune Priest in your travels?" he hinted to her, hoping that she would accept.
  15. She was silent as he told her about how his father had sent him on his own way to prove himself. When he asked where she was going, she was about to answer, but he kept talking, and then dropped the hint that he would want to go with her. After a second, she said, "I'm just making my way. As long as I'm out of my hometown, I don't really care..." she paused, and then continued with, "You can come with me, if you want." Turning to Phoenix, she said, "You too, I suppose."
  16. Phoenix returned his smile and shook his out stretched hand, "Likewise Davin Crux." The name rang around in her head and once she was sure she was unfamiliar she let the heavy feeling drop. Phoenix assured herself that it was just a little be of untrust that shrouded her right perception and judgement.

    Then she saw something out of the corner of her eyes and reacted just as she had before. She was about to throw up her bow when she realised it was just another person... Why did that matter? The fact that the boy in front of her was a person didn't stop her from making it clear she would attack. But the reason Phoenix couldn't lift her bow to this girl... She didn't know. Something just hit her heart when she saw the girl. Phoenix gave a slight frown as she realised how soft she was becoming all of a sudden.

    She stepped back and her eyes went back and forth from Davin and the girl as the began a conversation. While she waited, she took this as a time to see the girls person. She was a warrior and a good one. She immediatly noticed the scars when she let her hands dropped, but unlike Davin, kept the fact she knew quiet. She was all too familiar with the uncomfortable situation that was an interrogation. Then the girl introduced herself. Blaze... Blaze... Phoenix gave a soft smile. She was lying. But who could blame her. Everyone's first enticer when meeting someone new was distrust. She had felt it not too long ago.

    She watched Davin begin to heal her and she raised her eyebrow in approval. A warrior, a healer and a wisewoman... More like girl till she inherited the Secret, but it was the same thing if you looked at it. They could see fit through anything if they wanted to. When she heard Blaze's offer she gave another smile, "If you don't feel hindered by my presence, I would be glad to come. I might be of use to you." Always play to what they want. The side of being able to tell one's essence. That's what ti was. There character, there person, there soul? It was there essence and Phoenix would only pry if she felt she needed to. She turned to Davin, "Davin, where are you planning to "prover yourself" to your father? Did you have a certain area in mind?"
  17. "Not really where, but how." he said to Pheonix. "A deed of bravery such as the defeat of a mighty foe or snatching one from death is usually the case. But I did have Huskfurrow in mind for my next stop. Does that sound alright with everyone?" he asked.

    Davin knew his quest wasn't going to be as easy as knocking out a few bandits and taking a trophy. It was never that easy. His quest was to stare utter fear, dispair and dread in the face and spit right into it's eyes. That is what true bravery was. He had a full arsenal of Forbidden Runes at his disposal, runes that could break bones and set someone aflame, but would it be enough to do battle with dread itself and claim it's head as prize?
  18. Blaze took on a slightly troubled look as Davin said that he wanted to go to Huskfurrow. From the stories she had heard, it wasn't a place to take lightly. However, not wanting to let the weakness show, she said, "It's all right with me. As long as I'm not left bored," she added with a smile, trying to lighten the mood. "Phoenix?" she turned to the other woman, wanting to hear her thoughts.
  19. Devin was running at a fast speed, getting away from those damn hunters. As Devin was running he noticed the group of people discussing something. He kept running to keep away from the violent, ruthless, heartless killers that will kill any mutant. Devin looked back and noticed that he lost them. Damn good job. He walked up to the group of people "Hi," he said to the group of people. He smiled. "Uh...does anyone have a shirt?" he asked. His shirt was ripped off, in a huge battle with the hunters. He was with the rest of the crazy mutants, but they had all split off. His body was a little scarred. He felt the pain due to the windy air. He winced a little.
  20. "Uh..." said Davin as he heard a rather fast, running sound approach. He looked in the direction of the sound and saw a young man running over the rise in the distance. His clothes were in tatters and his shirt was all but gone. Davin couldn't help but react. The man was running at them and he was a bit jumpy from all the present pointy things. He let out a small squeal before the man stopped running, looking as though he had lost his would-be persuers. "Not me..." he replied to the stranger. "But I tell you what, never run at me like that. Damn near gave me a heart attack!" he said panting. "Who are you?"