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  1. So, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, but I'm going to throw a few things out there.
    As a starting point, a completely "normal" straight couple is something that doesn't interest me that much, but if you throw a great idea at me I might consider it. I don't know why but I tend to lose interest in straight romances rather quickly.
    Well, that aside, I have a few things going on here, and I will add to the list. If none of the below interest you, I'm always open to people throwing ideas at me, it's fun to juggle around with things and make up something unique.

    His Actions (FxF) [TAKEN @Accelerator]
    This is a bit of a peculiar idea, but try to follow me here. Two girls are dating the same guy - and the guy is keeping it a secret for the both of them. One day, either girl decides to go pick him up when he comes home from a trip and meet each other. They start talking and realize they're waiting for the same guy. In the first few moments, they are pissed with the other but then turn their anger to the man.
    After their breakup with him, they proceed to meet again on a friendly basis and realize they have a lot in common. Perhaps, their friendship will become something special?

    The Scent of Spring (MxM) [TAKEN @Gladis]
    The story is about two children falling in love - one thinking the other to be a girl. The boy who was dressed in women's clothes was a traditional dancer for the family, dressed like that to learn how to dance. He is an only child so he had to do it, there was no girl to do the job for him. Deep down, he knew that it would be a bad idea to be with other kids his age. He was strange - stranger than most.
    He carried this "habit" into his high school life and ultimately became a girl - even if he didn't feel like one. It made his life easier to live, and that's when he reencounters the boy from back then - the boy from so many springs ago, bringing with him a nostalgic scent and flowered memories.

    A Rivalry to Remember (FxF) [TAKEN @C r o m i c a l♥]
    The stage is high school girls' basketball teams. The girls are the aces of their teams, two competitive, strong young women with fire in their eyes. What will happen when their fates cross outside of the court, without the ball in their grasp?

    An Experience that Changed Everything (MxM) [TAKEN]
    It's high school. No one would think it was weird to be at a party sometime with a lot of people, having fun and getting drunk. But getting drunk also makes one bold, and a young man happened to experience the bad outcome of this confidence. He saw someone - a pretty person dressed in lovely, tight pants, when he realized that he was staring a guy down.
    Not to mention that this guy had actually gone over to him and hit on him. That night, they had done some... things. A straight man like him shouldn't have done things like that, and what will happen when he sees the same face passing him in the halls, avoiding to look him in the eye?
    (This is the typical "I DO NOT LIKE MEN!" but he totally does type of main character xD )

    Her Vengeful Spirit (FxF)
    Meeting her was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Everything about her was not right. A woman with a heart of steel and a mind not in the right, cold-hearted cackling echoing as she took the lives of people, turning angry the second their blood spilled over her fingers. The sight of her appearance as she moved with her agile, cat-like moves that made no sound despite her heavy-looking boots.
    She was black as the night, stained with blood of her enemies.

    The World in His Eyes (MxM)
    A young man with deep, blue eyes caught the interest of an artist attending art school, his drawings getting more and more influenced to the male he had just witnessed once in the high school - and only that once. He wished to figure out if this boy was a student or what, but who was he really? What was he? Why was he so beautiful?
    And why did no one else know of his existence?

    Stick Together With Me (FxF)
    A group of fifteen young people have been caught inside a large mansion with barricared windows and a large, impenetrable metal front door, unable to escape to the outside. They are challenged to fight each other without even knowing why are what they're doing in there, set up against each other to end up killing each other.
    Each night, a letter is delivered to each of their rooms, and that night, there's a possibility one will find this letter as a motive and kill someone for it. Within 24 hours they have to figure out who the killer is and report it to the principal's office, or air pollution will kill them all inside the mansion.
    Inside this crazy situation, two young girls meet and find a safe-place with each other, promising that no matter what, they won't become a killer.
    What will they do when one of them becomes a prime suspect in a case?

    These are just what I could think up right now, if I get any ideas or you have anything to add, then feel free to contact me!
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  2. I must say that I am interested in thee first FxF idea. Pretty unique one right there. Guy gets NTR'd by his own harem.
  3. I find 'A Rivalry To Remember' interesting as well, honestly it kind of reminds me of Lovely Complex. But it's a boy and a girl type thing.
  4. @Accelerator I was inspired to write it from a real-life case that was around the internet a while ago, so I was thinking that we play it out before the break-up. I wouldn't mind playing the guy for that short time. xD

    @C r o m i c a l♥ I love lovely complex! It's so cute :3 But yes, I was thinking that they have a little incident at the court (like falling over each other or something) and then end up knowing each other's faces because of that, and it gets awkward when they meet outside of that. xD
  5. Oh gosh, that's funny. xD Lovely Complex was really cute, I liked how they did the plot and all :P. Romantic Comedy is probably my all time favorite genre.
  6. Sure. I don't mind that. Though would you want some specific things about my female character? A specific personality or trait, etc?
  7. @C r o m i c a l♥ Yeah, is there anything you'd like to point out when it comes to like, character traits? I was thinking that one was a bit taller than the other, and then there's one who's a pretty normal girl outside the court, and one who's a total tomboy. xD

    @Accelerator not really, but I suppose my favorite dynamic includes a boyish girl and a less boyish girl... and I prefer to be the boyish one, for the most part. They're my little princes xD
  8. Ah, that's a nice idea. Would you mind if I be the pretty normal one? x'D Anyways, is my character nice to everyone? Or is she a bitch? Like.. What would you like for my character to act.
  9. Eh, I don't particularly mind. Whatever you think is suitable. My person will probably be very energetic and have a temper.
  10. Ok so mine wouldn't be too girly yet not too boyish at the same time? I assume you'd be the dominant partner in the relationship then. XD
  11. Yes, she'd be a borderline crossdresser, too, so much that you wouldn't be able to tell if she is a girl. Let's say that the guy was kinda drawn in by that. xD
  12. Cool, when do we start? I'm really liking what I'm seeing.
  13. I hope that we can start it soon but I don't have time at the moment.
  14. The last F x F plot looks interesting in a way. It'd be wonderful to get some more details on it since I'm not exactly sure what kind of roles there are supposed to be, etc.
  15. The woman described would be my character, a woman who lives as a shadow and searches for revenge.
    Perhaps somewhere on her path, she is seen during the night, maybe the character could be some sort of researching person - be it a journalist, or just a person interested in the "occult" (basically, I was thinking the woman has been labeled as being a ghost simply based on experiences with her, and the fact that she has never been witnessed).
    That would be the narrating point of the description, a young woman who's simply growing interested in her. xD
  16. - Sorry for the wait, I fell asleep by accident - Mm alright. When would you like to start? And who's going to be Dominant and Submissive? Just so I know.
  17. I'll be able to start tomorrow most likely. I've been really busy - but I know I'll have a lot of time during the weekend, since I'm spending that at home.
  18. Geeeeeeeeh, your spring idea sounds so cute. *^*
  19. I'm glad that you like it ! It was among my favorites too!