Through Time and Laughter

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  1. Bios per Psychic's request.

    Casdon (Kaisaan's character)
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    Name/Aliases: Casdon “Cas” Blackthorn

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Race: Half gifted-human, half werewolf

    Appearance: Brown hair (chin-shoulders), dark blue eyes, sturdy build, in shape, tanned skin, some light stubble, about 6’1. Various scars that he doesn’t like to draw attention to or show anyone (burn marks, knife wounds, something that looks like whip lashings…).

    Powers/Talents: Connected to wolves, heightened hearing, sight and smell. A bit of a sixth-sense. Unstable control over time. Claws and fangs that can retract and appear at will.

    Weaknesses: The dark (complete darkness, not things like the night). Small spaces. Fire.

    Personality: Pretty easy-going, but can be fierce and dangerous if provoked. Protective of his friends/family. Likes to laugh, but knows when to be serious. Is more wary of people than he is trusting, but tries to hide this fact. He can be much more secretive than he looks and he can often be found ‘zoning off’, his mind in another world entirely. Extremely loyal and level-headed.

    *Personality is subject to change by the writer (if I don’t think it fits after all) and by character growth.


    and Anastasia (PsychicBastard's Character)
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    Anastasia "Anya" Wysteria

    Anya Mainly, there could be some other petty, inside joke nicknames, but she's usually called Anya.


    19, practically 20.



    With stars in her Dark chocolate eyes and long waves of the same color hair, Anya stands at 5'4 with lightly tanned skin that tends to look paler in certain lights. She's not anorexic thin, nor obese, just in the middle (thought she dose lean a bit more to the thinner side due to the fact she'll forget to eat somedays when really concentrated on something). She has very few freckles-- you could probably count them on one hand, maybe two-- two of which are located on her rounder face. Despite her "petite" appearances she's pretty strong. Not body builder strong, but strong enough. She dose have to do some heavy lifting for her friend here, on occasion, afterall. And besides, all that running around has it's results, doesn't it?

    While Anya has no special elemental ability or anything like that, she has a spot-on aim that shouldn't be messed with. An ace archer, she's agile and light on her feet. And even though she's not the quietest girl around, when in the heat of "the hunt", she can be quieter than the wind. Of course, she might be a bit rust now since she hasn't picked up the bow and arrow in a few years. The Girl is also intelligent, great with puzzles and solving riddles. A lover of all things music, Anya's an excellent pianist, and will even sing on occasion (never in public though). Her wit evolves into a cleverness that she uses to her advantage and she's not a bad liar either. Not many people can tell when she's lying--it's a skill she's developed over the years. Then you have things like cooking and such. But she doesn't clean. She'll try, yes, but it wont be that way for long

    She's not a fan of spiders, nor a fan of being left alone unless otherwise. While she will want to be alone when she really needs to or when she get one of those infamous headaches, she hates the feeling of being the only one in the room. Even just a small house animal will suffice and calm her nerves. Any has no idea why she's like this, she just is. And spiders, well-- she just doesn't like them. Period. She had a bad encounter with larger dogs back in the childhood without Cas, and tends to get a little edgy and nervous when she's near a dog she's unfamiliar with-- whether it be big or small. It's an irrational fear she's unhappily stuck with. Anastasia is also a bit clumsy when embarrassed or anything of the such, and has the tendency to be the most unorganized person ever.
    Another thing is that she can't swim,
    At all.

    Witty and clever, Anastasia is a Smart girl who's both street and book smart. She has an A+ memory and knows how to get around. She tends to have a /louder/ voice, and carries a lot of "motherly like" traits. She's determined (yet sometimes lazy) and won't give up. If she want's something, you better bet that she's going to get it. Or Die trying. But she knows when to stop, usually.
    Anya is pretty sarcastic-- and will crack a satire-like joke every now and then-- but kind hearted and kind of easy going.

    One key thing s that she can be not only overly-dramatic some moments but also pretty mellow during others. That's the only was she can not get petty things get to her and rile her up. Anya is most definitely a spaztastic person, using her hands while talking and her voice raising up in pitch when riled up by a stronger emotion. but under all that spaz and cleverness, she's a good listener and quite comforting. She doesn't judge, she has no reason to, and doesn't mind listening to other's problems (even if she likes keep her own to herself). That's sort of where the "motherly instincs" kick in. Anastasia's known for doting on people she's close to, Cas being a prime example, and making sure your "still alive" and not "slowly killing yourself".
    All in all, she's a pretty good ally to have.

  2. Casdon hefted the backpack over his left shoulder higher up as it had started to slide, looking around at the buildings he'd grown up around. The cobblestone street felt familiar under his feet and the smells were welcoming even if they were strong. But then again, everything was strong to his nose. He was just grateful he didn't LOOK like his father at this point. That would make it really hard to blend in with the normal people, something imperative these days.

    They were growing more hostile.

    He only hoped his friend had not changed in the same way. Sure, they sent letters to one another, but there was only so much one could say in a letter. There was so much left unsaid, too. Cas shook the thought away, shaking the brown hair out of his eyes as he did so, the drizzling rain making it hang in strands, clinging against his scalp and face. He'd be glad to get out of it soon. He quickened his steps, heading toward the familiar house down the street.

    Soon...soon he'd be seeing Anya again. He prayed she was happy to see him.
  3. ​--
    The rain pounded lightly on her windows, the sound of rain echoed through the empty house, yet it was busy as ever as it's only somewhat-human inhabitant ran around, running herself ragged and she finished up with the final papers and with cleaning and making sure everything was ready for this weekend. Anya usually never had to rush around for a performance, not really, so this was a first. It didn't help that she was in the middle of cleaning when she got the call, too. She showered the night before, so she was still in her sleeping wear, covered by a robe, as she dashed and worried about. Her feline companion, Florence, watched her back and forth as she ran around, throwing herself on her couch when she finished. This is why you get ready first thing, this is why you don't "clean early". Live and learn, Anya. Live and learn.
    Lying with her back on the couch, the brunette took a moment, listening to the rain pour outside as she relaxed into the plush couch pillows. Florene was right behind her, her bright orange feline, and rested on her stomach as if he were going to nap there. She left him there, for now, and for once just enjoied the silence of the house.

    The big, empty house.

    The last time somebody lived there with her was about 2 years ago, when her sister got married and left with her "new husband". He was an okay guy she supposed. Any and her parents never saw eye to eye on anything, heck, they never really liked each-other in the first place They left the first chance they got, Leaving Anya's elder sister, Maria, to keep track of her. Not that she minded it, she loved Maria more than anything. She would be forever grateful for putting up with Anya and understands she had to leave.
    She just... wishes maria didn't have to go though-- same for Cas.

    As much as she loves Florence, it can get really lonely in this house with just a cat.
  4. Casdon stood outside the door, hesitating for probably the first time in years. He didn't tend to be nervous about things. It was either fear or calm. He didn't do many things half-way so to feel nervous now....yeah, this was a big deal. Anya was the only friend who'd stuck with him throughout the many times his family had moved and she held a special place in his heart. Not many people did these days.

    So yes, he was nervous about this, about seeing her again after nearly five years. What if things had changed? What if she didn't recognize him? What if they didn't....connect like they used to? So many uncertainties and they were making him on edge. His dark blue eyes looked around the street carefully, wary, before he finally sighed and knocked on the door firmly.

    Then he waited, heart in throat over the potential reaction of a girl he remembered being fifteen and so incredibly young, innocent.
  5. The knocking on the door caught the sleeping pianist off-guard, causing her to practically fall out of the bed and dash to her room. Dangit! Dangit! She threw a "I'll be there n a moment" over her shoulder before hiding in her room to quickly change into a tailored shirt and a "comfortable skirt". Women's fashion is so complicated and cumbersome, it's hard to find something "Comfortable" to wear. But they couldn't be here now. I mean, it'd be nice so she wouldn't have to come in tomorrow and turn in her papers and such, but they could of said something! Anything! Now the managers are going to walk in and her house is still a mess! Well, it's not really a mess, but still.
    She quickly put her hair up in a somewhat-neat bun on top of her head, calling it a day as she went to answer the door, watching Florence paw at the door and picking him up before answering it. "gee Florentine, we don't-- or i don't-- want you running out in this weather" Anya mumbled to her furry companion before opening the door. Assuming it was the managers over at the theater, she began to speak with closed eyelids not seeing who it actually was. "Yes, yes, i know my papers are late, but i can expla-- ai--"
    Her voice got stuck in her throat when she finally looked up at her guest.

    Oh no way.

    "C-Cas?" The pianist asked, wonderfully delighted yet a tad bit worried. What in the world was he ding here, and why didn't he say anything about coming over?!
    Well, it's not like she's not excited, she just would have wanted to prepare for his stay, you know.
  6. The beauty before him could not be Anya! Could it? He remembered her as a gangly, awkward fifteen year old. A good friend, spunky and smart, but nothing like this. This creature before him was....a swan, graceful and sleek.

    And then she spoke and he came back to himself, smiling instantly at her stuttering. Now THERE was the Anya he knew. The male chuckled, looking at her through his wet hair, almost shy, but not quite, more like quietly confident. He kept one hand hooked on his backpack and the other in the pocket of his pants, unsure what to do with them otherwise. "Hi, Anya."

    His dark blue eyes swept over her again before looking past her and then back into her dark brown eyes. No matter how much taller he was than her, he'd always looked her in the eye, even when they were young. "Is this a bad time?"
  7. "What? no no no, come on in. It's fine, really." Anya replied, opening the door wider so he could come in, and then closing it behind him. "Take your shoes off by the door-- lord knows what's on your feet and it'd be better that way than it being all over my floor." She told him, closing some doors and disappearing to the kitchen. She didn't expect this. Out of all the weeks, it had to be this one. The one week where she was tushing around and preparing things for the big show on friday. And while she was happy he'd probably be here for the big event, she still could have had some "warning" before hand. Oh well, what's been done is done. Now he's here and she caint complain about being alone anymore, right?
    Her feline companion, who left the safety of her arms awhile ago, was patiently waiting by his food bowl, obviously waiting for Ms Anya to notice his hungry self . "You want anything to eat? To drink? a Towel, maybe?" Anya asked her wet friend, getting a drink for herself.
  8. Cas took his shoes off as she wanted, leaving them by the door and his socks inside his shoes for good measure since they were soaked. His bare feet curled into the carpet appreciatively for a moment before he walked after her into the kitchen, his steps silent as a wolf stalking through the woods. He didn't mean for them to be, they just always were and when they'd been children, he'd startled her more than once with this tendency to 'sneak around'.

    Now the male leaned his large frame against the doorway, eyeing the cat for a moment - not in an unfriendly way per say, but not in a warm way either - before focusing on his friend again. He shook his head at the offer of food, but smiled sheepishly at the offer of a towel. "The latter might be a good idea. I don't want to drip all over your floor. It looks like you were actually trying to clean for once." he teased softly, looking about with sharp, dark blue eyes.

    Cas tilted his head, a thought coming to him. "What's the occasion?" Anya never cleaned unless she had a good reason to...
  9. "I did, actually. Then life slapped me in the face and i had to stop. But i guess i can finish later..." She replied (while mumbling the last sentence to herself), disappearing into another room (once her feline was taken care of) And returning with one of the larger towels. She draped it over his wet mop of hair with a smile before replying. "Heard it was a good stress reliever, and i guess the place needed some cleaning." It was true, she hadn't cleaned in quite some time, so a little cleaning wouldn't hurt. And she was most definitely stressed out, with the debut and the upcoming piano lessons she's going to start teaching, and then various other things. And knowing Anya, well, she's not the mot organized person out there. Anyone who's anyone knew that.

    "So then, what brings you back to this neck of the woods?" She asks him, taking a seat and waiting for his eyes to reappear so she could motion for him to come sit with her.
  10. Cas' hair was wild by the time he stopped drying it, but he knew it would settle soon enough and the male grinned at Anya, getting her message perfectly well when their eyes met and coming over to sit opposite of her at the table. His clothes were still damp, but he'd taken his jacket off at the door - hanging it up - and with his hair relatively dry, he was no longer dripping. He draped the towel over the chair and sat forward a little, arms on the table and his fingers together, picking the skin near his nails, a habit he took up when unsure about something.

    His eyes held Anya's though, unwavering. "You."

    Cas smiled softly, looking down at his fingers for a moment before running one hand back through his hair, ignoring the snags that made it less than a smooth thing to do. "I left home about four years ago and I've been traveling ever since, making my way back here. There were a few...detours on the way, but here I am." He'd hesitated at that word, over 'detours'. He supposed they could have been called that. Sort of.

    "I came back to see you. You're pretty much the only friend I have at this point, Anya and I missed you."
  11. Anya held his gaze before he averted it to the ground. She wouldn't be surprised if her face tinted in color ever so slightly. While she's seen his eyes before (obviously), she isn't one to hold a gaze for a long time with another person-- so that threw her off guard a little bit. Had his eyes always been that deep of a blue? Or was it the shock of seeing him again suddenly getting to her. Whichever it is, She wasn't ready for it.
    This must've been a bit awkward, not embarrassing, for him-- with all the nervous movements he began doing with his fingers and his hair. While it's been awhile, The pianist knew her half-dog friend like a book. All his mannerisms, strange habits, unnatural quietness, all of it (and she knew why too). "Well, I'm glad somebody didn't forget about me." She joked, laughing to herself before responding. "It's been awful lonely these past 2 years, you know. Being alone in this big ole' house will do that to you." She glanced to her bedroom door, and watched as Florence hid in there before finishing up her spiel. "Well, I wasn't completely alone."
  12. Cas chuckled, his voice much deeper than it had been at nineteen when they'd parted ways. He glanced over at her cat before shaking his head and focusing back on her again. He found his eyes wouldn't travel far from her, fascinated by the way she moved, the familiarity of it even as the person he watched was so completely different at the same time. She truly had grown up and he hadn't been expecting it for some reason. He should have, years had passed, but he hadn't thought about it all the much. He'd just thought of HER.

    He truly had missed her.

    The male tilted his head, very dog-like in the movement as he frowned just slightly, the stiffening of his body saying he wasn't exactly happy with something she'd said. "Alone? Why were you alone?" He didn't like the thought of that, of her being on her own. She should never be on her own...
  13. "My sister got married 2 years ago and moved out, remember? I'm sure i told you this. Right?" She responded, pursing her lip slightly. She was fairly certain that she told him, then again it was awhile ago. Wouldn't be surprising if he'd forgotten. "Why-- you don't think i can handle myself out there in the "big bad world"? Because i don't know if you noticed, but I've been doing great as of late. " she informed him, saying the last part triumphantly with a smile. It was true, she had been fending for herself and she was doing a fine job too. She was a strong, smart woman who don't need no man to support her.

    Well, she wouldn't mind it-- depending on who it was (hint hint wink wonk).

  14. Two years ago...two years ago was fuzzy for him. Heck, many things were fuzzy for him these days. He hadn't even read most of her letters from two years ago until about a year later. He did know that much. That had been the year of no replies from him, something he'd blamed on 'traveling' or something. He didn't even remember the lie he'd given in his letter back to her after that year of absence. Right...she'd mentioned her sister....he remembered that...vaguely.

    Cas realized he'd grown very quiet, looking off into space - something that was common for him, actually, though it was rarely a good sign - and brought his attention back to Anya, smiling reassuringly as he nodded. "Right. I remember now. You two were living together."

    He met her gaze again through brown hair that was starting to dry and hanging over his eyes just like it always had. "I know you can handle yourself. You're the one who punched James Dean in the nose, remember?" he teased, remembering that day they'd met. He'd been bullied a bit as a child and Anya, the little spitfire, had not been happy about her new neighbor being tormented. So she'd said something about it. They'd been friends ever since.
  15. "Cas, we've always lived together." She reminded him. Anya knew his memory wasn't the greatest at times, but really! Her older sibling was practically her mother, since her parents wanted nothing to do with her ever, and probably some of the only family she's met. Besides her grandparents. She LOVES her grandparents.
    "And yes, yes I did. Little wanker still thinks he's the hottest thing within a ten mile radius. Did you know he tried to hit on me-- As if he thought i would say yes?" She laughed, remembering how the boy didn't remember what consent meant, so she had to "beat it" into him to get it right. The boy was a persistent one, she'll give him that. But just becuase everyone elese thinks your "hot stuff", dosen't mean your "target" will. Well, it was nice to know that she still had a pretty good swing.
    "I must say, the color of his eye when I was done was a lovely shade of indigo, and I only touched him once." She chuckled under her breath, his expression was priceless!

    Anastasia was a violent woman when she wanted to be and she wont deny that.
  16. Cas would have winced had he not known Anya would see it. Right....her parents didn't care, she lived with her sister who'd raised her and she adored her grandparents. They didn't live nearby, but she went to visit them any chance she could. And her sister had someone Anya wasn't sure she approved of, leaving his friend alone in this house for two years with no one but a cat named....uhhhh...Flower? No, no....Floor....Florence!

    Right, he remembered now. And now his head hurt, badly, but he wouldn't let on to that if he could. Better she not ask questions just yet. They'd only just seen each other after nearly five years. Let them get reacquainted first before they started sharing secrets. Cas knew Anya wouldn't like that thought if she knew he had it, but he knew it was probably best she not know what had happened to him in the last five years just yet. He didn't want to upset her.

    Bringing his attention back to the conversation at hand, the male grinned at his friend's story, a chuckle escaping his lips at the mental image that came into his head. Little Anya - for she was still small to him - knocking down an unwanted suitor. Yes, he could see that.

    Cas shook his head, amusement still in his eyes, hiding the pain lurking there well as he didn't meet Anya's eyes directly anymore - something strange for him - but instead looked around at the house again. "All right, why are you cleaning? I know you. You don't clean, not even when you're bored. Who's coming over?"
  17. "Well, I Thought nobody was coming over-- apparently I was wrong." Anya gave him a look, rising her eyebrow while doing so. She knew what he was talking about-- trying to surprise her like that.
    It was sweet, though.
    "But really--" she sighed before continuing." I've just been a bit stressed lately. I don't know if you know, but I have my "debut" coming up soon-- this weekend actually-- so that's a bit stressful. And then with tutoring in the afternoons and how my sister might be coming over at the end of the week, it get a bit stressful. And of course you have your daily problems." She stretched, her loose bun (which was hanging by a string here) coming out and having her fair fall like light and graceful sheets on her shoulders (if that made sense)." And besides- while I hate cleaning, I have to do it at some point, right?"
    Anya only had his eyes for a moment, and she could tell there was something hidden. Some sort of pain or possibly hurt. Her dog-like friend refused to look her in the eye-- which is something she would do-- and just looked around the house. That was a first. He dose know he could vent out to her, right? He's always have. Sure, Anya's friend here was a secretive guy-- for the most part-- but they told each other everything (that they were somewhat willing to share).


    There was a silence between the two, neither of them saying a word, before she brought up his "sudden apperance".
    "So-- did you really just wan't to see little ole' me? Or is there something else to it?" She asked, quite curiously if i might add. "I'm not suspicious, no, just ever-so-curious."
  18. Casdon suddenly felt guilty for having come. She was living a normal life. She had things planned, people who hadn't left her for years, school, her music... He was a surprise she hadn't been expecting and though she didn't know it yet, he wasn't that welcome of one. She'd find that out soon enough, though, he was sure. Unless...unless he left again. Looking up at Anya, though, taking in her curious chocolate brown eyes and the innocence that still shone there - something he found precious - he knew he couldn't just up and walk out. Not even if it was for her own good.

    The half-wolf looked away again, smiling just a little at her wording and shook his head, brown hair falling forward again before he flicked his head and made it go back again. "I really did come to see you, Anya." he assures her and then sighs, nervously running his hand through his hair again before he meets her eyes with his dark blue ones, still carefully trying to keep the pain of his headache hidden from her. "I know this is....a bad time, but...could I crash here for a few days? I won't stay long, I just...I don't have anywhere to go right now."

    There was more of a story behind that, but Cas wasn't sure he was ready to elaborate. He knew that eventually he'd tell Anya everything, but...he had to find the right time.
  19. Anya gave him a look, an "are you kidding me" kind of look. He really didn't know did he? Cas was-- IS-- her best friend and is, naturally, always welcome here. Though, it didn't seem like he knew that (could be his obliviousness, it happened on occasion). "It's never a bad time for me if it's you-- you know." She mumbled to herself, it being inaudible to most but herself. Then again, this is Cas we're talking about; more than likely he heard her with his heightened senses. Anya sighed hopelessly before continuing further. "Casdon Blackthorn, You're always welcome here and you can stay as long as your willing. There's plenty of room and One more mouth to feed can't hurt me much." She used his "full" name for effect-- hopefully getting her point across-- and looked him the eye. "Besides, everything's better when you have a friend along, no?"
    And with that, she got up and headed to the kitchen. She could tell he was in some so of pain, or he wouldn't make it so blatantly obvious that he was hiding it. Honestly, sometimes it;s like he wants the pain rather than getting rid of it. Maybe he's been confirmed for having an S&M kink. Who knows.

    "Now, your in pain somewhere and i probably have some ice for that. You could tell me now or i could find out myself. Either way i'm gonna know and i'm gonna get rid of it." Anya knows he's not a fan of being "doted" on by her, but she can't help it, If her friend was hurting, physically or mentally, she wasn't just going to leave him there to hurt! Heck no! No matter how stubborn he's going to be she's going to help him. It's the least she can do, you know-- even if certain half-wolf buddies tend to disagree.
  20. Cas opened his mouth many times to speak, to protest, to say...well, something, but Anya was always there, speaking as if she was reading his mind and the half-wolf blinked when she finally stopped, realizing he didn't have much he COULD say. Past experience has taught him that Anya is far more stubborn than he is and all she has to do is look at him with those chocolate eyes, either with a glare or a pout and he'd crumble.

    He can't stand to see her upset, hence the reason he usually tries to hide any discomfort on his part from her. It's a bad cycle for them, but familiar and he finds himself sighing in defeat, reaching up to rub his temples with a wince. "Thank you for letting me stay." he said softly and then turned to face her in the chair, knowing she's not going to give up on her quest. "It's my head. sometimes." Cas looked up at her then and for a long moment, he just stared before finally speaking again, voice quiet. "I find it hard to remember things, Anya. I got....hurt a few months back's hard to remember the most simple things sometimes..."

    His voice almost sounds scared.