Through the valley of death [OPEN]

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  1. [​IMG]
    As I walk through the valley of shadows and death, I will not fear evil,
    for I am the baddest motherfucker in the goddamn valley.

    You- We are the baddest motherfuckers in the goddamn valley.
    I'm not telling you what country, valley or location, but just let me tell you that you're in the middle of fucking nowhere. A prison cell in the cold north of the world for the crème-de-la-crème of criminals, including you!
    You are one of the psycho slashers, sadistic torturers and twisted fetish-freaks that reside in our prison building.

    Now the tables have turned and we finally can walk freely after at least 10 years of imprisonment, but there are some complications. . . .

    First of all that lose homicidal lunatics are running free and dangerous. Not all prisoners are as vicious and greedy to go and kill, pain and rape like they did before they were imprisoned, but it only takes one drop of tar to spoil a barrel of honey.

    Secondly, now the prison has been taken local government officials refuse to ship food any more.
    Normally a helicopter would have landed once every while to resupply some needs, like toilet paper and food, and deliver mail. Bummer!
    You can go eat people once the food runs out, or you can go out and try to make it to society.
    It's through a long and rough terrain, you could say 'walk through the valley of death'.


    Sorry, folks! No teenagers are in this prison, so your person has to be at least 28 years old.
    I know you can get into prison at the age of 18, but in this roleplay we're talking about hardened criminals and not rebellious teenagers.

    Current age:
    Age you got into prison:
    Mental state:
    Summary of life:
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard:
    Turn on/off 's:
    [whatever you wanna mention]:

    You DO NOT have to follow this form exactly, you can write it down in one page of text, change the order and whatever you want, as long as the things stated above are in it.

    Final notes/mini-rules:

    -Due human rights and all that nonsense, we're discarding your human rights.
    -Just because it's easy, both genders are in this prison
    Have fun <3
    -AT LEAST 24+ characters
    No god-modding
    Don't be afraid to show raping some of the previous guards, slaughter NPC-weaklings etc.
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  2. Definitely into it! Will put in my CS later.
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  3. Name: Derandolph "Gizzer" Phillips
    Current age: 29
    Age you got into prison: 20
    Mental state: Running on empty
    Personality: Quiet, respectful, passive-aggressive, not very vocal.
    Summary of life: Derandolph grew up basically by himself. Both parents were always working, and never at home. He was always alone, never bullied but never really 'popular'. At 13 his parents purchased a farm. A childhood friend had come over to 'hang out' and found him in the chicken coop ripping the neck out of one of the hens. When asked why, Derandolph replied, "I was lookin' for the gizzards." And ever since then, most people have called him 'Gizzer'.
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard: Killed 19 women over the course of one year. Drank some of the blood and performed acts of necrophilia on a few. Was caught after a neighbor reported a foul stench coming from his house. Four bodies were buried in the backyard, all of them so mutilated that they were barely recognizable as humans. He's a lifer, never to get out of prison. Not even on parole.
    Turn on/off 's: Doesn't like loud noises or crowds. Enjoys solitude, art, and free will.
    Appearance/picture: Short blonde hair, light blue-ish green eyes. 5"6. Thin and muscular. Arms scarred around the forearm an wrist. Fairly attractive.
    [whatever you wanna mention]: Does well under pressure, fairly good at staying under the radar. Somewhat stealthy. Would kill to get out of prison. Even for just a day.​
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  4. [​IMG]

    Charlotte "Lizzie" Cooper
    Current age:
    Age you got into prison:
    Mental state:

    Absent minded, fairly cunning, unsympathetic and composed.
    Charlotte can go without saying a word to anyone for days.

    Summary of life:
    Charlotte has always lived an urban life in the capital, along with her mother, Rose ,and her older brother, Joshua.
    Her father has passed away when she was just a babe, so aside from some pictures he played no part in her memory.
    Honestly? Her childhood went quite good, and Charlotte was a good kid too. School praised her highly and she was starting to mature in a beauty.
    Money was low, so her mother worked most of the time as a nurse.
    Then everything changed when her mother got a new lover; Hank, a young widower.
    A kind man, only 2 year older than Rose and loving father of a son.With Joshua moved out of the house, there was enough room for Hank and his 19 year old son to move in. It was like a dream for Rose, that after many years of being alone Hank took her on trips and dinners, while his son could watch over the 15 year old Charlotte.
    Oh, how she cried as he violently raped her. She felt like a slut, like filth and kept silent. Her mother's happiness was worth it, till a certain day.
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard:
    Brutal axe murder of 3 women and the mutilation and killing of 5 men. The corpses were chopped up and scattered in dumpsters, graves or pig food. She was proclaimed innocent of the first 4 murders, due her lady-like behaviour. The evidence that did suggest she was the killer was ignored and smothered as nobody would believe such gruesome crimes to be done by her. Hence the nickname "Lizzie". The other 3 crimes became cold cases, untill a nosy garbage man had looked through her trash and found ribs he found to large to be from a pig. Soon after she was linked together with all her previous murders and her innocence was now invalid.
    Turn on/off 's:
    She hates nosy people and perverts. She loves cooking and training, sadly they don't allow cooking.
    Charlotte was always a tall and lanky figure, with a height of circa 1,83 m. During her prison time she has greatly improved her strength and gained a little more buff to her body. Her hair is a straight black cut reaching a little below her shoulders, contrasting with her pale skin. Her eyes have a cold blue color and short black eye lashes. Even with her body having grown more muscle, her face remained as slender as always with thin lips and a narrow nose.
    [whatever you wanna mention]:
    Never really minded her imprisonment, she only regretted the way she was caught.​
  5. can I join?
  6. Makin sure! And how detailed does the form have to be? I like to keep an aura of mystery... ehehehe
  7. Also; how many characters can I have? just one?
  8. I understand you want to keep it a bit mysterious, so it doesn't have to be that detailed. Just don't make it too vague.
    Like "murdered his parents" as a summery is too vague, small [and cliché].
  9. You can have multiple, but since we don't have that many people yet I'm afraid I'll limit you at 2 currently.
  10. oh, pshh. He didn't kill his parents. And okay! I'll have 2.

    Name: Christopher Parker
    Current age: 32
    Age you got into prison: 21
    Mental state: Slightly insane
    Personality: Very loud, kind of rude, super sarcastic.
    Summary of life: Normal childhood, got into a car accident when he was 18, and started going insane. He didn't really snap until he and his partner adopted a four year old girl. She made him upset, and Logan defended her... And Chris got mad.
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard: "Many things. Hehehehehe. Although I suppose you could say the worst was my daughter... it was her fault. Should have known better."
    Turn on/off 's: Loves younger guys... Of age. God, he's not a pedophile! and Cats. reeeally likes cats. He hates authority, and children. He didn't used to, though..
    Appearance/picture: TBA

    Name: Emmaline Watson
    Current age: 28
    Age you got into prison: 20
    Mental state: Bat shit crazy.
    Personality: Overly friendly, Veeery happy, doesn't understand morals.
    Summary of life: "What? Life? Uhh... Huh?"
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard: "I don't remember! heeheeheeheehee!"
    Turn on/off 's: She hates knitting, like, it just REALLY pisses her off. But, she loves to do crafty things! Like painting. With other people's blood.
    Appearance/picture: TBA

    Screenshot 2014-09-08 at 10.52.22 AM.png
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  11. Gonna have a cs incoming for this. He's gonna be a doozy.
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  12. Not sure if teen members can do this as well since I don't yet understand the '18+' tag, but oh well xD

    Name: Jessabelle D'fyera

    Current age: 31

    Age you got into prison: 19

    Mental state: Paranoia, Schizophrenia, and so on. Bottom line, she's fucked up.

    Personality: Completely beyond caring for others, Jess only serves herself. She's also pretty sadistic, and when she attacks others, she drags out their pain for her own pleasure. She used to be very intelligent, but her mental illnesses have eaten that away, and she's now a paranoid woman who hears voices in her head and thinks nothing of ending a life, stealing, or raping. For her, they're just a part of life.

    Summary of life: Jessabelle grew up in foster care, due to having a drug addict mother who wanted better for her daughter. When Jess was young, it seemed like all would be okay and like she'd leave foster care to leave a good life, but that changed the day the foster care was taken over. A local gang had decided they needed more territory, and they broke in, killing everyone who got in their way. Jess was of course scared, but as she calmed down, she felt an odd pleasure from the expressions and sounds that people would make as they were dying. It took around 6 months after for Jess to make a kill of her own, but once she did, she knew that death at her hands was all she needed to find happiness.

    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard: 3 random murders, all of which involved rape prior to killing. And of course, all of the victims suffered as much as possible before dying!

    Turn on/off 's:
    ~On: Other people's pain, blood, screaming, masochists, and heavy music
    ~Off: The color pink, most animals, people with high voices

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  13. @ElBell Yeah, ofcourse!
    At first I wanted to make it 18+ only, but considering that will leave to many people out who are mentally mature enough.
    So, yes, teenagers are welcome.
  14. Awesome! Well in that case, I look forward to this :)
  15. @ElBell
    I want to see how many people join this roleplay a couple more days. I will start the roleplay then, even if the number hasn't increased.
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  16. Name: Alexander Zolnerowich
    Current age: 35
    Age you got into prison: 25
    Mental state: Sane
    Personality: Completely cold and determined, focusing completely on accomplishing his mission, despite the consequences. He thinks nothing of the comrades that are sacrificed on his assignments and operates with ruthless efficiency; he views his missions as part of a war, so losses are necessary, and says that the reason he has never failed a mission is because he always follows the principle that the objective takes priority over everything else.

    Summary of life: Born to two Russian parents he grew up in central Moscow, where his father worked in the military and his mother was a housewife, he had a pretty normal childhood and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, though through training his view on war and everything around him changed 360 and he became a totally new person with a different personality. He has been in the military since the age of 16, he managed to somehow sneak in that he was 18 and his father liked his determination and approved him joining the army so early. He had a brilliantly successful military career until he was sent to spy on a foreign nation, something, and somewhere went wrong and he managed to gun down most off the people on the opposing end, but finally was taken out by a soldier that cowardly hid behind his back. He was taken to war trial then thrown into prison as a foreign spy, he has set one goal and that is to return to his homeland before he dies.
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard: Espionage for a foreign country, Murder, Possession of Military Grade Weaponry, Trespassing on foreign soil without proper documentation, Murder of officers of the law, Murder of officers of the army, Manslaughter, First Degree Murder, Conspiracy Against a foreign government, War Crimes, Forced Disappearance, Crime Against Peace, Aggression,
    Turn on/offs:

    Turn on:
    -Thick bodied women

    Turn offs:

    -Daddy’s Princess’


    Before imprisonment:

    Last Court Appearance:

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  18. Name:
    Julchen 'Ghost' Frauke
    Current age:
    Age you got into prison:
    Mental state:
    Borderline Personality Disorder
    Usually quiet, mostly dismissive, and hella smart. Not quite the most expressive person on Earth, and far from it. She's a pretty cold to outsiders from being raised on the street, but can warm up to them if they somehow manage to earn her trust. However due to her personality disorder, she can go batshit insane at pretty much anytime.
    Summary of life:
    Thrown out because of a few genetic disorders, including sectoral heterochromia, BPR, and albinism, Julchen grew up hard on the streets. Ever since the age of 11, the white-haired girl was a freelance killer in the criminal department, eventually making a name for herself. In place of her real name, she became Ghost, from the color of her hair. After taking a job from an anonymous client, she found herself in the middle of a staged ambush, the police department chief being the one to hire her. For sometime, her goal has been to find her biological parents and give them a taste of their own medicine.
    Whaddya did, ya sick bastard:
    Got into a full blown firefight outside the entrance of a famous hotel, eventually getting caught when her gun jammed. Just before being subdued, BPR acted up, giving her just enough instability to take down 2 police officers with a knife.
    Turn on/off 's:
    On Switch~
    The color red, a good drink, and bad men, mysteries.
    ~Off Switch
    Perverts, Goodie-Twoshoes, loud people, and mommy's boys.
    (The bottom part of the eye is supposed to be blue, but this was the best picture I could find.)
    [whatever you wanna mention]:
    -For the duration of her criminal career, she's killed just around 27 people.
    -She's German, sometimes muttering a few phrases or screaming at a few people in her home language.
    -She can draw really well, if ever given the chance to
    -Julchen is an alcoholic, and hold her drinks pretty darn well
    -She's still a virgin ^u^
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  19. @Julchen Yay! Mehr menschen. Danke schön.
  20. Wait, was I accepted or not? I am confused? :-D
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