Through the Scrying Glass

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  1. Rules: I will narrate the story, GMing as a god who is known by itself as Eror. It doesn't have a gender, it's a spirit of sorts. No character sheets needed. You make a toon however you want. This is a fantasy setting, dragons, trolls, and maybe other races and monsters exist. Different planes exist too, like the Hell Planes, or the Heaven Planes, among others you may create as you wish.

    This is a place for your complete creativeness. I'll GM in monster attacks, random characters and such, to add in surprises. I may create towns here and there, but I'll keep most details foggy, so you can make it how you want. Example: I describe a town in the distance known for it's magic teaching skills. I may describe a few buildings, but maybe you want a walled city, so all you have to do is describe the city how you want. Pretty much anything I don't mention, goes.

    You can make yourself as strong or as weak as you wish. As Eror, the GM, I'll just make your story more challenging if you are super man, and adjust stuff as such to your wants, discussed in the OOC. I won't be playing as an actual character, mainly GMing, I just thought that this would be a cool way of doing it, so, I reserve the right to smite you, no matter how strong you are, I'm obviously in control ;P You can do pretty much whatever you want. Maybe you just tend to your farm and a zombie outbreak occurs. Maybe you go around, praying to your god, (Eror) having god do amazing things through you. Maybe you want to meet god itself! If you want a specific interaction with Eror, just say something in the OOC, otherwise, Eror will react in his own way, which you'll find out as the thread moves on.

    There will be a loose posting order, allowing for communications between people to happen more quickly. Generally though, don't post more than two times before everyone else has at least one. Skip over me as you see fit, though I reserve the right to add stuff in a few posts earlier if people get too willy nilly.

    There is no central group. If you start a toon here, someone may start another toon and you two may never see each other, but come on, it's always more fun playing with others!

    TL:DR: I'm GMing as a god, Eror. Your toon, your world, describe it as you see fit. Loose posting order. Have fun ;) For specific interactions or plotlines you have in mind, just post something in the OOC

    I will make a post after this one to add in a beginning setting and some action, to give people something to go off of. If you have other plans, just go on ahead and ignore that post, or any other post for that matter, just don't have two different things going on at the same time in the same place as someone else if you're not with them.
  2. Ciela, a beautiful town really. Not much greenery, mostly something you might see out of some old western movie. There's this fellow there, looking for a big break. Trying to become a master hunter, or warrior or something, so I sent a pack of wild animals towards the town. Just a few wolves, lead by only probably the most vicious wolf on the planet. Agressor he's called. He's been known to kill armies as they march to their enemies, leaving the opposing army in bewilderment, arriving on an empty battlefield. Powerful mages have only managed to drive him away. Today though, the beast will die. Not sure who I've decided it will be yet though.

    Oh, hi! I'm Eror, and this white expanse you see, well, it's my room. It's not really a room, more like an infinite space with no foreseeable edges. I tend to just drift around, watching the going-ons of the people of the planets here and there through my scrying glass. Nothing special really, just a glass ball, maybe a little bigger than my fist. What do I look like? Well, whatever I want really. I tend to decide to look like a black robe so I can find myself in this white expanse. The robe is always faceless, too much effort to go around making faces when I've got entire universes to play with.

    Oh, look, there's a fellow praying in Ciela as the pack tears through the guardsmen. Maybe he's the one I want to kill Aggressor? He is the same on looking for a big break. I'll give it a little more time before I make my mind up.

    (OOC: The wolf is obviously unkillable under normal circumstances. Just a couple of ideas, you can either decide to kill the wolf, which would mean that you're the one Eror decided to help, or maybe you can pray for it's death, turning you to religion, traveling the lands, praying for things to happen, and Eror having fun with it would probably decide to do what you ask. Just some ideas, just do your own thing, I'll follow along. :)
  3. Noera walked down the road in Ciela. She loved this town, even though she had lived there for a while. It would have propably needed some more trees and flowers, but the people were nice once you got to know them. Noera had established a shop pretty much in the center of the town, so if you wanted to byu anythng from food to supplies, her shop, the Oasis was the place you went to. Noera stretched. It was lucky that the town was quiet during the mornings so she could sleep nearly to midday. Not many people were out yet, and they all knew the shop wouldn't open before she got there, so she had lots of time.