Through the Looking Glass

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  1. A whisp of blue/grey smoke floats through the dark city streets. The smoke is followed by the silly giggles of it's owner, Jessi Kat, who has just stumbled through the wall seperating Wonderland and the "real world."
  2. Wonderland... Who would have thought that this was Tenchi's next destination. From traveling along the high mountains of Japan, to slaying monsters and demons globaly, and now.. Wonderland. Stories of this place would be discussed among the people in cities, and among the children when he was a child. Yet that wasn't even a fond memory of his childhood. Most of his life was always spent either holding or holding off a sword. But right now wasn't the best time for him to be thinking back to his younger years.

    He stood at the tip-top of a mile high tree, Wonderland was known for crazy shapes and sizes. His arms crossed, eyes locked on the horizon, and sense of curiousity echoed within. Whatever reason Tenchi was here was unknown.. For now. He spread his arms out to his sides and leaped from the tree top, flipping into a glide as he came to the ground safely on his feet.

  3. Suddenly, Jessi was whisked back to Wonderland. Slowly, the whisp of smoke formed into a purple and blue striped panther. She sat down and took a look around, her eyes turning to electric blue with purple flecks.

    She sniffed the air and flicked her tail, then stood once more and started to walk towards an unfamiliar scent... She could tell it was male, and that he hadn't been there before, but that was it. All of her body evaporated and her blue/grey whisp of smoke floated toward the unknown man.
  4. It didn't take so long of a walk until Tenchi came up to a cliff side. He got down on one knee and looked over the edge, placing one hand down on the ground to keep from falling. It was really high up from what he could tell. If he had to guess, it was a five or four hundred feet drop. If he was to jump in, he'd have to focus a lot of his skill not to break anything on the way down. As Tenchi came back to his feet and turned away from the edge, he saw a small cloud of... Blue?

    It came closer to him and started floating around his body. He started moving and lifting his limbs to keep it from touching him, he wasn't going to risk it if it was dangerous. Tenchi squinted his eyes and grabbed at the cloud. Then it flew away, but Tenchi wasn't the one to chase something off and leave. No! He was going after it and broke out into a sprint after it.
  5. The cloud of smoke started to slowly materialize. First, the head of the panther. She grinned a big, sharp toothed grin and giggled.

    "What're you following me for?" She asked, giggiling.
  6. He was right on the cloud's tail, right when... It talked?! He didn't slow down, nor figet when he heard the sound, or freakout at it growing a head! But he simply spead up and drew a kunai from his pockets. He wanted to catch it, figure out who or what it is, and bring them down if necesary.

    He reached out at the smiling creature and placed his hand around it's throat. Tenchi made sure his grip was firm and not misplaced, otherwise he'd lose it. He let the floating motions pull him off the ground as he started flailing his free arm. Aiming for the head.
  7. Jessi glared at Tenchi, her eyes turning a deep purple. The smoke completely materialized into a full panther. A low growl escaped her throat and she swiped at him with her claws extended.
  8. Just as he slightly suspected, it swung at him with it's claws. He didn't know what or who it was, but for one thing he was going to kill it if he had to. As it swiped at him, he used the weight of his body to pull himself and the creature to the ground. Making it land on top of him, he kicked up with his legs to make it get off and land on her side of the field.

    The grass beneath them softened the fall, but that didn't cure the danger. He aligned the blade of his kunai with his forearm, holding out his other hand to prepare a counter, and stepping to the side in paces. If he knew a big cat then it would wait for an opening, then strike. Tenchi would have to mimic the creature if he wanted to survive.
  9. Hattie Mad spun her tea in her cup around with a spoon. She was ever so Bored. Only very now and then a wonderous occasion would occur, and a little fun would pop up. She dropped another cup of sugar in her tea. THe liquid never moved up, the world wouldn't work in such a way. She sipped at her tea, until only the remains were in the bottom. Sighing, Hattie jumped up swiftly onto her feet.

    "Teeheehee!" She giggled and ran into the forest.

    She dodged trees and laughed insanly as her body flew through the forest. She stopped when she saw a panther and a man, standing in an opening.
    She threw herself onto a tree branch and watched the scene.
  10. Jessi stood from the grass and crouched, her tail flicking behind her angrily. Her muscles tensed before she pounced on top of Tenchi. She pinned him to the ground by his shoulders using her paws. Then she grinned.

    "You never actually answered my question...." She said with a giggle.
  11. Hattie Mad decided to have some fun with the panther and man.
    She was always up for a challenge.
    Using her gun, she shot at the feet of the Panther, letting out a laugh.
    Then she shot straight above the man's head.
    SHe laughed once more.
  12. ((Is anyone here anymore?))
  13. Tenchi kicked up and knocked the beast of him again, the latched on to it's back and held his kunai at its throat. He was close to taking his kill, but a bullet passed over his head and he jumped out of the way.

    Where did the shot come from? When he looked around he saw a lady in a tree, giggling as if she was innocent. Well then; he'd teach her a thing or two. Tenchi stomped and made a twisting movement, then vanished. He reappeared beside the psychotic hat wearer and pushed her off her branch.
  14. All of the sudden, Hattie Mad found herself falling from the branch.
    Using her skill, she grabbed the branch and swung herself back up.
    She landed with her feet placed firmly on the branch.
    She crossed her arms and glared at the man.
    "How dare you push me off the branch! You have no right!" She jabbed him in the chest.
  15. She was quick to react, that was for certain and he admired that. Although she'd have to be faster than that if she wanted to touch him. Right as he felt the air of her jab come at him, he moved out of the way and twisted her arm to point towards her.

    Under his armored mask, he made a slick grin.

    "That all you got?"
  16. Hattie Mad growled at him.
    This man thought she could get best of the Mad Hatter?
    Not happening.
    She took her hand back away from the man and grabbed her gun.
    She pointed it toward his head.
    "Back away from me." SHe demanded.
  17. .He rolled his eye and tilted his head in grief, she thought a gun would worry him. He used his right hand to knock it to the left, then came up with his left hand to knock her gun out her hand, and pointed it back at her.

    This felt too easy to go up against her like this, but then again who knows what she was capable of. She was odd and might have more to her than he thought. Tenchi flipped the gun in his hand and held it by the barrel, then gave it back to her.
  18. She gasped when he so easily took the gun from her.
    But to her surprized, he gave it back.
    She thought to herslef, he might not be bad after all.
    Her mind exploded into many color she giggled and embraced him in a hug.
    She had never really hugged a man before so she embraced him tight.
    "I like you," She giggled.