Through the Eyes of Madness

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  1. I'm itching for something new in terms of RP. I have a character in mind and I want to use them. I haven't been feeling well so I figure why not transform it into something. There's a man, maybe it's a girl, that wanders endlessly. You'll always find it though, there's always something old and abandoned nearby. In there lies the madness incarnate and it. Come along if you dare, madness welcomes all. There's an adventure waiting for you if you're willing to go through the eyes of madness. Does this interest you? Intrigue in the slightest? If so, step on in to the abandoned and welcome madness.
  2. I've never been afraid to fall into darkness, so how about I give madness a try? Mind if I join?
  3. *bows* Yes, the madness welcomes the bold greatly. Since you seem to be the only one willing to take on the madness, we can get immediately. Just a general character sheet is required: name, age, sex, personality, and something unique about them. The man/women that's mine obviously revolves outside standard means, but that's the whole point. Human characters being lead by an inhuman force into madness. Afterwards, the only other thing would be if you want to pm this or not. Just let me know! :3
  4. Name: Aki Kimura

    Age: 17

    Sex: Female

    Personality: Her laid-back behavior has always led others to believe Aki is uncaring, but her easily excitable nature has made Aki a hard cookie to crack - calm and calculating once second, but hyperactive the next. Aki even in her sedated moods has never been one to sit still for too long; her wanderlust coming from her hate to be in one place for too long. Yet, Aki’s love of adventure has gotten her into more trouble than it’s worth.

    The youngest of a family of five most believe Aki would act childish, but since her older siblings and mother are self-absorbed Aki is very self-depended and usually stops herself from speaking her mind entirely. Even her hyper side is unusually quiet. Only having one friend, Aki can be caught saying: "Humans are scary - I don't trust them." Her calling the people around her "humans" something that has isolated the teen, though she doesn't seem to mind.

    Unique something: Aki has head horrible headaches since the time she was twelve - no doctors can find anything wrong with her, but the headaches haven't stopped since they appeared around her twelfth year. Though it doesn't happen much - Aki has small blackouts tied to the especially strong headaches.

    Being welcomed into madness is kinda cool :D I hope Aki is okay - I just put down whatever came to mind, if you want me to add or change anything just left me know. And I'm fine with discussing it here, but we can also do a pm - whichever is fine.
  5. sounds interesting, id love to give it a try
  6. I do enjoy Aki :D and I think pm would be better since either is fine with you. Here's mine.

    Name: Madness

    Age: ???

    Sex: Appears as both Male and Female at times

    Personality: Both aspects have different personality. The Male Madness is rather dark and always looks at the horror of everything. Fall for madness with him will lead to Hell in reality for you. The Female on the other hand is another story. She focuses on the sadness and sorrow of the world and everything around herself. Exploring Madness with her will lead to nothing but rain and despair. They are two sides of the same dreary coin. There is much more to them, but only time will tell and exploration into Madness will show all to those who dare

    Unique: They are the manifestation of Madness and roam the lands looking for those who are daring the dwell in such a place. There is always someplace abandon nearby when they are around. Taking their hand and entering said place will lead to a tale you will tell for all time.

    Just let me know what you think of them, or anything you might want the Madness to include and then I'll pm you the opening piece. :3

    Madness (M).jpg Madness (F).jpeg
    These are what Madness look like btw. You can submit a photo as well if you want, but it's not needed.
  7. @Trust
    Sure! The more the merrier! Such submit a basic character sheet and we can get started. If it's all the same, I plan on doing each person as a separate interaction, no group RP. I'm doing this because in case someone can't respond for awhile or drops out, it won't affect anyone else.
  8. @Trust
    Cheers then and can't wait to hear from you and begin the tale of Madness.
  9. Name: Kazuki Takahiro

    age: 19

    sex: male

    Personality: Kazuki is a rather reserved indevidual. He doesn't have friends because he had never wanted any. He is easily agitated by people around him unless they leave him alone. Despite his moods, he is kind on defult, he just snapps often. The only things that make him feel comfortable is his music, art, and writing. because of this he is often found with his headphones on, ignoring the rest of the worls.

    unique: Kazuki is an amazing artist and writer buthe refuses to do anything but partake as a recreational activity. This is because he cant stand the thought of other people looking at what he creats. It makes him anxious and all around uncomfortable. It has been that way since he was a child. However; aside from these things his skill set isn't very wide, so he has a low end job at a caffe/moonlight bar and lives in a less than appealing appartment. To him it's still better than sharing his true tallents.
  10. @Trust
    Young and alone, qualities the Madness enjoys. Give me a few ticks and I'll have the opening for you in a pm.
  11. ooh~ yay~
  12. I love the madness-es(?), and am ready to start any time~! And I'm glad you "enjoy" Aki :3
  13. Sometimes, the laws that govern reality do not always hold firm. With the right tools they can be bent, twisted, and even torn. Push aside reality itself and enter the space between spaces.
    Limbo is the accumulated remains of a thousand dead worlds, timeless and infinite. Yet it is not a lifeless realm, because something old sleeps here, something that watches and waits. Think twice before you break the ancient walls within the dungeons, because whatever built them did so for a very, very good reason. There are eyes in the dark, and you are not supposed to be here.

    He pointed his gun at the remaining subject, still restrained to a bed as the remaining members of the medical and research team fled the room. "I won't be locked in here with these things! Not with you!" he screamed at the man strapped to the table. "WHAT ARE YOU?" he demanded. "I must know!"
    The subject smiled.
    "Have you forgotten so easily?" The subject asked. "We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread."
    The researcher paused. Then aimed at the subject's heart and fired. The EEG flatlined as the subject weakly choked out, "So... nearly... free..."
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