Through the Ashes

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  1. "One problem at the time." America responded. "And it looks like that problem is about to get rolling." Getting into cover they would spot Esmeralda be escorted to the bridge by two guards.

    They surveyed the area with a look of concern, but Esmeralda gave them a confident nod and sent them on their way. Soon enough after a moment of silence Terra and America spotted a number of Mindless Ones and Frollo coming down the opposite end of the bridge.

    Frollo didn't seem to expect any subterfuge as he stepped out on the bridge towards Esmeralda.

    "Here's the plan. I fly right into him so that we both fall in the water and you take care of the Mindless Ones. Sound okay to you?" America whispered over to Terra.​

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  2. The man gave America a small nod, focusing his attention solely on the bridge when she pointed out Esmeralda being escorted. The woman seemed comfortable enough and looked ready. So far so good. Terra looked to America again when she whispered her plan, flashing his gaze back to the bridge again afterwards. "Got it. Go when you're ready, and I'll follow your lead. Let's do this," the keyblade wielder whispered back. He rolled back his shoulders, feeling more than ready for this fight to begin.​

  3. "Then we go now,"
    America replied shooting off like a missile from the roof and hitting Frollo head on as they crashed into the water.

    Esmeralda tried to use the attack as her escape but her path was blocked by two Mindless Ones that were coming towards her. They did not seem keen on letting her escape so easily.

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  4. Following suit, Terra leapt off the roof after summoning his keyblade and set his sights on the Mindless Ones. He rushed after two in particular, the ones who were persistent about blocking Esmeralda from escaping.

    "Get behind me; I'll take care of them," he said to the young woman before carefully stepping in front of her.


    He then went to attack one of the Mindless Ones, leaping into the air before slamming his keyblade into the enemy


  5. Esmeralda nodded as she took a step back allowing Terra more free reign against the creatures. The one that Terra attacked would crumble with Terra's blow leaving only one to try and hit him with a vicious haymaker.

    At the same time more Mindless Ones emerged on the streets but they would be accosted by the sudden appearance of Phoebus and his guard.

    America meanwhile was fighting against Frollo in the ice cold water. The gambit had paid off since Frollo seemingly did not have the capacity to ignite in the water, which allowed the universe hopping teen to wail on him freely. It seemed however that fire was not his only power because clearly hurting him her blows were not enough to incapacitate him as Frollo struggled to get back to the surface to get some air in his lungs. America meanwhile didn't have to worry since she was capable to survive in space with out aid. Frollo on the other hand did not seem to have that boon in his favor.​

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  6. When the enemy would crumble from a swing of Terra’s keyblade, the young apprentice would have no time before he quickly had to jump glance back in attempt to dodge an attack from another Mindless One. If successful, he readied for another attack, shooting a rapid-fire look back at Esmeralda first to make certain she was alright. After affirming that she was okay, he tightened the grip he had on his blade, unleashing a jump slash attack against the creature. Things seemed to be going well so far, but not even for a second did he let his guard down. He couldn’t relax while there was still work to be done.

  7. The Mindless Ones that Terra were facing were not bred of hearty stock and were quickly incapacitated by Terra. The fight on the surface seemed to be going fine...but what about the one in the water?

    A booming sound erupted as Frollo broke through the surface of the water and landed not too far from Terra with America after him in hot pursuit. "C-Curses..." Frollo lamented getting up on shaking feet. "To be a mere girl..." He began to sizzle again, which America noticed.

    "Oh no you don't loco sacerdote!"
    She burst towards him ready to punch when suddenly she felt something pulling her in. "What?"

    "Hahaha! Foolish child!" A portal started to open behind the two. "Finally I have you in my grasp!" Before America could do anything Frollo grabbed her and pulled her into the portal.

    That was the last thing she managed to utter before the portal closed on him. Now it was only Terra, Esmeralda and the guards left. Even the Mindless Ones seemed to have all disappeared. Like they had never been there to begin with. It seemed that Frollo's plan was to grab America all along...but how could Frollo possibly have been able to pull her into this world, and what had Terra been? Just a bystander caught in the crossfire? As it was now Terra was going to have a lot of unsolved questions on his head.

    Esmeralda walked up to Terra and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I...I'm sorry about your friend."

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  8. With the mindless ones outmatched by Terra, the keyblade wielder found himself with enough time to be fully alert to the booming sound everyone would hear from Frollo. He had little time to react, however when America would charge at Frollo and instead of landing her punch, would find herself sucked into a portal with the madman. "America!" he called out, rushing toward the woman, only to skid to a stop when the portal would close. "No," he whispered to himself, refusing to look away from where they had been until Esmeralda placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "I'm sure she'll be alright," he reassured for both Esmeralda and himself. Where America had disappeared to with Frollo he hadn't a clue, but she was a traveler like him. The young man was certain she could take care of herself no matter where she ended up. Admittedly, he did feel a bit guilty though. Terra didn't exactly have a good track record when it came to protecting his friends, and once again he had failed to help one of them. Despite the fact he felt this way, it wouldn't show on his stony expression.

    "What about you?" Terra asked, turning to Esmeralda. "Are you alright?"