Through the ashes

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  1. This tale begins in Paris 1483. It has been one year since the demise of Judge Claude Frollo and the populace have returned to their regular lives. The aftermath gave them a calm that the city had not seen for many years. That however didn't mean that there wasn't any fun to be had...


    Despite it being very early in the morning a lot of people were already traversing the streets with laughter and music filling the air. The Feast of Fools was once again upon them. Its goal was to allow the poor to be rich, the chefs to be cooked by the lobsters, basically anything peculiar would be the norm!

    While the celebrations had not yet reached its crescendo it was clear that everyone in the city were expecting something truly special! Their wishes would come true, but not in the way any in their wildest dreams could imagine.

    Away from the ongoing festivities in a rundown alley there was a girl who had seen better days. Groggy and half asleep she would be leaning against a stone wall. Suddenly like being woken from a dream her eyes would flutter open as she took in her new surroundings. How had she arrived here? Where was here anyway? The morning chill caused steam to come out of her mouth as she gasped for air.

    Last thing she remembered was going to her room in the Triskelion and...blank. She felt the surrounding area seemed crude and primitive, clear signs that she was no longer in her home dimension. As she pondered these questions she'd hear groaning a bit further way down the alley. When she went to investigate she'd find a male laying on the ground much like she had been. Where they connected somehow?

    “Hey, chico.” She asked the person on the ground.


    “You okay?”

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    It was not long ago that a young warrior had set off from his home world, the Land of Departure, wielding a unique weapon under his possession: a keyblade. This weapon, not entirely a key but not entirely a blade, was a rare weapon that could only be wielded by special people it chose. This young man, Terra, just so happened to be one of these people. He had spent the entirety of his life training to use the weapon under a master, yet still had a ways to go before he would become a master himself. He had taken a mark of mastery exam just a few weeks ago, and sadly did not pass it. As frustrated as he was about this, Terra didn't intend to give in. He intended to show his master that he was worthy and would indeed pass his exam.

    But things didn't end up going as Terra had planned. He felt himself grow closer to the darkness, encouraged by his friend Master Xehanort to feel comfortable with it and channel it. His master, Eraqus, just didn't seem to understand him the way Xehanort did. Growing closer to the darkness, however, only seemed to drive a wedge between himself and his friends. Terra felt the frustration inside him only further boil and fester, yet he tried his best to deal with it while aiding his friend Master Xehanort and protecting those he cared for. Terra vowed to protect what mattered to him, no matter what the cost.

    Yet, things ended up not being so simple.

    In order to protect his friend Ventus, Terra found himself doing the unimaginable. He rose his blade and fought against his own master. Eraqus told Terra that Ventus was an abomination, meant to be destroyed. He intended to do it himself, but there was no way Terra could standby and watch while that happened! So fought and overcame his master, destroying the man in the process. After it was over, Terra couldn't believe what he had done. He had harmed his master, helping Xehanort destroy him without meaning to. Terra never had wanted this to happen... he had been a fool, manipulated by an evil man whom he thought to be his friend.

    So, shortly after the death of his beloved master, Terra set off from his home--also destroyed by Xehanort--and vowed to keep his friends safe no matter what the cost. To do so, he would have to train and become even stronger. Whether he would gain strength from light or darkness Terra wasn't sure, but he longed to walk the path that would keep his friends from harm. That's all that mattered anymore, even if he was destroyed in the process.

    Under the dark sky of his desolated home world, Terra waved his keyblade to create a glowing, black portal in the sky. This portal helped him travel into the space between worlds that his master had liked to call The Lanes Between. Once the portal was ready he tossed his keyblade into the sky, watching it shift into another shape, transforming into the keyblade glider he rode upon to fly between worlds.

    Once Terra's keyblade glider was ready, there was one last step he needed to take care of before he was ready to fly off: he had to cloak himself in his armor. Slapping his shoulder to activate a button he used to summon his armor, Terra's body was engulfed in light for a few seconds. When the light faded he was adorned in his shiny armor, a set of armor that protect his body from damage and overexposure to darkness.


    Upon being cloaked in his armor, Terra climbed aboard his glider and made it levitate in the air before he flew directly into the portal he had summoned. When he entered the portal, Terra appeared in The Lanes Between or an area that appeared similar to outer space. He flew along, looking for a world on which he could land. He needed to find someplace, anyplace he could use to grow stronger so he could save his friends. As he flew, the rhythmic hum from Terra's glider quickly caused him to get drowsy. His eyelids grew heavy and his head bobbed, causing him to bump his head on the handles of his glider. He blinked and quickly picked his head up, tensing his shoulders.

    "Can't fall asleep. I need to find somewhere to land first," he thought to himself, cautiously skimming the sky to look for somewhere to land. The emotional stress of the day had wore on him, causing him to struggle with even keeping his eyes open. Unfortunately, however, Terra was unable to find a world fast enough to compensate for his need to rest. His heavy eyes shut, and he drifted off for several minutes.

    Terra was awoke by the feel of a breeze invading the cracks on his armor. He gasped realizing he was moving rapidly downward toward a world his glider had apparently come across while he was asleep. "No!" he exclaimed, gripping the handles as quickly as he could, yanking upward on them in a feeble attempt to stop himself from crashing into this new world. Unfortunately for Terra, however, it was too late.


    Anyone who saw the crash from a distance would've mistaken it for a meteorite hitting the planet. The shockwave of the crash was enough to shake the ground, create a crater, and smash Terra's glider to pieces. Thanks to his armor, Terra's life was sparred in the crash, but his head hit the ground hard enough to render him unconscious for a time.

    He awoke after a short while, wandering away from the wreckage of his glider to see where he had landed. Still a bit damaged from the crash, Terra didn't make it far before he was on the ground again. He groaned, feeling of his head.


    I'm more than ashamed of myself. I've made so many mistakes today. I'm not sure how yet, but I really need to set things right.

    The next thing he knew, a woman was looking down at him, asking if he was okay. Terra moved to sit on his knees and looked up at the woman. I've seen better days, that's for sure.

    "I'm fine. Can you tell me where I am?" he asked, figuring he should at least know his new location.

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    "Not if you can tell me where I am." America walked to the end of the alley and peeked out seeing people all around laughing and talking as they walked down the road.

    Suddenly the air would be filled by the ringing of bells from somewhere. They sounded familiar somehow...Not even caring if someone saw her America would take for the skies to get a better view of the city.

    When she saw Notre Dame however she knew where she was, but the when was still a mystery. Floating back down into the alley where Terra was she'd scratch her head in annoyance before talking. "Paris. We're in Paris. But when I don't know. Looks like the middle ages over here."
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  4. The young man scratched his head and made a good attempt to pull himself up, struggling from his knees to his feet. Once he had stood straight up, he rolled back his shoulders. "Well, wherever this is I, can't say I've ever been. I guess that changes now." He took a few steps forward after speaking, peeking out of they alley. There didn't look to be any signs of danger, but it never hurt to check out his surroundings. Glancing back to the woman, he noticed she was gone.


    "Huh, where'd she--"

    He finally caught site of the woman just as she floated down to the ground. Terra's eyes widened slightly. The last time he had seen someone fly like that was in Neverland. This world, however, was different. Her power must've been natural and not from fairy dust.

    "Paris, huh? Interesting, but not as interesting as the fact you can fly. You're not from this world, are you?" Had she not flown, Terra likely wouldn't have noticed that her clothes were different. But it was exactly her power that put a feeling I'm his gut.

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  5. "I'm not, but I like to travel." She replied as she turned towards the wall. "I'm America Chavez." An audible crack escaped from her knuckles.


    "And I'm getting my ass out of here."

    Among the usual check list of generic super powers of flight, endurance and super strength. America had the unique power of creating star patterns that she could shatter and travel by into different dimensions. As her fist hit the wall though there was no star and no portal. Instead she and Terra would stand face to face with a surprised family of four having breakfast as the wall crumbled from her fist.



    "I'm just gonna go...sorry about your wall." Another lose tile would hit the ground as the family was staring absolutely gobsmacked at what had just happened. America was as surprised as they were. Why wasn't her powers working?
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  6. The young man quieted, thinking over America's introduction before he decided to introduce himself. "I'm Terra. Yeah, you didn't seem like you were from around here either. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're probably not a keyblade wielder either. I've never met another traveler who wasn't. Strange..." Terra had been raised under the impression that keyblade wielders were the only individuals who had the ability to travel between worlds and that very few others even knew about them.


    It was then that America punched a hole in wall next to them, leaving a very shocked family gawking in their direction. "Ah, excuse us," Terra said, awkwardly stepping away from the hole while rubbing the back of his head. Afterwards, he glanced at America once more. "What was that all about? Did you have some kind of grudge against that wall?"

  7. America was already walking off when Terra called out to her. "No I...I create portals by smashing stars."
    She was so flustered that her powers weren't working that the explanation came off as a bit halfhearted. "Obviously they aren't working, and I have no damn idea why."

    Making her way to the main street America would finally spot the merriment that was happening around them. Some sort of festivities were afoot. Sighing in frustration she'd turn back towards Terra. "Unless you have ideas then I'm pretty sure we're stuck here."

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    "Smashing stars, you say?" Terra questioned, appearing rather surprised by America's statement. "Maybe it's a good thing your power isn't working. I was always under the impression that every star out there was another world. If that truly is the case, I don't think using your power is worth the destruction of worlds. Plenty of worlds are falling to darkness already without things like that."

    A bit curious about her, Terra followed after America. He took the time to look around at the rather active street they had come across, an air of excitement heavily etched into the atmosphere around them. "I'm just as stuck here as you are. I came here on my glider, but it broke apart when I crashed here." He paused thoughtfully before adding, "But if I were to locate all of the pieces I could put it back together... The only problem is, I don't have any idea where the pieces could be. I'd have to look around and see where they've ended up in this world."

  9. Was this kid serious? "Metaphorical stars. Not actual stars." Walking along she'd listen to what Terra had to say about this transport. "We could, but like you said, finding scraps in a place like this..." Before she could continue on the duo would be interrupted by a parade of people dressed in garish costume singing and playing random instruments come towards them down the street.


    "Seems like they're having a party. I don't know how long we're going to be stuck here but maybe we can have ourselves a good time until we figure something out?"
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    Being the least imaginative of the three students his master taught, Terra still didn't understand what America meant my "metaphorical" stars. He placed a hand to his chin and nodded, not saying another word about the matter. He was a guy through and through, not wanting to seem weak by his lack of comprehending this topic in front of a woman. So, instead, Terra replied to her next statement.

    "Have a good time?" the keyblade wielder questioned, a frown pulling down the corners of his lips. "You may be right. We won't be able to do much while this celebration is going on. But I didn't come to this world to have a good time." He tightened in the muscles in his arms, dropping his hands to his sides to form clenched fists. "I'm here to train. I have something important to do and I need to make sure I'm strong enough."

    At this point, Terra wasn't sure if he could have a good time or enjoy himself anymore. Ever since he had grown closer to the darkness, and ever since he had betrayed his master, Terra found it difficult to even genuinely smile. How was he supposed to enjoy a celebration knowing that Aqua and Ven were in constant danger right now? How could he enjoy anything at all until he knew for certain they were safe? The only thing Terra could think about was how he would set things right.

  11. "Uh-huh..." Came America's eloquent reply to him. "That sounds like a you problem. Come on, maybe whatever this is will help"

    As the wandered on the sounds of music and laughter would become louder and louder until they reached what seemed to be the epicenter.


    Hundreds of people were gathered at the square, dressed up in a multitude of different costumes. Suddenly up on a nearby stage a puff of smoke would introduce a new figure dressed in a jester's outfit.


    "Welcome one and all to the Feast of Fools! Where dogs walk their masters, lobsters cook the chefs! A real day of madness! As we await the guest of honor allow me to introduce the one and only...Esmeralda!"

    Up on stage would walk a very fetching woman in a red dress.


    After a quick glance over the gathered crowd she'd start an intricate dance routine that left the crowd speechless.

    "She's hot." America responded over to Terra as she continued watching the dance.
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  12. After hearing America's reply, Terra zoned out--distracted by the celebration at hand. Between the music, costumes, and pure vibe of excitement that flowed through the air, Terra just knew his friends Aqua and Ven would've loved it here. Of course, he found this place rather interesting himself, even if he was the more serious of his two friends. However, as he remained set in his state of gloom and doom, the young man tried his best to hold himself back from getting too excited.

    When America commented on the woman in the red dress, Terra opened his mouth to say something but instead inhaled one of the many pieces of confetti fluttering through the air. He choked for a few moments until he spat it out, sighing afterwards. He then re-focused on America's question, shrugging his shoulders.


    "Sure, if you care for that sort of thing," he replied blandly, being a total downer for the time being. If he had been in a better mood, (and he was certain his master wasn't around) he probably would've agreed with America. She was equally as attractive, maybe even more so, as Cinderella--the woman he had aided in one of the worlds he had visited.

  13. [​IMG]

    "You really are down in the dumps, huh?" Came her reply to the Keyblade wielder. They would continue on watching the dance until she finished to the thunderous applause of the crowd.

    The guy in the jester outfit would walk back up on the stage as the woman made her exit. "Isn't she something folks? Now I heard through the grapevine that our guest of honor has arrived. So ladies and gentlemen. Put your hands together for...QUASIMODO!"

    Confetti would once again fill the air as a hunchbacked man took the stage wearing a makeshift crown and a cape.


    While not the prettiest person around you could tell there was something special about him. He'd make his way to the throne on the stage, waving awkwardly to the crowd with a goofy grin on his face.

    "Wonder what the deal with him is."America asked to Terra.​

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