Through Beakers and Test Tubes

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    (Picture is rough representation. NOT exact)

    Name: Nilo Morris
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Copper
    Eyes: Silver Blue
    Build: Tall, strong
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Saki Hanayuma
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Blue Black
    Eyes: Navy Blue
    Build: Tall, toned, curvy
  3. Saki walked down the hall her heel clicks echoing around her as she flipped through the most recent tests and resisted curling her lip in annoyance. She dropped her arm down holding the clipboard to her side and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she stopped next to the thick glassed room. She pushed the intercom buttom.
    "Mr. Morris the tests are negative for reaction we're going to have to run them again. You have five minutes to get up and have your personal time." She raised a brow looking in at his still form sprawled across the small cot in the walless room. From past experience they'd learned that he was not to be left unchecked. His room had been rebuilt with four walls of plexy glass. She stood by the door and kept a stern eye on him.
  4. Nilo glared at the wall he knew her to be hiding behind without moving from his bed. His room was completely empty save for the bed he was on - which was bolted to the floor, and a very small bathroom that consisted of just a toilet, a sink and a shower head. Anything moveable or manipulative had been removed years back, when he was a teenager. He finally sat up, still glaring daggers at the woman. He stalked to the bathroom to relieve himself. He sighed. He had escaped before. They'd upped their security since then, and dragged him back - literally.

    His mind once again wandered back to when he'd been free. He'd only been out for a few days before they tracked him down and drugged him, but those few days were the best days he knew. It had been the only time he had been in the outside world, that he could remember. For all he knew, he was a test tube baby and had originated here in this bland lab.

    The outside world had been bright, and warm, and loud and wonderful. He had met dozens of people, seen hundreds of different things, and learned an infinite amount of knowledge. There was a whole other world out there that he could explore, full of wonders and mysteries. It all seemed so exotic to him. He had become fascinated by it the moment he stepped into the sunlight. He leaned against the wall close to the door, wishing more than anything that he could once again feel the warmth of the sun on his face.
  5. Saki crossed her arms thinking back to when she'd been offered the job to this lab, the male had already escaped and the security had already been practically doubled, or so the lab lackies had said. She shooked her self mentally and pushed the intercom button again.

    "Arm in the slot Mr. Morris, you know the drill you've done this a million times before there is no need for me to instruct you each time." She pulled the syringe out of her lab coat; she lifted it to her eyes and flicked it lightly to make sure it held not air bubbles. Of course she was sure none of the other lackies wouldn't care if he'd get sick for their lack of attention. She knew that it was only her determination to keep him alive to continue the experiments and how at such a young age he had survived and developed his telekentic abliliy.
  6. Nilo turned and put his arm in the hole behind him. It was an annoying ritual they had started after his escape. As far as he knew, it was their pathetic attempt to control him. They should know better by now. He only slightly registered the prick of the needle. It didnt hurt anymore, it just seemed like a small poke in the arm. Sometimes, he was honestly surprised that his body was still working as well as it was. He'd been injected with hundreds of different drugs, and subjected to dozens and dozens of tests ranging from physical to mental tests. He didnt know what, or if they were trying to achieve anything, but so far their results had been null. He pulled his arm out of the hole and had to admit that his treatment had increased slightly since the new scientist had arrived. Although, to him, she seemed more his keeper than a scientist.

    He took a step away from the door and waited for it to open. He'd wondered many times before what it was that made her want to come and work in this lab. According to people in the outside world, people dont grow up and live in laboratories. It was only him. One person had even said such things were illegal, and they could get in big trouble for it. That made him want to ask even more questions, but no one there ever bothered to try to get to know him beyond his test results.
  7. Saki counted down on her watch to make sure the syrum kicked in, that's what had cost the scientists' before her life. She dropped her left arm and punched the code in, the light on her side lit green and the metal door slid open. She pulled out a pair of specially made cuffs for him, though she trusted the syrum to do more work than the cuffs; they were just extra precaution.
    "Your hands Mr. Morris." She never saw any reason to deny him the small win of him own name but the others always thought she was personifying the test subject, and as she had so nicely put the subject didnt need her help to be personifited anymore than it already was. She snapped the cuffs in place and motioned him in front of her, another scientist dead because of that mistake.
    "You know that way." She tried to bite back the annoyance that krept up into her mind out of her voice. Humans were always so rebelious. Just like she had been in her younger years. Which had landed her with this job. She was about as much prisoner as he was here. They had told her they wanted to put her talents 'to good use'. What a load of crap that had been, but it had been either here or prison and she still had very pwoerful enemies in and out of prison.
  8. Nilo could feel the syrum working its way through his system, slowing down his reactions, making him weaker. He marched along the too-bright hallway towards the testing room. The whole building was just a touch too cold, the walls just a little too bright, and the air a bit too empty. No scents permeated in the air, and nothing adorned the walls. It was all just plain, dull white. The cleaning crew was so thorough in their job that he doubted if even a spec of dirt existed anywhere in the building. He rubbed at the cuffs absentmindedly. The cuffs used to bother him when he was younger, but he'd long since grown used to them. He turned down a hallway, and entered the first door he came to. Inside were an assortment of machines and scientific equipment He stopped shortly after entering. He may be familiar with that room in excruciating detail, but getting him to go in any further willingly was something he made sure was a chore. He didnt like that room, or the equipment inside. Although his treatment had improved since his escape, the memories of what the other lead scientists did to him for so many years still haunted him.
  9. Saki held in a sigh at his stiff form just inside the room. She took the chain between the cuffs and dragged him towards the white padded table, "Sit down I'm just going to take blood samples for now." She looked at the charts for the day as she walked to the counter and began scrubbing her hands out of habit. She took the blood kit out of the top drawer and walked back to the table, "there doesnt seem to be much testing to do today but later after your daily exercise you will have an ingection of a sample product." She voice held back her excitement; she worked here for three years and they had just given her the okay to start her own testing now that they had run out of the other, now deceased, opitions. She was going to start simple and work on expanding his telekitic ability. The others might find it unnerving that he chould throw them down a hall without touching them but she had found it facinating the first time he'd lost his temper. She swabbed the bend of his arm; a concotion she'd made that helped the blood flow out and numb the area.
    Saki quickly and expertly found the main vein and punctured it with the stainless steel needle. She needed atleast four vials so she could accurately get a hold on his genetics. Once done she wiped his arm down again with a different swab that would heal the puncture wound.
    "Lay down I'm going to map your brain activity." She pushed at his shoulder and reached to grab the over head scanner.
  10. Nilo began going through the motions of testing. He put his arm out, letting her pull blood silently. He found the substance she used fascinating, and had always wondered why she bothered using it. Most of the others just sterilized and poked. They didnt bother trying to numb it, they didnt really need to anymore. Repeated exposure to needles and other such things had increased his pain tolerance to an almost silly level. Once again, he was struck with the curious case of Saki, the mysterious scientist. The thought brought a chuckle out of him as he lay down for the scan.

    He wasnt sure when it was, but after a while, the tests they had conducted on him as a child had caused him to develop a telekinetic ability. The first time he remembered using it was when he had been eight years old, almost ten whole years before Saki joined the team. The lead scientist at the time had introduced him to a new test where the scientist would put Nilo in a room and then pump different gasses into the room to see what the effects were. One of the gasses made him see a monster he had just had a nightmare about, and in a fit of fear, he had thrown his chair across the room without touching it. The scientists went into a frenzy after that, trying to find out what had happened and how to stop it. The brain scans had begun after that. As far as he could tell, they werent getting much info from the scans, but he never bothered asking. He hadnt spoken more than half a dozen words to Saki, or any of the others there since his escape three years ago.
  11. Saki started the machine up and watch all of the same boring things; she glared down at the screen and looked at him with a thought full glance. She walked over to the counter and grabbed a rubber suction squeezer. With a smartlike click in her heels she marched over to him and set the rubber peice on his chest.
    "When I get back to the computer I want you to move this off your chest." She eyed him knowingly, "without the use of your hands. The faster you do it the less you have to be stuck in this room." She knew how much he hated being in here and well in most of the rooms as she had found he
    hated being 'here' in general; she didnt blame him. She walked back to her computer and after a glance a him again she look set the computer scans to record and mentally crossed her fingers that she was right.
    "Now Mr. Morris."
  12. Using his telekinetic ability was something he could do just fine. He found it just as fascinating as the scientists, although for different reasons. Plus, if it would get him out of there faster, you need say no more. He stared at the rubber suction thing on his chest, and focused on it. He imagined it floating up an up and up until it could go no further. He smiled, and imagined it flying about the room. While he was imagining this, the rubber suction floated up above him, nearly halfway between him and the ceiling. It flew circles around the machine and some of the equipment before settling on Saki's desk with a thump. Nilo looked over at her, a satisfied smirk on his face. The exercise had left him feeling tired. He loved to use his ability, true, but he never got the chance. His room had been stripped for that reason. They were afraid of his ability and wanted it gone, so they did everything in their power to prevent him from using it, and in so doing, he hadnt been able to properly exercise the ability and make it less tiring.
  13. Saki had to fight all instinct in dancing around her computer; she'd been right when she'd told those old bastards that it was an inactive part of thier brain. The moment he'd picked the item up his brain activiy had lit up like christmas season she watched as the colors danced around the screen as he moved the item around the room to her desk and just like that the moment he let it go blip it went out. She rubbed her face to hide her growing excitement, you never show emotions to subjects, they tended to get the wrong idea. She saved the data to a flashdrive she kept with her at all times and stashed it into her inner pocket to look over later in the un watched room that she had claimed. She'd threatened to let Mr. Morris loose on them if they tried to put the cameras back in her room for a second time. Shutting down the system Saki walked tot he table and lifted the scanner back up so he could get off the table.
    "Thank you that was perfect, infact I'll let you use the rec room for two hours today as long as you promise to behave yourself; and if you do I'm sure I can find something better to eat than what they normally feed you." She motioned for him to start walking before her. She may have gotten him to coroperate but she wasnt stupid enough to believe he was any more compliante that a rattlesnake.
  14. A bright smile lit Nilo's features. He nodded at her. She must have seen something she liked since she was offering him so much free time, plus half decent food. He could behave for that, definitely He walked out in front of her, and headed towards the rec room. The rec room was the only room in the facility that he could even remotely stand. It was a room where he got to choose what he did, and he didnt have to have a bunch of sensors or probes or machines hooked up to him at all.

    The rec room was down the same hallway, so it wasnt that far of a walk. The rec room was also the only room that didnt smell of sterilizer. Not even the god like powers of the custodial crew could mask the smell of machinery and a good workout. He looked around at the machines, already planning on which ones he was going to use, and for how long, the two hours being planned out in mere moments.
  15. Saki closed the door to the rec room with a sigh and stretched before walking to a bench near by to drop her coat and top shirt on it. She traded her heels for her comfortable pair of tennis shoes. She wandered back to the subject and raised a brow at him and crossed her arms.
    "As amusing as it would be to try and watch you work out in cuffs I suggest you give me your hands so you can have a better grip on the bars." She gave a motion with her hand for him to hold out his hands; she unlocked the cuffs and pocketed them so he couldnt use them against her later, "two hours and counting enjoy, think of something you might want for lunch I know you've been outside I'll try and get it for ya."
    Saki made it to the floor mats and started her basic stretches, she couldnt go outside to run her regular marathon but she could make do with what they had here.
  16. He rubbed his wrists where the cuffs had been and headed over to a treadmill He pulled his shirt off, revealing the strong, sturdy body underneath. He may have grown up in there, but he had made sure to keep himself in very good shape. He started out at a light, easy pace, then steadily increased it as he got going until he was going at a fast jog. He let himself get lost in the running, the feel of it. His mind filled in the sensations he'd felt in the outside world when he'd run outside for the first time. The air against his face, the assortments of sounds, the heat of the sun, and the rocky ground beneath him. He could feel his muscles loosening and stretching, then starting to burn. His breathing got a little harder, and sweat began to glisten on his forehead and back. He spent nearly the entire first hour on the treadmill just running. After that, he spent the rest of his time alternating between weights and exercises. He did pull ups and sit ups, and lifted weights until he was exhausted He finished up his extended exercise schedule just before the two hours ended. He wiped sweat off his face, looking over at Saki as he did. His free time was up, and that meant he had to put the cuffs back on. He glanced at the door, wondering what his chances of escape were at that moment.
  17. Saki poured a bottle of water over her head to cool off and get the salty grime off her face and neck she saw him glance at her then the door and threw a towel over her head to dry her hair as she spoke.
    "The door's locked dont even try it; you do and they will take away your free time and probably your meals for the next few days." She voice was calm as her posture as she flipped her hair behind her, wiping down her arms she walked back to her buttoned shirt and lab coat.
    "I heard the man in charge of your punishment is fond of electric shock therapy, I'm sure you dont want to go into his hands do you?" She looked at him as she straghtened her coat and raised a brow in his direction.
    "I'm sure you just want to get that lunch I promised you isnt it." She eyes flicked at the camera and back at his face as she slowly walked towards him.
  18. Nilo narrowed his eyes at her in a barely hidden glare. He shivered at the thought of the man in charge of punishment. Some of his most vivid memories were of that man's... inflictions. He forced the budding memories from surfacing completely and grabbed a towel. He finished drying himself off, then slipped on his shirt. "Yea, just the food," he muttered, already holding his arms out for her to put the cuffs back on him. Now wasnt the right time for an escape. He wouldnt get very far, and it wasnt worth it anyways. Not yet. He shivered a bit as the cold steel touched his still warm arms.
  19. She clicked them shut, keeping an eye on him she unlocked the door with her code. The door slid open with a soft woosh and motioned him to get infront of her.
    "To the kitchen, I'll make something for both of us that run worked my appetie up." She hid a small smile of victory for working into his common sense. She knew he was smarter than he let on to others, but working with him for three years had given her the time she needed to figure out what might be working through his mind. They made it to the hall where her bed chamber was,
    "Wait I need to get something." She gave him a stern eye and quickly ran into her room and snatched her laptop off the bed and ran out before he could make a retort, "alright continue." She tucked the laptop under her arm as she toyed with ther trash in one of her pockets. A jittey habit that she'd never freed herself from.
  20. Nilo behaved himself all the way to the kitchen. He sat at a simple metal table on a metal bench, both bolted to the floor. Practically everything was bolted to the floor around here. He stared down at the cuffs around his wrists, rubbing them gently. He hated the cuffs. No matter how long he had to wear them, he could never get used to the feel of them. Every time they clicked shut on him, a part of his mind retreated. They'd trained him well when he was younger. The cuffs always placated him, just a little. They put his mind into a little hole. A hole where all the bad things in life went. He always imagined that little hole as looking just like the facility he was currently stuck in, except he was ever the only one inside. The staff certainly did terrible things, but never once had he seen them wear anything like the cuffs he always wore, plus they were allowed to go outside. They were from the outside, and that fundamental difference kept them all out of that hole in his mind, despite everything.
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