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  1. Greetings!

    I'm flexible concerning reply length and writing level. What you give me is what you get.


    Please write replies in third person and past tense. I'm willing to do first person in certain situations.
    Do not automatically expect me to the play the male in MxF.
    Contribute to the plot. Throw in twists. Play NPCs. I don't want to do all the work.
    Playing multiple characters is always an option.


    Foster Care
    Starting a Family
    Arranged Marriage
    Rekindled Romance
    Medical Drama
    Crime Drama
    High School
    Open x Closeted
    Best Friends
    Super Humans
    Time Travel
    Alien Hunters

    Harry Potter (Founders, Golden Trio)
    Doctor Who (New Who)
    Sherlock (BBC)
    Orange Is the New Black
    Hunger Games (Movies)
    Avengers/Iron Man/Age of Ultron


    Abandon All Hope

    Futuristic || War || FxF

    A mad scientist riddled with grief has created an army of clones, monsters, and mecha. Her only goal is to wipe out all who she holds responsible for the death of her wife. Just after her plans were set in motion, she discovered her wife is alive and being held prisoner in one of the places her army is to attack. When trying to call it off, she loses control of her creations. The scientist must now break into the facility, rescue her wife, get them both out safe, and stop her army from destroying the world. However, she is broken and incapable of handling much on her own. She needs her wife to assist her, despite that her wife has been through hell and is pissed about the whole evil army thing.

    Left Behind

    Modern || Family || Drama

    Seven years after managing to divorce an abusive spouse, a woman finally wins custody of her kids due to her ex-husband being sentenced to life in prison for murdering his second wife. The children believe she abandoned them and aren't aware that she's been fighting for them all along.

    About Her

    Modern || Adoption || Family || FxF

    A troubled girl with an overactive imagination gets adopted by a lesbian couple.

    Brand New Day

    Modern || Summer Camp || Foster Care || Adoption || Friendship

    A summer camp for foster kids ages 6-13 has just opened. The camp councilors instantly fall in love with the kids and decide to take on a most likely impossible task, which is to find each kid at the camp a family before the end of the program.

    Old Love

    Modern || Rekindled Romance || Family || FxF

    Ex-wives try to get along as friends for the sake of their children, but they end up falling for each other all over again.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.